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A Dragonfly

>> Apr 19, 2014

Our old outdoor TV antenna was not working anymore so it had to be removed. Yesterday, I saw a dragonfly was on this antenna. Fortunately she/he's not a shy one; I was able to near the camera to the dragonfly and captured the face.  


Learning to Nature

>> Apr 17, 2014

One of the most important responsibilities of parents is to make sure that their children get the best education. Nowadays, there are many places of learning that come with its own ways and methods. Each has advantages and disadvantages; so that's what must be considered to help parents choosing the right school for their kids.


One of the educational institutions that could be an option for your child is to learn in the nature school; schools that emphasize active learning process, through the nature around. 

School with nature method is an alternative education that uses nature as the main media of student learning. Here the children learn from all beings in the universe. In the concept of nature school education, there are three functions namely nature as a learning space, nature as media and teaching materials, and nature as an object of learning. 

A nature school runs a teaching and learning process that focused on the experience of the students in the open nature. Another advantage of a nature school is the location is still very natural and beautiful, so it supports teaching and learning activities to the fullest. 

As a school based on the natural environment, outdoor activities have the largest parts. Ranging from gardening lesson, learning math with the help of objects around, to learning to socialize with residents. Since methods of teaching and learning with action learning are most used, children can actively learn through experience. If experiencing things directly, every child will learn more excitedly, not be bored, and more active. As a result, children will be happy in school and more easily absorb the lessons.


A Fish Catcher

>> Apr 16, 2014

Captured when we visited Cangkuang Lake (Garut, West Java, Indonesia). The trip was a memorable one since it’s the last time trip with my late father (December, 2011). I took pictures of this fish catcher after crossing the lake with a wide bamboo raft and reaching the Cangkuang Island.

The man was standing on a long but narrow bamboo raft. He’s checking the fish net that he placed on a spot of the lake. I remembered that my father bought a white t-shirt at a vendor there. He said he would wear the t-shirt after we’re at home again. It turned out that the day when my father put on the t-shirt for the first time was also the day when my father passed away (January 6th, 2012) while he's sleeping on the sofa that morning. It’s a pity I couldn’t keep the t-shirt as it was cut to ease my father’s last bathing process.  



Captain America: All Ages Movie?

>> Apr 14, 2014

We spent Sunday afternoon by watching movie at the mall nearby. My SIL was out of town and my husband worked; so it’s just me, my brother and his two kids. My teenager nephew wanted to watch Captain America: the Winter Soldier. It’s a sudden plan therefore I had no time to read the movie review earlier. My youngest niece is still ten years old; we’ll watch the Captain America movie if it suits her age.

Captain America's blue uniform. image:justluxe.com
When buying tickets, I and my nephew saw the cinema digital panel mentioned that the Captain America movie is suitable for all ages; so we bought four tickets. For me, this movie is interesting to watch as I like to see superhero movies with their fantasy actions. But I think it’s not an all-ages movie; it’s full of heavy violence. The blood is only a little, but the violence is complete. Lots of scenes of fighting, gun firing, car racing, car crashes, explosions, and others!

Once at home again, being curious, I visited commonsensemedia.org; it’s a reliable website for parents to obtain trustworthy required information, education and independent voice in a world of media and technology (movies, TV programs, books, games, websites, apps). You may refer to their reviews and age appropriate rates.

Common Sense Media says in a brief that Captain America:the Winter Soldier has heavy fantasy violence, but no sex scenes in the superhero sequel. The movie rate: Parent Guide – 13 years up. It’s a pity that the cinemas here (in my city) allow little kids to watch it. I heard crying kid during the movie. Sigh, perhaps the kid was very terrified. Parents should know that many younger kids still can’t differentiate between fantasy and reality.

When reviewing a movie, the review will include some subjects of the movie such as positive messages, positive role models, violence, sex, language, consumerism, and also drinking, drugs & smoking. Before taking your kids to watch this movie, you may read first the complete review at the website!

I link this post to Blue Monday. Captain America’s uniform is blue, but I also have another blue capture.  Last Wednesday, the legislative general action in my country has been held.  Lots of voting places have to be built first but we simply voted in a class room of the primary school nearby. I saw these blue planters inside the school area. They give nice touches to the concrete yard.


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