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My kids hit from baseball bat injuries to the head

>> May 23, 2018

Head injuries have drastically reduced over the last fifty years. Unfortunately, there are cases of injuries and statistics shows that in every two thousand games, there is a case of fatal head injury. These stats do not factor in injuries from practice and although there has been a reduction of these cases; there are some reasons to worry.  The question remains, why do these head injuries happen, how to prevent them, are their ways to educate the young baseball player on the importance of safety.
Which potion is in the highest injury risk?

Head injuries contribute to about more than 10% of the overall injuries in baseball. These statistics are worrying if the young players’ well-being is a concern. Surprisingly, all the playing positions are at risks of having head injuries. However, batting position tops the list of the most prone position (with 38% chances) to head injuries if there is no helmet. The pitching position comes second with a 37% chances. These numbers show that any player can get a head injury and change playing positions is not a solution.

Why head injuries are still an issue in the modern game

With the introduction of helmet and improvement of baseball and bats, make hypothetical makes head injuries a non-issue in an ideal situation. Unfortunately, there are still cases of head injuries especially in the junior leagues in both softball and the baseball.

The following are some of the major contributors to this menace.

1.    Lack of wearing a helmet
Wearing a helmet is a basic rule in both softballs (fastpitch and slow-pitch) as well as in baseball. It is actually the first rule that is taught at the introduction of baseball. This rule is, however, one of the most undermined rules probably because cases of head injuries are not so common in baseball. The helmet is an ideal situation is supposed to save the player from unexpected bat hit or unexpected baseball hit. If the player is not with a helmet, the head is at risk of an unexpected hit on the head, which has a high chance of injuring the player’s head.

2.    Lack of adherence in baseball and softball rules
Baseball/softball has guidelines, which minimizes the physical contact of player of different teams. It is actually a fact that the two games have the lowest potential injuries because of unnecessary contact. The lack of honoring these rules can lead to players getting too much closer and as a result, create a scenario whereby an accident can happen and therefore leading to injuries especially head injury.

3.    Fights
Fights, although are very rare, can contribute to a higher number of head injuries. Fights have resulted to poor conflict management of the authorities or unfair decision during the game. 

How to minimize head injuries in the junior leagues

1.    Make helmets compulsory
The main aim of a helmet is to cover the head. Covering the head is important based on the fact that during the game, there can be unexpected stray baseballs or unexpected bat throw. Making helmets a compulsory therefore makes the young player protected from the above-named harms. The issue of making helmets a compulsory can be introduced in the early baseball life of young players.

2.    Install baseball principles as early as possible
Basic principles of the game that dictates the level of a contract between players can be installed in the early stages of training. By doing this noble task, there can be a huge reduction of these instances of unexpected contacts between different players. 

3.    Invest in conflict resolution channels
It is without a doubt that in young leagues, conflicts are unavoidable. Some young players in most cases can result in managing the situation by themselves and therefore use bats as weapons. This is not just a human rights issue but also a societal problem. Each team therefore must; invest in programs that promote better resolutions of conflicts.

4.    Proper training of coaches
Alternatively, head injuries can be a result of proper training, especially when using machines such as pitching machines. In this case, if the coach is not properly trained, they can expose the young player to potential danger and therefore lead to injuries.

What are some of the symptoms that the head injury needs medical attention?

1.    If a player develops a very sensitive sense to minimal noise after a hit or a collision, the situation demands a more advanced medical attention.
2.    After the accident, if the player starts having a blurred vision, it is an indication of a head injury that needs more than just a first aid attention.
3.    If the player starts having a severer headache, they should seek a quick medical attention for further examination.
4.    Some players after an experience or an accident can feel a change of the game mood. This can be a sign of a head injury.

The following piece is more of a guideline of head injuries that are prone to happen in a baseball setting. It is important for the parent to ensure always that the team or the clubs where their children play have an advanced technology to handle instances such as the ones discussed above. If there is not sports doctor, there should be a way of handling situations such as the ones discussed above. The head injuries when handled in the right way are manageable but if they are not contained in the early stages, the player’s life can be at risk.


5 Things You Need to Know About Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a serious condition. Over time, it can increase health risks. And if not treated, it may lead to heart disease, stroke, or even death in extreme cases. So, if you’re not getting enough sleep, or finding yourself awake at night, it is then right time to seek medical consultation. You may be suffering from a serious sleep disorder where pauses in breathing while you sleep are regular. Your sleep may be broken because apnea makes it difficult for the brain to decide between sleeping and breathing. The good thing however is, treatment options are available and apnea is entirely treatable.     

