Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

Black Marble Angle Fish

>> Oct 30, 2010

It’s a beautiful name for fish, right? We have several angle fish in our fresh water aquarium. Sorry for unclear photo, I still need more learn and practice, hehehe. I love seeing their movements in the water, so graceful.

I share here a little more information about this fish (source: petpig.com). Angel Fish are named after their calming and graceful motions. Their body, if seen from the side, looks like a broad arrowhead. Their dorsal fins are long and narrow, and they have little pectoral fins. Marble Angel Fish get their name from the marbled spots of silver, black and white on their scales.

The Marble Angel Fish is one of the most good-looking freshwater fish available. Their delicate fins and slim, flat body are very nice to look at. Don’t you agree? They have good temperament. If raised in a community tank/aquarium, the Marble Angel will accept other fish well. If you put into your aquarium at a mature age, Marble Angels will try to dominate smaller fish. This may effect in fighting and injuries. However, the Marble Angel Fish will seldom kill another fish. So, buy the younger ones!


CC: I will Do It Tomorrow

>> Oct 28, 2010

How many times do your hear an answer,”Okay, I will do it tomorrow” from your spouse? I hear it often from my hubby, hahaha.

“I will do it tomorrow” or “I will do it later” has become my hubby’s habit. Sometimes I just let it; but when it comes to urgent things, I must remind him often, before it’s getting worse. If you have the leak in pipe at home, it can’t wait until tomorrow, right? When it comes to urgent things, he seldom says, “I’ll do it later”. He usually fixes the problem right away.

In our early years of marriage, this attitude can make me so annoyed. But it’s not anymore now. I guess like other wives, I get used to it. Though it’s not as often as him, sometimes, I say that as well. So, both of us, do the same ‘mistake’; if it can be assumed as one of our daily mistakes.

I think as long as we can decide the priority of things that happen in our marriage life, it would be all right if we postpone do something, as there’s more important thing that needs to be done first.


Splash Moment

>> Oct 27, 2010

It’s nice to see playing children. I captured these photos at a water channel near Katulampa Dam, Bogor, Indonesia. The weather at that afternoon was so bright. Several boys were playing and swimming on the water channel.

One boy is brave. He loves jumping into the water; he did it several times. What a splash! For them, there’s no need to go to swimming pool to have fun with water!

My entry for Watery Wednesday


Beware of Cyber Stalkers in Facebook!

>> Oct 25, 2010

If you’re an Indonesian, perhaps you followed the news about Devi Permatasari, 13 years old, a second grade Junior High School student in Bandung who has been kidnapped for about two weeks by a guy that she met in facebook. I’m so glad it ended with happy ending. Police can successfully save the girl at the kidnaper’s house at Oct 21th 2010 and now he’s in jail. It was the right time operation, as the bad guy – Taufik Hidayat- wanted to sell Devi to other bad men.

This crime can be assumed as cyber stalking, a new type of computer related crime going on in our society. In general terms, cyber stalking is when a person is followed and pursued on line. The victim’s privacy is assaulted and their every move is watched. It’s usually occurs with women, or children who are stalked by adult predators or pedophiles.

Cyber stalkers meet or target their victims by using search engines, online forums, bulletin and discussion boards, chat rooms, and more recently, through online communities such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and many other more. In this case, Devi met the cyber stalker in facebook. Taufik Hidayat (23 years old) faked his identity and pretended as a student of a favorite senior high school named Reno. Cyber stalkers will do and offer anything to attract the victims!

Devi is still a naive girl and she has no idea what really happened. She believed every thing ‘Reno’ said. She is more attracted to ‘Reno’ after he promised to buy her a blackberry phone and give money Rp100.000, - (about $10-11) every day. That’s why – when ‘Reno’ asked her to meet for the first time at Oct 5th- Devi felt very happy and told one of her friends that she will meet the great and kind guy. Based on her friend’s information about ‘Reno’, the police can catch the kidnapper.

As parents, you can’t watch and protect your children, especially your daughters, every minute. I think Devi’s parents don’t know much about internet and facebook so they don’t give related and enough information to build their daughter’s self-awareness.

If your daughter has been told to be always aware and alert while doing online and every where, the kidnap won’t happen. She will keep personal information, won’t be easy to trust someone that met online, won’t be easily attracted to any interesting offer, and won’t be brave to meet the guy just alone.
Always remind your daughter/child to use internet technology with smart and high self awareness. Alert, alert, and alert!


A Little More about Ants

>> Oct 23, 2010

We, human, love and also hate ants. Why? Ants perform many ecological roles that are beneficial to humans, including the control of pest populations and aeration of the soil. For example, these ants in the photo are ‘eating’ pests on our guava tree. But on the other hand, ants can become trouble when they attack buildings, your homes, your foods, or cause other economic losses.

Like all insects, ants have six legs. Each leg has three joints. The legs of the ant are very sturdy so they can run very fast. If a man could run as fast for his size as an ant can, he could run as fast as a racehorse. Ants can pick up 20 times their own body weight. An ant brain has about 250 000 brain cells. A human brain has 10,000 million so a colony of 40,000 ants has collectively the same size brain as a human. Interesting fact, isn’t it?

