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San Diego is One of America's Great Destinations

>> Apr 28, 2015

If you are having a hard time deciding where you should take your vacation in the United States, you should give some serious consideration to San Diego, California. This is truly one of the most beautiful cities in the entire country. It is loaded with attractions that are suitable for families and couples with no kids. If you want to travel to a sunny and scenic destination, San Diego is as good a place to go as any. While you are searching for hotels in san diego, make sure you take the time to shop around online. Here are just some of the reasons why San Diego is one of America's great destinations.
hotels in san diego

Four Points by Sheraton San Diego Downtown –image:hipmunk.com
1. Balboa Park 

Balboa Park is the entertainment equivalent of one-stop shopping. There are a wide variety of things to do here, all within walking distance of one another. It features a few theaters, for people interested in the arts. There are also some museums for people who want to get a little education during their trip. There are numerous paths that are suitable for biking and rollerblading. Large areas of vegetation can be found throughout the park. These areas contain great landscaping and are perfect for photos. Finally, you can visit the San Diego Zoo, one of the most famous zoos in the world.

2. Petco Park

Home to the San Diego Padres, this is one of the newer stadiums in Major League Baseball. It has the reputation of being one of the best parks to watch a game. If you are in San Diego while the Padres are in town, you would be wise to grab yourself a ticket and take in nine innings. Aside from giving fans a great view of all the action on the field, Petco Park is also known for its great concessions. Many people believe it has some of the most delicious food in the big leagues.

3. Torrey Pines Golf Course

This is generally considered to be one of the most beautiful golf courses in the United States. It boasts a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean that needs to be seen to be believed. It is also the location of Tiger Woods' legendary playoff win over Rocco Mediate in the 2008 U.S. Open. This tournament is also notable because it was the last PGA major tournament won by Tiger Woods. This course is every golfer's dream come true.


Want to Motivate Your Teenager? Here’s How!

>> Apr 27, 2015

Being a teenager is really difficult. This is the very specific moment of your child’s growing up when his/her hormones are raging and they find it difficult to adjust to their environment. For each parent it is a true challenge to nurture their parent-child relationship at this stage, so it’s important you have just the right approach to do it.

If you want to avoid striking your teenager as too controlling yet give them the best support you can, here’s a few tips just how you can motivate your teenager.

Give your teenager a compliment
Everyone responds well to compliments, especially when they are well deserved. Encouragement is the best motivation you can give to your teenager, especially if you are dealing with an insecure or afraid child. These emotions are completely normal for that age, so need not worry.

Compliments are a fantastic way to give your teenager a little ego boost and show you care. Let them know their work doesn’t go unnoticed and make them feel special. Even though they may not acknowledge it, but they’ll be eternally grateful for having you as their support and knowing somebody is on their side.

Ask your child what it is that they would like others to see in them or think of them, so you have a better insight into their feelings. Once you learn what they are after, make sure you insert it into a conversation. Regardless of them having previously told you what they wanted to hear, they will like hearing it again for sure, especially since it’s coming from you.

Make deals and stick to them
Unlike adults, children and (most) teenagers aren’t fans of lies and shady deals. So, to motivate your teenager, you need to be straight with them and keep your word. Not always will things work their way, but that’s ok. They need to know life isn’t all about “Yes’s” and they also need to understand they need to stay focused and work hard for what they’ll get.

So, try something like:
·          “I’ll make you a deal. If you feed the cat on workdays, you can get the car on weekends” (if she/he is old enough to drive)
·          “I’ll make you a deal. I’ll take you and your friends to the cinema if you find another parent to pick you up.”
·         “I’ll make you a deal. I’ll let you go on summer holiday without us and with your friends, if you get your grades up, B+ minimum” (name the subjects you want your teen to work on)
·         “I’ll make you a deal. I’ll match whatever you save for that new laptop (shoes, sweater, etc.)"

Collateral has proven to work really well with teens. This doesn’t work only with deals but with borrowing stuff too. For instance, if they want to borrow something of yours, they need to give you collateral you’ll return when they give back what they’d borrowed. Good collateral needs to be an item that has value to your teen.

