Celebrating Your Academic Achievement with Best Graduation Dresses

>> Mar 25, 2019

After years of studying at college, finally it comes to an end and now it is time to celebrating your graduation with a ceremony. Congratulations on your graduation, it is a great academic achievement that hopefully leads to successful future. Graduation day is surely one of the most important days in your life. Besides the traditional academic dress that includes graduation gown, cap and tassel, commemorate your study accomplishment with the right chosen Graduation dresses for college that make you look special, confident and elegant. You most likely wear the graduation robe on top of your dress along the occasion but after the ceremony, it would be time to take off the robe and show your dress.
Short One Shoulder White Party Dress (Price:$24.49)

Sexy Fitted Short Sheath Dress (Price:$19.99)
Sexy Fitted Strapless Cocktail Dress (Price:$24.99
The ceremony usually followed with after-graduation parties or gatherings; that’s why it is important to dress well for the whole day occasions. To ease your Graduation dress search, you can go online to buy it on a budget. One trusted store to go is Ever-Pretty that provides a variety of affordable graduation dresses collection in latest styles. Anyway, since it is a special academic event which has different vibe than other events like prom and homecoming, there are things to consider before choosing your graduation outfits.

Is there a dress code for graduation at your college? Some colleges might forbid dresses with backless, high split or deep V-neck. If the answer is yes, you must follow it and find a suitable dress. If there are no stated dress codes, there are still general rules about what you should wear on graduation day.
Short Sleeveless Party Dress with V-Neck (Price:$39.99)
Sexy Fitted Off Shoulder Cocktail Dress (Price:$24.99
The appropriate dress length
The dress will be under the graduation gown for hours especially during the ceremony. Most graduation robes are not floor-length, so your dress should not touch the floor as well for safety and practical reasons. The ceremony usually held in a big hall or stadium, thus you will walk a lot, across the stage and walk on stairs.  It is required to put on dresses that allow you to move freely and safely -without feeling afraid of tripping over your dress.

Therefore short dresses are most favored choices for graduation outfits. A proper dress length is knee-length as it offers youthful look in polite way. If you opt for longer outfits, you still can choose dresses that don’t fall to the floor.  Safety and practicality should be your concern.
 Alisa Pan Long Sleeve A-Line Dress (Price:$34.99)

Alisa Pan Half Sleeve Pleated A Line Dress (Price:$39.99)
The appropriate dress style
In summer graduation, there is no need to expose much skin and curves because it is not the right time and place for doing it. In my opinion, looking stylish and confident yet keeping polite could be the appropriate appearance for graduation day.

Just like most brides in western countries who wear gowns in white to signify purity, virginity and goodness; why not choosing White graduation dresses in celebrating gratefully the success of your study? White is the color with positive meanings. Wearing white can symbolize you end the college study in sincerity and goodness. The graduation is like a successful beginning on a step of your life and you are ready to struggle for better new life. Bright white dress can support your mind and body in encouraging feelings of brand new beginnings.  Are you going for white? Check out first some featured white dress designs above. I share also two sleeved designs that I like so much but unfortunately not available in white.


Perfect Bridesmaid Dresses for Your Lavender Themed Wedding

>> Mar 24, 2019

For those brides-to-be who are lavender lovers like you, having a lavender themed wedding means a dream comes true. You love lavender flowers since long for its inspiring beauty, impressive relaxing scent and heartfelt romantic shade.  I just saw some heart-touching lavender wedding ideas at a wedding planner website. Wow, you can prepare a perfect wedding with lavender touches in many parts. A lavender field can be used for a pre-wedding shoots or even your bridal ceremony location. From lavender wedding invitation, lavender centerpieces as wedding decors, lavender seeds, soaps or oils for wedding favors, lavender crown on bride’s head to dried/ fresh lavender bouquets and many other decorative ideas. One more thing that will boost the romantic vibe is when your best girls look graceful in light pastel shades of Purple bridesmaid dresses  that close to lavender flower’s tone.
One Shoulder Ruffles Long Bridesmaid Dress (Price:$32.99)
One shoulder neck style

Off Shoulder Long V Neck Bridesmaid Dress (Price: $24.99)
Tiered skirt
Since you have decided in the beginning the color of gowns that your maids will wear on the bridal party, it would be easier if you shop the outfits at online stores that allow you to choose dresses by colors and occasions such as Ever-Pretty that much recommended since they are also quality dress makers for more than ten years. This store focuses on offering hundreds of well-designed and well-made dresses in the latest styles that needed in every woman’s life. Their affordable collection include all wedding party wear, evening gowns, casual dresses, summer dresses, going out dresses and special occasion wear such as Graduation dresses and a variety of gowns for sweet 16 and quinceanera, proms, homecomings and cocktail parties.
Short Sleeveless Party Dress with V-Neck (Price:$39.99)
Short dress with pleats
Sleeveless Long Halter Neck Bridesmaid Dress (Price:$24.99)
Halter neck style
When choosing Bridesmaid dresses  that matched with wedding theme, the dress should flatter every girl without beating the look of the bride. It is necessary to consider charming yet modest gowns that able to give the girls elegant looks and still keep the bride as the main attention the whole wedding day. Make your maids as the second best- dressed ladies on the bridal party; the first is the gorgeous bride, of course. As a bride-to-be, you should let your best girls to show their unique charms based on their personalities and different figures. Though the gowns will be in the same color, each gown is still uniquely different and ready to wear again in the future.  
Two Piece Maxi Skirt and Top Bridesmaid Set (Price:$49.99)
Two-piece set
Long Empire Waist Evening Dress with Short Flutter Sleeves (Price:$36.54)
Flutter sleeves, ruched bodice
If your wedding will be held this summer, you should know the major bridesmaid dresses trends for summer 2019 and then use it as reference in choosing different trendy pieces for the girls. One shoulder, halter, cowl necklines, two-piece set, dramatic loose sleeves, tiered skirt, wrap dress, short dress with pleated skirt are some latest summer trends that you can follow. I’m happy to share some latest designs of bridesmaid outfits in light pastel purple shades that perfect for your lavender wedding this summer. I can imagine how awesome your wedding pictures will be!


