Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

Reservoir nearby a Mud Volcano

>> Nov 30, 2011

To see the eruption better, click to enlarge
Today is my seventh day in Surabaya (East Java, Indonesia). Last Sunday morning, my husband and I fetched up my second brother and his wife at the airport. After chatted for a while, we decided not to go home straightly, but continued the journey to the location of mud volcano eruption at Porong, Sidoarjo (East Java, Indonesia).

We reached the place in one hour. Since the first eruption at May, 2006, it’s my first time to see it with my own eyes. This under ground mud volcano is commonly called as the Sidoarjo mud flow or Lapindo mud. It’s one of the biggest mud volcanoes in the world that created by the blowout of a natural gas well drilled by PT. Lapindo Brantas, although the company officials argued that it’s caused by a distant earthquake.

Though the recent spewing up mud volume has already decreased to the half of the amount at its peak (180.000 m3 of mud per day), I still can see it as the big disaster that has affected many people’s life around the area of 1.500 ha. This mud volcano located near the city that full of people, villages, houses, and factories; you can imagine how huge the effect is!

It’s expected that the flow will maintain for the next 25 to 30 years. Since November 2008, the Sidoarjo mud flow has been contained by levees. The visitors aren’t allowed nearing the gush point. We only saw it from a far distance.

Two reservoirs are made to receive the water from the mud lake. Last Sunday, I saw that only one lake that full of water. Seeing the flooded ruins really made me sad. Until now, there’s still a controversy about the real cause; the people around who suffered the most are still screaming for justice.Watery Wednesday


Build a Safe and Fun Playground for Your Child

There’s no doubt that the technology has given advantages and privileges to many people in common; but it also affects the way children play nowadays. Have you ever noticed that there are many children who more prefer spending hours every day in the front of television, computers and video games to playing on climbing frames outside? Of course it’s really not healthy beneficial activities; since only their fingers that move!

Based on study result, it has been proved that children who have access to different opportunities of outdoor play tend to be smarter, more supportive, happier and healthier. Considering many mentally and physically benefits that can be achieved by doing out door activities regularly, you should take your child to play outside more often.

Unfortunately, being outdoor also increases dangerous possibilities that can harm your child. To ease the dangerous risks, why don’t you build a safe playground in your own backyard? First, create a soft and non toxic ground for your play area with a thick grass, four inches of sand, shredded rubber tires or other safe matters. Don’t forget to build fences surround the area to keep your child from wandering away.

Next step, you can select fun outdoor play equipments such as Garden Trampolines and climbing frames that are harmless for your child to climb, jump, and to do other physical activities that he or she likes. Make sure that there’s enough space between large toys equipments inside the playground. If your child plays together with several friends, the sufficient space allows them to move freely and safely.

Since playing Swings are always fun and a favorite one; you can install a swing set in the playground that suits your child’s age. Nowadays, there are already various ready-to-wear play houses that construct best places for your child to have fun. You can choose one type that you can afford. Your child will love it!

For hot weather during summer months, it would be better if you also provide a shady area. The shady trees or a shade structure will protect your kid from the sun heat.


Professional Essay Writers for You

>> Nov 29, 2011

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The Arrival

Yesterday Monday, November 28th 2011; my father, my brother and his wife, and a sister in law arrived from their long flight from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. My father looked healthy but his legs are swollen. Though he must be hospitalized for several days at Mecca, he could recover at the right time and flight back home. He’s been using cateter external for two days (about six hours per day) to remove the excessive water in his legs. My husband can install it on my father by himself; so there’s no need to call a nurse to come.
In the night, we had a dinner together at a Japanese restaurant. It’s a pity that my oldest brother and his wife can’t come. This morning my husband has installed again the cateter external on my father and this afternoon we will take him to consult to the doctor. Hope his legs back to normal soon and the doctor will permit my husband and I to take my father back to our home.

It's my very late entry for Blue Monday; I have no chance to use my laptop yesterday.


About Engagement Rings

Engagement rings imply more than only dazzling jewelry items on your finger. It’s a kind of jewelry piece that functions more as a couple’s love bond symbol. That’s why most couples pay further attention in choosing their right engagement rings.

Usually, a man will give an engagement ring to his future wife when he says, “Will you marry me?” or straightly after she says, “Yes, I will”. The ring shows a formal conformity to stronger commitment and future marriage. In most countries, a man will put on the ring on the left-hand ring finger of a woman, commonly on her fourth ringer.

