5 furniture items you need for the perfect midcentury modern living room

>> Apr 23, 2019

The midcentury modern aesthetic is not simply an idea – for many, it has become a way of life. It was a movement that evolved somewhere during the middle of the twentieth century and took a life of its own. It was mostly characterized by gorgeous furniture pieces that carried the simplicity of the modern style but were definitely more experimental. If you’re as in love with this style as we are, then here are 5 furniture items you need for the perfect midcentury modern living room:

1.   Noguchi free-form sofa
While many people love the modern style, you cannot deny its economic rigidity. Here’s where the midcentury modern style differs and thrives. It’s much more expressive and artful with its clean designing. Just look at the Noguchi free-form sofa featured in this image. It’s way more interesting and visually dynamic than even some of the most contemporary iterations and is the perfect piece to introduce in your midcentury modern living room for the best effect.

2.   Platner chair
Warren Platner’s most iconic collection is so out of the box that it would become the crème de la crème of your midcentury modern living room. If you cannot imagine it, then simply take a look at this image. It features a gorgeous low-brow living room ambiance that is characterized by clean lines and tactile surfaces. However, it’s the presence of the Platner chairs as accent pieces that makes the space feel extremely truly inspired.

3.   Shell chair
The Shell chair is one of the most genius pieces of furniture that came during the midcentury era and is a great way to introduce some shapely contrast in your living rooms even today. Its splayed edges and comfortable anthropometry would be a great addition in a visually dynamic midcentury modern living room. The one featured in this image is a great example – especially how the Shell chairs have been artfully incorporated within the space.

4.   Eames walnut stool
If you’ve got that annoying little empty nook in your midcentury modern living rooms that is too small for larger pieces and too large for small-sized décor, then it would be a great place to feature the Eames Walnut Stool collection. The trifecta of these medium sized little additions would reduce the emptiness of your living rooms while delivering solid surfaces to either sit on or feature some décor and accessories on.

5.   Molded plywood coffee table
No lounge area is ever complete without a coffee table and now you can accessorize yours in a totally simple manner by featuring the Molded Plywood Coffee Table. Its neat and sophisticated design is extremely homely yet professional at the same time. It’s perfectly sized and you can enhance its aesthetics by complementing it with the right centerpieces and area rugs.

So, these are some of the most interesting midcentury modern living room furniture essentials. You can use their visual flexibility to make your paces feel more dynamic and versatile than ever before.



Toddlers need their sleep a lot, even if they at times get stubborn and seem to want to stay awake for as long as they can. It might be that they don’t want to be detached from their parents or they feel like they want to enjoy the fun activities going on for as long as they can.

For a parent, however, bedtime is more important than anything else considering the numerous benefits that come with it. That’s what provokes most parents to do whatever they can to lure their young ones to sleep, even if it means spending a significant amount of time by their side.
How much sleep does a toddler need?

If you have a toddler at home and wondering just how much hours of sleep they need every day, here’s what you should keep in mind. Once a baby becomes a toddler, they need roughly 10 – 14 hours of sleep each day, which should include a single nap (since naps are reduced from 2 to 1 after 18 months). On average, most toddlers achieve from 10 hours of sleep each night or more.

How can you help your toddler sleep better?

There are several things that you can do to ensure that your young one benefits from adequate sleep such as:

1. Giving them a comfort object

You more than likely understand why most young ones need a comfort object such as a stuffed animal or special blanket when they go to sleep – it helps them rest better through the night. Everyone has certain elements that they depend on to sleep better, whether it’s leaving the fan on, taking socks off and others. Toddlers can depend on comfort objects for better sleep, and if they wake up and find that the condition that got them to sleep is not available anymore, they will cry out to get it back. That’s why it’s not a good idea to take away stuffed animals from your toddler’s bed while they’re asleep.

2. Be consistent with bedtime routines

If you do certain things such as bathing your toddler, reading bedtime stories, and others to help them relax before bedtime, be consistent with such routines as the toddler’s body will have already adjusted to such.

3. Establish a suitable bedroom environment

The bedroom environment should be quiet, dark, cool, and comfortable if you want your young one to sleep well. Also, your toddler’s bed should be reserved only for sleeping, not for other activities like playing. You also want to ensure that there is no television in their room or any other kind of screen time such as smartphones and the likes.

