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Taobao, a Shopping Company from China

>> Sep 4, 2015

Taobao is an online shopping company specialized in shipping products from China. Specialized merchants can sell their products through Taobao or directly from the source of China.

Buying clothes, jewelry and chinese products at the right price
China is known as the world factory for clothes, electonic devices and industrial equipments.

With the decrease of oil prices and the ability to find out more and more product and services in China, many customers and companies get supplies directly from China forwarding. Many products can be bought at a very competitive price such as :
  • Electronic devices
  • Computer equipments such as workstations, deskptop, laptop or tablets
  • Mobile phones and associated equipments (headset...)
  • Printers, scanners...
  •  Clothes for men, women and children
  • House equipments such as lights, jewelry..
All the goods sold through Taobao or directly from Chinese suppliers are UE certified and fully compatible with safety rules applied throughout Europe.
Wholesale for professionals and companies
Companies and entrepreneurs can buy or purchase goods and products through Taobao or directly from Chinese suppliers as  taobao
. This will decrease the overal pricing dramatically and will increase the business profitability.

Each company of professional can setup their account in order to be automatically directed to the right furnisher.

Many items and goods accessible through the WebSite
Many items, goods and product are proposed on the website for the visitors. A secured connection to the shopping session allows the visitor to validate the transaction. Many different credit cards are authorized in order to validate the purchase, while the interface can be in Chinese or English.

Items can be added or removed in the shopping basket anytime while the customer is looking for products or items. According to the amount of goods purchased, discount can be applied.

Success stories and customer feedback online
Many customers let their feedback on the website of with in order to inform their opinion. Many success stories and positive comments are thus available only, containing some tips or recommendations for potential buyers. These comments and feedback are available in english and chinese, so the potential buyers can review these feedback prior to any purchase.


Children and Computer Technology

>> Sep 3, 2015

Computers are increasingly becoming a mandatory part every household and the children are exposed to them from their earliest days. Parents are faced with the questions like what is the right age to introduce computers to their children, what are the advantages and disadvantages of computer use and what possible health problems this may cause. By looking at their parents using computers, kids would probably want to do the same.
Children and computer technology by

It is not recommended for a child under 2 years of age to use a computer, or be exposed to any screen for that matter (television, consoles…) because the eye muscles are not fully developed yet. Luckily, children themselves show real interest in the computers between the age of 3 and 6. In this period, parents should gradually introduce different kinds of games that are appropriate for the age and interest of the child. Keep in mind that the development and interests of children vary on an individual basis, and while some children may show an interest earlier, others may not be interested in computers for a long time. If your child doesn’t show an interest in computers, don’t impose it on them. There is plenty of time to learn everything there is to know, when they’re older.

Between 6 and 9 years of age is when most children are already familiar with the computer. If you didn’t have a computer in your house it is possible that this is when you would probably get one at the request of your child.  If this is the case, do not put the computer in child’s room, but somewhere visible to you, in order to have a better idea of the amount of time your child spends playing on the computer. Teach your child that a computer is not just for playing games - this is the age when a child can get numerous educational multimedia content that can greatly expand his or her knowledge, especially when it comes to school subjects.

Children and computer technology by
Provide your child with good computer chair because the back has to be straight. Correct posture is very important for the development and healthy growth. The appropriate distance from the child’s face to the screen should be between 45 and 70 cm. The environment must always be well lit, but check that no source of light (natural or artificial) is reflected on the screen.

When they get older, most children will already use a computer better than their parents. Internet and social networks will probably become standard means of communication of your children and their friends. During this period it should be paid special attention to teaching your child what Internet safety is and how to behave online.  You can always protect your child from unwanted content and contact with parental control systems which have time slots you can easily set up. Moreover, most search engines have filtering options that can prevent unsuitable content for children from appearing.
Children and computer technology by

When your children hit puberty, you should expect them wanting PCs or laptops of their own. Most children are addicted to gaming and social networks in this period and they would like to have their privacy. Gaming laptops or better performance PCs are some of the things that may be on their wish-list. As long as you took your time explaining your child that there is time to play and time to study, there shouldn’t be a lot of problems in this regard.

Numerous studies on the effect of computers on the intellectual, physical and social development are being done around the world, but the results are still insufficient to draw any final conclusions. A positive link between use of computer and cognitive development of preschool children from the age of 5 and up was found, but additional research is needed to determine the impact on very young children who are in the period of intensive development and acquisition of first knowledge about the world and environment. Only after years of study it will be possible to give definitive recommendations on the use of computers in the early years and its positive and negative aspects – until then, trust your judgement as a parent, respect your children’s interests and try to present proven content, appropriate for their age.


