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The Right ways of Plastering your Walls

>> Nov 22, 2017

The task of plastering ceilings and walls falls in the category of advanced D.I.Y. projects.  It is a given that the tools, techniques and methods related to plastering buildings are by no means easy to learn and master.  However, if you have the inclination and the time to learn, you can become a master in this trade in no time. 

As the domain of plastering is vast and varied, you would surely want to learn the essentials such as plastering damaged walls, mixing plaster with the right proportions of raw materials to attain the required consistency, smart ways of plastering exterior walls, steps for plastering external walls, etc. The helpful tips given under will guide you in your journey and help you understand certain crucial aspects of plastering.
Equipment and tools

Here are some indispensable things that cannot be done about when you are ready to begin the plastering projects on your hand:
  • Plastering materials like lime, cement and sand
  • Tools such as a hawk, trowel, sander, leveler, step ladder, knife, water brush and more
  •  Clean tap water, bucket, wipes, etc.
Preparations before you begin plastering

As plastering happens to be a drawn out and messy process, it is important to keep drop cloths and protective plastic covers at hand. These covers should be used for covering your flooring, furniture pieces and other possessions so that they are not spoiled by plaster droppings, scrape-offs, water and other stain-causing materials such as paint. It is also important to cut the power to the area that is being plastered; more so, the fittings and electric coverings have to be covered as well to avoid any seepage.

One of the most important things in relation to making preparations for plastering is that the surface and tools have to be totally clean before the process is initiated. Any presence of grit left behind from a previously done job, or dust matter, can lead to bad, uneven finish and render your efforts worthless. It is best to wash off the surface with clean warm water, without soaking the same, to get the best results.

Low and high suction walls

A great finish is only possible if you have managed to prepare the surface to be plastered well and ahead in time. Most DIY plasterers are often unaware of the fact that the suction levels of the walls and ceilings to be plastered are known to influence the quality of finish attained by them. Suction is an important aspect of plastering as its levels would define the ways in which the plaster would get bound to the walls in question. High suction walls are known to absorb moisture pretty quickly. They lead to the plaster drying off quickly and may not give you enough time to level and smoothen out the texture of the plastering.

On the other hand, low suction walls are often seen struggling to retain the plaster coats on their surface. The plaster so formed on low suction walls is likely to be of fragile nature and may crumble quickly. A patch test would help in figuring out the levels of suction on your walls and ceilings. Just apply a portion of freshly made plaster mix on a small area of prepared surface and allow it to dry thoroughly. You may have to wait for a few minutes before you can move your finger gently through the patch to assess the suction levels.

Dealing with differently suctioned walls

In case the plaster in use for the patch test feels relatively drier than what it was before, you are about to work on a high suction wall. In case it appears just as wet as at the time at which it was applied, there is nothing much to do. In the event of the plaster failing to dry up even after the expiry of a long period of time, you may have to take the help of a primer to deal with your low suction wall. The application of PVA would ensure that the plaster mix used by you sticks to the walls you desire to plaster.

The last words

Plastering walls is a skilled job that requires the expertise of the best workmen in the industry. This is specifically true when it comes to handling power tools and the latest plastering equipment. You may want to know a little more on this subject by clicking on the link : https://www.plasterers1stopshop.co.uk/plastering-equipment-c-259/power-tools-amp-equipment-c-286/mixers-c-288. Are you ready to delve deeper into the world of plastering?


A Guide to Prohormones for Novice Athletes – Valuable Information You Will Need

Patrick Arnold, the famous U.S. based chemist, was the first to introduce prohormones in the year 1996 in the supplement market. He had developed the supplement named Androstenedione which inevitably did create a buzz at that time in the athletic world. With the tremendous success of this prohormone, many other prohormone supplements like norandrostenediol, 5 alpha androstanediol, androstenediol, and 1-4-androstadienedione flocked the U.S. market. However, each of the supplements had varied effects on the consumer's body. 

While some are converted into boldenone, DHT, and nandrolone (anabolic hormones), the others become testosterone inside the body after consumption. A changing wave hit the prohormone market with the introduction of the more progressive prohormone named 1-AD. It was Ergopharm's (Patrick Arnold's company) creation that proved to be potentially more useful as compared to Primobolan or Winstrol, the illegal steroids. The first ever prohormone, as mentioned earlier, was at that time not looked highly off by bodybuilders, but the scene was different due to the effectiveness of 1-AD.

What is it?

The strongest and powerful muscle builders available come in the form of prohormones. Complex as they are, there is an absolute lack of general knowledge of the same among people. After all, it will be your health at stake. So, why not learn more about it and commit wisely? The powerful compounds that when consumed gets converted into anabolic hormones through an enzymatic process are commonly known as prohormones. The effects are more or less similar to that of the widely available anabolic steroids, just that these prohormones are natural alternatives.

Quick muscle and mass gains is a natural result of taking prohormones, but the intensity, however, is not as high as the anabolic steroids just because of the slow enzyme conversion process. Over the years, the prohormone industry has grown with remarkable innovations, and its definition has also changed likewise. Now, along with conversion to a different compound, the term also covers supplements that have a hormonal mechanism.

Characteristic features

This section will talk about the primary attributes that are contained in all prohormone products. The prohormones act on the body through their effects on the estrogenic, progestogenic as well as androgenic receptors. Other secondary pathways also exert the effects of the same. For male users, prohormone intake increases sex drive and all manly characteristics. The side effects such as acne and hair loss are dependable meaning that they are individual in nature. The chances of these side effects become more if one is already prone to such conditions. Prohormones also cause considerable muscle strength increase where the muscles feel more firm and solid. This effect is linked with the androgenic effects. These are those that do not convert to estrogen-like RPN's Havoc that gives you rapid muscle gains with zero water retention.

