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Fun Kid’s Gardening Projects (2)

>> Apr 25, 2014

Fun Kid’s Gardening Projects -Doing gardening projects with your kids is a fun family bonding and a great way to get your kids into nature. I have shared some ideas before here, now I share some other ideas –still based on the original article written by Amy Hatch at ivillage.com.


1.Garden Mosaic Stepping Stone from from PaintCut Paste –for toddlers and up

With your kid, you may create a sweet stepping stone decorated with things like colorful glass beads, shells, marbles, your kid’s hand prints and a meaningful phrase to complete it. This stepping stone can be a much-loved heirloom in your family.

Needed things: a garden mosaic kit (you can find it at your local craft store), shells, stones, marbles, beach glass, broken pieces of stained glass, plates or other ceramics.

What to do:
-Follow the guidance in the mosaic kit
-Ask your kid to make handprints while the cement is still wet
-Let your kid’s imaginations flow. Beautify it as desired.

2.Letter Gardens from Putti's World –for toddles and up
You can create this project indoors. Doing letter gardens with your kids means gardening and spelling lesson at the same time. You may choose letters of your kid’s name initials.

Needed things: seeds, soil and containers for planting (if possible one that is tray-like)

What to do:
-Fill the container with soil
-Use your hands or a stick to sketch the outline each letter
-Watchfully spread the seeds along the shape, spaced as said by the instruction on the seed packet.
-Water the soil each day until the seeds start to grow.

3.Herb Terrarium from Feels Like Home –for preschool and up
It’s a fun indoors gardening project that your kids will love. Your kids can decorate this mini garden with various pieces they collected before.

Needed things: a big glass jar or a bowl, two or three small herb plants, gravel, pantyhose or some other mesh material, moss and some small decorative items like shells or stones.

What to do:
-Put two inches of gravel in the glass jar
-Immerse the moss in water for about five minutes
-Place the mesh over the gravel
-Put together the small plants in jar and then fill up with soil
-Arrange the moss over the soil where your kid desires it
-Add decorative items
Let’s have fun gardening!


How to Avoid Breast Cancer Early

>> Apr 23, 2014

How to Avoid Breast Cancer Early -Breast cancer is a lethal and life-threatening disease for most women. There are many souls who eventually died because of this type of cancer. Even no one in your family history has ever experienced, breast cancer still could threaten. The cause of breast cancer is a variety of things, not just caused by genes alone.

Unhealthy lifestyle, obesity and more other factors can affect the appearance of the disease. To prevent this, there are several things you can do early to avoid breast cancer. Here are some:

1.Maintain ideal body weight.
Women who are prone to breast cancer are those that have weight problems. At any age, try to always maintain a healthy weight. Body mass index is also advised to remain under the number 25.

2.Add vegetables and fruits into your daily meals.
The purpose of counting food calories is not just want to stay slim. It is important to control daily caloric intake and enhance other required intakes such as antioxidants so that cancer can be controlled.

3.Wearing the right bra.
The risk of breast cancer is also increased by the use of a less appropriate bra. A bra that is too tight and uncomfortable can cause skin difficulty breathing.

4.Checking family health history.
The existence of a family who had suffered from breast cancer is quite influential. Research says that 10 % of breast cancer in the world is genetically transferred.

5.Keeping away from alcohol and smoking.
Consuming alcohol is associated with increasing risk of breast cancer. Women are advised to avoid or limit their intake below the recommended servings.

6.Breast feeding.
It’s very recommended for mothers to provide breast milk to their children. Breast feeding has been shown to lower the risk of breast cancer later in life since it can balance the estrogen levels on women.

7.Having exercise.
Too high estrogen hormone can mutate into cancer cells. That is why you always advisable to exercise every day -at least 30-45 minutes.

8.Self body checking.
Perform regular checks by touching your breast in the supine condition. If a suspicious lump found, you should consult a doctor. No need to fear if you do find a lump in the breast. The sooner you do the examination, the quicker this disease can be handled.


Walking along and Boat Riding

Gede Lake Bogor (West Java, Indonesia)

My husband and I like walking along the lake and enjoying the peaceful lake view. 

“Not every lake dreams to be an ocean. Blessed are the ones who are happy with whom they are.”
― Mehmet Murat ildan


Kartini Day

>> Apr 21, 2014

Kartini -image:id.wikipedia.org

Today, April 21th, my country celebrates Kartini Day. Until now, Indonesia has admitted that Raden Adjeng Kartini is a figure that leads the movement of female emancipation in Indonesia. The efforts done by the woman born in Jepara (Central Java, Indonesia) was a manifestation of her concern to the people suffering during the era of colonial Dutch occupation, especially the fate of women.

In her lifetime, Kartini had a critical view on the social inequalities that occurred in society at that time. She said women should have the same rights as men, especially in regard to education. Various concerns were often conveyed via letters to her friend in the Netherlands, Mrs. Abendanon.

In one of her letters dated October 4th, 1901, she said,”We are here pleading the education for girls, it’s not because we want girls became rivals to men in her life. But we are sure the education will give positive influence to women. Besides, good education makes women are more able to fulfill their obligation to be a mother, the first and main educator in each family.”

Kartini developed a school for women.  Sadly, she died young at 25 years old, several days after giving birth of her son.
Her shawl has blue touches :)
I have no related image in blue.  So, for Blue Monday, let me share a portrait of Mrs. Casmah, 72 years of age lady who has become a coconut oil maker and seller for more than fifty years. She lives in my husband’s hometown. I guess she’s a fine example of a strong woman who never stops struggling for her family’s living.


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