How Your Family Benefits From Your Singapore PR Status

>> Jun 24, 2020

Many among the expat community apply to become Singapore PRs each year. This is because of the benefits such as fewer work restrictions and less issues with work permits. Yet, much less discussed is the secondary benefits that your family enjoys as well from you becoming a PR in Singapore.
In this article, we will be discussing how you stand to gain more flexibility in terms of housing for your family as well as education support for your children.

Real Estate Acquisition Options

HDB flats are synonymous with Singapore, being the sort of housing which most of citizens live in. As a non-citizen, you will not be permitted to acquire a HDB apartment because it falls under public housing.

Nonetheless, as a Singapore PR, you will be able to acquire a resale HDB apartment from an existing property owner. This is done through the Public Scheme or Non-Citizen Spouse scheme, with the only need being that you have to have obtained PR status at least 3 years prior to the acquisition.

It ought to be noted thought that Singapore PRs are not eligible to obtain a Build-To-Order (BTO) flat directly from the Housing and Development Board (HDB). The only exception being that if you are involved or married to a Singaporean citizen. In which instance, you will be able to obtain a BTO flat via the Public Scheme or Non-Citizen Spouse scheme.

Public School Priority

For starters, Singapore PRs' children get priority over other foreigners when signing up into public schools. School openings are normally given initially to citizens, then to PRs and finally to non-residents. Furthermore, unlike PRs or citizens, non-residents will not have the ability to ask for their kid to be registered into any particular school.

Given that Singapore's public schools are regularly rated as one of the leading if not best on the planet, there is significant incentive to assisting your child to get enrolled here. It is likewise worth noting that in spite of their high requirements of education, the government's aids have made them extensively accessible.

In contrast, if you are unable to acquire a place in public schools for your kid, then you would have to resort to international private schools. While the requirements in these schools are definitely still reliable, they bill much higher annual tuition fees. How large is the distinction? Independent schools have yearly tuition fees that range from $10,000 to $37,000, easily thousands more than that of public schools.

Learning More About the Benefits of Attaining Singapore PR

Are you interested in learning more about the benefits and advantages that Singapore PRs enjoy? If so, consider speaking to an apply Singapore PR consulting firm before you make your application.


How to Cut Your Household Budget by Going Green

>> Mar 23, 2020

Living green means reducing consumption and waste. These two things are also essential to saving money. When you adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle, you can begin to fortify your finances.

The good news is that you don’t have to make dramatic changes that completely alter the way your family lives. Instead, you can start doing small things that cut utility expenses and allow you to live comfortably within your budget. What steps can you take to live greener and lower your household expenses?
Plan Your Meals and Grocery Shopping Trips

Instead of winging it every week, plan daily meals. Figure out portion sizes and number of servings needed. Use this information to buy quantities that you’ll use during the week. This is especially important for perishable items like produce. When you don’t overbuy, you’ll be less likely to throw food away.

Schedule grocery shopping trips so you get everything all at once.  Multiple trips can add to the temptation to buy things you don’t need and will increase your fuel costs.

Upgrade to Renewable Technology

If you are already doing everything you can to lower your consumption and costs, then it may be time to try renewable energy. A residential solar system can significantly decrease your utility expenses. You may be able to use net metering to earn credit by feeding energy back into the grid.

You could reduce or even eliminate your monthly electricity bill, depending on how much you rely on solar panels. If you have questions about living greener talk to your local electrician.Only use reputable installers like Connect Electric who offer lifetime guarantees on their work.Solar panels can save money while protecting the environment.

Use Nature to Warm or Cool Your Home

Let natural sunlight in or keep it out to control the temperature inside your home. On cool days, open blinds and curtains so that the sun can shine inside. This will heat up the area even before your furnace kicks on. On hot days, keep the blinds or curtains closed to shield your interior rooms from the heat of the sun.

Rent, Borrow or Buy Used

Rent, borrow or buy used items as much as possible. This is especially helpful for non-essential things like entertainment. When you buy second hand, you prevent those items from going to landfills. You’ll also pay a lot less than you would when buying new.

Unplug Devices and Appliances

Unplug as many electronic devices and appliances as you can when not in use. This includes things like televisions, computers, microwaves, and gaming systems.

These devices continue to consume electricity, even when they are turned off or in standby mode. That’s energy that is completely wasted. Even though it wasn’t used for anything productive, you’ll still have to pay for it. Pulling the plug is good for your budget and the environment.

Wash Full Loads of Dishes and Laundry

If you use a dishwasher or washing machine, only run them when you have a full load. This reduces the number of loads done each week which cuts down on water and electricity consumption. You still get clean clothes and dishes but at a lower operational cost.


Ending the Paycheck to Paycheck Cycle

>> Jan 1, 2020

Many people who make a decent salary still find themselves dealing with financial ruin. They live paycheck to paycheck with no end in sight. The good news is that you can break free of this vicious cycle and finally achieve financial wealth.
Establishing a Budget 

A budget may seem insignificant; however, that piece of paper provides a lot of information. It gives you insight into the amount of money you owe out and to whom you owe it. It also lets you see in clear and undisputed black and white where you spend your money. This information will help you change your spending habits. 

Sticking to a Budget 

Of course, a budget only works if you stick to it. If you stay the course (no matter how difficult) the first few weeks might be, in the end, you'll have money set aside for things such as emergencies, a vacation, and your retirement. 

First Steps to Financial Freedom 

One of the best ways to achieve financial freedom is to pay down your debt. There are several methods you can use that will provide the same outcome. You can take the credit card with the highest interest rate and put your extra money towards it every month. Or you can take the card with the lowest balance and pay that one off first. If you have equity in your home, you can also refinance the loan and use that money to pay down as much of your credit card debt and personal loans as you can. 

Getting Smart with Your Money 

In order to stay the course and keep your debt under control, you'll also need to view money differently. After all, you worked hard for it. Instead of just giving it away, think about what you spend your money on and whether or not it's worth it. For example, let’s look at your cable bill. Do you really need all those channels or can you scale back? Or, better yet, consider whether or not you can do without cable completely. There are other service providers such as Hulu or Netflix who offer rates that are more reasonable. The same goes for your car insurance. Do your research to make sure you’re getting the best deal. To check out other companies, click here to see if another company’s rates are better. 

Places You Can Save Money 

Ok, so you may not be able to negotiate your school’s tuition. However, you can lower your weekly food shopping bill. Many people still don't pay attention to prices. It's time to get frugal and start keeping more of your money. You don't have to sacrifice on quality or quantity, you just have to learn to shop. Use the weekly flyers from your local supermarkets and compare the prices. You should also visit one of the many sites that let you print coupons for free. Every penny counts and, if you cut back on your food bill, you'll free up monies that you can apply to your debt. 

Reel it In 

If you frequently order take-out, stop for coffee on the fly, and make buying your lunch a daily habit, you're using up a lot of money each week.  While your life is hectic and you may not have the time to prepare meals or bring your coffee, spending your extra cash will prevent you from achieving a comfortable lifestyle. Instead, learn to compromise. Instead of buying coffee each day, limit yourself to 2 days of the week, and do the same with ordering lunch. As for ordering take-out, limit it to once or twice a month, as a special treat. 

If you currently live paycheck to paycheck, your money is never really yours. By establishing and sticking to a budget, eliminating services you don't really need, and developing a newfound respect for your money, you will achieve financial success.


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