Though there are already some couples who are doing it; the fact that a woman also gives a ring to his future husband at the time of the marriage proposal is still uncommon situation. When it comes to choose and buy the engagement ring; there are different ways that still been done until now. A man can secretly choose and buy a ring that will be given to his lover. Lately, since the woman who wears the ring, she also participates in selecting the ring that will suit her preferences. Or in other condition where both of bride and groom to-be wear engagement rings; they will do the choosing and purchasing together. There’s a traditional rule; if the man breaks up the engagement, the woman shouldn’t give the ring back.

As mentioned before, an engagement ring means more as a symbol of couple’s love commitment. Since diamond is everlasting; most men prefer to choose diamond engagement rings as it will represent their forever love one another.

Buying a diamond engagement ring could become one of your big decisions that need a big budget as well. So, it’s very crucial to find the ring at the reliable and trustworthy jewelry store. Online purchasing gives you more benefit as you can do it from the comfort of your home. The reputable online jewelry store will provide you with enjoyable and secure shopping experience!

The most accepted engagement ring style is classic solitaire rings that have big diamond at the center of the ring. But if you crave to more unique rings; there are various alternative styles that you can choose; such as vintage designs, contemporary designs, modern designs, and many other more. In fact, your option is limitless nowadays; you can use various gemstones, metals, prong settings and designs. The foremost keys are your comfort and preference!


When You Need Custom Communion Invitations

As parents in a Catholic family, surely you’ve understood the importance to make the first Holy Communion for your -seven or eight years old- Catholic child. It could become the most significant occasion in your child’s life as for the first time she or he will take a new pace in religious belief by participating in completeness a Lord’s Supper at a Mass in Church. If you would like to celebrate it with your family members and closest friends, don’t forget to prepare earlier the Communion Invitations.

Many parents wish for their children to have an unforgettable First Communion day and in many years to come they will keep remember it as an important day that influences their life everlastingly. Do you still save things that relate with your First Communion?

Nowadays, the First Communion is usually celebrated by the child’s parents at a different place, like homes, eating place or other gathering place. To invite family members and friends to attend this special occasion, sending suitable Holy Communion Invitations is a must!

If you have a plan to make a First Communion celebration for your child in a short time, it’s much recommended to visit CommunionCards.net and navigate all their products; from invitations, response cards, thank you notes, to keepsakes. Those are all kinds of cards that you need to prepare, right?

Let’s say that for your girl’s First Communion party, you need Communion Invitations for Girls. To make unique and special invitation; it would be better if you personalize the invitation. You can do it with fun at CommunionCards.net, as their custom-make tools are very customer friendly and simple to use!

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Times That It is O.K. to Give a Joint Gift

>> Nov 26, 2011

There is something extra special about receiving a gift that is just for you, though there are definitely times when it makes way more sense to give a joint gift. Whether it is for one or more people, from a group of people or to celebrate one or more occasions, sometimes one gift is more than enough. The following are times when it is totally legitimate to give a joint gift.

Mum and Baby
When a baby is born it is definitely cause for celebration. The only thing that the mum is going to want is to be able to care for her new bundle of joy, so when buying
baby gifts think about what the mum will need for the baby and you’ll be helping them both. Baby clothes and toys are always a good idea, or you can even put together a little gift basket and include things like bath soaps that both mum and baby can use.

If you know someone who has just moved into a new place, obviously you don’t need to buy a gift for everyone in the house. The best housewarming gifts are items for the house itself so these will be joint gifts in that everyone who lives there will be benefiting. Art and food are two great housewarming gifts that are sure to be appreciated by all.

Parents’ or Friends’ Wedding Anniversary
Celebrating a wedding anniversary is obviously a bigger deal for the couple concerned than for anyone else, though it can be a nice touch to help make it an extra special day for them by giving a joint gift. It could be a dinner for two or even just some flowers and a bottle of wine, though whatever you give make it about celebrating them as a couple.

Mother’s Day
This is one of those occasions where it makes sense to give one gift, as pooling your money will mean you can get something a little bit nicer. The important part is just that you thank your mum for all that she has done, so do some research into items she has her eye on, then get together with your siblings and get your mum that high end gift.

To Thank a Teacher
If you are finishing up a class where your teacher has been particularly awesome, it’s a nice touch to say thanks for all the work that they have done. This is the perfect time to get a joint gift, as even if everyone in the class just chips in a small amount of money, you should be able to get something pretty decent. If you throw in a card that everyone in the class has signed then you will be making a great collective show of thanks and making sure your teacher feels great about your time together.