Here are 5 major things to know about sleep apnea -

1. Snoring is not the only symptom
Many people think that loud snoring is the most prominent symptom of sleep apnea, but they are wrong to some extent. Because, the disorder is also characterized by a feeling of excessive sleepiness or even falling asleep during the day. In fact, apnea can make you lose control over your sleep therefore falling asleep anytime can happen, even during work or meeting or driving. Some of other apnea signs may include morning headaches, lack of concentration, mood swings and dry mouth etc. And yes, not all snorers will have sleep apnea and you must know that well. 

2. Overweight people are more at risk 
While weight may not have anything to do with central sleep apnea (CSA), it is indeed a major risk factor for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). In other words, OSA is more likely to strike people who are overweight and the reason is obviously the physical structure of the mouth in such people. So, they are more likely to experience a blocked airway when they sleep. Although being obese is not a certainty to have apnea, you should always play it safe and try to lose weight to stay healthy and disease-free.   

3. Sleep apnea can be fatal 
You should take apnea seriously as it has the potential to be become fatal if not treated in a timely manner. In fact, people with this disorder are at a greater risk for complications like high blood pressure, stroke, heart attack, heart failure, diabetes etc. Worse still, lack of sleep may keep you feel tried and exhausted all day along putting your life and relationship off track. Chances are, apnea can make you depressed as well, purely for the kind of debilitating effects it has on the body. So, you should seek medical help without delay and bring your life back on track.    

4. Lifestyle changes can make some difference   
Your apnea is likely to get worsened by anything that disturbs sleep. This is where making some minor lifestyle changes can help, or may create that much-needed difference. If you suffer from this disorder, it’s advisable to quit smoking, stay away from alcohol, reduce intake of soft drinks and never take sleeping pills. The focus should be on practicing good sleep hygiene so that the problem is not allowed to aggravate. You should minimize screen time before bed, maintain a good room temperature, keep the room clutter free and turn off all the lights while sleeping. 

5. Sleep apnea is treatable
The only silver lining with sleep apnea is its being treatable in nature. With treatment options available, you just have to benefit from them timely to keep risks away. You can consult a sleep specialist Brooklyn and chances are, he/she will advise you to wear a CPAP (continuous positive airflow pressure) mask at night. If you’re not comfortable with wearing a mask, there are mouthpieces (oral appliances) as well for treatment. And if nothing works, a surgery option is there to get help.  


4 Most Dangerous Pests That Plague the Homes and Offices of the South Florida People

>> May 22, 2018

Most people love living in South Florida because of its good warm weather. Every year, people from all over the world come down to enjoy the sandy beaches, warm ocean breezes, and the warm tropical environment.

The one major problem arises when it comes to pests who also love the warm climate in South Florida. The humid, tropical air attracts unique insects and pests that plague the lives of most people in this part of the world. In order to eliminate these pests completely, you need the intervention of a good pest control company like the Exentoma South Florida. 
Different kinds of harmful insects and pests
1.   Mosquitoes – The warm tropical areas in this region provide the right breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Here, they lay eggs in water and the swampy areas and hatch more mosquitoes. The aendesaegypt mosquitoes are imports from Africa and they cause diseases like yellow fever, dengue fever, and zika.
2.   The Formosan subterranean termites – These are very common and very destructive pests in South Florida. They love warm, moist weather that attracts them to breed in large numbers. They are an invasive species that has its origin in Asia. These pests have become one of the dominant pests in this state, destroying homes and causing damage to thousands of properties all over South Florida. Formosan termites are known as super termites because they breed so fast and create such huge colonies as well as cause devastating damage so quickly. These termites live underground and create mud tunes to get around and up the walls of high-rise buildings and condos. If you notice any wooden floors feeling spongy or find mud tubes around your home, call the pest control specialists because failure to do so will lead to tremendous damage.  
3.   Mole crickets – These insects come with a large head and visible mandibles and measure about 1.3 inches in length. They have large legs with spikes at the end that are used for digging. They are often confused with cockroaches but these mole crickets are different from the normal crickets. Mole crickets do not bite and are not directly dangerous to humans but they invade homes in South Florida. They originate from South America but have pretty much settled in South Florida due to the warm humid climate. These moles devour plants and crops in gardens. They use their front forelegs to burrow and dig, damaging the soil and causing overwhelming plant destruction.
4.   Palmetto bugs – These bugs are also known as the Florida wood cockroach. They are very large and originate from Miami. They can grow in size up to 1.6 inches and emit a very foul smell. These stinky pests can actually spray a bad scent when threatened up to a meter away. They look a lot like the oriental cockroaches but they move a bit slowly and prefer to live outdoors in damp locations. They also invade homes and offices through tiny openings and prefer living in the attics. They are only found out due to the large droppings that they leave behind.    


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