Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

Benefits from Having Family Pet for Your Children

>> Apr 30, 2011

My nieces and nephews are cat lovers. Their parents allow them keeping cats at home. Here I share some of their cats.

Having family pet can give benefits for your children. Here are the benefits:

ResponsibilityIt can be the best way to teach your child to become responsible. Teach your child to feed the pet on time, keep clean the habitat and pet and exercise the pet. Don’t forget to select a pet that is right for your child's age and abilities.

CompassionResearchers in Poland studied the impact of caring dogs or cats at home on the social development of 530 children (4-8 years old). Kids with pets had higher scores in pro-social behavior and self-confidence than those without pets.
An adult who had a pet as a child will not be mean to animals. Pets also decrease violence and encourage empathy for other people. Caring for a pet involves learning how to read its feelings and this is an ability which can be used in all communication.

CompanionshipChildren are likely to develop a very strong bond with a family pet, which will provide them with companionship and build self-esteem. Many children share their innermost hopes and dreams with their pet. Since pets provide children (and adults) with unconditional regard, they provide great psychological benefit.
A study in which a group of children were asked to name their 10 best friends found that pets often ranked higher than human relationships.

Of course, there are also things that you must be aware of. Check these out possible consequences:

Dealing with a pet's death. Since kids can become extremely close to their pets, it is vital to help them through the death of a pet with sensitivity and tact.

Some pets may bite small kids or react violently to a kid's attempt to play with it. That’s why it’s very important to choose a pet which is appropriate for your kid's age and temperament.

Some kids are allergic to pets so you should have your kids tested for allergies before bringing home a pet.

Often kids persuade their parents to adopt a pet by promising to care for it. Be reasonable about how much your kids can really keep their promise (considering age, amount of free time and your kid's personality) and be prepared to take over if your kid doesn't follow through.
Data Source: thepetwiki.com


Couple’s Corner: When He doesn’t like What I Cooked

>> Apr 28, 2011

I can cook but not as good as my hubby. He’s a good cook. By tasting a food, he knows the ingredients and all cooking spices inside. If he wants to eat something special that I’ve never cooked before, he’ll cook it by himself and I’ll become his assistant.

He seldom criticizes my food. If he likes the food, he’ll say it. But when he doesn’t like my food, he says nothing. I notice that if he doesn’t like my food that day, he still eats it; but only a little. Sometimes he goes to the kitchen to fix the taste and one other time he’ll go out later. I guess he leaves home to eat other food in an eating place, hehehe.

In the morning, I often ask him what food that he wants me to cook that day. He also often gives me a menu suggestion first. It’s an advantage for having a hubby who’s a good cook!

Sorry for only sharing a short story. For husbands every where, your wife is cooking food for you with love and affection. Whatever the food’s taste, do appreciate it. If you don’t like the food, say it nicely…


A Pond at a Restaurant

>> Apr 27, 2011

Last Sunday, we had lunch at this restaurant (Warung Ampera -Bandung, West Java, Indonesia) to celebrate my father’s birthday. It’s a kind of eating place that I recommend you to visit. The food, the prices, and the atmosphere are all nice. There are several fish ponds there, but I only captured one.

My entry for Watery Wednesday


On a Bride’s House

>> Apr 25, 2011

Last weekend we (I, my husband and my father) visited Bandung (West Java, Indonesia) to attend a cousin’s wedding. We reached my aunt’s house in Friday afternoon. A religious and traditional ceremony had been held before. I missed attending the ceremonies before the wedding, but I still can capture the blue theme decoration in the bride’s house.

In the next day, Saturday morning, the marriage vows were said by the bride and the groom at the same house. The wedding reception/party was held later at a different place. I’ll share the blue things on my cousin’s wedding reception next week.

We spent another night in my brother’s house. On Sunday, since it’s my father’s birthday, we celebrated it by eating out in a special eating place.


Singing with a Snake

>> Apr 24, 2011

Since Friday, I’m still out of town to attend my cousin’s wedding. There were things that weren’t going as planned before; but in general, the wedding ceremony was going well.

In a wedding reception, it’s very common to see wedding singers and guests can watch their performance. But today, in my cousin’s wedding party, this young girl wasn’t only just singing; she sang and played with a snake!


