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How to decorate your walls

>> Aug 22, 2016

Walls are the skin of your house. The first thing that people will notice about your house is its walls. The walls have to be kept clean and attractive to make your home look at its best. There are many ways in which you can decorate your walls to make them look better.

Below are a few ideas of how well you can decorate your walls –

Paint -
This is the first and the most important thing to beautify your walls. Painting your wall in an attractive coloured paint is the most basic thing that you can do to enhance its beauty. You can use colours such as peach, egg shell, white or cream which are pleasant to the eyes. You can also use vibrant colours such as yellow, purple and pink if you want to make your wall stand out.

Wallpaper -
If you are bored of the plain paints, you can go for some funky wallpapers that will just add to the aesthetics of your walls. You can get various types of wallpapers in the market and you can choose among the best.

Tiles cladding -
If simple brick walls are not your type, you can get tiles cladding all across the walls. These claddings are available in several designs and types. In the market, you can find interior and exterior wall cladding tiles India.

Planters -
Bring in some nature on your wall. You can put up nice looking pots and planters on the wall. All you have to do is mount these on the desired height. Grow some colourful plants inside them and you have your lively wall ready.

Frames -
A boring wall can be converted in to an exciting one just by nailing a couple of frames onto it. Place the frames strategically so that they do not clumsy up the wall. In the frames, you can add paintings, pictures or paper cuttings that are going to make your wall interesting.

Glass -
The wall can be broken in between to create a pattern that can be covered up by glass. The glass can be plain or tinted. The presence of glass will make the wall reflect more light and it will also look very appealing.

Stencil painting -
If you think wall papers are too gaudy, you can opt for light and simple stencil paintings here and there on the wall. The paintings can be of a butter fly, a snowflake or simply a heart. Do not paint them all over the wall. A few paintings here and there will fill the emptiness and will also not be overcrowded.

Patterns -
Plain walls may look cliché. You can add patterns using different coloured paints on the wall. This will increase the exquisiteness of the wall. You can make stripes, geometrical shapes, and sprinkle tiny dots of paint, checks or any other pattern that will make the wall look unique and nice.

There are many ways to increase the beauty of a wall. All you have to do is use your creativity and find new ways to bring in unique concepts on to your wall. 


Rolling Out An Effective Sales Force!

Strategic business partnerships are essential yet delicate part of any strategic business plan for both small business entrepreneurs and corporate executives. However, most entrepreneurs and executives needs to remember that strategic business partnerships are never easy to form and there is no guarantee that such partnerships will always work. For any entrepreneur, an ideal strategic business partner needs to have a strong market presence in terms of either brands or products. Moreover, the engagement with the strategic business partner must be repeatable and capable of rolling out a sales force besides providing a unique opportunity to increase the present revenue of both parties.

According to Anura Perera, a prominent business partnership professional from Australia explains it is essential for all strategic business partnerships to meet the following guidelines to enhance their market penetration and revenue in the course of conducting the business of the strategic business partnership. The Anura Perera Australia office experts give you the following tips-

1.   Business Alignment
The individual partners to a strategic business partnership need to visualize and define the strategic vision of the success of their business enterprise. The partners can only establish a strong foundation for their strategic business partnership once they have come to mutual agreement on what business success looks like for both parties and how they can benefit from their respective strengths.
2.   Agreement and contracts
In any business relationship, it is essential document the details of the relationship in legal terms to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings among the respective parties during the course of running the business. Strategic business partnerships are not an exception to this rule and it is imperative that the partners to such a business relationship declare the nature of their relationship, mutual obligations, risks, duties, rewards and payments in the partnership agreement. Moreover, partnership agreement should also indicate the rules of engagement and service level agreements among the partners.
3.   Business Planning
The individual partners to a strategic business partnership need to work together to formulate and implement an effective business plan. Moreover, it is imperative for the partners to ensure that their business strategy remains relevant of the objectives or the strategic business partnership over set time intervals.
4.   Technical integration and interoperability
While pooling monetary resources, skills, ideas and entrepreneurial talent into a strategic business partnership, it is essential for the individual partners to ensure their products and services work impeccably together. Moreover, the clients of the individual partners should feel confident about the commitment of the individual partners to the joint solution.
5.   Governance
It is imperative for the individual partners to a strategic business partnership to decide how they intend to review the monetary success of their strategic business partnership at regular intervals. These partners need to decide on:

  • How often will these reviews occur in a financial period;
  • When and how will these review meeting take place; and
  • Will the individual partners opt for weekly, quarterly or monthly meetings?

Anura Perera further explains that for the individual partners a strategic business partnership is ongoing process and takes time to reach its full potential and it is not prudent for them to expect everything to fall into place in a day. If you wish to know more about your business, please visit the Anura Perera Australia office today!


Home Safety: How to Child-Proof Your Kitchen

>> Aug 19, 2016

People often consider the kitchen to be the warmest places in the home. Families often spend a lot of time there like cooking and preparing food. It is also one of the most challenging rooms in the house to childproof because of the dangers lurking in every nook or cranny in an average kitchen. The kitchen is considered as the most risky areas of the house when it comes to kids. Just about every item you use, even steel pipes in the Philippines, is unsafe for a toddler. However, with careful planning, you can make your kitchen safe and worry-free for you baby. Here’s how:

Courtesy: www.lenoircityhomesite.com
Develop Child Safe Kitchen Habits
Do not leave anything hanging over the edge of cabinets or any surface. Whether these items are dish towels, electrical cords, or utensils, these can be pulled on by your child, bringing everything tumbling down on top of him or her. Keep a close eye when you leave hot beverages to cool. Children are naturally curious so anything they see for the first time, they will investigate it. It is also a big no-no if you carry your child in one arm and a hot drink in your free hand.

Return objects to their respective cupboards or cabinets as soon as you finished using them. Objects like knives and chinaware can cause serious injury if left within reach. Be mindful of the kitchen items you left to dry. If possible, wipe sharp and breakable objects dry then store them safely instead of leaving them on the sink.

Supervise the Child
The best way to keep your toddler safe in the kitchen is by supervising him. If you are finding it difficult to watch over your child while cooking, then it’s better to find him another spot. Put him in his crib or in a play yard so he can go play while you do your own business and maintain him within your line of vision.

Invest in child-safety locks if you can. Keep detergents, bug sprays, cleaning products, and toxic household chemicals locked up in a high cabinet. This way, the children will identify with the latches that whatever is inside the cabinet is something they can’t have access to.

Keep Your Fridge Child Safe
Make sure to clean under the fridge to avoid the gunk build-up that will be easy for your child to grab. If it is installed, secure the ice and water dispenser. If you need to, install a latch on your fridge’s door to keep your child from opening the fridge.

However, there are some babies who can figure out how to unhook safety latches. If your toddler is one of them, store your items in a safe place. Better yet, opt for switching hazardous chemicals to non-hazardous ones like non-chlorine bleach, beeswax and mineral oil.

Remember, child-proofing your kitchen takes a good amount of vigilance. As youngsters grow, you have to work harder to keep your kitchen as safe as possible.

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