Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

Quarrelling Cats

>> Aug 28, 2010

Sometimes, male cats are quarrelling. It’s usually about territorial thing. Every quarrelling will involve staring, yowling, and much ritualized posturing.

The attacker will leap forward, trying to bite his opponent’s neck. The opponent will fall to the ground, trying to bite and scratch the attacker’s belly. These cats may roll around, biting and screaming, and then suddenly stop to resume posturing.

I captured these quarrelling moments at our home fence. Fortunately, the physically contact didn’t happen. One cat preferred to leave the arena. I was glad as I didn’t hear their noisy yowling anymore.


Children’s Health Should Become Parent’s Priority

>> Aug 27, 2010

Dear parents, I believe that your children's health is always become your priority. One way to maintain your children’s health is by serving healthy food with proper nutrition every day. Of course, there are other ways that parents should pay attention to keep their children’s health, such as making your home as a healthy home. As parents, you should acknowledge yourself by reading articles that related to children’s health.

Right nutrition in healthy food is very important for your children’s healthy life, maximal development and cleverness. Vegetable is one kind of healthy food for your child; but for many reasons, lots of children don’t like eating vegetables. Since vegetable has valuable nutrition and good fiber, you really want to make your children become vegetable fans. Or at least, you know how to present vegetable in forms that your children will like!

What is the solution? Well, you will get the solution in
children’s health articles that you can read in a great website that offers various articles on latest health issues. It’s really a great resource for you to attach with the latest children’s health issues!


Couple’s Corner : When Simple Sorry is not Enough

>> Aug 25, 2010

Sorry Seems To Be the Hardest Word

Lyrics: Bernie Taupin

Piano and vocals: Elton John

What have I got to do to make you love me

What have I got to do to make you care

What do I do when lightning strikes me

And I wake to find that you're not there
What do I do to make you want me

What have I got to do to be heard

What do I say when it's all over

And sorry seems to be the hardest word
It's sad, so sad

It's a sad, sad situation

And it's getting more and more absurd

It's sad, so sad

Why can't we talk it over

Oh it seems to me

That sorry seems to be the hardest word

What do I do to make you love me

What have I got to do to be heard

What do I do when lightning strikes me

What have I got to do

What have I got to do

When sorry seems to be the hardest word

Why I sometimes feel hard to say “I’m sorry”, though I know that I’ve done mistakes? Sometimes, my pride- makes me reluctant to say it. Or I’m still in deep angry; and it needs times for me to cool down my emotion. After I’m feeling better with my emotion, I’m usually nearing my hubby and say that five words.

But sometimes, it isn’t hard at all. I can say it easily. I can say “I’m sorry” straightly after I realize that I’ve made a mistake. Sigh, I still have to learn to control my emotions!

As a married couple, saying “I’m Sorry” is very important. But of course; it should be a meaningful one and state it with sincerity. Saying ‘sorry’ but not intending to improve our actions will cause a lack of trust. Saying “I’m sorry” and admitting that we did something wrong is the first step to self-improvement. It can also break the ice and the way to reconcile is wide open.

Unfortunately, in this case, my hubby has the similar behavior. Sometimes, when he realizes that his mistake has made me angry, he straightly says how sorry he is and usually he does funny acts to make me laugh. But sometimes, he can be so stubborn and it needs long time for him to say it! There’s no doubt, we still have to learn to fix this.


Moving in Savvy Way

>> Aug 23, 2010

With the existing economy condition and strict budget, saving money always becomes most people’s concern. We always look for ways to grab our needs in less money. Let’s say that you have to move to another town in the short of time. As you may know, moving can be very expensive. So, saving money in moving expenses is really needed.

Sometimes, for whatever reasons, we can’t avoid from moving. According to my own experience, I realize that moving is not a pleasant thing to do. Moving makes you have to deal with lots of jobs that can be so tiring. Moreover, you must leave all that you have been familiar with and adjust with your new place.

