Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

Couple’s Corner: We’re the Best of Friends

>> Apr 29, 2010

Can I call my hubby is my best friend? Hmmm, let’s see… Does he fulfill the criteria as a best friend?

No matter what I do, my hubby will always give me his support. Whatever you need, a best friend will have your back and he’ll stick through the tough times with you.

Best friend are one that can be trusted. You know that whatever you share with him – it is in good hands. There are no secrets between me and my
hubby; we can share stories about everything, including our past life…

When the time is right and I have news to share, he gives me his full attention. Advice from him does not come without first knowing what I’m asking for. He always hears, listens and understands what I’m asking.

Feeling down or blue, a
best friend will likely know how to lift your spirits and make your day. A best friend will have a way of helping you see through your stress and pain and discover the smiles waiting on the other side. Oh, yes, I can count on him to make me laugh and see the bright side of things.

There’s no doubt, my hubby is my best friend. As mentioned by Liz, marrying and loving our husbands and being their best friend is the greatest thing that can ever happen to us, married couples. I feel so grateful!

It’s my story, what about you? Visit CC to know other’s stories…


A Dragonfly at Cibubur Lake

>> Apr 28, 2010

It’s time for Watery Wednesday! When I captured some spots at Cibubur Lake (Cibubur, West Java, Indonesia) that day, I saw a dragonfly near the lake. At that time, the rain started to fall…


Best Lambo Doors for Your Car

Most people value their rides aren’t only as transportation means; it’s more than that. People often see a car as a symbol of someone’s identity, personality and life style. That’s why most cars owners like to modify their vehicles’ performance.
Modification also called as customizing. It personalizes the car to reflect the owner’s taste, sense of proportion and design. More often car modification is done just to make your car look better. There are many things that can be done to modify a car. Any part of a car can be modified and making modifications is a statement of the owners to express their personal style.

To avoid wasting your money by buying improper car accessories, you should deal with a professional. That’s why I encourage you to visit CARiD. With their best and helpful customer service, you will get a big assist in selecting the right accessories for your rides. Make sure that any modifications to your car are safe and won’t disturb the comfort of the vehicle.

If you want your car looks classy and futuristic, why don’t you install
vertical doors for your car? Vertical or lambo doors are car doors that open vertically like Lamborghini cars. You can easily change it by using a lambo door car kit. A car with lambo doors is really unique and stands out from other kinds of cars. People will turn their heads to your cars!

Lambo door car kits that are especially designed for specific car models are already available. Try to look for ones that are specific to your car model. Don’t worry, if you search at CARiD, you’ll find one that match with your car. Whatever the type and brand of your car, they offer a wide range of choices. Finding proper lambo door car kit for your car can be a stressful experience; but it won’t happen if you get it at CARiD, the best place for car owners who like to modify cars.


All about Free Information on Pregnancy

>> Apr 26, 2010

Are you pregnant now? Congratulations! I really say this because I haven’t been yet pregnant until now. Pregnancy is golden moments for women. You should do prenatal care in pregnancy, with special attention on your health.

Follow a healthy diet for your developing baby. You can learn about the best prenatal diet and find tips on eating right during your pregnancy.

Try to exercise regularly. Choose the best prenatal exercise that most suits you.

Search more about plus size pregnancy, the best birth options and also stylish but affordable plus size maternity wear.

Enhance your knowledge on pregnancy things. You don’t need to buy many books anymore; you can read
free information that mentions lots of pregnancy tips and articles.

Follow your baby’s development with your own pregnancy calendar. You should have this! Learn about the stages of pregnancy and find out how to calculate your baby’s due date.

During pregnancy, you can experience discomforts. Learn about how to deal with common pregnancy symptoms such as
morning sickness, cramps and swelling.

If you still work while pregnant, you should find out the way how to stay safe from workplace hazards. Don’t forget to tell your supervisor about going on maternity leave.

Let’s talk a different condition. It’s not a wanted pregnancy; it’s about
Unplanned Pregnancies. What you should do if you face this?

You and your spouse have been using some form of birth control; but you miss your menstruation period. You don’t take it seriously because you have applied birth control. But when you check it and take a home pregnancy test; the result is positive. You aren’t happy and it can be caused by many reasons.

Pregnancy can become a not welcome incident for women who don’t want to become pregnant for whatever explanation. Having a child is something that needs preparation and should be a well thought-out decision. While making a baby is recreation, bringing up the child is truly a hard job, not a joke. What ever any decision that you will make on your unplanned pregnancy, it must be through long thinking and wide consideration.


