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Benefits of Wuluh Starfruit

>> May 14, 2014

Benefits of Wuluh Starfruit –A good friend has a wuluh starfruit tree that located in the front of her home. This kind of starfruit is quite well known in Indonesian society. The fruit that gives sour taste is often used as an ingredient in many traditional dishes. Wuluh starfruit (Averrhoa bilimbi) does have a distinctive taste and gives a certain aroma in the dish.  A lot of people think that the wuluh starfruit is just one ingredient of spices in cooking. But in fact, wuluh starfruit has efficacy in healthcare and beauty care.

Once it ripes, the fruit’s color turns into yellowish with plenty of water and sour flavors. The benefits of wuluh starfruit are numerous, including as food flavor, syrup fresheners,  stains on clothes cleaner, and also used for cleaning dirty hands. The content of wuluh starfruit: vitamin A, C, B1, mineral iron, calcium, kalium, potassium, phosphorus. 

Based on different sources, here are some wuluh starfruit advantages for health:

  • Insulin and blood sugar controller
  • Treats cough, sore teeth caused by cavities
  • Used as a cure of mumps
  • Prevents cancer and facilitates digestion
  • Lowering high blood pressure
  • Treating thrush and shortness of breath

Besides, wuluh starfruit has also many benefits for beauty, since it contains pectin, tannins, oxalate, gallic acid, flavanoid, and ferulla acid beneficial for beauty. Antioxidants contained within this fruit are also useful to keep skin from free radicals.

Another benefits of starfruit for beauty:
• Eliminates excess oil on the face
• The skin felt younger
• Decreases the pores on face
• Addressing the problem of acne
• Treating inflammation of the skin

I took some shots of these fruit after the rain.  Raindrops can be seen on the fruit.  Make the fruit fresher!


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