As mentioned above, moving is an expensive thing that needs serious preparation. You can’t do it just by yourself! If you stay in Texas, you may need a professional moving help from
Texas moving services. They will give you various helps, such as loading and unloading help, packing and unpacking help, and also driving help.

Since your aim is saving money in moving expenses, you should find the best prices that offered by local movers such as
San Antonio movers and Austin moving company. There’s no need to search here and there, you can visit Billy.com that will help you to obtain information about great prices on moving services. At Billy.com, you can also read various moving tips in their moving section. Don’t forget to check it out. If you prefer to pay less, Billy.com can be your best resource to get best deals.


A Blue Caterpillar

>> Aug 22, 2010

Sorry, I don’t mean to make you cringe here. It’s a caterpillar that I accidentally saw in the front yard a few days ago. I know nothing about caterpillar kinds, just like its color.


Couple’s Corner: When We Want Something

>> Aug 19, 2010

Married couples should apply open communication. I guess it’s a must have if you want to maintain a warm and close relationship with your spouse. There’s no need to do something behind your spouse’s back. It’s just leading you both to a disagreement.

I always know when my hubby would like to say that he wants something. He always calls my name first in very soft tone and voice. He does it not only if he wants to buy something that he likes, but also if he wants me to do something for him.

How about me? Sometimes I massage his shoulder while I’m saying what I want, hehehe. I usually do it if I need his help to carry or lift up heavy things or fix broken stuffs at home. But sometimes I just state it clearly. I’m not a shopaholic type. So, when I said that I want something material, he knows that it’s because I need it.

Of course, he doesn’t always get everything that he wants, neither do I. The point is: we shouldn’t force our wants. Understanding and comprehension one another are the main key.


Indonesia’s Independence Day

>> Aug 17, 2010

Today, Indonesian people celebrate 65th Independence Day. Indonesia is the place where I was born; Indonesia spirit is always running in my blood. Indonesia is a truly beautiful country that we should be proud of. Though there are many problems blocking our way to prosperity and glory; we must keep struggling and moving forward!

Happy Independence Day! I’m always proud to be an Indonesian. Keep your strength and spirit to reach our glory!

We fought hard
we fought long
now you'll hear our freedom song
we're not bragging
we're not mean
sorry to say
its our time to gleam
freedom we wanted
freedom we got
everyones hardships will not soon be forgot
we help you
you help us
time has made us all strong
with a light heart and happy soul
when its needed
will tear thee apart

Source: Monica-poems-and-quotes.com
Image source: sethskim.com


Eating Grass

>> Aug 15, 2010

I captured this wild cat a few days ago. Why cats are eating grass? I do a little search, and here is the result. Eating grass isn't for the nutritional value. Grass is pretty indigestible to cats, and low in nourishment anyway. Grass is mainly fibre and the cat's stomach doesn't have the enzyme needed to digest it. However, grass can help a cat's digestive process by inducing regurgitation of undigested matter.

Domestic cats, especially exclusively indoor cats, will seldom have the chance to digest live prey. But even these cats still will chew on grass if it is provided - and it should be. Remember that cats clean up themselves extensively, and their tongues are prepared with little hooks which pick up loose hair.

However, the disadvantage of this is that cats end up swallowing a large proportion of the hair they lick off their coats. Hair is not eatable and it can bundle up in the stomach to create a furball. Eating grass may aid in removing the furballs through vomiting before they become unmanageable.

So, eating grass is good for your cat!


Couple’s Corner: Likes and Dislikes

>> Aug 12, 2010

Last week, we talked about our opposites that surely have no affect with our love. This week, we will talk about our Likes and Dislikes. For me, it needs time to know likes and dislikes of my husband. Knowing your spouse well, such as each other’s likes and dislikes, is important enough as it can strengthen your relationship!

Just share a little bit of our likes and dislikes here. What you can learn is, a husband and a wife can have their different likes and dislikes, and you can use these facts to care your spouse more.