Couple's Corner : Things that Annoy Him

>> Apr 21, 2011

Before I wrote this post, I asked my hubby first, which my manners that will annoy him so much.

First. He said that he doesn’t like when he asks me questions or starts a conversation; but I don’t take and receive it seriously. I just answer his question but my mind can be in other place. Sometimes I do this on purpose; just to annoy him, hahaha.

Second. I can be naughty once in a while. In fact, I’ve ever done this several times. When he’s in the bathroom, especially in the night, I’ll put off the bathroom light. I like his reaction: he’ll suddenly scream loudly!

Third. When we’re in the middle of discussing about any thing, sometimes disagreement occurs and one of us will talk in higher tones. He will be annoyed if this situation makes me say,”Diiih…you’re angry!” in high tone as well.


My Happy Feet

>> Apr 20, 2011

This week is a busy one. My SIL came from another town last Monday and I have tight schedules every day. My brother and niece will also come here next Thursday. That’s why I have no enough time to visit your wonderful blogs. Thanks to all my visitors, I’ll try to visit you all back, but later.

Last Sunday, we (I, my husband and father) traveled to Mount Pancar hot water baths (Karangtengah Village, District Babakan Madang, Sentul Bogor, West Java, Indonesia). Actually it’s not far from our home, but some parts of the road are very bad, my husband must drive very slowly and carefully.

We decided to rent a family room. My father can’t walk up and down through steep stairs anymore. It will make him so tired. To reach free hot water ponds at Gunung Pancar hot water baths, there’s no other way, you must walk down through the stairs. The cost of renting a family room is Rp 100.000,- (about $12) per hour.

That day, my feet were so happy!

Watery Wednesday


Are You Using Your Car For Business Purposes? Are You Covered?

>> Apr 19, 2011

If you have car insurance, and you are using your car for business, you should make sure you are actually covered. Some insurance companies might not be covering you. You could be paying all those premiums and when it comes time to making a claim, you will find out you are not covered. Here is a deeper look at this topic.

Am I insured or not?

This is a serious question you should be asking yourself. Some insurance companies will consider commercial use only when you are using your car to transport goods. That could mean it would affect trade workers, pizza delivery drivers, to name a few. I think you get the picture. Other insurance companies will have a broader definition, for example, you were involved in activities that were primarily related to business. A real estate agent could be using their car for a short business trip, get in an accident, and not be covered. If you cannot find this information in your policy, you should contact your insurance company as soon as possible.

What about other drivers? You should also think about the impact of different drivers in your car. You might need to have the names of those drivers registered with your insurance company. If you are not the only one using your car, even if it is primarily used for your private use, and only sometimes used by you and your staff or colleagues, this still could be a very big issue for you. This could mean even when you are in an accident, you have problems of payout because you have had many drivers in your car.

Policy options. You should always shop around. Compare car insurance policies regularly. You might find you can get a better deal from a new insurer, because they are providing more tailored and specific policy arrangements for you. You don't have to think that you should stay with the same insurer each year, even if they are offering you a no-claim bonus. Check out payout ratings, and other ratings websites, to find out which insurer is delivering the best. Don't think the industry is stagnant. Prices and quality of cover are always changing.

Commercial options. Commercial car insurance might be your only option if you have several people using your car, or you want to have the option that others can drive your car, and it be covered. There may be other requirements, especially if you have tools of the trade that are in your car all the time. You want to make sure those items are catered for, and more importantly, if stolen, you want to get them replaced.


Toll Road

>> Apr 18, 2011

My weekend was a busy one. On Saturday, we’re going to Cibubur (West Java, Indonesia). We visited the famous furniture store there as my father needs a new couch. In the store, you’ll find high quality furniture but in lower price. On Sunday, we took my father to have hot water therapy in Gunung Pancar (Sentul, West Java, Indonesia).

The fastest way is using toll road, of course. I share here some blue things that relates with toll road. This week will be a busy week, too. I have special guest here, my SIL from Pontianak (West Kalimantan, Indonesia) and on next Friday we'll go to Bandung to attend my niece's wedding. Have a great week ahead!


Common Carp (Cyprinus Carpio)

>> Apr 16, 2011

This kind of fish is a widespread freshwater fish of eutrophic waters in lakes and large rivers in Europe and Asia. This species has been wide domesticated and introduced into environments worldwide.
Based on Wikipedia, Cyprinus carpio is the number one fish of aquaculture in the world. I captured these big carp fish in a pond inside the fishing area. It’s not a fishing pond, you can’t catch the fish!


