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Expats in Kolkata: Managing Life in India’s Second Biggest City

>> Jul 31, 2015

Kolkata is not just a city, but is a festival of human existence. The city has gone through a lot of tragedies and traumas gifted by the westerners, but every time the city came out to be a winner. Regarded as a city of intellect, you can find the city donning a dual image of being a colonial gem and an urban city with flourished industries and an excellent infrastructure to offer. If you are someone who is planning to move towards this eastern city, then be ready to get bewitched by the dynamic new-town suburbs, chaotic back alleys, the Hooghly river and what not. 

As an expat, you can have a new and a very exciting life here in Kolkata. If you’re here alone or with your family; in both the scenarios, Kolkata can offer you a life that is both colorful and a whole new living experience.

Here are important 5 things that you should be aware of if managing life in the Kolkata city is the motive.

1.   The Interesting Cultural Mix
India is a different world that is breathing within the boundaries of the continent. Every Indian city has a life of its own and Kolkata is no different, for sure. It is really hard to describe the city to someone who hasn’t been there, but an expat can definitely have a summarized description of chaotic markets, colonial essence in the blowing air and old churches that have beautiful silence of their own. You can expect a cultural shock in terms of language, food and even customs, but Kolkata will surprise you with its very cozy serene feeling. A city with a respectable space given to each religion and interesting people, Kolkata can be a good place for you to explore.

2.   The Climate & Atmosphere
Commercial capital of east India, Kolkata is situated on the banks of river Hooghly. The geographical positioning is the reason behind the hot and humid climate in summers. The temperature can rise up to 36 degrees and may go down to a pleasant 14 degrees in winters. The Bay of Bengal can be given the due credits for the monsoon rains that can lead to 1,582 mm (62 in) of annual rainfall. You can witness the highest rainfall during the month of August. Choose to wear cotton clothes for summers and light woolens for winters. Be prepared for the humidity and keep a stack of clothes ready so that you can change one on one.

3.   The ‘Home Sweet Home’
Depending upon the situation that you are going through currently, you can have the choice of housing in Kolkata city. As an expat, you cannot afford to buy a home, but you can definitely seek to have a rental property in the city. The flats in Kolkata that are put on rent are affordable and can be secured near your workplace as well. For instance, if you have your work setting in Rajarhat, then be assured that rental property has options in abundance, After all, the locality is fast-growing planned satellite city. Similar to this, realtors are also focusing to elevate the standards of realty markets operating in central and southern Kolkata as well.

4.   The ‘Yum’ Factor
This is something that you know from the time immemorial. The Bengali food is rich, delicious and ‘oh so yummy!’. If you are a die-hard lover of fish curries and sweets then you are the right place. Kolkata will definitely satiate your appetite for good food. Fondly known as the land of maach (fish) and bhaat (rice), you can find these 2 food items staple in almost every householdFor vegans, the city can offer you delicacies with plantains, potatoes, water lily roots, brinjal and beans. Are you thinking about the sweets, then take a bow people, Mishti Doi, which is a sweetened yogurt with rich amounts of jaggery is a usual and a very famous accompaniment. Take your family with you to road side or premium restaurants to get a taste of India’s one of the most sumptuous cuisine.

5.   An Explorer’s Delight
Exploring a particular city on foot is the best way considered so far. If you are an expat with a heart of a traveler then you can have the best of times here in Kolkata. It’s perfectly doable to walk the streets of the city with a map in your hand. There are half-day and full-days tours that are available by bike, car or coaches. You can explore Dalhousie Square, Kumartuli pottery village or the riverside flower market. All these areas depict colonial architecture and modern design; all in one. You can have a gist of urban lifestyle here with a right amount of reminiscence of the ‘16th Century Lace’.

As an expat in Kolkata, you can be a part of not just the developed SEZs but also be a participant in the watchable scenic and cultural delight that it has to offer.


An Old Well

>> Jul 29, 2015

This old well located on the back yard of my father in law’s home. The well’s age is as old as the house –built still in 18th century.  Just like the house, the well has got renovated.  My husband said that the water is always available in adequate amount thought in a long dry season like now.  
 This well is an important water source.
without flash light
with flash light


Release Your Kid form the Dentist Fear

>> Jul 28, 2015

Release Your Kid form the Dentist Fear‏ by
Visiting the dentist is a necessity that everyone has to deal with and in spite of that, the trip to the dentist is still something that most people have a lot of trouble with. Fear from the dentist is also one of the biggest fears that you will have to deal with when your kids have to see him as well. This is why you will need some ways to remove that fear and here are some of the best ways to get your kid to visit the dentist without the fear that usually comes with this sort of thing.

