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Two Ways a Personal Injury Could Affect Your Entire Family

>> Feb 21, 2017

An injury doesn't just impact the person who is injured - it also hurts those who are close to the injured party. If you have been hurt in an accident, it's important to understand how this might affect your family's future. Not only will you have to deal with financial issues, but the very way in which you interact with your family may be irrevocably altered.
The Real Cost of Injury

Being involved in any kind of accident isn't something that just goes away. If you are severely injured, you'll quickly start to see the bills pile up. Remember, life doesn't just stop because you've been injured - and hospitals, despite their ability to be reasoned with, won't hold off from charging you forever. Time will be one of the biggest factors when it comes to determining the real cost of your injury, and the price you pay will not simply be determined by your hospital bills. 

An injury can also cause you to miss time at work. For those that work for an hourly wage and that do not get paid time off, this will mean that the bills can start piling up almost immediately. While you may have a bit of a savings account now, it can be quickly depleted when you are unable to work. As bills start to go unpaid, late fees will increase and you'll find that your family's comfortable nest egg will be gone. Your family's financial future can be put in danger from even a seemingly minor injury.

A Future Deferred

Of course, not all costs are purely financial. When you look at your family's future, you might have a certain idea of how things should go. You might see yourself getting promoted, romantic trips with your spouse, perhaps even your children graduating from college. One injury, though, can put all of that at risk. When you are injured, your life comes to a halt - and your future will necessary change. You might lose the ability to provide for your family and your family will have to alter the way they live their lives.

Beyond that, though, there's the real possibility that you won't be able to interact with your family in the way you once cherished. Your ability to dance with your daughter at her wedding, to stand up and shake your son's hand, to take a long walk on the beach with your spouse - those can all be put at risk depending on the severity of your injury. Even if your retain your mobility, you can suffer from crippling injuries that are harder to see. An injury can remove the possibility of living a normal life for both you and for your family.

Your family's future can be impacted by injuries in both a financial and personal sense. It's up to you to make sure that you're able to provide for them, though, and you'll need professional help you can find when you click here. If you have been injured, make sure to work with lawyers who specialize in personal injury suits. To learn more, click here.


Safe Methods to Clean and Disinfect Home

‘Cleaning is next to godliness’ is a famous proverb that talks about how important it is to be clean. And by clean it does not only mean, keeping yourself clean. It is important to keep your home and surroundings clean as well.

While cleaning the home is not rocket science, it is important that you opt for professional cleaning services once or twice in a month. These agencies have experienced people who clean every corner of your home (even the places you miss) and help in eliminating germs as well.
However, most of these agencies make use chemicals while cleaning homes. This is a strict no, especially for homes with pets and children. Here, we look at some of the safe methods to clean homes:

Acetic acid might stink a little, but it has fantastic cleaning properties. It is a natural disinfectant and helps in killings germs and molds. It is an ideal choice for cleaning glass and even stainless steel. It is also used to clean toilets and eliminate stinks and molds from there.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Another great liquid used for cleaning is hydrogen peroxide. It helps in removing stains from curtains and carpets. When used along with vinegar, it can even remove stains from tiles and floors.

Tea Tree Oil
Tea tree oil is known for its antimicrobial properties and is another effective cleansing agent. It’s a great disinfectant as well. A few drops here and there do not only make your home smell good but also ensures that all germs are killed. Tea tree can also be used to clean tiles.

Baking Soda
Baking soda is one compound that professional cleaners make use of. It needs to be mixed with vinegar or just water. The paste so created, is ideal for cleaning the insides of an oven and refrigerators. Baking soda mixed with lemon juice can unclog drains as well.

Washing Soda
This is another chemical that comes with cleansing properties. Washing soda is used for thorough cleaning. It can cut through tough stains and grease and can wash away dirt as well.

The safe methods of cleaning a home are many. However, there are only a handful cleaning agencies who actually make use of these methods.

While looking for cleaning services, this is one important factor that you need to keep in mind, to ensure that none of your family members falls sick, once the cleaning is complete.

About Empire Capitol
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Most Legendary Australian Football Players of All Times

Out of every game, every league and every sport emerge some of the most legendary and distinguished players, who despite their retirement and even after passing away, leave behind the stories of their legendary feats for the world. Similarly, the Football Federation Australia did not leave its citizens deprived of such positivity either and allowed some of the most talented players to showcase their skills.
Australia is a nation that loves sports and are always involved in it one way or another. There are spectators, there are professional players, there are those aspiring to make it to the professional teams, and then there are training institutions like the Just Football Academy that train and coach them to make the cut.

The Australians’ love for football is inimitable; and it’s this love that has created some of the most legendary football players of all-time, some of them even got inducted in the Australian Football Hall of Fame. Let’s go back in history and take a look at these acclaimed football stars: 

1.   Harry Kewell:

Kewell played as the attacker and winger for various clubs over the course of his career and was specially known for his outstanding skills on the field alongside his ability to beat players.  Kewell was an active part of 380 games and made 89 goals. Kewell also took part in international games where he made 19 goals with his flair. Kewell started out young and got his first breakthrough in Leeds. From then on, he quickly became known for his on-point goals. This legendary player won the Champions League crown.  

2.   Mark Bosnich:

Bosnich played as a goalkeeper who mostly played internationally and the world quickly got to know that it is nearly impossible to get any ball past his strong fort. He played 219 games in his career and was known as the world’s best keeper in the 90’s.

3.   Joe Marston:

Matron was inducted in the Football Hall of Fame in 1988 for his unbeatable playing skills as a defender. He was one of the best tacklers and was the first Australian to play in the FA Cup Final.

