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The President Moving to the Bogor Palace

>> Feb 18, 2015

Indonesia President Jokowi Dodo is planning to move from Jakarta the capital city to Bogor, the city where I live. He will reside, officiate and perform government activities more frequently in the Bogor Presidential Palace. This plan received mixed reactions from the Bogor public, ranging from positive responses to negative feedback.

I support the moving plan as I thought the decision to move has been considered seriously. If this move makes the President can work more effectively and focus, so why not? Traffic jams and flooding in Jakarta, in addition to the high political pressure lately; they could be the main reasons of the transfer of this government center.

There is a negative effect on the president's move to our city which may not be avoided, such as the increasing intensity of traffic congestion at some points in the corner of the Bogor city. This issue is a big concern for many people here; hope there will be a workable solution.

I also hope our city will be able to get more benefits and advantages; so that the Bogor city becomes a more orderly and cleaner city as well as the city's development in all fields.

I don’t have the latest pic of Bogor Palace to share, the pic below captured in the end of last year.  It’s the pond and the back part of Bogor Palace that taken from the Bogor Botanical Gardens.There’s also the monument of Bogor Botanical Gardens founder, Dr. Casper George Carl Reinward, a German scientist who moved to the Netherlands.

The pond, the monument, and the back part of Bogor Palace


5 komentar:

Blogs Of Hariyanto February 18, 2015 at 5:22 PM  

kepindahan pak presiden jokowi ke istana bogor memang ada efek negatif-nya...namun ada juga efek baik-nya....,
yang penting warga bogor siap atau tidak...pak jokowi tetap pindah ke bogor..jadi jadikanlah bogor sebagai kota kebanggaan yang layak dijadikan pusat pemerintahan yang bersih .. :-)

Gemma Wiseman February 18, 2015 at 5:58 PM  

The palace seems to be a sacred building ... suggested by the design. It is in a glorious setting.

Kim Hkiss February 20, 2015 at 2:45 AM  

I think I agree on the moving. It needs to be in safe place. ^-^

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