He likes to start the day with a glass of water and a cup of sweet black coffee. Since he plans to reduce sugar intake, I make his coffee less sweet than the usual. During fasting month, he always ends sahur meal with one big glass of water and a cup of coffee. If he doesn’t drink coffee in the morning, he can get headache all day. I prefer green tea to coffee now.

‘Sambal’ is a must for him. Sambal is like a hot sauce that made from lots of chili. If ‘sambal’ isn’t yet available on the table, he prefer to postpone eating time and wait for me making it first. With or without sambal, I can eat my meal.

Every times he leaves home, he wants me to accompany and ‘release’ him until the fence door. I always kiss his hand and he kisses my forehead.

We like to help other people, as long as we are still capable doing it.
We like to watch TV news and hanging out together in week end afternoon.
We like sitting at the porch and having a chat about everything.

I like to tickle his waist and he hates it, hehehe.
He doesn’t like if I don’t stare at him when he’s talking.
He doesn’t like if I’m going out alone and forget to ask his permission first.
He doesn’t like eating alone at home. If I’ve already eaten before, I still should accompany him.

He can be so spoiled. He likes to get a soft massage and I like it, too.
He doesn’t like if I’m too busy with my own hobbies. He’s a kind of a person that needs more attention. He doesn’t like being alone. Not like me, I can enjoy being alone!

It’s just a little bit of our story. You can join Couple’s Corner to share yours.


Apply Patient Assistance Program to Solve Your Medical Cost Problem

Apply Patient Assistance Program to Solve Your Medical Cost Problem -As the continuously increasing of medical cost at present time, there are many of us that can’t afford their medicines anymore; especially if you don’t have insurance. That’s why you should care more about your health and do prevention is always the best way.

Let’s say that unavoidably, you get sick. But since you don’t have insurance, you don’t have enough funds for all medical cost. What can you do? You should search to get your medicines in prices as lowest as possible; but still in the same quality with the drugs at local store. Buying drugs online from
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When buying prescription drugs online, you should consider getting help from the right prescription drug guide website. It provides comprehensive information that will guide you to get safe, quality and affordable online medication from trustworthy and licensed pharmacies. Perhaps saving money in buying your medicines is your most concern; but you must also pay attention on the safety and quality of the drugs!

But how if you still feel hard to cover your continuing medical cost? Surely you need help for drug prescription coverage. You can get it from patient assistance program, if you meet all the criteria, such as you are a United States resident, you don’t have healthcare insurance coverage, and your incomes is below the minimal general wage qualifications.

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Yesterday Afternoon

>> Aug 10, 2010

My husband was at home yesterday. He planned to cook something. As we had some bread and over ripe bananas, he decided to make banana bread steam cake. If you have some slices of plain bread, over ripe bananas, eggs, coconut milk/milk, you can make this simple cake, too. You may also add cheese, raisins, and sliced dates if you like!

Cooking Steps

Ready to Serve

This cake is not too delicious, I don’t know whether your children will like its taste or not. The cake has soft texture. My father always loves it. If you have over ripe bananas, don’t throw it; you still can use it!


Goat Milk Producer

>> Aug 8, 2010

It’s my late entry for Camera Critters. When we visited Agri Park (Bogor, West Java, Indonesia), we also found these goats.

Jamnapari is a breed of goat originating from India and Bangladesh. The name is derived from the river Jamna Par in Uttar Pradesh, India. Since 1953 they have been imported to Indonesia. In Indonesia, they are popular as Ettawa goat. It is bred for both milk and meat; but they are more common here as goat milk producer. Have you tried goat milk? I prefer goat milk to cow milk!

1. Big and high postur body, adult male high can reach more than 100 cm, weighing can reach 90 Kgs. Adult female high can reach more than 80 Cm.
2. Female and masculine own the horn.
3. Long ear, fold and dropped.
4. Conex face form
5. Female own the milk udder expanding long and good nipple
6. Billygoat own the dewlap
7. Body colour is combination from turning white, nutbrown and black

Source : wikipedia


Couples’ Corner : Our Total Opposite

>> Aug 5, 2010

Oops, I’m late again to write Couple’s Corner post. This week’s topic is about Total Opposite. Is there a wife that 100% well-matched with her husband? Well, there’s still a possibility; but I guess it would be only a few.