Make it achievable
Parents tend to think that their children refuse to do things out of spite, rebellion or simple because they can when in fact it’s because they feel the task is too hard.

If you see your teen refusing to do something or putting it off, the best approach is to talk to them in order to see how they are feeling about getting it done.

Do they understand the task? Do they know where to start? Do they feel scared about failing? Are they afraid of failing you?

After understanding the problem, offer your teen all the help they may need.
Teenagers often struggle with long term planning, so breaking the task up into a series of smaller tasks with shorter deadlines is just the thing they’ll need. That way their complete task will be achievable, not abstract.

A praise here and there
Just as with compliments, occasional praises may go a long way with a rebellious teenager. However, you need to be careful here because you don’t want them maturing into a needy, spoilt child. All in moderation!  Acknowledge your teenager’s efforts by buying them a present, something you know they would love or appreciate. Or, for instance, motivate them by promising (and keeping that promise!) to teach them how to drive or send them to a driving school Parramatta. It sure will make a difference!

We hope our advice helped! Just remember – keep it real with your teen and don’t underestimate their age – they are wiser than you may think!


Ways to Work from Home and Still Be a Good Parent

>> Apr 24, 2015

Having a kid is a great thing but at the same time the amount of time and effort that you have to put into parenting, it can become an issue if you are also building a career at the same time. One of the most common decisions that most people make today is to simply work from home but this sort of work can fall into threat in the situations when your kid requires your undivided attention. Here are some ways that you can use to really simplify the whole process as much as possible.
If you plan on working from home and you have a small child in your home, think carefully about just how serious you are about the whole thing. You have to be ready to get a nanny that will work for you and keeping your work, and your private life separated is a must. It will not be easy and you can expect your kid to first go to you when it wants something. You have to be aware of the fact that both you and your child have to learn to differentiate your work time and your home time.

Choose Your Nanny Carefully
One of the most important aspects of working from home is who will actually take care of your child. It is simply impossible to overstate just how important it is to choose a good nanny. You will have to go through a lot of different people before you choose the right one. Spend as much time as you need and don’t feel weird about asking all kinds of different questions to your potential new nanny. There are few decisions in life that will affect your child as much as this one. There are plenty of different studies that have proven just how important good child care is. It will impact your kid in ways that you can even imagine. It is extremely important that your child is surrounded with care and warmth as well as patience which your nanny will have to provide and this is why you should choose your nanny carefully.

Let Your Nanny Do Her Job
Unless you have somebody who can be around your kids all the time, you will need a nanny for this to work, there is simply no way around it. If you try to do this without nanny, you can expect that your kid will come to you every couple of minutes just like when you come home from your day’s work. It is very hard for your kid to understand the difference between you being home and your working from home at a young age. You have to let your nanny do her or his job and unless you see something that is really important.
This is by far one of the most complex things that you will have to work out with your kid and with your nanny as well. When you are working in your office your kid will eventually start grasping that you are not available to for play. In the beginning setting the boundaries will be extremely hard and this is where you will have to work a lot with your nanny. You will have to work with the nanny as well and explain to them as well that you are not available during your work hours. You can’t have either your child or your nanny coming in every few minutes and asking questions or deal with similar interruptions. At the same time you will have to learn to respect your nannies decisions as well and allow him or her to establish her authority with your child.

When you are working from home you will often leave a lot of important stuff all over your home. Things like sharp pens, small tools, and similar stuff can be a potential danger for a child. At the same time your work will require from you to focus on it and you won’t have time to watch over your kid all the time. Keep all your potentially dangerous stuff locked up in chubb safes or in similar places.

Choose Jobs Carefully
One of the biggest mistakes that you can make is taking on a job that you simply can’t do properly or in time. Certain jobs will require from you to spend a lot of time retooling your set of skills and you will often have to do that at your own cost. These are things that most parents simply can’t afford to do if they are working from home and raising a child.

Make sure that you know what sort of job you are taking and what sort o requirements are needed before you make any long term decisions. It is quite possible to be a good parent and a good entrepreneur, but you need to set some rules and reinforce some discipline on your child and yourself respectively. If you do that properly, with the help of your spouse or a nanny, this could prove to be the best parenting situation ever.


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