When giving or receiving gifts, it really is the thought that counts, so often it can be a more powerful statement to give one big joint gift as opposed to lots of individual ones. Whichever way you go, giving gifts shouldn’t need to break your bank, so know that sometimes one gift really is more than enough.


A Butterfly

A few days ago, I saw a lovely butterfly on a leaf of a jackfruit tree in the front of our house.

I can't write much now; I still have to finish the cleaning jobs here, in my brother's home, for preparing and welcoming their arrival (my father, my brother and SIL) from pilgrimage next Monday morning. Usually there will be many guests come to congratulate them.


No More Restless Nights!

>> Nov 24, 2011

Between high school times and college times; which one that gives you most pleasant memories? If you’re a college student who only spends your days to finish your pile of academic tasks like essay and term paper; you’ll definitely miss a chance to experience the enjoyment of college times! Of course, education is very important for every one, but wouldn’t it better if while you’re learning, you still can enjoy it? Can you find a way to ease restless nights and tiredness that caused by accumulating written academic tasks?

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Packing Again

>> Nov 23, 2011

I’m in the middle of packing now. Our flight tomorrow to Surabaya (East Java, Indonesia) is early in the morning, 06.00 am. To reach Soekarno Hatta airport in Jakarta, my husband and I must take airport bus at 03.00 am.

My father’s arrival schedule from pilgrimage is next Monday (November 28th), at 03.00 am. We leave earlier, as tomorrow’s flight ticket price is the cheapest. We still can afford it. Flight ticket on the next weekend is very expensive!

I think I still can do blog updates; but it will be rather hard for me to do blogwalking and visit your blogs, guys. Well, I should continue packing; see u soon!


A River in My Husband’s Hometown

Local people call the river Kali Keruh (Muddy Small River) since the river always looks like cappuccino, hehehe. They also use this river to add their income by selling the river stones.Watery Wednesday


8 Ways to Improve Your Personal Safety

>> Nov 22, 2011

Everyone should be aware of their own personal safety when they are out, particularly at night. We can even make our homes more secure which will help keep ourselves and our families safer. Install security cameras or put in security doors and security screens. When you are out be aware of where you are and who is around you at all times.

Learn Self Defence

Learning self defence is a positive step towards protecting yourself. Having skills like these might just help save your life. The likelihood of needing these skills is small but there is still a chance, no matter how tiny and you will thank yourself if you can get out of a situation.

Security Doors

Security doors are great to have because if someone knocks on your front door you can answer without having to let a stranger in. You can still talk to the person and even see them but they usually can't see in. You will be able to keep the front door open during summer to let the breeze through your home but keep the security door locked for your protection.

Security Screens

Put added protection on your home by installing security screens. Security screens will allow you to still be able to see out your windows and also open them but no one will be able to break in. Intruders often enter through windows as well, so make it impossible for them to do so.

Be Aware of what is Going On

Be aware of what is going on around you and who is nearby. If you have to walk anywhere late at night avoid lane ways and other dark places. Stay in well lit areas and make sure you are not being followed.

Watch Out in Car Parks

People are often attacked while they are sitting in their cars in the car park. Often people are followed to their cars and then the attacker will jump in before the person has the chance to drive away. Don't hang around in your car doing other things before you drive away. Get in and go.

Pepper Spray and Personal Alarms

If you don't have the physical strength to fight off an attacker you can carry a personal alarm or pepper spray, depending on what is available. This is a particularly good idea for females and these personal protection items can fit easily in a hand bag.

Be Accountable

If you are walking anywhere late at night head straight to your destination and even let people know when you are expected there and when you are expected home. A quick phone call can put somebody's mind at ease that you got home safely.

Don't Be Alone

A great way to improve your personal safety is to simply not be alone if you have to go anywhere late at night or go anywhere that is potentially dangerous. Have someone walk you back to your car, travel with you in a taxi, walk you home and to your front door and make sure that you stay safe.



On the Way

>> Nov 21, 2011

I have shared rope craftmen last week. Now I'll share other things that I saw on the same day, during our way back home. Since I also found touches of blue, I guess it will be a proper entry for Blue Monday.

Brick makers in Songgom Village (Brebes, Central Java, Indonesia). There are several brick making locations along the river.
Ready to take household things to your door!