Camera Critters: White-Spotted Deer of Bogor Presidential Palace

The deer are so special because they live at the yard of Bogor Presidential Palace.


Happy Birthday, Dad

To My Dad on His Day
To my dad on his day, Of whom I am a living will:
May your happiness fulfill
Your goodness, as is just and right.
Deeds are seeds upon the night
As wind and wonder have their way,
Delivering the destined light.
April 24th

You Feel the Fortune of Your Years

You feel the fortune of your years,
I hope. For all your children's love
This day must bring you happy tears
And thoughts that joyful music prove.
I hope, for all your children's love,
There is an island, be it small,
And thoughts that joyful music prove
Beyond what years you may recall.

There is an island, be it small,
Amid the passions of the sea,
Beyond what years you may recall,
Where you in silent grace can be.

Amid the passions of the sea,
This day must bring you happy tears.
Where you in silent grace can be,
You feel the fortune of your years.



Getting the Suitable Bra for You

Who doesn’t admire breasts of women? It’s one of women’s proud. That’s why women should keep their breasts’ health and beauty. Every woman is unique; every woman has different size of breasts. To maintain the health and beauty of breasts, choosing right and quality bras is very recommended way.

Looking for excellent quality bras means that you should get bras that offer good support, control, comfort and beauty at the same time. Bras can also be used as inner accessories, to make you look more attractive in your wonderful dress.

How to find high quality bras? Don’t worry; you don’t need to search anymore. At Her Room, you will get what you’re looking for! Before buying bras, you should consider your actual breasts size, the style of the bra that you require, the quality, the match with the clothing and the brands.

Her Room offers wide variety of bras. You can select one that most suits your need by its best brands or categories such as demi, lace, microfiber, minimizer, padded, petite, plus-size, push up, racer back, soft cup, under wire, backless, corset, cotton, teen and sport bras, nursing/maternity.

My favorite brands are
Chantelle bras and Wacoal bras. You should try their high quality products, you’ll love it! If you prefer to use shapewear to give you support and shape, there are various styles offered at Her Room, such as firm control, light control, moderate control, plus size shapewear, thigh shaper, waist cincher and others.

So female friends, what are you waiting for? Visit Her Room to get best bras and women’s body shapers!


To Solve Men’s Problems

Men usually concern about the size of their penis. They will feel so anxious if they think the size is too short. If you experience the same problem, of course, you’ll search the best way to deal with this problem, right?

Have you seen of penis extenders device? As one of
penis enlargement methods, penis extenders are the only method that has been clinically proven, CE Certified and doctor recommended. With penis extender device, you can enlarge your penis at home by your self, without operation and drugs, and you don’t need to go to clinic. Your privacy is safe!

It’s much recommended for you to get benefits from X4 Labs Penis Extender. Being approved by doctors in United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, X4 Labs penis extender device is recognized with its high rate of success and permanent results.

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If you still hesitate to try X4 Labs Penis Extender, before you decide to buy it, it’s wiser if you know other’s experiences first and enhance your knowledge by reading reviews on various products in
male enhancement industry.


CC : Our Days at Work

>> Apr 22, 2010

According to Liz, the meaning of this topic is: When we are with our husbands, do we talk about what happened to our day? I’ m a stay at home wife and my husband works at a small restaurant that belongs to my brother in-law. His family is very close each other and they are running some businesses.

I don’t meet my husband every day. The restaurant is close at 11pm every night; and it takes about one hour on the way back home. It will be very exhausted if he has to do it every day; so he spends the night at the restaurant and comes home every three days.

I’m a kind of wife that doesn’t want to bother my husband with my domestic problems. When he is at his work place; I’ve just sent him messages -questioning his condition that day- by cell phone. We are talking by phone only if he calls me first; usually after midnight; before going to sleep. I’ve never told my problems; unless he asks me earlier. I know he’s already tired; so I don’t want to burden him.

The same thing happen when he goes back home. We’re just talking about our days if he starts it first. Actually, he always asks my opinion before making any decision or if he faces some trouble at work; even if they (my husband with my in-laws) are close, the conflicts are still possibly happen!

If the time is right; we can talk almost everything about our days. There’s no secret between us. Well, it’s my story. Don’t hesitate to visit CC if you want to read other’s stories.


Green Pest Control for Your Home

We are already realized that there are other living creatures that can live at our homes. No matter how hard you maintain your house clean; it is still possible that household pests such as flies, ants, cockroaches, mosquitoes, rodents etc. are invading your home. You can’t let their presence at your home because it will annoy and it also can endanger your family’s health.

