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Step-By-Step Guide to Selecting a Garden Shed

>> Nov 1, 2014

A garden shed in Ireland is a covered structure which is erected in the backyard or a garden of a house. A garden shed provides extra storage space to the house, and can be used for a variety of purposes like:

  • Storage of gardening tools and equipment
  • Storage of household items which cannot be stored inside the house due to shortage of space.
  • Parking of tractors and small vehicles
  • Play area for kids
  • Small home office
  • Relaxation area, etc.

There is a large variety of garden sheds which are available for sale in Ireland, which makes deciding which one is the best for you quite difficult. Let us discuss the selection process here to guide you.

1.   Decide on why you need a shed
As discussed earlier, a shed can have many possible uses. Your judgement regarding what is the best shed for you will depend on what purpose it will serve. First came from a decide the present and the future uses of the garden shed in Ireland, so that you are clear in your mind regarding what to look for.

2.   What should be the size of the shed?
This depends on the area you will have in the garden in Ireland to put it up and also how you plan to use the garden shed. If it is only for storing tools and equipment, a small garden sheds in Ireland will be good enough. However if you plan to use it as an office, as a play area for the kids or for parking of a vehicle, then you will need a much larger shed. The rule is larger than the present use you have for it. But again, the size is limited by the space you have available in the garden to put it up. Buying an oversized garden shed might totally spoil the look of your garden.

3.   Decide which material the shed should be made of:
It is always better to buy a shed which is robust and durable. Hence it is always suggested to go for a material which has these properties. Wooden sheds have a tendency to get spoilt in a wet climate and when used very frequently. However wooden sheds can be very elegant and classy, because of which many people frequently opt for them.

If you’re looking for rugged use, go for a metal shed. Sheds made of galvanised steel are known to last for a very long time, and withstand rough usage.

4.   Select a design:
Always ensure that the design of a garden shed matches that of the house and is congruent with the overall surroundings. Choose a matching colour as well. Any mismatch in design will make it standout as an eyesore.

5.   Decide on a budget:
It goes beyond saying that you should always decide on a budget for the garden shed and choose the best one that fits within it. Do some careful research off-line and online to discover some attractive deals which will bring them within your reach.

About author:  Martha McCoy is an interior designer and an entrepreneur. She regularly helps her clients in Ireland to select garden sheds. 


5 Mistakes to Avoid while Selecting a Wedding Photographer

>> Oct 30, 2014

Hiring a wedding photographer is a critical decision was that you need to take while attending a wedding. Arranging a wedding is quite strenuous and a lot of activities have to be completed simultaneously. So many couples tend to commit some critical mistakes while hiring the wedding photographer. We will discuss these common mistakes today so that it acts as a ready reckoner for the couples will need to hire a wedding photographers in Ireland.
Common mistakes to avoid:
1.    Treat your wedding photographs like treasure: many couples do not realise that the wedding photographs will be amongst the very few wedding memorabilia they will possess for years to come. Hence, they do not give due importance to this part of their wedding arrangements and tend to hire any wedding photographer they can catch hold of.

They need to realise the importance of having great photographs clicked because those will re-kindle their memories when they grow old. Hence give due importance to this wedding photographer selection process and ensure that you get the best photographer that you can afford.

2.  Thinking the cheapest is always the best: Many couples try to hire the cheapest photographer that they can find. They don’t realise that good photographers come at a price and the have a reason why they charge higher fees. The cheapest photographer might be a newcomer in the business, or is not very skilled because of which they don’t expect to get a high remuneration for their services. Always strike a balance between cost and quality while choosing a wedding photographer.

3.    Not doing proper due diligence: Many couples blindly rely on someone else’s recommendations and hire a wedding photographer. They do not realise that that taking this one-size-fits-all approach is often flawed. Everyone has a different requirement for photography, and not every photographer can fulfil it properly. Hence while taking a reference of a photographer from someone is okay, they have to do their own due diligence to find out whether the wedding photographer will suit their purpose properly.