4. Limit certain foods and drinks

Avoid giving a drink that contains caffeine to your young one as well as foods that have a high protein or sugar content. Such drinks and foods lead to increased awareness, which might prevent your young one from falling asleep.

5. Establish consistent sleeping and wake up times

Have you ever realized that you don’t struggle to get up from bed if you are accustomed to waking up at a certain hour every day? This is because your body adjusts itself so that you wake up naturally and feel sleepy when it’s time to sleep, depending on your schedule. That’s why you need to maintain a consistent sleeping and waking up schedule for your toddler to avoid “confusing” and stressing their body, as that might lead to disruption of quality sleep.

Common toddler sleep issues and how to solve them

If your young one seems to be experiencing the same sleep problems over and over, it’s a sign that you need to fix the issue to prevent it from recurring. Here are some of the most frequently-occurring problems:

1. Bedtime stalling

Most toddlers are professional bedtime stallers and will try in all ways to either convince you to stay until they fall asleep, or look for whatever reason they need to get out of bed. They give all sorts of excuses such as, “just one more kiss”, “one more drink”, “one more bedtime story”, and others. This is, however, one of the most common issues that should not freak you out.

2. Separation anxiety

Separation anxiety is a perfectly normal sleep problem that shows that your baby has a strong attachment with you as their parent or guardian. The toddler is often afraid that you might leave and fail to come back.

3. Overtired kids who fight bedtime

If your toddler fails to get enough sleep during the day, they often become overtired and stir up all sorts of drama when it’s time to sleep.

4. Jack-in-the-box behavior

When a toddler is finally out of his crib and is now using a big-kid bed, they will often spring out of bed, so you’ll have to tuck them back in. Such habits may be persistent, and the best way to deal with such is to show your young one that you are not upset, or else they might repeat the behavior.

General solutions to sleep problems

If your toddler faces any sleep issues, the following solutions could be of much help:

Don’t sneak away at night - Sneaking can make your young one feel like they are being “neglected” and left to fight their fears alone. Rather than sneaking, try to comfort your kid and reassure them that you will be back in the morning.
Stick to a routine – Consistency is key when it comes to helping a toddler tackle their fears and get used to sleeping alone.
Don’t show unwanted reactions – Showing anger, anxiety, and even frustration can worsen your toddler’s emotions.
Offer them your comfort – You can offer comfort to your young one as long as you don’t let them rely on you. Such comfort should be short, silent, and boring.
Play some soothing sounds – several sounds of nature or some type of music can soothe a toddler so that they won’t feel lonely or have a fear of the unknown.


A Step by Step Guide To Bathroom Renovation

>> Apr 22, 2019

Bathrooms are one of the smallest rooms in the house and they are also one the most costly to renovate. Bathroom renovation cost, if done well, can add value to a home and a great space full of design and light.
Bathroom design

Bathroom design is the first area of your bathroom renovation you need to get right. Just replacing the existing bathroom with the same design may not be enough. The key to great bathroom design is to design it with the people that are going to use it in mind. However be sure that your bathroom design also has a general use factor as well. For example: If you were designing a bathroom for families you could still design the bathroom with easy access to the shower and bath. This would ensure that the design would also work for people with limited mobility. This means if you decide to sell your home or if you are renovating for profit your design has a wider market appeal. Great bathroom design also uses the space well, taking into account the light or window space, size of fittings, and drainage options. Draw out a plan to scale and right down the sizes of your room. Mark the existing drainage points and then and water inlet points. Write down a wish list of the bathroom fittings to need and want with their sizes. Now marry the two together and see what fits. Note: Most bathroom drainage and water inlet points can be moved but this does come at extra cost.

Bathroom remodel

If you have decided to do the work yourself or part of the work it is time to hire a skip bin and pull out the old bathroom. If your home was made pre 1980 you may have fibro bathroom wall linings with asbestos in it and great care will need to be taken. You will need some full body disposable overalls, eye protection, and quality dust mask. Check with your local building authority or council regarding the regulation on bathroom asbestos wall lining removal.