Walk for Cause

Craving better changes, these two new party sympathizers were willing to walk for 23 days from Grobogan district (Central Java, Indonesia) to Jakarta (the capital city) with a distance about 657 kilometers. Muhammad Mas’ud, who’s got polio disabled and his colleague Sartono begun the walk march since October 24, 2011 and arrived in Jakarta on Tuesday, November 15, 2011. Ma'sud hopes that if this new party win the election; it will consider the interests of the people, especially the disabled.


Brahman Cattles

>> Nov 18, 2011

I saw many Brahman cattles in one village that we passed through on the way back home. I share some of them here.

The Brahman is one of the most popular breeds of cattle intended for meat processing and is broadly used worldwide. Brahman cattle are known for their great tolerance to heat conditions, and therefore are used in lots of tropical areas. They are also resistant to insects caused by their thick layer of skin. Brahman cattle live longer than many other breeds, often still producing calves at ages 15 and older (source:Wikipedia).


High Level Writing Assistance

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When You Need to Know Pros and Cons of Reverse Mortgages

It’s not simple for senior citizen to have extra income nowadays; though they really need it to support their increasing daily expenses. Looking for jobs in old age can’t become a good option, since only a few who can be accepted. If your age is minimum 62 years old and you live at home that you own on your personal name, perhaps you can get benefit from a reverse mortgage.

A reverse mortgage only offered to senior home owners over 62 years of age. It’s a type of home loan that draws the equity of your home and allows you to obtain additional earnings in monthly payments, lump sum or home equity line of credit; while you still can stay at your home. Until you sell the home or leave; your money won’t be compensated back. The amount of the loan is different between applicants; according to your age, interest rates and your home value.

Getting reverse mortgage seems like the right solution for your financial problem; but there are some cons about reserve mortgage that you should consider it first. It would be better if you take your times to read carefully free.pdfguide; the e-book that contains introduction to reverse mortgage. You can find this useful guidance at the reliable resource website such as ALLRMC.com.

To get reserve mortgage, you must pay high closing costs which are included mortgage insurance and origination fee. Compared to conventional mortgages, the origination fees are twice higher. If you currently rely on Medicaid or other state programs, you should realize that getting reverse mortgage will affect your qualification.

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Around a Rice Field

>> Nov 16, 2011

Located beside my BIL’s house in my husband’s home town, this rice field will be planted soon. It’s a kind of view that you seldom see if you live in a big city. There are many interesting things that you can see around the rice field. Hope you can enjoy it too; like I do. Watery Wednesday


How to Set Up a Home Studio

Controlling as many of the elements as possible is a key to quality photography, and this is where even a basic home studio can prove invaluable. Having the ability to alter lighting, use props and change backgrounds can make all the difference to your photography. The digital cameras you use in a home studio don’t have to cost the earth either. A good quality digital SLR is all that’s required, along with a range of lenses and a tripod. The studio doesn’t have to be a huge space either, so here are a few tips to set you on the right track.

Location, location, location
Chances are that you will be limited by choice at home when it comes to setting up a home studio, but sometimes it is just a case of thinking outside the square. If you are lucky enough to have a granny flat or old garage then you are already one step ahead. Otherwise you will need to look at spare rooms or even a workshop. Regardless of the location, it needs to adaptable. Any windows should have blockout curtains, but you will also want to use the sunlight in some shots so you will need to keep that in mind. The space should be free of clutter to give you plenty of room to move around uninhibited. You are also going to want plenty of power points for lights and your computer (because you will want to see how your images turn out sooner rather than later). Light-coloured walls are also a good idea to bounce flashes and lighting off.

Lights, camera, action
The biggest advantage of using a studio is the ability to control all of the elements. Light can be friend and foe in photography and it is in the studio where you can use it to its maximum effect. There is a big range of professional lights available but these can be quite costly. Of course they will usually give you the best results, but you can achieve similar results using household lighting. You will need different types of lighting for different effects – soft light like that produced by a lamp, or hard light produced by a spotlight. It is important that whatever lights you use are also portable and can be easily moved around the studio. It may take a bit of experimentation with your lighting to get the right effects, so don’t be scared to experiment.

Props and backgrounds
Having a neutral background that can be moved in and out of position is vital. There are backgrounds made specifically for studios but you can improvise – sheets, curtains, even butcher’s paper can be used. Make sure it is attached to some kind of system where it can be rolled up and down or moved to different parts of the room. Other items you should consider include a table that can be covered by a neutral cloth, much like a background, that can be used for photographing smaller items such as flowers. A chair or lounge with character is also a great idea if you enjoy taking portraits. Consider a box full of other odds and ends as well – professional photographers always have all kinds of knick-knacks on hand that can enhance an image.


