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is the main goal in life. Family is also the favorite destination because there is safe, warm, comfort, motivation and support.

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On the Edge of the Lake

>> Oct 22, 2014

Came from my archives again. I saw some boats on the edge of the Petuguran Lake (Bumiayu, Central Java, Indonesia). The boat used by nearby village people to cross the lake. I share one boat here. This wooden boat looks well made.


Ultrasound for Early Detection of Down Syndrome

>> Oct 21, 2014

Based on the research results, it is known that the examination of the development of the fetal nasal bone in the middle half of pregnancy may help doctors to identify the possibility of the baby having Down syndrome. Currently, the most effective way to find out is by amniocentesis, where a doctor will take a sample of amniotic fluid. Unfortunately, this test may cause a risk of miscarriage.

According to a 2003 study on ultrasound were written in Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology, stated that the nasal bone grows less than perfect present in 61.8% of fetuses with Down syndrome abnormalities. And 21% of normal fetuses had a normal nasal bone development. This suggests that the nasal bones are not perfectly evolved associated with a high risk of Down syndrome.

Experts estimate that combining not perfect growth of the nasal bone and other test method can enhance the ability to detect any abnormalities of Down syndrome in the fetus by more than 90% accuracy, so it is likely that risky amniocentesis method can be minimized.


5 Things in Lulling Your Child

Some parents have a going to bed habit by singing a quiet song intended to lull a child to sleep every night. So, do you have the same ritual to lull your child before bed? Well, there are a few things you need to know first about the lullabies.


1. Since long time ago, mothers can make the baby quiet or sleeping with a simple repeated melody, such as lullabies.
2. Babies will be more relaxed when they hear the sound of women’s voice compared with men, especially her own mother's voice.
3. Infants can also recognize the songs that played when he was still in the womb.
4. Lullabies can help babies born prematurely to sleep more soundly and increase heart rate.
5. Babies prefer the song that has simple tones. Too high tones in a song will make the baby becomes tense up.


Surprising Moment

>> Oct 18, 2014

I thought before that Mocca –our male cat- is a solitary cat. It turned out that he also has a sense of motherhood inside. When I saw Mocca sleeping together and showing affection by licking one kitten’s head, I couldn’t help not to smile. Though I missed the moment, I still had a chance to capture their closeness.  
Mocca's motherhood :)
The sleeping black cat is the real mommy
 Captured a few days ago for Camera Critters  and Saturday's Critters       


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