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Get a great care at Bethany Hospitals for surgical quality treatment

>> Apr 24, 2017

Those who suffer from illness or any kind of disease should get the best treatments so that they can be cured. Hospitals and other medical institutions should live on the motto that, serving the patients and treating their problems should be their main motto and goal of life. Giving medical aid and helping someone should not be the business through which one can churn out profit but it is the basic duty of all the hospitals and institutions to provide the best possible treatment to someone who is suffering from physical pain.

These days’ multi-specialty hospitals have become a common thing especially in cities. But earlier it was not the same situation. There were not a lot of super speciality hospitals those days. That’s why Dr Stephen Alfred thought of having one and the result is Bethany Hospitals.

Initially the name was Lok Hospital which was established in February 1997. Then Bethany Hospitals came to operation from June 2011. This is a 125 bedded multi-specialty hospital which is serving people for 7 years now. This is an eight-storied structure and this has many facilities that the patients can avail.

Here it is said that both the clinical and the surgical branches are safe in some expert hands and they have a very high quality of treatment there. This is a centrally air conditioned hospital and here the best treatment is provided to the medical and surgical services. Here one can find a 24-hour traumatic centre along with an operation theatre attached to it. One can also find some outpatient rooms here along with all the latest diagnostic equipment, which have all the needed facilities like MRI scanner, Spiral CT scan equipment, High Dependency Units and dialysis room as well.

This hospital is also very famous for high quality cancer treatment in Mumbai. They have the latest equipment, which are needed for an oncology treatment and many hospitals in Mumbai do not have these facilities. This is by far the best in radiation oncology in this city at present.

The best part of this hospital is again its affordability. They have assured healthcare services and that too within the reach of common people. Here one can undergo a cost-effective operation and they get a lot of benefits from that. They have the affordable healthcare in Mumbai. Here the doctors, the surgeons and the other hospital staffs are qualified and well experienced. They try to serve the best to all the patients who come here to get treated and the hospitality service here is amazing.

The inpatient department here has the ICU, NICU, HDU and the Ward facilities. The ICU is at the third floor and it is a 12-bed unit. They have highly experienced nurses and other medical staffs. This is for the patients who need Intensive Care. The NICU is mainly for the babies who are born premature. They also have a neo natal diagnostic care and services. On the other hand, HDU represents the high dependency unit and it can accommodate only five patients at a time. The ward here is a huge one with 88 beds which are again divided into single cabins, twin shared cabins and general wards. This is mainly for the patients who come with not so critical diseases.
This Bethany Hospital has a great service.


Fun Under The Sun: Solar Playtime Activities

>> Apr 22, 2017

There is no doubt that there is a lot of sun in the Philippines. Solar panel prices are becoming affordable enough to be used by more people other than large companies seeking to cut costs. But aside from harnessing the power of the sun to help reduce our carbon footprint, how else can we show our children just what our sun can do other than shine his best and hottest for us in the summer?  
It’s April and summer has already started. The days will be long and nights short. The sun will stay with us and shine longer, brighter, and hotter for a few months while the children are on holiday from school. Aside from melting crayons, here are some more fun experiments to do with your children under the sun to help them learn more about how the sun helps us not just by shining on our plants, but also the energy we gather from him.
Solar Oven

Sure it’s going to take you a while to actually cook something in this, but it’s still a fun experiment. You will need:
·         A cardboard pizza box
·         Tin foil
·         Black construction paper
·         Heat safe cling wrap
·         Paper plate
·         Tortillas
·         Shredded cheese

First, tape your black construction paper onto the cardboard box. Darker colors absorb more heat. Over the black construction paper, tape the tin foil which will reflect the sun’s heat on the bottom and sides of the box, and on the inside of the flap.

Some people use hotdogs for this, but we’ll use cheese because that’s easier to melt. Place your tortillas on a paper plate and top them with some shredded cheese before wrapping the entire plate with cling wrap. Place the plate in the oven and set it somewhere sunny.

Prop up the cover with a ruler or something to keep it up so that it can reflect the heat into the oven. Let your children check out how long it takes the cheese to melt and write it down, and maybe if you made two ovens, you can compare the data they’ve collected.

When the cheese is melted, eat! This is a way for you to teach children about the heat of the sun and what it can do not just to cheese, but to everyday objects, plants, and even the skin and eyes.

Light Box

Who doesn’t find light interesting? This experiment will help your children understand how light works better, but they also get a ton of fun decorating their light box. You will need:
·         A large cardboard box
·         Clear water bottles
·         Scissors
·         Duct tape or similar
·         Tin foil
·         Cutter

And some more optional materials:
·         Paint and paint brushes, other coloring materials
·         Food coloring

Before you can get to work on your sun powered lights, you can let your children decorate the box first. You can use paint and paint brushes, or glue and a ton of colored construction paper. Be sure to supervise the children when using sharp objects such as scissors.

Fill your clear water bottles with clean water. You can even put some food coloring in some of them to get different colored lights. Tape the open edges of the cardboard box together, then trace holes on where you want your bottles to fit. When that’s done, place some tin foil over the holes and punch out the foil that’s over the holes. This will help reflect more light into the bottles.

On the side of the box, cut out a viewing window using the cutter. Cut a small window for the eyes so it stays somewhat dark inside the box. 

When you’re done, experiment with different colored bottles, and enjoy the light show! This is a good way to teach your child about how light can spread out from refraction.