For Theater Performances Lover

Are you still looking for a special thing as a gift? If she or he loves to watch theater performances, why don’t you book the theater tickets and give it as a special gift?

At ACheapSeat.com, you can buy various premium tickets of theater performances. Here are my favorite choices. Since the opening at New York’s Eugene O’Neil Theatre at November 15th, 2011, the musical The Book of Mormon has got much praise. If you don’t want to miss the show, buy The Book of Mormon Tickets immediately to get the quality seat!

The Book of Mormon tells the story of two Mormon missionaries wishing to extend the God news in Orlando, Florida, but God sent them to Uganda, as an alternative. They must deal with various local unexpected problems like AIDS and hunger. The musical was nominated for almost 15 awards at Tony Awards this year and can win nine awards, including Best Musical, Best Book of a Musical, and Best Original Score. What a great achievement!

Getting Radio City Christmas Spectacular Tickets is also recommended. Radio City Christmas Spectacular features almost 100 people of cast and crew who will present an amazing, extravagant, and non-stop enjoyment holiday show.

Another suggested option is booking Jersey Boys Tickets musical performance. Jersey Boys tells the story about a group of blue-collar boys that became one of the greatest ‘60 American rock ‘n roll groups, the Four Seasons. The musical will present many hit songs of the group. It’s surely a great musical show!


When You Need the Best Blank DVD Media

>> Nov 15, 2011

I haven’t yet used another media to store my data before, except the hard disk of my computer. But since the hard disk is almost full and it makes my computer slower; I need another media to save the data. The slow computer is so annoying; that’s why I need the Best blank DVD media which I can burn to save my important data safely.

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When it comes to choose a good blank DVD, it stated that the good blank DVD should burn effectively with no any write faults, play back in a DVD player without pauses, can be watched by at minimum 95% or more of DVD gadgets, and should pass the basic scan test.

Based on other reviews, many users recommend Taiyo Yuden DVD-R, the popular brand of DVD media that will store your data in document, audio or video form permanently and securely. To get maximum function, make sure to buy only the authentic Taiyo Yuden DVD-R from authorized Taiyo Yuden distributors!


Building Your Own Green Home

Have you lately purchased a piece of land in Austin, Texas, and planned to build a new home on it? According to many future benefits that you’ll obtain, why don’t you consider to have your own zero energy homes? Only a few builders like green builders Austin TX that specializes in offering green construction and green renovation can build zero energy homes.

For your information, zero energy homes are homes that specifically designed and constructed to apply the most efficient energy and more than the path of a year, these homes will generate energy as much as it has been used. Making a comprehensive green home isn’t a simple project, as minimizing energy usage requires watchfully thinking on all factors that relate with home’s design and structure.

Nowadays, there’s an increase in the demand of building green home as living in a green home can improve your life in the long run and give you benefits within environment, health, and finance issue. Austin green contractors that also conduct as solar panel contractors will apply green home construction and green technologies to reduce the affect to the natural sources, recover inside air quality, and save energy costs.

The zero energy home building projects in Austin will use fewer woods, reprocess wastes, apply water preservation and rainwater systems, use low airborne pollutant materials, apply envelope home design, install unisolar panels, implement ground source heat pumps, install smart electrical panels, and apply eco friendly landscaping.

Living in a green home means you must also adapt your life style into sustainable behaviors. When buying home appliances, make sure that you’ve read first the energy consumption labeling and take only energy efficient appliances and light bulbs which have ‘Energy Star’ logo. Avoid using chemical household cleaners and always choose cleaners which mention eco-friendly ingredients on the product labels. Otherwise, you can use simple ingredients such as green tea, vinegar, and baking soda to clean your stuffs. There are many other ways that you can practice in your green life style; just focus in saving energy and protecting the environment!


The Recommended UK Car Insurance Comparison Website

After your house, probably your car is one of your largest investments that need to be protected. In the UK, every vehicle user is obliged to get a car insurance to protect and maintain the vehicle. The importance to have car insurance isn’t only for fulfilling the lawful obligations, but it’s because the car insurance will protect you from unpredictable things that can make you financially broke.

Don’t you know that if you have no car insurance; one single accident cause can lead you to the bankruptcy? Let’s say that you involved in an accident. The right car insurance will guard you from any personal legal responsibility. In the worst situation, you are in the wrong side in the accident and you must cover the medical bills of a person whom you hit. All these expenses can give you the hardest times!