Usually, getting rids of these household pests is using chemical, toxic pesticides. But now, you should think more if you still want to use chemical pesticides; because its bad effect to environment and human’s health. If your care about your environment and your family’s health, it’s better to apply other method.

Why don’t you try green pest control to get rid of pests at your home? You can solve your pest problem without violating environment because it is only using green solution; such as applying mechanical or pesticide-free items and general pest-proofing materials.

If you’re resident of Denver and Dallas, for getting green pest control service, you can contact
Denver Pest Control and Dallas Pest Control. If you’re living in different area -don’t worry- green pest control service are already available in many locations. Where ever you are, whether you live in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Texas, Arizona or Colorado, try to contact local green pest control in your area.


Best Place to Get Information on Contact Lenses Technology

My sister in-law wears contact lenses for years; she doesn’t like wearing eyeglasses. In our last conversation, she said that she wanted to change her current contact lenses, because she felt it’s not comfortable anymore.

Contact lenses are placed directly on the cornea. I really agree if she switches it to use
latest contact lenses which are more comfortable and healthier for her eyes. I also recommended her to visit clearycontacts.net to get more information about new contact lens technology.

Clearlycontacts.net offers comprehensive information on
contact lens technology that is available in the market. It’s a site that you should visit if you really want to know more about contact lens technology!


Is Your Child Afraid to Sleep?

>> Apr 20, 2010

Dear parents, is your child facing problems to sleep? It can make you dizzy, right? Don’t worry, this time I’ll share the ways to handle your child’s problems. In her article, Teri Cettina wrote about seven problems that can occur to your child while going to bed. Hope it can give you more useful knowledge. Here they are:

1.Problem: Your child gets up repeatedly after you've put her/him to bed, calling, “Mom/Dad, I need a glass of water.”

Why it happens
: Kids make bedtime curtain calls for many reasons. Preschoolers may be asserting their independence: “You can't make me stay in bed!” Or they stall because they're afraid of the dark. The most common reason, though, is that you've slipped from a consistent routine you had when they were babies.

How to rest easy: Before-bed routines are important for children of all ages, says Lynn D'Andrea, M.D., director of the Pediatric Sleep Disorders Center at the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin, in Wauwatosa.

The evening ritual could be as simple as reading your child a story and wishing him a good night. Another tool is a bedtime pass, a card your child can turn in for one nighttime request. Preschoolers also benefit from rewards (like extra playground time) for staying put.

2. Problem: Your child is scared―of the monsters or even a house fire.
Why it happens: As kids wind down, it's normal for anxieties to surface. Your preschooler is easy to worry about what lurks in the shadows, while an older child may have relatively realistic fears―of robbers, for instance.

How to rest easy: A night-light to chase away dark and a few squirts of anti-monster spray (tap water in a specially marked bottle) are often enough to settle down a young one. Jodi Mindell, Ph.D., an associate director of the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Sleep Center, said that imaginary fears can be handled well by imaginary solutions.

If an older child is a worrier, ban scary movies and books at night. If he/she worries about intruders or natural disasters, chat with him/her about these issues well before bedtime. For example, you can ask, “What would you do if we had a fire?” Having an escape plan for an emergency could also help your child relax.

3. Problem: Your child can’t fall asleep, and then it takes a marching band to wake him/her up in the morning (hahaha).

Why it happens: Kids can have insomnia for any number of reasons, from drinking caffeinated drinks at night to schoolwork anxiety.

How to rest easy: Revisit the basics. Make sure your child has a bedtime routine. If you notice that he/she can’t fall asleep until late (say, after midnight) and sleeps in when allowed to sleep on his/her own schedule, he/she may have delayed sleep-phase syndrome, which is more common in teens (stated by Judith Owens, M.D., director of the Pediatric Sleep Disorders Clinic).

This can be tough on both your child and family members who are on more traditional schedules, so ask your doctor for a referral to a sleep specialist. Professionals can help shift your child’s sleep time closer to normal.

Other tips:

  • Have your child avoid screen time (like the TV and the computer) for at least half an hour before bed.

  • Turn down the lights to help his/her body prepare for sleep. Come morning, open the drapes and turn on the lights.