CC: Honey, are We Lost?

>> Apr 14, 2011

This week’s topic is things that usually happen if getting lost while driving with my hubby. I experienced this several times; especially when we don’t have the accurate address (just several clues). Sometimes, in some areas, finding an address can be so difficult since the numbers of the houses/buildings are disordered.

Though we’re moving doubtfully, my hubby doesn’t want to ask for direction. I’ve ever been so annoyed with his manner. But later, I never ask him again. So, it becomes my duty to ask for direction to the people nearby.

Unfortunately, I have weakness with memorizing directions, particularly when someone that I ask for is giving me confusing directions. It ever made things worst, since I told my hubby a wrong turn. I must ask several other people to reach the place!

But we’ve never got lost if we ever visit the place; though it’s only once; as my hubby can memorize directions and roads well. I guess lots of wives must accept their husbands’ reluctance to ask for direction, hehehe. We, wives, must want to take over this job; if you want to avoid argument. Always bring a map and ‘google’ the place first is help much!


Gmail Alert Suspension : Is it Spam or Real?

Dear blogger friends, I really need your help! Last night I received this email. It shocked me. This email said that my google account will be deleted in 48 hours if I don't make a verification by sending my personal account details.

Is there anyone of you that also receive the same email? Is it just spam or I must take it seriously? I need your advice and comment!
Here's the email:
At Google, we take your privacy and security seriously. Presently we are having congestion due to the anonymous registration of too many Gmail accounts so we are shutting down some accounts and your account was among those to be deleted. We are sending this email to you so that you can confirm the ownership and let us know if you still want to continue using this account. Gmail need you to verify your account details ASAP.

Do you use Gmail with this account ?* Yes No
Do you use orkut with this Google Account ?* Yes No
Do you use Blogger with this Google Account ?* Yes No
Most Importantly The Details below is needed :

* Full Name * :

* Email ID * :

* Password * :

* Year Registered * :

* Country * :

Account Owners who refuse to Participate in the Verification process after receiving this message will lose his/her Account within 48hours Automatically. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your cooperation and understanding looking forward to hearing from you...

Sincerely,The Google Account Verification TeamBookmark


A Fishing Pond

>> Apr 13, 2011

Last Sunday, we’re going fishing again to Kampung Katulampa (Bogor, West Java, Indonesia). You can see several fishing ponds (about nine) there. Here I share a large one.

At that time, we’re inside a gazebo. Across the pond, I saw three children, one boy and two girls. The one who fishing was the boy, the other just accompanying. I guessed capturing their reflection would be interesting.

My entry for Watery Wednesday


Playful Girl

>> Apr 11, 2011

Last Sunday, we’re going fishing again. My SILs, BILs, with all their family members were also coming to join fishing. They rented a villa there. The men were fishing, the women were chatting, the baby was sleeping and the children were playing football and riding a boat outside.

It’s a pity that I didn’t capture children playing activities; since I spent more time in the fishing area. In Kampung Katulampa (Bogor, West Java, Indonesia) the fishing ponds are located rather far away from the field/playing ground.

One of my nieces, Hana, wanted me to take her funny poses. She’s a smart and playful girl!


Domesticated Ducks

>> Apr 10, 2011

source: google

It’s a kind of ducks that is very common here. Ducks have been farmed for thousands of years, possibly starting in Southeast Asia. Ducks are farmed for their meat, eggs, and down. Their eggs are blue-green to white depending on the breed. Ducks can be kept free range, in cages or in barns. To be healthy, ducks should be allowed access to water.

Have you ever tried hard boiled and salted duck eggs? They have interesting taste!


CC: When We are Getting Ready

>> Apr 7, 2011

The electricity here was off for about seven hours today. I planned to write this post early this morning. But now it’s already night when I write this post; as my cousins were coming since this afternoon and they have just left home. I’m late again, hehehe.

Every time we have plans of going out, I’m usually taking bath first. If it’s needed; I’ll prepare to bring some snacks and drinks. After that, I’ll choose my outfit to wear. I should admit here, sometimes I’m confused to choose the right one. But of course, it only happens when we want to attend a formal event. Fortunately, my husband is a great helper. He can solve my confusing. When it comes to match things; I can trust my hubby’s eyes.

