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IP PBX And VoIP System - How To Select The Right Business Communication System?

>> Feb 8, 2016

An effective communication is a necessity of business world. Increase in demand for sophisticated telephone systems has been the basis of new technologies like PBX systems that bring about hosted IP telephony. Prime choices for potential business communication system are PBX and VoIP. To choice between the two depends on its dissimilarities and specific benefits each system can fetch for the business.

Hosted VoIP is internet based communication system that facilitates business activities over the telephone. The system works through business network using low amount of bandwidth for conducting all the activities. The IP equipment includes MPLS switches, routers and Ethernet switches. Once you plug in the telephone, all signaling, incoming, and outgoing calls are handled by hosted IP server. Monthly charges and discount packages will depend on the use of hosted voice telephony.

PBX system is regarded to be safe and secure telephone structure within an organization. It links internal telephones within one system as well as links it with PSTN.

How PBX systems differ?
Traditional PBX system lacks advanced services like call recording, call queuing and IVR menus system. It is basic, high priced telephony service that does not offer sophisticated features provided by hosted VoIP.

IP PBX is the most popular business phone system used. It resides on users premises instead of provider’s location like hosted VoIP. The functions are similar to regular PBX system, but the only difference is that IP PBX is software based and uses LAN for transmitting signals from internet to PBX server. SIP Trunk and PSTN system enables connection with external businesses. Providers of IP PBX manage all calls and enable wide range features like queuing, routing, call switching, or unified communications a low cost than traditional PBX.

How to select between VoIP and IP PBX?
Criterions to determine the best telephone system includes cost, long-term performance, and disadvantages.

IP PBX system needs hardware and server space, whereas in hosted VoIP only telephone equipment is needed because server is located on provider’s premises.
Installation and maintenance cost for VoIP is lower, whereas in IP PBX independent professional IT services are needed, which can add to ongoing expenses.  In addition, the VoIP supplier provides new features and software updates but in IP PBX you will need to purchase them. You can easily expand the lines in hosted VoIP system, whereas in existing IP PBX system, you can possibly apply SIP Trunking at low cost.

IP PBX installation and long term maintenance costs can be huge, but you must not ignore its essential features. The aim of business communication setup must be in accordance to enhance profitability and not be a subject of concern.

Flexibility of IP System
IP phone needs an active internet connection, which allows you to connect from remote locations. In this system, even if internet connection is cut all the business operations will be functional because the incoming data is recorded, even if the structure is network based. In VoIP system, all incoming calls are redirected to voicemail during internet disconnection.

IP PBX system gives user flexibility to adjust the features in accordance to their preferences. On the other hand expanding IP PBX system increases the density, repair cost, and extra maintenance.

Thus, it is hard to select between hosted VoIP and IP PBX communication system for a business. It is recommended to experience the benefits of each system and take an informed decision.


Digital Signage - A Revolution in the Hotel Industry

>> Feb 7, 2016

Digital Signage is an electronic display that is used to provide information. It is a modern way to reach out to patrons. This advertising tool plays a huge factor in business impact and engaging hotel guests.

The hotel industry adopted these screen when it first evolved and since then enjoyed its many benefits. They include flexible deployment, reliable operations, scheduling and advertisements. The benefits of electronic displays for hotels are similar to the benefits of other markets and industries.

The primary benefits of this technology are mainly related to superior guest’s services thus improving hotel marketing strategies. There are a number of ways in which digital signage has transformed a hotel guest experience. The most significant ones are discussed in detail below.

Informing Guests about Amenities
This LED display is used to provide basic information about check-in and check-out times, hotel restaurant hours and the amenities available to them. These amenities may include gyms, gift shops, spas, swimming pools, and conference halls.

In short, these boards will be an awesome way to advertise for your hotel, as it makes sure your guests know what you have to offer. Research has shown that such HD screens have an awareness rate that is higher than any other form of advertisements. It presents a good way to ensure your facilities are strongly promoted leading to improved sales and revenue.