Importance of New Technologies for Student-Teacher Relationships

>> Sep 2, 2015

Every school has some form of traditional rules imposed on teachers and on students as well. However, with new technologies emerging ever so frequently, there is a big shift in how students and teachers behave among and towards each other. Though, it is expected that schools will undergo changes as well, the question is whether it will have a positive or negative influence.
Importance of new technologies for student-teacher relationships by

A chance to increase student engagement
With introducing technologies in the classrooms, it is possible that students can become more active, not only in class, but also outside of it. Effectively making students become more self-sufficient and to be able to research on their own. However, it will also offer teachers new methods of teaching and passing on knowledge. On the other hand, communication between teachers and students should improve as well.

Use what you have
Classrooms will have the possibility to enable students to connect even via personal smartphones, making classes seem more interesting. Moreover, by introducing mobile learning, students will be able to follow classes even if they are from another part of the world. Moreover, students and teachers will be able to exchange information and get questions answered without having to disrupt the class. Remember to teach your students about mobile etiquette and what acceptable behavior is, so that they do not abuse their phones in class.

Introducing interactive learning
Keep in mind that as technology evolves, interactive learning will get a new perspective and dimension as well. The question then will be whether teachers and students are capable to undergo the necessary changes. Teachers should gradually introduce new interactive methods used in the classroom, so that students can get accustomed. Furthermore, it will provide a new horizon for being able to learn more, and to make learning more fun and interesting.
Importance of new technologies for student-teacher relationships by
Accepting the new changes

Schools should have proper equipment
The most important consideration for enabling better relations between teachers and students will be the necessary equipment required for schools. Though it might seem that it is impossible to get everything that a modern school would need, it is in fact possible to existing infrastructure and modify it according to the school’s needs. On the other hand, if the substructure is developed gradually, it will leave room for further improvements in the future.

Handling school needs
As schools become more modern, and more equipped with new gadgets and computers, it will become pricier to get in as well. Though, with school easy pay, it will be possible to handle books, fees, and even other school required activities, with a few easy payments. On the other hand, make sure that you plan your budget so that you have enough to cover tuitions and required gadgets to follow the program without any problems.

The future of technological advancements in the classroom
Although it is not definite what will happen, one thing is certain. Without a teacher to conduct a class, it will be hard to imagine education. Even if there are technological advancements in schools, a teacher-student relation must be established in order to pass on knowledge and to really teach something.

Schools should not oppose changes, rather, try to give teachers time and resources to work these new advancements into their classes. After all, a teacher is best if they can teach in an environment they understand and feel welcome in. Moreover, students feel safe with teachers they trust and can ask question related to schools and otherwise. In the end, remember that there is always a test period where you will be able to see if schools are ready for changes.


How to Decide What TENS Unit to Buy

Thanks to the technological developments in medicine and physiotherapy, today there are a number of solutions that you can turn to in case of any ailment. There is an incredible number of companies that are producing a myriad of products that are designed to lessen the physical pain in your body whether you are suffering from some sort of an injury, or if you are in post-operation period and require treatment, or you are an athlete with needs to relieve the sore muscle tension, the most common and widely used product for these problems is the TENS Unit, a small electrical device used for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation to get rid of the pain. However, there is more to it than just simply getting one, how do you know which one is the right for you?

While TENS units are safe to use, the only time you should stay away from them is in the case that your doctor specifically orders you to do so, this is usually told to patients that have a pacemaker installed or to women that are pregnant and within the first couple of weeks of their pregnancy. Before deciding to buy it, you should know specifically what is it that you intend to use it for, that is, you should be aware of your problem fully and only then consider the methods to solve it. Always consult your doctor, physiotherapist or another specialist that can give you an opinion regarding your problem.

Since we mentioned previously that there are a lot of companies producing the TENS units, there are many variants with a number of different options and features available to each of them, so you should always take some extra time and look up the product that you want to buy and see what is it that would be that could benefit you the most out of those features. A lot of Units come with the ability to vary the intensity levels and this is one of the core characteristics that you should look for to be included in your product, in addition, many units come with pre-programed modes that are specifically designed to auto-regulate the volume and intensity levels based on which mode you select, these vary from being applied to resolve back problems, any sort of muscle tension or in the cases of relieving pain from joints.

Also, one more thing to look at is the power consumption, remember that these devices operate on batteries so you should preferably look for one that has the ability to charge the battery with an external cable, this is simply to save you the cost of constantly having to buy new packs of batteries, since it is highly inefficient. Another thing to look at is the number of pads available that you can use at any given time, most of the units have a standard of two pads, but some have more. Finally, after you’ve looked through the number of available modes and other features, lastly, look for the price that is not too cheap but not too high, usually between 80 and 180$.


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