Remove everything except the plumbing. If you keep the bathroom plumbing in place you will not have to turn the water off for the whole house. Also you will need to jack hammer the floor tiles up and the sand and cement bed that they are laid on.

Bathroom Renovation and construction

Bathrooms must be construction properly from the ground up to ensure that the finished job is correct and true. This also ensures the design and look of the bathroom will have a great finish

The Bathroom Renovation Process

Install water and drainage pipe and electrical wires.
Install wall lining and ceiling and then install the bath hob and bath.
Waterproof the floor and shower and bath recess.
Correct the fall of the floor with sand and cement ready for tiling.
Lay floor and wall tiles and then grout.
Install new bathroom vanity, fittings, and taps - install new electrical.
Paint ceiling and final clean.

Step one - Plumbing and electrical

At this point all new plumbing is installed for clean hot and cold water and drainage. Careful attention needs to be taken when positioning the new plumbing so that the plumbing fittings are correct when the tiling is finished. For example: To centre a fitting in a shower recess you must take into consideration the thickness of the wall board, tile glue and tile so the fitting will be centred after the tiles are in place. The same applies to installing drainage pipes for a toilet; the wall lining and tile thickness must be taken into account so the pipe is in the correct position when the toilet is installed after tiling. Also rough in the any new electrical wires without connecting them to the mains power.

Step two - Install wall and ceiling linings

Install your 6mm wall lining being careful to nail the fibro board every 150mm without nailing into the new pipes and electrical wires. The best way is to measure and mark the pipe and wire layout onto your new wall board with a pencil as you go. Screw up (or nail) the ceiling lining, plasterboard is the most common. However if you are laying your tiles from floor to ceiling do not install the cornice as this is best done after tiling. If you are not tiling to the ceiling go ahead and install the cornice after the wallboard and ceiling lining have been installed. Also if your bath is not freestanding you can now make up the frame and install the bath. Ensure the bath is installed correctly allowing for the thickness of the tiles and glue. Be sure to check all linings and pipes before you continue with your bathroom renovation.

Step three - Waterproof your bathroom

Waterproof your bathroom floor, shower recess, and around the bath. When waterproofing the floor ensure that the waterproofing comes 100mm up the walls. The shower recess will need to be waterproofed 100mm above the shower rose outlet. Also the bath should be waterproofed 100mm above the lip of the bath right around and to the floor. At the doorway install a 25 x 25mm aluminum angle glued into place with quality silicone and waterproof into the lip. Your whole bathroom should now the tanked, so the all water will only go down a drain. Bathroom waterproofing tip: waterproofing is an easy job but quality and accuracy is most important.

Step four - Lay in the cement screed for the floor.

Before the floor tiles can laid the floor must be smooth and fairly flat with a slight fall to the drainage outlet. To do this you must use sand and cement mix and it is best to add a waterproofing agent into this as well. With a level, set the floor level at the doorway. Use the top aluminum angle as the finished floor level and measure down the thickness of the tile plus 10mm for the glue. Mark right around the bathroom with a level and then screed in your sand and cement mix with a 1 to 3 degree fall to the top of the drain outlet. Take your time and get it right with the finished level as smooth as possible. When the sand cement mix has set but is not dry (you can walk on it but you it is still a bit soft) rub it over with a house brick. This will remove all the small highs and lows and check with a level as you go. Let the bathroom floor fully dry and then you should have a great surface to tile onto. Tip: the more work you put into the floor screed the easier your tiling will be.

Step five: Tile floor and walls

Lay your tiles on the floor first and then grout. Then lay your wall tiles making sure that they are level as you lay. Once the bathroom tiles have been cut and laid, grout all your tiles and then buff the tiles clean.

Step six: Install plumbing fitting and fixtures

Install all your plumbing fittings and taps. Also fit all your towel rails and soap holders. Fit your new bathroom vanity making sure it is level and sealed around the top with silicone and also seal around the bath. Tip: make sure they are in the right place before you drill into your tiles.

Step seven: painting, and cleaning - enjoy

Paint your ceiling and do a final clean making sure everything is fitted correctly and that there are no leaks in your plumbing. - Enjoy your new bathroom.