Prohormones effect via estrogen receptors too, but the muscle gains are not of superior quality and tend to disappear frequently due to water retention. Estrogenic effects are a no-no for bodybuilders. However, remember that the primary medium of prohormones is via an androgenic receptor which means that whatever the initial impact is, at some point of consumption prohormones will undoubtedly have substantial androgenic effects. 


10 Important Things To Consider Before Starting On Your Finished Basement

The sole idea of adding extra living square feet to our homes is exciting! We begin thinking about the many ways we will use it. It could be for a personal gym, for a man´s or woman´s cave, for a playroom, for a business purpose, for a separate rental unit, provide extra room for guests or growing family, or give some independence to your teens or young adult kids.

Once you have the idea of finishing your basement, you probably start imagining how it will look like, and how you will do it. That ´s so encouraging! Nothing better than having a family-shared goal. Moreover, if all family members will somehow contribute to the remodelling, it is even more stimulating.

Simple basement finishes can be a DIY project, and there are fantastic low-cost ideas that will help you achieve. Nevertheless, before embracing this adventure, some practical aspects need to be addressed to do so; and which you probably didn´t think about in the midst of all the excitement. Consider the following aspects, for some of them you may require professional help:

1. Check if you need any permits from your local municipality. This is mostly relevant when electrical, and plumbing changes will be may. They might require inspection and approval.
2. Check for humidity. Before doing anything, ensure yourself there are no water issues, such as pools of water or drips that come through the below-grade walls.
3. Check the outside to verify the ground is not affecting your foundation
4. Find if there are any cracks in your foundation´s wall that need to be repaired.
5. Even if you took care of moisture, basements tend to become damp. Think of adding a vapour barrier to floors and walls before framing and finishing such surfaces.
6. Basement floors and walls are usually built with masonry, block, cement or bricks. Check that, you will most likely need a fastener and anchors for your wall type, or a regular nail or screw won´t cut it when trying to attach the framing.
7. Even with a vapour barrier, it is suggested to add thin slats of metal or wood to the wall. These strips will create a slight offset from the external wall and will also contribute to level out a wall so to create a flat surface, adequate for posterior framing addition.
8. Don´t neglect insulation. It will not only control the temperature of the basement but also work as a further moisture control. You can also opt from the easiest spray foam insulation. Find out if there are any local code requirements for it.
9. Consider using suspending ceiling, such as removable tiles. These will provide easy access to plumbing and electrical lines if needed.
10. There’s some utility space you should better keep unfinished, such as where water heaters are.

We mentioned just the main things that shall be paid attention to before initiating any remodelling process on a basement. Of course, depending on your property´s condition, some of them may not be necessary while there might be other issues to solve before starting to work on your dream finished basement


5 Benefits of Stomach Massage for Weight Loss and Metabolism

>> Nov 21, 2017

Massages are generally really helpful in many, many ways. I’ve been a regular receiver of massage chair therapy for many years now. So recently I came across some research showing how massaging specific areas of your body is beneficial to the health and wellness of that specific area of the body.

Whereas massages are generally known for anxiety and stress relief, I noticed some effects of an abdominal massage, showing how it’s great for weight loss and better metabolism.

The great thing about a muscle massage is that you don’t need to go to an expensive massage parlor for it; you can easily do it by yourself. Since half of our world is obsessed with finding shortcuts and catalysts for weight loss and metabolism, I decided to do my own research and add my two cents to this by showing how truly a stomach massage can help.

Optimize Your Internal Organs

The masseuse will work on your abdomen in a way that will increase the flow of blood to your digestive organs. Greater blood flow to your organs also increases the amount of oxygen that your organs receive.

The tension in the tissues around your organs is also released. This helps your organs work to their fullest potential. Healthier and optimized organs ensure that your metabolism is above-par as well.

Quick, Effective Digestion

Since many centuries now, people have been using an abdominal massage to improve their digestive capabilities.

Simply ask your masseuse to apply slight, relieving pressure on your stomach area in a clockwise manner. You can even do this by yourself or ask a friend or a sibling to help you out.

This will help the food to move smoothly through your digestive tract and be digested quicker. It will also allow feces to pass by easily through your colon and you won’t have to worry about being constipated.

No More Bloating

When our digestion or metabolism is hindered in some way and not being worked smoothly, toxins and waste products start to build up in our body. This causes us to feel bloated.

An abdominal massage can help remove these waste products from your path and you can enjoy much faster metabolism than before.

Stimulate Weight Loss

Stomach massages are great for stimulating weight loss as well. This is more of an indirect advantage because when your digestion becomes effective, your organs work more efficiently, and your metabolism becomes faster, you naturally start to lose weight faster than before.

This does not mean that you forego your diet and exercise routine, but a good stomach massage will really help you out in making your workout and diet routine work faster.

Increase Muscle Mass

The motion that your masseuse massages your stomach in is really good for building up muscle mass. Increased muscle mass also helps a lot in increasing your base metabolism. Also, muscle mass is a lot denser and leaner than fat so naturally, you lose belly fat as well.

About the Author:
Sara is a psychologist by profession, and she loves massage therapies. She enjoys home-based work and traveling. She is obsessed with massage chair therapies and other relaxing techniques. She recently published a post on the great Yoga blogs.


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