4. They hire photographers without understanding their style: every photographer would be having a distinct style with which he will be comfortable. It is not necessary that the style will be as per what the couple might be looking for. For example, some wedding photographers are experts in the traditional style of photography, while the couple might be fascinated with the photojournalistic style. Such kind of mismatches will definitely ensure that the end result is not as per the liking of the couple. Hence, check the style of the photographer before you hire him.

5. Not checking what is on offer: several photographers offer wedding photography packages. The couple needs to be sure that all the services they require are included within the package. If some of the services are missing, then they need to go for a customised package. Otherwise, they run the risk of some of the events not being photographed by the wedding photographer.

Avoiding these mistakes while choosing the photographer will ensure that the wedding photographs are as per the expectations of the couple.

About Author: Alisha Craig is an expert wedding photographers in Ireland with an experience of 14 years.


The Merak Harbor

>> Oct 29, 2014

We had weekend getaway with my husband’s friends to Bandar Lampung city that located in the Sumatra Island, Indonesia. To reach the city, we had to cross the Sunda Strait by a ferry ship from the Merak Harbor (Cilegon, Banten Province) to Bakauheni Harbor (Bakauheni, South Lampung).
Both pics captured from the ferry.
 We rode a ferry from the Merak Harbor in Saturday morning and reached the Bakauheni in about two hours ahead. The ferry was old and it looked less maintained; I couldn’t say that I enjoyed this ferry ride. The ferry condition didn’t make passengers comfortable. Fortunately that day, the strait was so calm.


Could You Be a Foster Carer?

>> Oct 27, 2014

Foster carers are a unique and scarce resource. For various reasons, including neglect and abuse, hundreds of children are removed from their biological families each day. Despite this, there are nowhere near enough foster carers available to cope with the demand for temporary care (http://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/backgroundbriefing/2013-11-17/5086254). Committing to fostering a child is a huge decision, but a path more people ought to seriously consider. It can be a rewarding experience and, with a bit of research, quite a straightforward process. 

Nevertheless, there is a lack of awareness regarding the definition and scope of fostering. The length of time a foster carer takes in a child can vary dramatically. They may look after someone for a few weeks or months, or just overnight in an emergency. Foster care can even continue for many years in some cases. But, unlike with most adoptions, the goal is to provide a temporary solution – ideally the child will eventually be reunited with their birth family, and the foster carer ought to help maintain these relationships wherever possible. Keeping up these connections can help the child preserve their personal identity, and provide a base to develop their sense of self.

However, whilst the child is in your care, it is important to act as a parent and welcome them into your home. This will involve considering any other children in the household, fostered or otherwise, as well as other family members. Integrating a foster child into an already established family structure can be challenging, but the beauty of foster care is that there are no assumptions about the 'perfect' nuclear family. Across the world, once tabooed demographics, such as single parents, non-heterosexuals, and younger adults are now encouraged to become foster carers alongside more traditional parental units. The need for 'respite' care – where a child is looked after only for weekends or holidays – means that even individuals in full-time employment can put themselves forwards as short-term foster carers. More people than ever are eligible to foster, and this progress should help with the deficit in supply.

A child needs stability and permanence to flourish. If they have ended up in foster care, it is likely that their life has already been plagued by disruption, so reliable carers are essential. To be successful it is important that an individual has the time, energy, and patience to commit to a child in order to go some way to remedying this disruption. Many young people in foster care experience behavioural or other associated difficulties, so the foster care needs to be specialised if there are other such factors involved. Any foster placement offers its own challenges, but deciding what sort of problems you are suited to dealing with is crucial to becoming an effective foster carer.

There are significantly more children in need than there are carers to look after them, and so many different types of care to get involved in. If you are curious about foster care, I urge you to investigate. If you can help – by spreading the word or becoming a carer yourself – what have you got to lose? You could end up helping a child through one of the most difficult parts of their young life, and stop them becoming an awful statistic from an overworked care system.


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