10 Reasons to Brush Your Teeth Regularly

Good oral health is as necessary as your physical health. And one of the elementary practices necessary to achieve good oral health is brushing regularly, or twice a day. We are being taught to cultivate the habit of brushing from early childhood. Although it’s importance may seem pretty obvious, there are few major benefits of brushing, curate by the top dentists of Cork.
     No More Bad Breath: It is advisable to brush your teeth properly on a regular basis to avoid any bad smell due to the decay of food leftovers, or any other such compounds in your mouth. If not checked on time, this may lead to greater issues. Besides dental problems, it also affects your confidence to meet and greet people.
     Remove Plague From The Teeth: Plague is the accumulation of edible items and bacteria in your mouth. Brushing regularly can help you get rid of these and avoid any further problems.
     Turn Down Gum Diseases: Most of the gum diseases, such as swelling and bleeding gums, begins with the deposition of plague around your teeth. This further result in Gingivitis and several other gum diseases follow.
     Remove Stains To Reveal White Shiny Smile: Brushing gives your teeth exposure to mild abrasives in toothpaste that removes debris and surface stains. Your toothpaste constitutes of calcium carbonate, dehydrated silica gels, magnesium carbonate, hydrated aluminum oxides, phosphate salts, and silicates to help you get rid of those dull stains over your teeth. It’s better to brush your teeth regularly than to visit a dentist for teeth whitening.
     Helps Prevent Dementia: Improper dental health can lead to dementia, a broad category of brain disease. This may sound a bit strange, but dentists have found that proper dental care can help you reduce the chances of dementia up to 30%.
     Fewer Chances of Diabetes: Gum diseases and infected teeth make it difficult to control the glucose level of your blood. Just like a person with diabetes is more likely to get gum disease, a person with gum disease has more chances of getting diabetes.
     Lower The Chance Of Heart Attack Or Stoke: The mouth bacterias can be very harmful once they reach your bloodstream. This increases the cholesterol level of the blood, causing strokes and heart attacks. Brush your teeth regularly to get rid of these problem-causing bacterias and lead a long and healthy life.
     Avoid Arthritis: It is proven that gum diseases increase the risk of arthritis. The fact is backed by the explanation which suggests that the proteins produced by bacteria in the gums can lead to problematic joint issues due to an immune reaction that undergoes.
     Avoid Unborn Baby Problems: One of the strange of gum diseases is the increased chances of premature birth and low weight of baby during birth. There are several studies that suggest the same. It may even result in delayed conception as well as impotence in some cases. It is better to give your two minutes to brushing to avoid such big problems.
     Save Money: Brush your teeth regularly, twice a day and inculcate the same habits to your children. With a small number of investments in your dental care today, you can avoid huge bills that may incur due to your negligence today. If you ignore your dental care today, you may be left with long-lasting treatment for your weak teeth and infected gums.

These are just a few of many advantages of brushing your teeth regularly. Apart from these, brushing also helps to stimulate your gum tissues to keep it functioning properly. As per the observations of several experienced dentists in Cork, one of the major reason for oral health problems is improper brushing. It's better to start looking after your teeth today than to regret in the future.

Dr. Cliona Fergey is the core member of Dental Options. She graduated from University College Cork in 1998 and then spent ten years working in NHS and private practice in the U.K. before returning home in 2008. Cliona is also a member of the Irish Dental Association and regularly attends lectures and courses to keep up to date with the latest developments in dentistry. With a lot of experience with different dental options, she is counted as one of the top dentists in Cork.


How Stress and Anxiety Interfere With Sleep?

A lot of people experience stress and anxiety on a daily basis. And most say it interferes at least moderately with their lives one way or another. Some people have trouble eating, others have trouble with sleep. And not being able to eat or sleep properly just makes people even more stressed, which brings them to an endless circle of stress they can't escape. Stress doesn't have to be present all the time, and it shouldn't be. Luckily, there are certain ways you can lower the pressure of stress. We will discuss how stress and anxiety interfere with sleep and what you can do to prevent that.


Insomnia is when a person has difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep, even when they have the chance to do so. People with insomnia can feel dissatisfied with their sleep and usually experience the following symptoms:
·         fatigue
·         low energy
·         difficulty concentrating
·         mood disturbances
·         decreased performance at work or at school.