Maxi Dresses for Evening Party Wear This Summer

>> Mar 23, 2019

Summer is coming very soon.  What are your favorite outfits to wear during this season? Many fashionable women love wearing lightweight comfy dresses the whole summertime. Among various dress styles, flowing maxi dresses are much favored for its ability to make any woman look her best –whatever her body shape.  It flatters your figure and gives airy, breezy feels.  It is a kind of versatile apparel that you can use from mornings to late evenings in summer days; no wonder we love this charming dress. Are you also one of those maxi dress enthusiasts?  Well, let’s talk more about this dress style and how to shop cute cheap maxi dresses online for summer party wear.
Crew Neck Backless Bohemian Maxi Dresses (Price:$ 19.95)
V Neck Color Block Maxi Dress (Price:$ 27.17)
Its maxi length gives the wearer graceful look. Maxi dresses are always great for different occasions; you can wear it for special dinner parties, a night out, summer parties, beach outings, casual events, hanging out with friends and many other outdoor and indoor activities. To get your desired look, the key is choosing a maxi dress in the right fabric and the right design. If you want to renew your summer wardrobe and get the newest maxi dresses that perfect for evening party wear, you can go to Selaros, a trusted international online marketplace that provides a wide variety of latest fashion clothes online at affordable prices.  The maxi dresses collection can be found straightly under the ‘Dresses’ button at the store website.

Surplice Belt Printed Maxi Dress (Price:$ 25.28)
Current styles of maxi dresses come in various colors, necklines, details and flowy fabrics.  Loose, fitted or oversized, sleeved or sleeveless, there are many options to choose.  Before searching for fashionable summer party wear maxi dresses, let us glance first summer fashion trends 2019 mostly sources from runways that mentioned at online fashion magazines. Some major trends include the latest summer shades (living coral, lavender, dusky rose, warm rusty reds, beige, neon colors), modern tye dye, craft work, ruched dresses, halter neckline, feminine bows and ruffles, dramatic sleeves, fringing, colored tartan prints, board shorts, boiler pants, tailored trousers, fancy flats, bucket hats and many other more. Wow, what trends do you want to follow? I like feminine details and sleeves, anyway. For summer dresses, floral prints, lace inserts, embroideries, neutrals, bold bright and pastel shades are ageless trends from year to year.

I’m happy to share above a few gorgeous maxi dresses from Selaros which designed in latest trends like bows, cape sleeves, attractive floral prints and bold bright colors. Those designs are stunning pieces that able to show your glamorous side. Wearing each dress is like you are making an eye-catching catwalk at any event you attend. You can buy all of them since each offered below US$30. What a great deals.


First-Timer’s Handbook to Storage Units in Jersey City

>> Mar 22, 2019

Having a garage for storage is not enough; it is an observed trend among US citizens to opt for a Self-Storage facility to manage space efficiently.

Gaining Momentum

The storage industry was always occupied; however, in recent years the industry experienced a massive uprising. More than 11 Million people are currently known to rent a storage unit to free up space. Nearly 50,000 facilities are booming with customers making the storage industry a significant hit among communities.
People are hoarding more and more collectibles with no space to store them; all this stuff needs storage, and that is found in the form of a 5 x 5 (or the size you prefer) storage unit!

This phenomena in high demand among several kinds of masses, here are some of the familiar people who rent Storage units Jersey City.

Ø  Downsizers
Moving from a larger space to a much small and confined apartment can be taxing, especially when you don’t have enough storage space. Storage units are the easiest and clear alternative in such cases.

Ø  College Students
Storage units are the go-to storage solution for individuals just beginning to survive on their own leaving the warmth of their parents’ homes. They generally have a lot of extra baggage which they can unload in the storage unit and have a great semester at college with the extra space for their books in their dorm rooms.

Ø  Homeowners
If you own a house, you have faced the terror of trying to store uncountable objects into every small corner. However, storage units are high in such cases and can be used to declutter your house and finally find the floor beneath!

Ø   Military Families
It is common for military families to be moving, most of them resultantly turn towards self-storage facilities to store some of their precious artifacts and things that they cannot take with them.

Rental Procedure

You’re probably wondering how you can rent a storage unit by now, right? Don’t worry, here are some pointers to keep in mind for people beginning to use storage units.

Two types of storage units

Self-Storage and Full-Service Storage: As the names suggest, in self-storage the responsible party to deliver the belongings and stock them up inside the storage unit you rented from the Storage facility. On the other hand, Full-Service Storage offers its services to their tenants right from the transportation to documentation of their belongings.

After Contract Completion

Well, let’s set it this way, if you’ve paid your dues on time and have not ignored your mail then you get to keep your stuff or rent the unit again by renewing the contract! Storage facilities generally send you a formal notice in case you have missed payments for a very long time. As per their contracts, the facilities are then entirely free (after a certain period) to ‘auction’ all of your precious belongings.

If you want to some extra space for your SMB or to manage your home efficiently, storage units are great to serve you. However, if you get a memo from the storage facility don’t ignore it as you may have to wave goodbye to your stuff.


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