  • Make sure he/she gets up at a consistent time (although an hour later on weekends is OK) so your child will be tired at the same time each night.
I still have four other problems. I’ll mention it in my next post. See you…

Source :google


A Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo Bird

>> Apr 17, 2010

The Sulphur-crested Cockatoo, Cacatua galerita, is a relatively large white cockatoo found in wooded habitats in Australia and New Guinea (source: Wikipedia). Nowadays, they have already become popular pets all over the world. This one belongs to my neighbor. I like its friendly face, do you?


CC : When We Watch Movies Together

>> Apr 15, 2010

Watching movies together can become very enjoyable activities for couples. For me, it’s also a good way to ease stress. We seldom go to the cinema for watching movies together; the last movie that we saw was 2012. Most often we rent or buy DVD and watch it in our bed room; or just watch movies that shown on television.

We like watching movies; but we have different preference. I like animation, fantasy and sci-fi movies; but hubby less like it. When I saw Harry Potter or Star Wars, he said,”It’s too impossible!” Of course it’s impossible; but it’s very interesting…

I’m so glad that hubby doesn’t like bloody and horror movies (makes me can't sleep). That kind of movies that I avoid to watch! Movies that we can watch together are action, suspense, and comedy. He is a huge fan of Steven Seagal movies; but I’m not. I like his Aikido moves; but for me, he isn’t a good actor. His face looks always the same, whether he acts for sad, happy or angry scene. But we love Jet Li and Jacky Chan movies; we always watch all their movies together; so fun…

While watching movies; hubby often annoys me with questions. He can’t read the subtitle fast; so he misses it often. Sometimes I have to read aloud the subtitle for him….pheww….

Have you watched Prison Break the series? We are addicted to Prison Break! It’s the only one movie series that we adore together. I actually also want to collect Heroes the series; but he doesn’t like it. Perhaps I’ll buy it later and watch it alone.

Watching movies with our spouse should be a fun activity that makes you closer each other. My advice, pick only movies that you can enjoy together; unless you want to sacrifice, hahaha.


Cibubur Lake View

>> Apr 14, 2010

It’s time for Watery Wednesday! This time I share pictures of some spots of Cibubur Lake (Cibubur, West Java, Indonesia) that I can capture before the rain fell hard.


My Money or Our Money?

>> Apr 12, 2010

I guess every married couple has different way to handle finance. Whether they combine or separate their finance. They can do whatever; since they feel that it’s right and most suit for them.

I won’t mention here what experts said about this. But for me, since I got married, there’s no more ‘me’, there is only us. I think as a team now. So, there’s no such thing like ‘my money’ for us…

We prefer to combine our earnings; and then divide it into several posts, including posts of our personal needs. If we want to buy ‘fun’ stuff, it should be kept within reason and not hidden. What about you?


Camera Critters: My Daily Activities

>> Apr 10, 2010

Hi, my name is Iput, a she-local cat. I don’t have long fur and cute nose; but I can be your nice friend. Those are my daily activities, if you want to know me more…


Formal Dresses for Your Special Occasion

Do you have a special occasion that you must attend in a short time; but you still can’t decide what you should wear? I guess it is one of women’s common problems, right? There are still many women that are always confused to select their right formal dresses.

To ease you, I’ll share here some tips on choosing appropriate formal dresses:
  • First, you have to be sure what type of party or occasion that you will attend to. It will determine the proper formal dresses that you can choose.
  • Choose a formal dress that most suits your style, preference and personality. Select the right color. It’s important because colors play a very important role. For formal events; you can wear light or pastel colors (not always black), like pink, light yellow, light blue, baby pink, white etc.
  • Select only formal dress that made of very high quality fabric. It will enhance a class to your whole appearance.
  • Complement your formal dress by wearing proper accessories.

There are various formal dresses and gowns styles that you can choose. That’s why I invite you to see all collections at Elegant Mart, a secure online boutique. You can find a formal dress that is perfect for you. They provide gorgeous designed evening dresses, bridesmaid dresses, prom dresses, evening gowns, cocktail dresses, sexy dresses, party dresses and halter dresses. You will love it! The best thing is, you can have it at low price!

So, female friends, whatever your special occasion is, make sure to choose yours at Elegant Mart, the best place to buy delightful designer dresses at great low prices!


CC : Our Favorite Places

>> Apr 8, 2010

Dullness is a real marriage-buster. So, it’s still important for us, married couples, to go out once in a while and spend times together. Especially now I don’t meet my hubby everyday. Every time he’s at home, he always asks me going out, at least once in two weeks. We love to eat, when we’re going out, most of the times are going to eating places.