Acute insomnia is brief and often happens because of life circumstances. For example, when you can't fall asleep the night before an exam, or after receiving stressful or bad news. Many people have experienced this type of sleep disruption, and it tends to get resolved without any treatment. But there are people who have chronic insomnia and that is when stress and anxiety interfere with sleep a lot and when you can't do much about it. But you have to act quickly, especially if you notice stress in your children.
Children can have stress, too. So, if you start to notice it, you have to act quickly but efficiently
When do people experience stress interfering with sleep?

Usually, stress and anxiety interfere with sleep when some big changes are made in life. So, if you are moving, changing your job, whether to a new company or you’re just getting promoted, it's possible that this will happen to you. But there are ways you can prevent the interference of stress. Let's say if you are moving, you want to hire professionals even if your move is a local one because this will make your move much easier and you won't be as stressed out as you would be if you were to move alone. And you really don't need the stress when you are relocating. Especially if you have a family. Moving is a complex process and being stressed out and tired won't do you good.

Daily things that interfere with sleep

Certain things have a big impact on how we sleep and we don't even notice it. If you are someone who uses their phone, computer or watches TV before bed, you need to change your habits. Believe it or not, these devices have a huge impact on your sleep. Even though those screens tire your eyes and make you feel tired, they fill your brain with a lot of information which your brain needs to process. That's exactly why sometimes you have dreams about something you saw online or on TV. And sometimes, this makes you unable to sleep. Try to replace this habit with a book, a face mask, a shower, etc. 
Replace screens with a good book before bed
Another thing that interferes with sleep beside stress is sugar. High sugar intake isn't good for your body nor your mind. Try to lower it. It's also really important to exercise regularly, but not too close to your bedtime. You should also use your room just for sleeping and relaxing. And make sure your bedroom is cool, dark, and quiet - a perfect scenario for good sleep. It is really hard for teenagers to use their room just for relaxing as they do everything in their room - study, read, hang out with friends, etc. Moving sometimes makes it even worse, so you have to settle in quickly after moving. And nowadays more and more teenagers have huge problems with stress and anxiety. They are young and confused and adults should help them cope with the stress as much as possible. And if they are unable to do so, therapy is always an option.

Is going to a therapist a good idea?

A night or two of insomnia may not be much of a problem for most people. But if insomnia persists for days and has an impact on the way you feel during the day, you should think about speaking to your doctor. He will advise you on what medicine you should take and whether or not you should go see a therapist. But most doctors will turn to sleep aids for short-term insomnia. Have in mind that therapy is expensive and that a lot of stress comes from money issues. This is good to have in mind if you are preparing to move. Moving is also very expensive, so try to prevent money problems by calculating your budget in advance if possible.
Consult your doctor on what the best solution for your problem is

Stress and anxiety interfere with sleep and if you don't try to get rid of stress, you will end up in a circle of constant stress. And this is either treated with medicine or therapy, depending on the condition. Acute insomnia turns into chronic insomnia very quickly, so it's important to start acting as soon as you notice that something isn't the way it should be. This is extremely important to do if you notice stress in children - both toddlers and teenagers. They are young and they don't have as much life experience as you do, so it's important to do everything you can to help them cope with stress. And if you believe you are unable to do so, the option of paying for therapy exists. Yes, it is expensive but dealing with stress constantly is much worse than paying a bigger amount of money for treatment.


Buy a Memory Foam Pillow & Enjoy Comfortable Lifestyle

>> Apr 20, 2019

In the event that you are searching for extravagance and solace in bed, purchasing the best adaptable foam cushion will give you precisely that. These cushions accompany a decent speed and thickness and, in this way, will give you the ideal help on the neck and the head. It is along these lines simple to rest serenely for the duration of the night particularly if this is joined with the correct sleeping cushion and sheets.