What else other summer activities do you have planned for your kids? Learning doesn’t stop just because they’re on summer holiday.

About the author:
Laurel Santos may be a 24 year old adult but at her core she is just a little girl full of wonder. She lives in the city and works as a freelance photographer in the Philippines. She manages a small pet shop inside her village. She has a big heart for animals, especially stray dogs. She is an avid traveler because she believes that life is not lived within the borders of your own home.  Despite her busy schedule she always finds time to do one thing that she is very passionate about and that is writing.


A Few Kid-Friendly Wedding Favor Ideas

>> Apr 20, 2017

If you are having kids at your wedding it can’t hurt to have wedding favors on hand for them. There are certain items that are always a hit in kids’ wedding favors.

Every kid loves candy, so if you include it in their wedding favor your youngest guests will be happy and content. Lollipops in your wedding colors are a great choice, as are chocolate bars. Even though white is the bride’s official color on her wedding day, most kids are turned off by white chocolate. Your best bet is to use milk chocolate candy bars in your wedding favors. It’s a win, win for them and you can get candy bar wrappers customized with your names and your wedding date.

Another creative way to give out candy during your wedding is to use it in your table centerpieces. A clear vase is the perfect item to hold lollipops, licorice and other candy. This helps you save time and money because your centerpieces can be turned into wedding favors.

When sticky candy does not sound like an appealing addition to your wedding day, consider providing a sundae buffet that kids will love. All you need is a few flavors of ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate syrup, sprinkles, cherries and other sweets and you’ll have a fully stocked sundae bar that will keep kids occupied and free the wedding cake up for the adult guests.

Games serve as a great kid friendly wedding favor because they give bored or antsy kids something to do. All you have to do is put a game, or games, in each wedding favor bag. Travel sized board games are a great choice because they are small enough to fit and easy for kids to play on the spot. Each kid’s wedding favor bag should have a different game in it.

For an even better way to keep kids occupied during your wedding, designate an out of the way table at the reception and turn it into an art table. Coloring books and crayons can be laid out on the table for kids to enjoy. Craft paper can be used to cover the table linens so they don’t get crayon residue on them. You can also provide colored pencils, markers, stickers, stamps and more, to give kids options for creating a piece of art work they can be proud of.

If the kids are a little bit older and you have a few volunteer adults to supervise, you will have a few more options. You can orchestrate large outdoor games like playing tag or you can even hand out sparklers to use at your wedding reception. Of course, you need to make sure the kids are all staying safe, but with proper supervision the older kids can get away with a little bit more. For added safety, you should always use 36 inch wedding sparklers for kids because they can hold the end that is burning away from their bodies. If you’d prefer that the kids don’t hold their sparklers in their hands, you can also stick them in the ground while they burn.

Props are something that most kids find entertaining; especially little girls that love to play dress up. Wigs, hats and sunglasses will allow the kids at your wedding to create a temporary identity for themselves. Other props you can provide include fake microphones, flags, whistles, jewelry and more. Kites and pinwheels are the perfect wedding favor to entertain kids at an outdoor wedding.

These are just a few of the kid friendly favors you can have at your wedding. You have many options for creating wedding favors that will be a big hit with your youngest guests from wedding sparklers to funny props, and they will make your day more fun and memorable.


Home Food Delivery Services For Elderly and Disabled People

>> Apr 19, 2017

As we age, our nutritional requirements changes. In order to balance our food consumption to ensure optimum health, what we eat must make up for our changing metabolism. This can sometimes be problematic for some; as not everybody can prepare healthy and nutritious food. Home food delivery services make it much easier to eat healthily. OTR Meals deliver freshly prepared meals made with fresh, Non-GMO ingredients, no salt or refined-sugar added!
Persons with special medical conditions, those who are bedridden or disabled can enjoy the privilege of having prepared meals brought right to their doorstep. There are a number of services that takes care of individual nutritional needs. It is also very convenient for people who do not have the opportunity to prepare their own meals.

Most companies offer a rich menu that would attract just about anybody. They are fully cooked unless otherwise indicated, and stored in the freezer until they are ready to be used. All the customer needs to do is warm it in a microwave. Sometimes beverages and desserts are included.

This makes eating healthy very valuable precisely for those who are on special diets and cannot eat normal meals. The services provide personalized menus to cater to just about any dietary concern. Some even go as far as consulting the nutritionist to ensure that the dish is exactly as prescribed.

Nutritionists play a vital role in deciding what type of meal is proper for a certain condition. Some nutritionists actually run these kinds of services as part of their practices. They are professionals; they are the ones to decide what type of diet a person may be restricted to.

The process for finding these services is generally straightforward and easy. Phone directories have these listed in the yellow pages. The person in need of deliveries can get in touch with these companies and enquire about their service. The internet is also a good resource centre should you need any detail about these services.

The moment you identify the company you find comfortable, the next thing you need to do is to browse through their menu and pick whatever appeals to you. Some places will offer discounted prices if you order for a month worth of delivery. This is only applicable if the customer has enough room to preserve them in the freezer. Depending on the delivery time, the person who is ordering will have a healthy and fresh meal in a matter of minutes. This reduces the worry for the client and their families. They would not have to be bothered about them not eating.

Some people may feel that this kind of service may be too expensive for them to afford. However, home food delivery is highly economical and affordable, and can even save the client a lot of money in the long term. Considering the effect of meals that do not help the plight of those that require a special diet, the cash spent on the right food is a smart investment.


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