4.   Archie Thompson:

Thompson is a record breaking Australian Football player who made the most goals in a single international soccer game. His performance leads to the victory of his team. Thompson is known for his high speed, agility and crafty techniques. 


    5. Mark Viduka :  

      With his accurate techniques and stunning tricks, Mark Viduka was often at times unplayable. This Australian   striker dominated the NSL, before going on to play for Scotland and Croatia where he stunned the world with his superb skills. Finishing off the English Premier League with 92 goals, Viduka left the likes of Fernando Torres and Dennis Bergkamp behind.

The Australian National Soccer League and Australia’s love for the soccer has given young men and women a fantastic opportunity to fulfil their dream and become part of the International soccer scene.


10 Tips to Boost Your Writing Skills

A couple of centuries ago, writing skills were something special and available only to the powers that be, but today almost everyone is able to produce a more or less worthy note, let alone pen wizards and those supported by http://englishlinx.com/.
Yes, you have to write adequately to be able to communicate and achieve success in business and life. And I believe the ability to express complex things through simple words is a true gift.

The tips below will help you to enrich your writing skills, better communicate on the Internet, and write articles, reviews, and books.

#1 Use Power Words

Good writing is unpredictable and unexpected. The most powerful part of speech is a verb. Through power words, a simple sentence gets a very strong emotional charge and affects the person reading it.

Analyze texts. If you see the words or phrases that have left a strong aftertaste, write them down and use in future work. Search for you own phrases: take a dictionary, find a noun, then connect it with an adjective and try to see if it makes sense and emotional charge.

#2 Read as Much as Possible

Reading is fundamentally different from watching movies. While the movie goes on regardless of whether you realize what’s happening, the book requires the brain to be active from the beginning to the end. When you make a conscious effort, you become able to reflect, and that’s a great way to train writing skills.

It’s almost impossible to learn to express your thoughts clearly without reading. Of course, you can’t cover all books, but please don’t limit yourself to fiction only! Explore scientific and philosophical literature. Writing and cognitive skills are increased automatically while reading.

#3 Rewrite Books

It’s difficult to explain from a scientific point of view, but when you manually rewrite the book of the favorite writer, do you tune into his waves, style, and inner world. You do not have to completely copy it, but the feeling as if someone drives your hand is extremely unusual.

By the way, rewriting helps to focus attention on the details unseen before. You ponder over every sentence and phrase, trying to feel the meaning and connotations of each word.

The most important thing in improving writing skills is to understand the most appropriate word is the particular case. Rewriting of your favorite books will help you with this.

#4 Keep a Diary/ Start a Blog

A diary is not only a great tool for self-reflection, but also a way to hone writing skills. Record the events of the day, draw diagrams, create tables – whatever you do, all these contribute to developing your writing skills. You can even put here the reasons why you are afraid to start writing the novel, listing all the fears. A good exercise is inventing metaphors: a metaphor of your day/event/case.

As for the blog, it’s almost the same with the only difference that you will learn to edit and be more critical towards yourself. The blog is very useful for understanding what people care about. You will learn to understand how to direct the reader's attention. Finally, you will realize that although you write for others.

No matter what you put in your words, the main thing is how people embrace it. No one is interested in your idea – no matter how brilliant it is – until it’s outlined in a clear and accurate manner. You will learn how to take your post as a whole.

#5 Keep Narrowly-Focused Notes

You may write about whatever you want, but if you want to boost your writing skills, you have to narrow your focus for a while.

Choose a topic and direct your attention to one subject, trying to find as many interesting moments as possible. This is a kind of art: look at an apple and describe it on 10 sheets of paper. This creative challenge will make your writing style very versatile.

Frames can hone your skills. After selecting a theme, you can set yourself another goal – for example, use words no longer than ten l0 letters. This simple way will allow you to treat writing more consciously.

#6 Write Automatically

To improve your writing skills, you need to write a lot and preferably by hand (handwriting activates parts of the brain that remain unused when typing on the keyboard). Automatic writing is an analog of brainstorming.

Set a task to write for an hour. Switch between topics, change the style and the speed, but don’t stop! This way you’ll get rid of the fear of writing and learn to generate new ideas in seconds. After a week of such practice, you will see that purposeless writing improve your skills and makes you pay attention to the words that you write.

#7 Do not Hurry

Stop writing essays the night before the deadline. You need to learn how to properly allocate your time! Everyone is able to allocate the time needed to write at least 500 words. Start writing in advance to have time to research, gather information and produce a worthy product.

#8 Plan Before Writing

Many novice writers approach writing fundamentally wrong– instead of making a plan, they just start writing. It works if the paper is small, but if you’re going to produce something structured, be sure to divide your work into several thematic blocks and points, including keywords.

#9 Start From the Mid

Given the fact that you already have a detailed plan, you don’t need to keep the order. If you don’t know how to start or introduction paragraph takes too much time, feel free to skip it and go farther. A striking beginning may come even after you finish the last chapter.

#10 Focus on the Reader

Whether you like it or not, the main thing is to convey your point of view to the reader. Therefore, you need to write in an appropriate style – so that each line allows the reader to understand exactly how you are treating the issue. Be sure to double-check your work and read it as if it was written by someone else and you see it the first time, trying to understand the topic.

I hope the tips above will make a better writer, at least a little. Nothing can prevent you from smothering your style if you really want it! Practice makes perfect!

Lucy Adams is a blogger and buzz essay writer. She loves reading and writing, especially when it comes to essays and guest blogging. Lucy is a generalist with a wide range of interests, so you can always share with her the craziest ideas you have in mind. As the blog posts are free, nothing prevents you from emailing Lucy Adam right now!


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