For Indonesian food, we often visit Ayam Geprek Restaurant, which located near with our home. All food’s taste are great, especially ayam geprek -its traditional fried chicken- is so tender and tasty. Yummy… Moreover, the prices are so affordable! Sometimes we have to wait for a while if the restaurant is too full…

Hoka Hoka Bento is our choice if we’re interested in Japanese food. Our favorite food is Beef/Chicken Yakiniku. I think Hoka Hoka Bento is a cozy place; I like its taste and price.

Waroeng Steak and Shake is the place we visit for eating affordable but still yummy steak. We have our favorite spot there, at its open area. We prefer to visit there at night. It’s so nice to have steak for dinner in romantic atmosphere.

Sometimes we just go to the park in our neighborhood and eat our also favorite food –chicken noodles- at a little canteen by the park. It’s enjoyable, too…

We seldom go to the cinema to watch movies; we prefer to buy and watch it at home, in our bedroom. The mall that we most often visit is Botani Square; at least once in a month; to buy monthly needs at Giant hypermarket and do window shopping.

There are our favorite places in my city, Bogor, Indonesia. Visit CC to read other couple’s stories. Have a nice day, every one…


Why You Should Visit a Dermatologist?

Most people, whether women or men, are dreaming to have smooth and healthy skin. The good news is; healthy skin isn’t always from the gene pool; you all can develop better skin. Thanks to the latest technology of dermatology; your dreams can be true faster and easily.

If you’re a resident of Los Angeles, you might have noticed that there are many options for skin treatments centre. You should choose one that trusted for safety and quality; such as
Los Angeles Dermatologist Celibre that has provided the most advanced laser skincare treatment in the country.

Here are benefits that you can get if you visit a dermatologist:

1. Having healthy skin inside.
A dermatologist can diagnose and treat any major skin conditions.

2. Having smooth skin on the surface.
Botox Treatment Los Angeles can reduce the forehead and eye wrinkles for months and give you a younger look.

3. Having improved self-confidence.
Laser treatment can cure and eliminate many skin problems such as unwanted tattoo, severe acnes, skin blemish and unwanted hair.
Los Angeles Laser Hair Removal can undertake your unwanted hair problem with safe and quick.

If you want to have clear, smooth and healthy skin, don’t hesitate to visit trusted dermatologist frequently, since dermatologist is the best place to protect and care your skin.


Bogor Katulampa Dam

>> Apr 7, 2010

Katulampa Dam located in Bogor, West Java, Indonesia. Built in 1911; the dam becomes so crucial in rainy season; because it controls the flood (from Ciliwung River) that comes to Jakarta (capital city of Indonesia). The dam starts its alert condition since the water level is above normal height (80 cm). If the water level continues high, it can be predicted that the flood will arrive at Jakarta in eight hours ahead. For Watery Wednesday, I share pictures of Katulampa Dam that I captured weeks ago.


The Secrets of Happy Couples

>> Apr 5, 2010

This post is still related to the topic of Couple's Corner last week. I’ve mentioned a little about the result of a study that conducted by Terri Orbuch and her team of researches. Imagine this; they have conducted the longest-running study of marriage in North America-22 years-wow!

Again, I’ve mentioned here the result. The secrets of happy couples, that Orbuch and her team of researchers found, were amazingly simple.

"Really great marriages are not the result of long hours of hard work, but of everyday behaviors and attitudes, seemingly small gestures that show your spouse that he or she is noticed, appreciated, respected, loved and desired" Orbuch mentioned the secrets in her book: 5 Simple Steps to Take Your Marriage from Good to Great, and it’s based on the study's results.

You might want to know, what are a few secrets to make a great marriage, right? Here they are (just a brief of them):

Do small things often to make your partner feel special.Psychologists call it as affective affirmation. It includes compliments, help and support, encouragement and hand-holding - anything that tells your partner you're still paying attention. Orbuch said that what important is, husbands and wives should recognize their different ways of expressing affective affirmation.

Expect less, get more.Unrealistic expectations of men, women and relationships-in most cases- cause frustration, anger and hurt. All marriages have ups and downs, and even the happiest couples in Orbuch's study admitted that they argued.

There's no such thing as endless harmony. In fact, studies have shown that happiness in marriage begins to decline after two or three years, with the stresses of raising a family and maintaining a home together, only to increase again by Year 25, in what's called "the U-shaped curve." It isn't until after about the 35th year of marriage that happiness regains and even exceeds that of the first years.