A married couple can have a wonderful and strong bond; but it doesn’t mean that they are just having a little opposite. For example, besides our compatibilities, I and my hubby have many opposites; but we still can live happily – I hope for ever after- hehehe.

Actually, I don’t see our opposites as a big problem. As long as we aren’t selfish; we always find a solution or make a compromise.

The opposites of a married couple can happen in many ways. Just mention a little bit here.

He likes sweet food; I hate it.
He loves hot and spicy food; my stomach can accept it.
He hates reading. I have to read newspapers for him.
He loves bargaining; I don’t.
He loves wandering in a flea market; I don’t.
I love window shopping at the mall; he doesn’t. He said that just watching and buying nothing is embarrassing.
I’m a quiet person; he’s very talkative.
He’s a spontaneous person; I prefer to make plans first. His spontaneous act often ruins my plans!
I’m frugal; he loves shopping. Sometimes I must put things from our shopping cart back to the store shelf.


Best Rain Guards for Your Car

For car owners, protection and comfort while driving is always becoming their most concern. If you drive your own car every day, perhaps you have realized that there are already enough dangers that must be faced on the road. Bad weather is included; it can give you big trouble!

What can you do? You must install wind deflector on your car’s windows. Wind deflectors are also known as bug deflectors or rain guards. It’s a simple car accessories that has many benefits. With rain guards, you can drive securer and more pleasurable.

Rain guards will attach a sleek part that directs the airflow away from your open windows. You won’t hear loud wind noise anymore. It’s surely a big help as it can annoy your concentration. With these useful rain guards, you can open your windows while driving. Rain, bugs and dust won’t find a way to come in to your car!

Besides on the side windows, rain guards can also be installed on other parts of your car, such as the front of the hood and sunroof. Since rain guards can provide significant function and new appearance, every car owner must use high quality rain guards to ensure it will function as required. That’s why I encourage you to visit CARiD. With their best and helpful customer service, you will get a big assist in selecting the right rain guards for your rides.

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Best Education for the Blind

Education is very important for every human being. Only education that is able to put one's potentials to the highest use. How important is the education for someone? There are two basic reasons. First, education will create anyone become a right thinker. He will have capabilities to think and to make decision. Second, only with education achievement, someone will grow to be an open minded person. Without education, someone is like being in a dark, closed and locked room. Can you imagine it?

If your loved one is included the blind or visually impared; what can you do to maximize your child's potential? As mentioned above, only education that is possible to develop your child's strength and potency!

Since your child has special learning needs; he must get special education program in a specific school for blind. You should choose one that already has a good reputation! Entering your child to the right school will allow your child to have a better future.

Royal Blind School is already recognized as the appropriate learning place for students with blindness or visual impairments. As a school for students with different learning ways, royal blind school offers special program that aims to encourage every student to have a strong foundation for learning and independence. If you have hopes to watch your child is becoming a successful learner, dependable resident, confident person and helpful giver to the community, consider your child to enter Royal Blind School.


After the Rain (2)

>> Aug 3, 2010

This time I post another photo of my after-the-rain collection. It’s raining almost every day here. After the rain, sometimes, I go outside to find interesting things to capture.

To see other photos, don’t forget to visit
Watery Wednesday!


Beautify Your Home with Chandelier

Have you installed chandelier at your home? We have installed two chandeliers; in our living room and dining room. It can add character to your room! Nowadays, perhaps you have realized that good lighting has turn out to be a significant element of home accessory in decorating homes. Good lighting can set the tone of your surroundings. That’s why you shouldn’t ignore home lighting at your own residence.
Why don’t you install chandelier at your home? Chandelier lamps offer stylishness and dramatic lighting effect to your room. It will also reflect your character, taste and style.

