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is the main goal in life. Family is also the favorite destination because there is safe, warm, comfort, motivation and support.

Should We Celebrate Birthdays?

>> Jan 26, 2015

Today is my birthday. My husband and I don’t have any plan. We just prayed together this early morning and it’s already a special celebration for me. Do you always celebrate your birthday? How do you celebrate it?

I found a good article written by Simon Jacobson. I agree with his thought. If we’re grateful for what we have in life now, we should also be thankful for the tree that bears the fruits of our life -our birth- that actually is our beginning.

The celebration should be much more than an event to receive gifts from close people. Birthday celebration is a time to commemorate the birth itself, a chance to rethink your life. A birthday could be an annual refresher.

He said that there is no better way to celebrate a birthday than to accomplish a special act of goodness. Not because one’s advices; but because your own inner soul wants to convey its thanks for being born and alive until today.

Black blue stone

For Blue Monday, I want to share a stone of my husband’s collection. We got the rough stone from a brother who works in a famous mining company. I still don’t know the exact name of the stone. Some friends identify it in different names. Perhaps we should take it to the stone lab. The dark stone has wonderful blue touches.


Sweet Moment

>> Jan 25, 2015

Let me share this moment.
 Bubu (the little one) seemed holding and licking Lili’s head. Lili isn't her real mom. The pic captured last year; now Bubu is not with us anymore.


Benefits of Playing Crossword Puzzles

>> Jan 21, 2015


Some people consider playing crossword puzzles just for leisure. Actually, a crossword puzzle is a kind of very old and simple game that has many advantages. This game never ends and continues to grow following the technological progress. If the earlier crossword game offered only in printed media such as crossword books, newspapers and magazine’s Sunday edition, now already available digitally crossword puzzle that you can download and play on your gadget.

Although many new games are popping, this puzzle still favored by many people, of all ages. Do you wonder why? It is because the game is a type of brain teasers that can provide several benefits as follows.
1. As a learning tool
Creative teacher can use the crossword format as an instrument of teaching and learning activities. I’ve ever seen a friend’s son doing homework given by Biology teacher in the form of crossword puzzle. Subject matter provided in the form of crossword game makes the student more interested and eager to answer any questions until the end.

2. Recreation for the brain and prevent dementia
Indun Setiono, a teacher and educational psychologist from the University of Padjadjaran Bandung, stated that that every question in this game stimulates the mind to remember and find the answers, but without the need to think hard.

Playing with words when filling up the crossword puzzle is not only entertaining, and reducing stress; the puzzle can also stimulate the brain. If you and other family members love to play this kind of puzzle, keep this hobby, because your brain’s function will be continuously honed. That's why the elderly are strongly advised to regularly play crosswords to prevent dementia.

3. Broaden general knowledge

4. Train to solve problems patiently and carefully

5. Opportunity to participate in a crosswords contest
When compared to other games that require speed to answer, along with good visual and motor coordination; this game is very different because you are more focused on thinking, remembering information, and making strategy. If the crossword puzzle can be filled fully, there will be a sense of pride of your self ability.

You want to try to play digital crossword puzzle? I myself never tried it because I still prefer the printed version. Those who are interested in downloading the application of crossword puzzle, it turns out some game developers have released the game for various operating systems such as Android, Blackberry, iOS or Windows.

Benefits of crossword puzzle can be obtained if you play regularly and consistently. The brain continues honed, reduced risk of dementia, and insight general knowledge continues to grow. So, ask your child to play it together.


Sunday morning at Sentul Circuit

>> Jan 19, 2015

The view captured from the empty tribune

Sentul International Circuit is a permanent motor racing circuit located in Sentul, Babakan Madang, Bogor. There’s no special event last Sunday. It was my first time to visit the circuit. Every Sunday, a group of motor racers practice at Sentul Circuit.
A row of pits
I don’t know when the closest event that will be held there.  In other parts of the Sentul Circuit area, I saw a group of old car riders doing slalom test and some truck drivers doing test drive. The whole area still functioned for different purposes, but the place seems lack of maintenance. Anyway, it's fun to be there.
Practicing racers
I see lots of blues for:


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