Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

Learn about the Advantages of Borrowing from Moneylenders

>> Feb 28, 2018

Whenever you require additional funds for meeting your emergency expenses, it is a good idea to borrow from legally licensed money lenders instead of borrowing from a random lender who is not able to produce any legal documents or valid business license. You must do your homework well before choosing the right moneylender for your loan requirements. Here are the top benefits of borrowing money from a licensed moneylender.
The Process Is Harassment-Free
Only a licensed money lender could provide a stress-free and efficient experience throughout the process right from the submission of the loan application, the waiting period to the final stage of getting the feedback and thereafter, signing your loan contract. The entire process is hassle-free. Moreover, there are absolutely no harassment issues since the licensed moneylenders usually follow the IPTO’s rules while conducting their business. They would not be bombarding you with unreasonable ways of advertising. Most importantly, they would never harass you or use illegitimate means for soliciting loan payments.They would be offering reasonable loan repayment scheme and interest rates.

Damaged Credit Is Not the Deciding Factor
Credit is surely important but it may not be of prime importance. Certain events in life such as divorce, bankruptcy, or business failure could be pretty depressing and affect your way of life. While trying to obtain loans from moneylenders you would realize that business plan and collateral are more crucial to a moneylender in comparison to the credit.

However, if you are approaching a bank and have a low rating, poor credit history, or black marks, your application would be denied straightaway. But this may not happen in case of private money lending. These moneylenders would be examining your credit but they are more interested in a robust equity and an equally strong exit policy. Visit https://www.libertylending.com/ to learn more and to seek perfect professional loan solutions.

Faster Approval
Banks could be delaying the process as they would be requesting for diverse financial documents so that they could be examined before approving or denying the loan request. However, a moneylender would be approving your loan request in no time at all. This is simply because approval would be depending more on your plan to acquire a property, the asset and also your ability to earn profits. The primary advantage would be that you would normally get the money as early as within 24 hours. This would be really beneficial in buying property as sellers would be giving preference to and also accept lower offers if they are sure that they would be getting the funds within two days instead of waiting for one month or so for closing.

So we have come to the conclusion that unlike the banks, the moneylenders ensure that you do not have to go through an unreasonably long waiting process. You would get the requested loan amount in maximum a few days, once your application is approved by the concerned authority. You would be required to submit the essential paperwork. Moreover, there is no reason to feel stressed out if your credit history is not up to the mark. The greatest advantage is that very little paperwork is involved when you borrow from moneylenders.


Safety Tips When Planning a Party at Home

Hosting a party at home can be guaranteed fun. You can turn the comfort of your home into a vibrant, fun-filled place where people can mingle and have a good time. But regardless of the type of home party it is – whether it's a birthday bash, a retirement dinner, or an anniversary celebration – there can be risks and dangers involved.

As the host planning the party, you need to have extra precautions to ensure the safety of your guests. Here are several safety tips when planning a party at home.

Personal and Community Security

  •  If you expect possible noise disturbance during your party, inform your local neighborhood authorities.
  •  Make the guest list clear. If it is an exclusive event, ensure that you have people who are in charge of turning gatecrashers away. If it is an open home event, there should still be precautions for possible criminal elements.
  • Lock away your valuables. Mobile phones, laptops, cameras, and other expensive gadgets and branded possessions are attractive to thieves. Stow them somewhere safe. You should also have a coat room, and a locked room for valuables, for guests who would like to keep their belongings some place clean and secure.
  • Prepare ready access to a phone with the emergency service numbers listed. It should be both visible and accessible by any of the guests.
  • Make sure you have insurance.
  • All accessible areas should have good lighting.

Personal Health and Safety

  • Plan for the number of people attending. There should be sufficient supply of food, non-alcoholic drinks, and toilets.
  • Access to open space is also important. While parties are naturally crowded, guests should be able to breathe and relax when they need to. 
  • As the host, anticipate a night partying sober. It's your responsibility to ensure the safety of others.
  • Create a designated smoking area and secure any out-of-bounds areas. These may include potential hazards like a deep pool, BBQs, and open grills.
  • Take extra precautions to ensure no one drives drunk or is left unattended anywhere. You can designate select friends as sober guardians and watchers. 

Home Party Planning with Experts
Leave a good impression of your home and your hosting skills. Anticipate a great party, but also prepare for the worst. Working with event planners can give you a clear picture of potential risks and threats that you might have otherwise missed.

Aside from risk assessment, event planners can help you in overall planning and management. Contact an event planner today!

Written by bleu events, one of the top event planners Columbia, MO has to offer.


3 Reasons Why You Must Be Part of Your Child’s Development

>> Feb 24, 2018

Childhood is the very first phase of life that we have all gone through. And since it is the first stage of life, it is also one of the most fragile stages where a child develops motor and cognitive skills. Experts advise parents and guardians to be active participants in their children’s development and we are here to tell you why.