Navigation through Displays
Visiting guests often have trouble navigating to different areas of the property and often enlist the help of hotel staff for directions. Digital display eliminates this difficulty by providing interactive maps to guests thus significantly reducing staff overload. Not only that, it also improves guest experience.

Dynamic signs in elevators also enable guests to make decisions on the move without the need of complicated IT systems or hotel personnel.

Frequents Questions and Answers
You will be surprised by the number of questions that are frequently asked by guests. Again, it is the duty of hotel personnel to patiently answer and help the guests in order to make their stay pleasant. These sign boards are a great way to display frequently asked questions and provide answers to guests in an innovative way. This virtual concierge gives more free time to staff to focus on other areas.

Providing Information about Local Attractions
Digital signage can provide guests information about local attractions, festivals, and areas of interest around the hotel. It can direct guests to these locations effortlessly. This can lead to increase in sales revenue and also promotes tourism in the area. Promotions can also be highlighted through such electronic hoardings.

Welcoming Guests for Specialized Occasions or Events
When a hotel hosts a party, wedding, or conference, these boards can display personalized messages to the attending guests. It prevents hotel staff from having to deal with irate guests who are lost or bottlenecks. Moreover when agendas alter, these can be used to display the updated changes of the latest schedule outside the conference halls.

Advertising For Other Business
These hoardings can be also used to advertise for local business. Transportation, restaurants, gift shops, spas and other organizations can use hotel signage to advertise their products and services. This can increase hotel revenue as well as improve customer satisfaction.

There are countless other advantages of such displays in the hotel industry. They improve customer service, increase staff efficiency, and drives incremental profit for the hotel.


An Informative Guide About Installation Of PBX System In Small Business Setups

When anyone starts a business it becomes a great necessity to establish a good communication system, durable enough to connect the employees. Nowadays, IP phones or VoIP are preferred over digital phones. It has become a necessity to establish a good branch exchange as well. It might have never occurred why one should stress on an exchange system, but to be specific this is where the base of all your data and communication sharing protocols are positioned.
Key telephone system
When individually selected lines available for each telephone are provided with selection buttons then they constitute, what is known as key telephone systems. They were initially, a part of customer-controlled switching system. They were built using electromechanical shared-control or sometimes, with electronic shared-control and independent key sets. After, the era of key telephone systems hybrid telephone system were widely used.

Hybrid key telephone system
They were initially dedicated handsets that displayed and allowed access to all connected to PSTN lines and stations. These support both analog as well as digital signaling. These also have some call appearance buttons which correspond to some individual lines and stations.

PBX communication system
Private Branch eXchange or PBX system will prove to be the most awaited and promising exchange system you were always in search for. A private branch exchange system is a normal and simple switching system that serves a private organization and helps to perform concentration of central office lines and trunks to provide intercommunication over a large corporeal setup.

Each connected system through such a station, such as a telephone set, is refereed as an extension and also they are designated with a telephone extension number which are mapped automatically to a numbering plan which is identified over a number block.

Points to be kept in mind while selecting such a system
The private branch exchange system is managed by company switchboards manually and makes use of cord circuits. Also, due to the large demand of packet-switched communications and due to the availability of Internet as a global system the private branch exchange system became even more attractive. While making a choice over such system one should also make a note of all system components included:

  • Cabinets
  •  Console
  • Wires and cables
  • Power cards
  • Microcontroller and microcomputer
  • Telco trunks
  • Telephone sets
  • Internal switching network
  • Power supply or batteries

Advantages for small-business usage
First of all it is very important to clarify that such systems use analog lines and thus are equivalent to four private analog + one public analog line. They can be visualized as a small cigar box. Many telecommunication providers’ offer a hosted exchange system and the handsets are connected via and internet connection.

Functions which can be provided by a public branch exchange system are-

  • To establish connections between the sets of two users
  • Maintaining the connections
  • Disconnections of some unused connections (as per the user’s requirement)
  • To provide information for accounting purposes.

All telephone system companies ensure their customer’s satisfaction by providing the most promising IT solutions to their business setup along with most durable component constituted in the PBX systems.


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