3 Common Mistakes You Must Avoid If You Want to Build Muscle

>> Nov 11, 2017

Building muscle mass cannot be done by just stepping into a gym and working out. You need to know the scientific principles of working out so that you are performing the right exercises in the right way. You will also need to adhere to the discipline that bodybuilding requires and not fall prey to bad habits or commit mistakes that can rob you of the benefits of the workout. Some useful tips on avoiding negative fallout of your exercising:
Not Warming Up Properly or Skipping the Routine Altogether

If you are performing low-intensity exercises, you may be able to escape a negative impact of not warming up properly; however, you can be sure that avoiding it for high-intensity workouts will cause injury to your muscles and ligaments. Elevating your body temperature by 1-2°C is good enough to increase the blood flow to the muscles you are working out and result in light sweating. There is no point in indulging in aerobic exercises for warming up as it takes far longer due to the benefit getting distributed over the entire body. You should start slowly with simple movements like squats, side bends, arm circles, trunk twists, and shoulder shrugs and then speedup gradually with each rep.

Not Eating After a High-Intensity Workout

It can be a good idea not to eat anything before exercising as the body is forced to burn fat. However, the decision not to eat before exercising will need to be tailored to your specific circumstances; factors like age, medical history, medications being taken, level of fitness as well as the type of exercise need to be taken into account.
After undertaking a cardiovascular workout, you should rest for 30-45 minutes and then consume a mix of high-quality carb and protein; some chicken with spinach, for example. However, after strength training, you need to take a meal that can be quickly digested so that your damaged muscles can be repaired. Ideally, this meal should be eaten within 15-30 minutes after your workout. Missing this window diminishes the ability of the muscles to repair themselves quickly. If your trainer recommends, you can search for steroids online shops on the web.

Focusing on the Development of Only One Body Area

Even though your goal is to develop a single body area, you need to keep in mind that the body has a symmetrical composition.By concentrating only on the development of one part, you can end up creating imbalances and stress out other parts leading to an injury that will put an end to your training for months on end. Doing an assortment of high-intensity exercises will automatically help to develop muscles all over the body and enhance your aerobic fitness at the same time.


Setting a goal and approaching it in a scientific manner is the key to achieving your muscle-building objective. You should understand the why and how of exercising so that you are able to derive the maximum benefit without wasting time and effort or risking injury.The correct diet is also important.

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