Hold daily briefings.
Take at least 10 minutes each day to talk. Just talk. About hockey or movies or politics or what you'd do if you won the lottery. The catch is that it has to be something other than work, kids or finances.

The happiest couples were those intimately connected with each other's lives. They knew each other's routines and preferences, their inner lives and social worlds. They slowed things down to make time for each other.

Shake things up.Dullness is a real marriage-buster. Do new things together, to keep things interesting. Orbuch said that it's the best way to add passion into a relationship. Another trick for getting out of a habit is to exchange roles. If he's usually the travel planner and she's the cook, get her to book this summer's vacation and him to make Sunday dinner.

Keep costs low, benefits high.
Psychologists have developed a theory that people keep track mentally of how much emotional currency they spend in a love relationship compared with how much they earn or get back. She conveyed six behaviors that couples reported as being the most "costly" in terms of marital happiness. Among them: an unfair division of household labor, chronic arguing, jealousy or power imbalances, secretive behavior and conflicts with each other's family.

I think we, married couples, can learn a lot from this study…

Source: montrealgazette.com & google
Picture source: vintageholidaycrafts.com


Getting Fit with Affordable Fitness Equipment

You might have already realized about the importance of exercise. Lack of exercise and poor diet can cause lots of health problems. To meet your own goals, it’s better if you acknowledge more about exercise. There are some ways for exercising; you can choose one that you most like. You can swim, walking, running and other outdoor exercises. If you prefer to work out indoor, fitness training can be a good choice.

Some people are lazy to come to gyms; they like better to have their fitness equipment at their home. When searching for a piece of fitness equipment, your budget and your needs represent the main criteria of selection. If you’re still confused on choosing the best fitness equipment for you; don’t worry, I know the best place, eFITology that offers free consultation from their consultants that also as fitness experts. Isn’t it a great service?

They offer best brand fitness equipment with low price guarantee. If you have decided to have a treadmill, you should choose a good one with careful; and
Tunturi is much recommended. Tunturi exercise bikes are also proper fitness equipments for you; it will enhance your performance, energy levels and self-confidence. Training will be more enjoyable when using a Tunturi exercise bike!

So, what are you waiting for, guys? In favor of good health and shape, just dial 1-866-570-0470 and get your free consultation!


CC: Sweet Gestures

>> Apr 1, 2010

What makes couples happy? What makes marriages last? Terri Orbuch (a research professor and a marriage-and-family therapist) and her team mentioned the secrets of happy married couples:
"Really great marriages are not the result of long hours of hard work, but of everyday behaviors and attitudes, seemingly small gestures that show your spouse that he or she is noticed, appreciated, respected, loved and desired"

So, the secret of a happy
couple is the small stuffs, the small gestures that we do often such as:
  • Hubby tells me that I always look beautiful.

  • I bring him coffee in bed in the morning; he brings me a glass of warm water in the night.

  • Every time he’s leaving home; he kisses my forehead; and I kiss his hand.

  • Before going to bed, we’re forgiving each other and holding hands.

  • When he’s tired, I always massage him (and vice versa).

  • If we’re in the middle of a misunderstanding and one of us is pointing forward the bended little finger, the other isn’t allowed to reject the reconcilement invitation. This funny way can always break the ice; and it becomes a good start to communicate heart by heart.
Those are some of ours. Visit Couple's Corner if you want to know more stories...


Make Your Home a Child Proof Home

Dear parents, of course, you want your home to be a safe place for your child. But have you known that accidents at home often happen to children that normally move very actively? Independent Research Institute of USA, in 2008, records that there are 15,000 accidents cases that children experienced at their own home. A house becomes the second place where accidents happen after roads and vehicles.

The cause of accident at home is arranging and choosing furniture and room design that less pay attention to child safety factor. Whereas, children move and play everywhere, so that they are in high risk to get an accident, like struck down by television, stick in cables, get a shock from electricity, or bump into sharp and pointed angles of furniture. Don’t worry, with a little care, many incidents can be prevented.

First, you should increase your knowledge on how to baby proof your home by reading child safety tips. And then you can decide what proper baby proofing products that you need to apply at home. Finding baby proofing products can be so difficult if you don’t know KidSafe.

With KidSafe, you’ll get what you need because they offer a wide variety of the highest quality child safety products (more than thirty categories). For my home (once I’ve my baby), I really need to install
Baby Gates and Child Safety Locks. If you’re looking for other products, they also have Corner Cushions, Outlet Covers, TV Guards, Door Locks, Appliance Locks, Window Guards and much more.


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