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Top tips on buying old domains

>> May 12, 2016

Buying an old domain has lots of benefits. It is a great strategy if you are planning to build a new website. The main benefit is that you can capitalize on the reputation which has already been built by the previous owner. The reputation and traffic it gets, is the prime benefit. The price of the domain is decided on the basis of the intrinsic value. Move ahead in competition with the aged domain in case you are building a fresh website. In fact, the site traffic is already attained and the inbound links have been built. If you are looking to buy old domains, there are various sources to procure them and handy tips to follow.

Using the web portal

Several internet websites are available that sell expired domains but it is important to examine the link profile. Try and find out whether the inbound links are apt or not. Are the links able to send the right type of buyers is important to find.

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Consider the important factors!

When purchasing an old domain, consider the following factors:

  • The domain age has to be considered. If it is older, you should prefer it. Older domains are more search engine friendly.
  • It is true you can inherit the page ranking. But before doing so, you need to do a checking of the domain history.
  •  Check out the number of back links to the website. If the back links are more, it is better. Make use of back link checker to find out the quality of the back links.
  • Make a thorough evaluation of the previous history and try to find out the contents which were posted. What were the contents posted on the website and when was the page last active has to be seen.

Making enquiries from clients

If your clients have old domain names since huge companies buy domains in bulk and have domains lying dormant. When you consider an off-site blogging or even building a micro-site to focus on one part of the company, such a trick may be useful.

Buy a domain name with commercial value

Most of the online websites are for commercial purposes. So, if you intend to make money through the domain name, it must have a commercial value. The domain name you choose must be short, generic, brandable and marketable. It may be one word to three word domain name. An easy-to-remember domain name must be your choice. The name must clearly show some specific product, service and market.

High page ranking and back links

The preferred domain name must have a high page ranking and should have valuable back links. If the domain name has such features, it will definitely pass the credibility and authority to the new website which the new owner will be building.

The name of the domain

The domain name itself must be considered. It must necessarily match up with your targeted keyword to attain good ranking. If the domain name is good, the branding will be superb.

The traffic and the links to the domain

If you buy a domain name which already attracts a lot of traffic, you will be in a real win-win situation. On the other hand, weighty links will rank your website higher for the relevant keyword researches. If any website has high page ranking but has few links, then it is a fake page.

It is not difficult to buy old domains but you have to be careful. For instance, if the domain while loading into the browse gets directed into some other domain, then it is not genuine. While typing the URL on the Google search box, if it brings about an altogether different domain in the SERP, the domain is again fake.

Author’s Bio: In the above writing, Peter Hartley puts up valuable tips that need to be followed when you buy old domains. Buying old domains is profitable only when you are tactful.

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