It is really important that your kids get used to visiting the dentist as early as possible. This way they will get rid of the fear that is usually associated with dentist visits at an early age. Often, most fears that come from visiting the dentist stem from not being accustomed to visiting the dentist early as this is the best way to prevent major painful interventions before they are needed. If you show your child that they have to visit the dentist from an early age, this will avoid a lot of health issues in the future and you won’t have to deal with various problems, as well. Developing the routine of visiting your dentist at an early age is by far one of the best and most effective ways to keep your kid’s teeth healthy.
Release Your Kid form the Dentist Fear‏ by

Explain Why
For your kids to really understand why it is necessary to go to the dentist you have to take the time and the patience to explain it to them. In most cases telling your kid that the operation won’t hurt or that they just have to go will cause a lot of problems and your child will be scared of the things that your dentist is doing. Explaining to your child that visiting the dentist is necessary for them to stay healthy and explaining each thing that your dentist does can really help them overcome any sort of fears that they may have.

Be With Your Kid
In most cases, the part where your child has to go in alone into the dentist’s office or you have to leave them there can be really scary for your kid and you should avoid it. Staying with your kid can really make your child feel better about the whole thing and he or she will feel safe with you around. Fear is often the biggest problem that most kids have to deal with when visiting the dentist.

Don’t Lie
Release Your Kid form the Dentist Fear‏ by
The worst thing that you can do to your kid is to lie to them when they are going to the dentist. Telling them that nothing will hurt before knowing what the situation is can be a really big problem for them later on. By lying to them you are effectively losing their trust and as a result they will fell scared and alone when they are at the dentist and some painful procedure is needed. Developing trust between you and your child and your dentist can really help your kids overcome the fear and pain that certain medical procedures come with.

A Good Dentist
This is by far the most important and most vital element of helping your child get over the fear of coming to the dentist.  Choosing a dentist is not something that you should do based on the price of his work or the dentist’s location. For example, if you live in Sydney, you don’t want to just type orthodontist Sydney into your browser and just go to the nearest one. You need to take your time and find a good dentist that is really good with kids and one that your kid feels safe with. Choosing a special pediatric dentist is often the best choice.

It is fundamentally important that your child considers going to the dentist a standard everyday routine and the best way to achieve that is to really help them overcome any sort of fear or discomfort that they may experience. Not only can the timely visit to your dentist prevent various problems from developing and save you money on more expensive solutions but you can also spot various medical issues way before they become a real problem.


USGoBuy Helps International Buyers to Purchase Online Easily in the USA

>> Jul 26, 2015

Online shopping has become a hit in many places around the world. Especially in the USA, the related statistics stated that the biggest segment of total online earnings derive from online shopping stores in US.  Even some forecasts mentioned that online retail income in the USA would be tripled by the year 2016. It’s also a truth that lots of shoppers worldwide choose to shop online in the US for their reliable stores and good quality products.

Unluckily, conducting international shopping at any USA online store can face difficulties. Some of the most often conditions occur that may give problems to any international online shopper are:  
- The US online stores don’t deliver worldwide
- Too high international shipping fee
- The buyer’s credit card isn’t accepted by US stores
- The US merchants don’t send to parcel forwarder

In this case, USGoBuy has important roles since it offers services that can support buyers around the world to shop with no trouble at US online stores.
If it’s your first time to know about USGoBuy, let me explain a little about it here.  USGoBuy is a USA online shopping agent that provides consumers with excellent services called BuyForMe Service and Package Forwarding Service.

Whichever service you need to use, you would be only charged for the consolidated shipping fee.  In fact, the real shipping cost might be reduced up to 85% off shipping rates. The provided shipping cost calculator at the website will help you to calculate and consolidate the shipping cost to your country -based on the package’s dimension and original weight.

Below are two major services of USGoBuy:
-BuyForMe Service
This service should be chosen by any buyer whose the credit card isn’t accepted by US merchants. The personal shoppers from this online shopping agent will support you purchasing required products and then deliver them to any worldwide destination. 

Do you face such shopping problem? You can follow these four simple steps:
-Package Forwarding Service
This type of service should be applied by international buyers who want to shop at any US online store that doesn’t ship worldwide. This service also helps any buyer who would like to ship their packages from USA to worldwide destination at cheaper rate. Follow these four easy steps to start it:
Are you wondering how package forwarding service works? Check out these five simple steps for an international shopping that applies this service:
How it works
Starting from registering as a USGoBuy member for free, then getting your own US mail address automatically till shipping the packages in quick, secure, and cost-effective ways.

USGoBuy definitely offers benefits. Not only getting $5 USD off from opening a new account that valid if your total shipping cost minimal of $50; you can also benefit from Share and Get Money program that begins from July 13th to August 3th 2015. 
share and get money
Sharing your pictures or videos with products that bought via this shopping agent to friends and relatives will give you opportunities to obtain $5 and $10 coupons. You can join this program by following accurately two steps that mentioned on the related page. 

Thus, don’t be hesitant to shop online in the US with using the service of a trusted shopping agency website like USGoBuy since it would give you a great help! 


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