There are different froth pads to look over dependent on your inclination. You can choose an adaptable memory foam pillow neck cushion or a rest iso-cool adjustable foam pad or some other that appears to be perfect for you. In view of this, it is important that the decision of your pad will enormously influence your rest and in this manner you ought to pick it with caution.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Memory Foam Pillow

#The size of cushion

Adaptable foam pads are accessible in 3 mainstream sizes specifically ruler, ruler and standard size. You can get a standard memory neck cushion that is 20 by 26 inches or decide on the jumbo pad estimating 20 by 36 inches. The ruler estimate flexible foam cushion then again measures 20 by 30 inches and the decision exclusively relies upon you. It is essential to comprehend that most cushion cases accessible in the market are fundamentally made for ruler and standard pads. In any case, a standard pillowcase can work with a ruler measure pad.

#Your resting position

Your resting position should assume a critical job while picking your best adjustable foam pad. In the event that you are a side sleeper, a firmer and raised cushion will be reasonable for you while back sleepers will be progressively open to utilizing a compliment pad. A particular adaptable foam shape cushion will be perfect for you regardless of your resting position and on the off chance that you have a back issue.


Distinctive pads offer shifting immovability and this is something you should consider. For instance, down flexible foam cushions are great on the off chance that you need immovability with no versatility. A flexible foam wedge cushion will likewise be great in the event that you are searching for adaptability as this can be utilized to help the neck, head or even help the legs when you need to peruse. Much of the time, you will find that down cushions are reasonable for various resting position since they can undoubtedly be lightened and shaped for this.


The fill utilized inside your adaptable foam pad will decide your solace when resting while at the same time deciding the life span of your cushion. Much of the time cushions are loaded up with down or froth with froth pads offering diverse dimensions of solidness. The best flexible foam pad ought not droop and furthermore will offer you astounding flexibility with an assurance of 2-3 years without crumbling.

Taking a gander at one flexible foam cushion survey or two preceding making the buy could help incredibly in illuminating you on what alternatives are reasonable for you. Keep in mind that for you to make the most of your adjustable foam travel pad could serve you for a long time on the off chance that you spread it with the correct cushion case.

Memory froths will dependably mollify when they are presented to some type of warmth and this is something you should realize when purchasing. This means your pad of decision will by one way or another form to the state of your head when you rest subsequently making it simpler for the weight to be circulated equitably regardless of your dozing position.

The best flexible foam pad will keep going for a long time contrasted with other froth cushions and in this way you can rest guaranteed that your speculation is justified, despite all the trouble.


Smart Usage for the Proper Laminate Floor Cleaning

Everyone has a carpet somewhere. Carpets are usually located in places where something can be spilled: the living room, children's room, dining room. Good maintenance and proper cleaning of your carpets is therefore very important. In this article you will find some useful tips to clean your carpets yourself and to keep your carpet in top shape so that it keeps its beauty for as long as possible. You need the best use of the best carpet and floor sweeper there.
Some useful tips for cleaning your carpet

A carpet has to process a lot of dirt: many people have children, pets, visitors and also have an accident themselves. A stain on your carpet is quickly caused. With regular vacuuming of your carpet you can already do a lot of remedies, but we also recommend cleaning your carpet from time to time. Below you can find some tips that you can use when you want to clean your carpets yourself. For that you should know how to remove paint from a laminate floor.

Vacuum cleaning is very important for your carpet. Try to vacuum your carpet at least once a week. It is best to vacuum both the front and the bottom when vacuuming. You will also vacuum the floor under the carpet. In this way, all the dirt that just lies on the surface has already been removed and you can start the more thorough cleaning of your carpet.

Leaving your carpet outside is also a good idea

That way it can be vented well. If you have a carpet beater, you can also knock your carpet out. Be careful not to knock your carpet too hard, because if you knock too hard, you can break the warp threads of the carpet and you can damage your carpet.
·        When there are stains on your carpet, it is best to act quickly. If you act quickly, you can usually remove the stain from your carpet without major intervention. First try to dab the stain as much as possible with absorbent paper or a white clean cloth. Never rub, because then you push the dirt deeper into your carpet. After wringing, leave the wet cloth lying on the stain (repeat if necessary) until the stain disappears. If the stain of your carpet has not disappeared with this, you can use a cleaning product.
Rotate your carpet regularly: If you always walk over the same place of a carpet, there will be traces in the long term. The carpet will be flatter at the busy places and this will be visible. That is why it is recommended to turn the carpet once in a while. Even if there is furniture on the carpet, it is best to move it occasionally so that they do not give any markings on the carpet.


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