3 Museums to Visit in Israel

>> Jan 20, 2019

Israel has over 230 museums across the country. Each one has a specific focus, from archaeology and history to science and innovation. The contents and curation also vary, for example, the Rishon LeZion Museum is small and focuses on recreating the setup of the early settlements while the Yad Vashem has digital displays and video rolls. You can select based on interest or explore by region. Each museum has something new to offer.

For incoming tourists, it might be difficult to narrow down the museums you want to see. If you are only staying for three days, the institution might be at the bottom of your list when the desert trails and the beaches beckon. If you can squeeze in the time, here are three museums that roughly cover the national history, culture, and art (with international galleries as a bonus):

1.   Israel Museum

The Israel Museum is in the capital, Jerusalem. When looking for accommodations like short term rentals in Israel, there is a good amount of Tel Aviv vacation rentals and Jerusalem rentals because they are major city centers. Platforms such as www.koshack.com can help you locate a place near sights you want to see on your off-day. The Israel Museum is near other significant institutions like the Israeli Supreme Court, the Knesset, and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem; you can make it a point to walk and see them.

The Israel Museum focuses on the history of the country and the story of Jewish life with artifacts like an Islamic prayer book from Persia to a nail used for crucifixion from Jesus’ era. It also houses the Dead Sea scrolls and old biblical manuscripts found in a cave in Masada. The scrolls are stored in the Shrine of the Book, a building designed by architects Bartos and Kiesler.

The museum has a fine arts section that has an extensive international collection from European to African art. Since it is the national museum, they also feature the works of Israeli artists like Abramson, Chagall, Pann, and Rubin. When traveling with children, watch out for the workshops offered by the museum.

2.   Yad Vashem The World Holocaust Remembrance Center

The story of Israel would be incomplete without a chapter on the Holocaust. The genocide of the Jews in World War II remains one of the darkest moments in humanity. The Yad Vashem documents and displays the atrocities of the time to educate and remind the public. There are four pillars that the museum focuses on commemoration, documentation, research, and education. Their continued work focuses on keeping those stories relevant. If you do not get an opportunity to visit the museum in Jerusalem, they have online platforms that make their content accessible to the rest of the world.

3.   Tel Aviv Museum of Art

For an option outside of Jerusalem, you can go to the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. Its collection extends from local Israeli art to the major art movements in the late 20th century. German expressionism, French post/impressionism, and Russian constructivism are some examples of what you can find in the museum. When you enter, do not miss out on the two-panel mural at the entrance. It is a piece made by pop artist Roy Lichtenstein, especially for the museum.

Make your trip to Israel an immersive one and visit these museums.

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