Watching your toddler learn how to crawl and finally walk will give you immeasurable joy. Seeing them learn how to communicate and finally express themselves is also satisfying. Below are 3 reasons why it is important for you, as a mom or dad, to be part of this exciting and magical journey. So, (please) keep reading…

  • To enhance their motor skills – Children are highly dependent on adults, especially their parents. So, take your place and help your child keep those hands and feet active. It is an important thing to do during their development stage because hand and feet movement boosts the child’s electric motor skills. And to encourage your little one to stay active, learn to reward him/her for his/her initiative and dedication.
  • So how do you boost these skills? Start by placing the child’s toys at a reachable distance. Watch the child try to reach for the toy and help them where necessary. However, because once children grab something, they automatically put in their mouth, ensure that they play with clean toys and toys that are big enough to avoid chocking.
  • To boost their mental growth – How, you may ask? Well, from a renowned child and family development specialist, you can improve your child’s mental power by letting him/her play with toys of various sizes and shapes. For example, building blocks will be a good start for the child. This will help the child learn how to stack the blocks and he/she might even learn how to group the stacks into same color and designs with time. 
  • To improve their control skills – Children need to learn both propulsive and receptive control skills; the skills to reach out for something and to let go off another. For example, your child needs to understand that they should put something they are holding down before they can pick something else. So, during your time with him/her, place two toys in his/her hands. When the child firmly grabs them, introduce a third toy and help him/her learn how to let go of what is in their hands before they can pick something else.

Your child’s growth and development may be at a different pace from a friend’s child. However, as the parent or guardian, being part of their growth and development will boost their confidence in life. Moreover, through all the fun activities that your child will be involved in, you will get to share their happiness and develop a special bond with him/her. So, find all the fun and enjoyable things for your child to do and make this process a pleasant one by joining in on the fun.


6 Ways To Reduce Your Need For Varicose Vein Treatment

Varicose vein treatment has gotten much easier in the last two decades. However, it's still something one should strive to avoid when possible. Here are some tips on how to avoid varicose vein treatment.

Stay Out of the Sun

Direct sunlight on your skin can damage your veins make them easier to become twisted and distorted, and thereby varicose. If you like to walk on the beach, wear light pants instead of shorts of a swimsuit. You may also want to look into sun protective clothing with a UPF 50+ rating, especially if you have sensitive skin and varicose veins run in your family. Sometimes it seems like a catch 22 because you're told you can get your vitamin D3 from sunlight but then you're told to wear sunscreen or stay out of the sun completely. A good compromise is cover your legs but also let the sun it your face and arms for five to ten minutes before you cover them up or put on a good sun hat.

Wiggle Your Toes and Feet

Sitting is the worst position for increasing your chance of developing varicose veins and needing varicose vein treatment? It's very easy for your blood to pool and your circulation to slow in this position. If you have a desk job that you are tied to for several hours at a time, make it habit to wiggle your toes and feet frequently! Do toe curls and move your feet in circular motions or up and down at the ankle. When you do get a break, even if it's a short stint to the bathroom, try to do a few toe rises to get your calf pump working. You'll be surprised at how big a difference just a few seconds of exercise can make in warding off varicose vein treatment.

Lose Some Weight

Okay, you don't have to become model thin to make a huge difference to your health! Even if you are quite overweight, you can save a lot of work for your veins if you lose just ten percent of your weight. Plus, once you lose that first ten percent, it's actually much easier to lose more! You'll get lots of compliments and you'll feel so much lighter on your feet, you'll be encouraged to lose more because you'll find doing so not only good for your vein health but also fun.

Cut Down On Salt

The sodium in salt will make your legs swell which puts more pressure on your veins. If you want to avoid varicose vein treatment, or delay it as long as possible, you should start tapering off on your salt intake now. If you eat out a lot, you're probably getting too much salt because restaurant chefs tend to over salt food. Try cooking at home more. You can also switch to Himalayan salt or Real Salt, which is mined out of an ancient sea bed. These natural salts produce less edema than industrially processed salt most Americans consume.

Get an Inversion Table Or Inversion Chair

If you've never seen one, google it and study some photos because inversion tables are wonderful for relieving edema and taking pressure off your veins. Basically, it's a contraption that allows you to SAFELY invert yourself. Full inversion is one hundred eighty degrees, or ninety degrees past horizontal. However, you don't usually ever invert quite this much. When you're first starting, it is recommended that you invert twenty to thirty degrees past horizontal. Just this amount of inversion can actually reduce your edema by a lot. An intermediate inversion is about sixty degrees beyond horizontal. Some people stop here and just invert for longer, especially since they find it so relaxing. However, if you are ambitious, you can work up to a full inversion. You don't have to be super limber to do inversion if you have an inversion table. An inversion chair makes it easier than an inversion table to get inverted and to become upright again.

Wear Knee High Compression Socks

First, you should know that knee high compression socks (which actually stop just below your kneed) will give you about eighty percent of the therapeutic effect as thigh high compression stockings. So, unless you have a very serious edema problem, knee high compression socks should work fine. Compression socks are very tight around the ankle and then get loser as they move toward the knee. This makes the blood more upward instead of pooling around your ankles. Compression also forces the blood at the surface into deeper veins which increases your circulation.


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