If you’re interested to add a new chandelier touch to your home, you should get it at Lightingtheweb.com, the right place for you to search everlasting designs of home lighting, all in lowest prices.
Lightingtheweb.com offers large variety of chandelier; from various styles and best brands. One of their best brands is Crystorama lighting. Check out the great chandelier collection of
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Parenting Advice

>> Aug 2, 2010

Parents, perhaps you’ve already read lots of parenting advices before; but why don’t you check these advice also?

To raise a child to be a well rounded child; you should teach values of independence and self-sufficiency in your child at a young age. Balance the parental input so that you are giving all your child’s needs emotionally and physically, while at the same time showing your child that he or she can do a lot of things independently.

Start teaching your child a "can do" attitude :

Give Your Child Responsibility
It is never too early to teach your child responsibility. Whether it be the job of picking up his or her own toys, helping with dishes, or helping take care of the family pet. Too many parents do everything for their children, thus instilling the idea at a early age that if they don’t do it, someone else will.

Do Not Do What They Can Do
If your four year old says, "Mommy, go get my juice, it’s on the table" should you? No! Unless a child is ill and really is feeling so poorly that they should be made to rest as much as possible, this is a situation where you as a parent should say, "If you want your juice, it’s right over there".

Teach Your Children about Consequences
If you threaten and once a few tears are shed, then you give in, you are teaching your child that there are no consequences for their actions. Stick to your guns, they will be better off in the long run. If they repeatedly do something they know is wrong and you threaten no cartoons after dinner, then make it no cartoons after dinner. Empty threats do nothing for the parent or the child.

Set an Example
You are the best teacher to your child. This means that if you say you are going to do something you should try as hard as possible to live up to what you say. This sometimes means playing matchbox cars when you are tired, making a cake when you don’t feel like it, playing outside with your kids when you’d rather be reading the latest John Grisham novel. If you show your children that people should live up to their promises, they will keep that lesson for life.

Source : essortment.com
Image source : svusd.k12.ca.us


Getting the Right Assistance in Dissertation Writing

Writing dissertation is truly not an easy and simple job. To get an A+ dissertation, it requires lots of times, hard process, big effort and broad knowledge in the chosen topic. If you are a student, perhaps you face difficulties in writing a dissertation, as you don’t know how to write an excellent one.

Let’s say that you can’t handle with your
Dissertation writing problem. So, what is the solution? Have you ever noticed that there are already numerous custom writing companies that provide dissertation writing service at present time?

The online dissertation writing services could be your finest solution. All you have to do is choosing a reliable one that can give you best offers. It’s a crucial step as it will determine how good your
Master's Dissertation or PhD dissertation will be. Well, choosing the right dissertation service could be a daunting task, moreover, if you still don’t know how to choose a reliable one. To ease the confusion, you should acknowledge yourself concerning what qualities that a high-quality dissertation service should have.

What kind of help that you can get from a dissertation service anyway? It depends on your requirements and needs; but basically, dissertation services can assist in every stage: research, literature review, data collection, statistics and data analysis, proof reading and editing, custom dissertation writing, and results presentation.

As mentioned before; you should consider several qualities when you’re searching for the best dissertation service. Check out these following requirements; use it as your guidance. A good dissertation service should have these qualities:

  1. Always delivers every finished order on time.

  2. A great team of writers. They must be highly qualified; at least have a Master’s degree or/and a PhD. You can make contact with the dissertation writer to ensure that the writer has experience in the related topic. All writers have enough experiences; at least they have a 5-year writing experience.

  3. Reasonable pricing. To get an excellent dissertation, it’s wiser to pay a little more. Avoid dissertation services that offer very low and unreasonable prices.

  4. 24/7 customer support. You should be allowed to contact them any time.

  5. Free plagiarism report.

  6. Free table of index and free bibliography.

  7. Complete real mailing address. Avoid dissertation services that only mention P.O. Box number as their business address.

  8. One Year Unconditional Money Back Guarantee. Only good dissertation services that offer a One Year Unconditional Money Back Guarantee; as they are convinced in their own services.
Based on these requirements, you will be capable to decide and get the right dissertation service that most suits your needs.


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