If I start to put on moisturizer on my face, he’ll take a bath. Since I like simple makeup; I just use mascara, powder and lipstick. I don’t need to style my hair as I’ve covered it now; but I still need times to make my head is covered in stylish.

My husband never needs much time to prepare. If I think he needs to change the outfit; I’ll say it and he always listens my opinion. By the way, until now, I’m always late while he’s already waiting outside. I also have an annoying habit; I need to pee (sorry!) several times before leaving home for any occasion. It makes me late more!


Water Spray

>> Apr 5, 2011

I think these photos are wet enough for this watery post. During car washing, water spray is really needed to remove all dirt and clean the car. Soon your car will look clean again and you’re ready to go!

My entry for Watery Wednesday


Getting Fun School Items

Dear parents, since education is very important, you should build learning skill of your kids from their early age. Every parent should always motivate their kids to love studying in school.

How to make your kid loves school? One way that you can do is providing your kids with fun and useful school items. I recommend you to visit Posy Lane; it’s the best place to search for fun school kid items collection.

If you’re looking for school items for your kids, the main items are kids backpacks. Posy Lane provides many designs of kid backpacks from Mint, Stephen Joseph and more. To make it special and unique, you can personalize the backpack. Posy Lane offers you with wide font collection and embroidery thread colors. Your kid’s backpack will looks very special with his/her name is embroidered on it. Your kid will wear it with proud!

Don’t forget to choose a backpack that suits with your kid’s age and needs. You’ll get the right backpack as Posy Lane provides backpacks in various sizes. I love their Mint toddler backpacks collection. It’s created of strong nylon and it uses large zippers. This could be the best choice for your toddler!

For your toddler, you can also get the perfect nap mat at Posy Lane. If you have bought Mint toddler backpack, you can also get lunch tote, snack square and nap mat that match with the backpacks. Your toddler will have comfortable nap; since their Mint personalized nap mats are attached with a soft fleece blanket and a removable pillow. It’s easy to clean the nap mat; as you can clean it with your washing machine.

Have you already known the latest news from Posy Lane? Posy Lane created and launched a new website, North Dallas Embroidery. If you need high quality embroidery service right now, you can count on their Embroidery Dallas service. Check out the new website to get further information!


Spending Sunday in Bandung

>> Apr 4, 2011

Sunday morning, we left home to visit an aunt’s house in Bandung (West Java, Indonesia). There’s a family meeting there that we should attend. Three weeks ahead, my aunt will hold her daughter’s wedding ceremony. Some relatives were gathering to discuss the last preparation and allocate tasks between family members.

It took three hours to reach the house. The meeting started after lunch and ended in four hours. We had no time to visit another place. It’s a pity anyway, since there are lots of interesting place in Bandung that I want to visit. Bandung is famous for its shopping places; one of them is Cihampelas Street.

We just passed by this street, as we don’t want to reach home very late. Cihampelas Street is a crowded place; it’s full of shops that sell clothes. The narrow road makes traffic jam is a common thing along this road, that’s why I can take photos there. You can see that the shops in Cihampelas Street attract buyers in creative ways. Famous characters like Aladdin, Yasmin, Superman and Spiderman are welcoming you there!


One night at Our Porch

>> Apr 2, 2011

One wet night, laron (flying white ants) were coming out from their nest and flying to look for the light. They are sensitive to light. They need light to find their mate. A house lizard was so interested. Lots of food! Patiently, the house lizard waited on the wall to catch a nearing laron. Hap, it successfully caught one. Not bad at all for late dinner :)

A little more about house lizard/gecko :

Researchers have found that the toes of a house lizard/gecko are densely packed with half a million fine hairs. At the end of each hair splits up to 1000 filaments, each just 200 billionths of a meter wide. Which means the gecko foot has about 500 million tiny branches making contact with a surface. It can adhere to literally any surface, even polished glass and mirrors!

Atomic bonding is the reason behind the gecko’s sticky feet. There is an attraction between molecules at the ends of the gecko’s toe hairs and on the contact surface.

The process of shedding all or part of their tails is called autotomy – an action intended to scare off predators (source:google).


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