Otherwise condition, your car is hit in an accident. According to what it covers, car insurance may help by changing or repairing your car. It means that you can save much money from your own pocket on car repair cost, right?

So there’s no doubt, car insurance is important; but it also can be so expensive if you don’t know how to find the best deals. Is it possible to find the cheap car insurance plans but still can cover your main needs? Don’t worry; I’ll give you a hint here. The best way is making a car insurance comparison of the rates and the specific coverage provided by several insurance provider companies in your area.

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Based on the comparison and other related information, you can make your educated and informed decision. Check out the website to help you in finding the best but affordable insurance rates that cover your needs!


The Village of Rope Makers

>> Nov 14, 2011

Weeks ago, I can capture a little bit of their activities. During our journey back home from my husband's home town, I passed by Kubangwungu village (Brebes, Central Java, Indonesia). Most people there make ropes that commonly used on ships, besides as farmers.

They do the making rope job on the sidewalk. If you pass through an alternative way Pejagan (Brebes) - Prupuk (Tegal, Central Java, Indonesia), you would be able to see it. It's so interesting. Rope with a length of ten meters put exactly on the side of the road, while other workers are rotating wheels for rolling the rope.

In this village there are dozens of craftsmen who have been in the making rope business for generations. Based on various sources, it said that before they made hemp rope from banana bark material. Along with the time progress, now they develop ropes using plant waste materials, such as children's food packaging waste from waste plastics and textile mills. Wastes that can be utilized are the long ones, which are possible to be used as ropes.

It’s a pity that they are now facing the difficulty of raw materials. There are lots of orders came from out of towns, but the barriers are hard to find raw materials.The material is recycled into a rope with a variety of sizes, such as the ship rope length between 30 and 40 yards.

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5 Benefits of Booking Online

Online booking is a cheap and convenient way for business travellers to research and plan a trip. It allows extensive investigation of accommodation, aiding the choice between hotels and serviced apartments. Sydney, for example, has many varieties of both with different facilities. It also allows investigation of the destination, travel insurance, comparison of cost and provides a convenient, quick method of booking.

Some advantages of online booking are:
· Convenience of payment and access.
· Cost effectiveness for business or leisure travellers
· Better organisation of the trip
· Complementary booking- for example tours and travel insurance
· Provision of feedback forums.

1. Booking online is convenient

Online booking is available 24 hours a day. It is a very convenient method for booking travel. It is also less time consuming than visiting a travel agent. Buying online can take minutes rather than hours. It avoids queues, waiting times and explanations.

In addition most online travel services will take credit cards. Often credit cards have consumer insurance policies. This protects the consumer with online sales. Online services therefore provide an efficient way to budget and plan for a trip.

2. Online travel services are cost effective

Many travel websites offer special deals. These deals are not available at travel agencies. Online booking also avoids the agent fee and reduces commissions and other payments required at a shopfront. Online services therefore save money for business or leisure travellers.

3. Better organisation

Online services facilitate comparison shopping between many providers. For example accommodation types can be compared via the internet. The traveller can make an informed choice between hotels or serviced apartments. Sydney, being a large city has many hotels and apartments and internet browsing can provide options which meet the needs of the traveller. This means that the trip will be better organised and for businesses more cost effective.

4. Complementary booking

Internet booking allows consumers to choose accommodation styles and flights that suit their budget and other needs. It also is a tool for complementary booking. For example, tours of the destination can be booked online. Travel insurance can also be obtained via the internet. This is a necessity for travellers who may want to be adventurous. Web services make combination bookings easier and quicker.

5. Online feedback promotes choice

Online agencies usually have feedback forms that can provide forums for complaints or compliments. They can also provide reviews from other travellers. This makes choice easier and more informed.
Online forms can also be a facility for communication. The traveller can provide feedback of a positive or negative nature to the organisation and receive feedback in return. This provides a more individual travel experience.
Online booking of travel is a cost effective, convenient method of trip planning. It enhances planning an itinerary, organisation of tours and insurance. It is also a method that promotes comparison shopping, thus ensuring that the trip is kept within budget. Online travel services are an ideal way for business or personal travellers to plan their next holiday or business trip.


Another Praying Mantis

>> Nov 12, 2011

This praying mantis was captured by my husband. He saw the critter on a plant beside the river in his home town. It’s my first time to see the praying mantis in this color pattern.


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