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Discover How ELISA testing is Conducted

>> Feb 11, 2016

ELISA stands for Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay. It is a laboratory test that helps to check for antibodies in the body. In the test, a mixture of enzymes, blood and antigen can change colors so as to determine whether you are infected or not.
ELISA is a wet-lab test. It can be categorized as an analytic assay that is used in a biochemistry setting. The test makes use of a special solid-phase material. This material is an enzyme immunoassay (EIA).

The ELISA test is used to detect any antibodies in the blood. The laboratory technicians use this test so as to check if you have contracted any infectious diseases. The test analyzes the antibodies so as to check for the following diseases:
1.   HIV
2.   Pernicious anemia
3.   Lyme disease
4.   Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (RMSF)
5.   Rotavirus
6.   Syphilis
7.   Rotavirus
8.   Toxoplasmosis
9.   Squamous cell carcinoma
10.  Varicella-zoster virus

Some of these viruses cause serious diseases. The Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) causes AIDS. This disease causes the human immune system to get weaker and the patient has to live on Anti-Retrovirals (ARVs) for the rest of their life.

The Varicella-zoster virus causes shingles and chicken pox. The ELISA test is used many times for the purpose of screening diseases. It is often the first line of analysis before the doctor requests for more tests.

How is the ELISA test performed?
ELISA testing is very straightforward. The first thing that you are required to do is to sign a consent form. The doctor should explain why this test is required for you. After you have given consent, the doctor takes a blood sample from you.
The doctor will clean your arm with antiseptic and then tie a band or tourniquet around it. This creates pressure in your veins and they will swell. After that, they will inject a needle into the veins to draw your blood. After the procedure is complete, a bandage is tied upon your arm and all will be over.

The blood sample is taken to a laboratory where there is a special petri dish waiting. In the dish, the laboratory technician has placed the antigen that causes the condition that the doctor is testing for. The laboratory technician drops some of your blood in the antigen and waits to see the results.

If you already have the condition, then your blood should have the antigens already in it. As such, if you are infected, your blood will fuse with the antigens. The laboratory technician simply adds an enzyme to the mixture to see how it will respond.

If the mixture changes color after the enzyme has been added, then the technician knows that you have the disease and how much of the antigens are in your body. This information is provided to the doctor. Once the doctor has received it, they will know which treatment is ideal for you.

This enzyme is the critical part that is needed for the purpose of the substance identification. In most cases, the ELISA test is used to identify antigens. These are identified in wet or liquid samples. The ELISA test has many uses in day to day medicine.

Dr. Mathias Suiss is a doctor. He has over fifteen years of experience in treating viral diseases. This makes him an expert on ELISA testing.


Hire The Best When It Comes To Settlements Regarding Dog Bites

Who does not love dogs? Their unconditional love and furry faces can make any heart melt. These friendly mutts can also turn on you in an instant. This can happen due to a variety of reasons. The dog got over friendly and bit you, they were being playful or maybe they just got frightened or surprised.

Supervising Your Dog
Stray dogs can be more vicious and cause great damage if they bite. Many of the pet dogs are generally wary of new people around them. So, if you have relatives or guests visiting your place for the first time, then you might want to watch out for your adorable mutt.

If you do want to introduce your “furry” member to the guests, then ensure that you are there with them at all times. If you notice that your pet is getting uncomfortable at the presence of the guests, then leave them alone. Bear in mind not to allow kids to get over friendly with them. Your pet might think that it is a threat to their territory and might fight back for its “rights”.

Dealing with Dog Bites
If by some misfortunate stroke of luck, you get bitten by a dog, seek medical attention right away. This does not mean that you rush off to the nearest hospital. Be calm. Look at the damage caused by the dog and then take the necessary action.

If it is just a scrape, then you can apply some antiseptic and get yourself vaccinated for rabies. The next step is to report the incident to your local authorities. Ensure that you have enough proof, including the photographs of your wound. This can later be helpful in getting justice.

Hiring Reputable Lawyers
You might think why to hire a lawyer for dog bites? Well, this again depends on the extent of the injury. If you or your loved one has been seriously injured, then the medical expenses are going to mount up on you depending on the treatment. If you do have a medical insurance, ask them if they cover for dog bites. If not, then you might have to shell out from your own pockets.

Here is where your lawyer can help. They will first access the situation and try to build up a case based on the evidences provided by you. If you have been bitten by some neighbour’s dog, they can help you get the right compensation, especially if your neighbour is offering you the cold shoulder.

If you live in San Diego, then you might want to look at a  good dog bite lawyer San Diego agency that have professional and experienced lawyers working under them. Some of the things to take into consideration include:
·         Work experience
·         Ask questions
·         Samples of their works
·         Fees and hidden charges
·         Referrals
·       Take your time in searching for the right lawyer. Visit the lawyer personally and see how they answer your queries.

If you are worried that the dog will be harmed in such situations, then this is not the case. A good lawyer will weigh the pros and cons of your case and provide you with the right course of action to get the best settlements.


Settlements in Car Accidents Based On Different Impacts

When you meet with a car accident and think about filing lawsuit against the third party, it is quite obvious to think of ways to settle the claim as soon as possible and approaching a lawyer who could help you right away.
In vehicle collision, some of your body parts may have a bigger impact leading to severe issues, while other may just have small bruises, which will heal sooner then you think. Different types of car accidents have unique impact on your body. Thus, some cases will be resolved with clarity, whereas some charges will require additional investigations, witnesses' statements, etc.

There are many kinds of motor vehicle accident compensation payouts. You can choose the right one from the list, before applying for the accident injury claim.

Claim for Car Accident Injury for Read-End Collision
Some drivers never cross the speed limit of 20-25mph, and this help them to apply sudden brakes, when the traffic light switches to red, or even when the car in the front end applies brake suddenly. Even if you are driving safely, the cars in the rear end lose control and end up bumping into your vehicle.  

The rear-end damage repair cost usually ends up with charging you thousands of dollars, excluding the medical bills. Medical bills usually include the charges for treating your neck and spinal cord. Even though the impact of the collision is comparatively smaller, there are chances that it might cause severe effect on the neck and spinal cord.

When you file a lawsuit against the driver, who bumped into your car, the court first understands whether you are physically fit enough to carry out with the case trials. If you are still bedridden, then the court offers enough time for you to recover, and then reopen the case. However, the filing should not exceed statute of limitations.

Side-Impact Injury Claims in Accidents
Side impacts, as the name suggests that the type of impact wherein the passengers sitting on any side of the vehicle will suffer from severe injuries. Be it a sudden impact or severe collision, the injured person will either end up with headaches, muscular spasms, effect on female or male sex organs, etc, or with permanent damage.

If treated properly, then the victims can reduce suffering from prolonged deformities or even some life changing defects. However, some impacts leave behind the victims with such deformities, issues, etc, which they have to suffer for the rest of their life. Hence, when you hire a lawyer to present the case on your behalf, they will not proceed with the terms until you or they are completely aware of what exactly happened, and how it changed your physical and psychological condition.

There are no such guarantees that any accidental impact will end up with some particular injuries. Since the effect of any accident will be completely unknown, there are chances that even minor collision might end up with brain and spinal cord injury, which leaves the person on the wheelchair for the rest of his or her life. Hence, drive safely and know the type of claim that you get to apply for, before proceeding.


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