The regular life expectancy of an ant is 45-60 days. Ants use their antennae not only for touch, but also for their sense of smell. The head of the ant has a pair of large, strong jaws. The jaws open and shut to one side like a pair of scissors. Adult ants cannot eat and ingest solid food. Instead, they swallow the juice which they squeeze from pieces of food. They throw away the dry part that is left over. The ant has two eyes, each eye is made of many smaller eyes.


CC : Annoying NOs in Our Marriage

>> Oct 21, 2010

Whether you a wife or a husband, I guess you ever experience these annoying NOs from your spouse.

Let my hubby first. I’ve ever mentioned about it several times at my Couple’s Corner previous posts. My hubby forbids me going out alone. Sometimes it’s really annoying me. He keeps saying NO every time I tell him that I want to go some where; and I don’t like waiting for him until he comes home from work, as he often arrives at home very late at night. There’s no open place anymore.

Though I have promised that I’ll be very careful, he keeps saying NO. In fact, I don’t disagree with his reason of not allowing me. He said that he is afraid of some men will flirt with me. Does it mean he really protects me or just his jealousy?

I really want to take pictures of some interesting events in my city. Because of this forbidden, sometimes I miss the event, when he’s too busy to accompany me.

My hubby is a smoker. My dream is to see him quit smoking. I have asked him several times, but he’s seldom said something, and keeps smoking until now. It bothers me a lot. He doesn’t say NO, but for me, it’s the most annoying NO from him. I avoid forcing him, as I prefer to give him explanation and my arguments. But it hasn’t been successful yet. He’s ever answered once, “I want to stop, but it’s very hard”. Sigh.

What about my NOs? When we’re going shopping to a mall or hypermarket, it can happen a little argument. My hubby isn’t a frugal buyer; his shopping behavior more tends to be spontaneous buying. I often say NO. “No, we still have much of this”, “No, we still don’t need it”, “No, it’s not in our list”, “No, it’s too expensive for our budget”, etc. But when we’re going shopping to a flea market, I never say NO, I let him totally. And most of the times, I just wait in the car, hehehe.

If you want to share your story, come and join Couple’s Corner! We can learn from other’s stories, right?


Outdoor Bathrooms

>> Oct 20, 2010

This time I don’t share the beauty views. Along the flowing water (Katulampa water channel, Bogor, Indonesia), you can see several bathrooms. It’s not healthy thing, of course. In a developing country like mine, local people that live near the flowing water still prefer to build and use outdoor bathrooms every day.

Poverty isn’t the cause. Perhaps it already becomes their old tradition. Several years ago, I’ve ever visited a village of onion farmers in Brebes, Central Java, Indonesia. They aren’t poor; but most homes in the village have no bathrooms. They prefer to use the river to get all their water need -for drink, wash, cook, bath, etc. The river is one of their favorite gathering places.

For me, they have polluted the water straightly. I really hope that one day, all local people there don’t use these bathrooms anymore and each home has at least one bathroom. They must have wills to change their unhealthy habits! 
Watery Wednesday


You are Also Invited!

>> Oct 18, 2010

Dear blogger friends, Faye is holding another blog contest. Isn’t it great? It’s open for international bloggers, so, you can also join!

First, check out the lovely prizes :
1st prize - Fossil Ladies Watch
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3rd prize -Kate Spade kikay kit (orange)

The mechanics are still simple. I quote it from her blog :
1. Subscribe to my feed via email located right side bar (REQUIRED ) - 1 Entry
2. Blog about the contest along with the Prizes {You MUST include the Prizes and My link}- 5 Entries
- If you have multiple blogs, much better. Each blog post along with the Prizes -5 Entries.
3. Leave a comment in this post telling me what you did and give me the link of the blog post. 1 Entry.
4. Comment to any of my post. From Oct 12,2010 to Dec 18,2010 and you’ll have 1 entry each comment.
-Make it sure it's at least three word ! LOL And NO SPAMMING, PLEASE!

The Contest ends on December 18, so if you wish to participate you must enter before that date. Winners will be announced on December 28,2010! The winners will be picked through Random.org!

Good luck to all participants!


Caterpillar’s Eyes

>> Oct 16, 2010

True eyes or eye spots?

Caterpillar's true eyes are on the side of their head. What can they see actually? Caterpillars only see light and dark. Some caterpillars have eyespots. An eye spot is a circular, eye-like marking found on the body of some caterpillars. These eyespots make the little ones look like the face of a larger animal and may scare away some predators.

I saw this creature at my front yard. I think the eyes are true ones.


CC: Am I a Yes Wife?

>> Oct 14, 2010

I’m not proud to say this; but in fact, I don’t say yes or agree with everything my husband’s wants and thinks. I guess that’s why he wants me to less stubborn. Sometimes, we have different opinion and point of view about things and we decide to let it. We are two different people; we can’t always have the same thoughts, right?

But when it comes to big and important things in our marriage life, we always try to discuss and compromise, to get one decision that we agree together. But don’t misjudge me, I’m not the kind of wife that doesn’t trust the husband and often forbids when the husband wants to go out besides work. It’s not me at all. Every time he wants to go somewhere (after work hours), he always tells what he will do and who he will meet. He also always asks my permission; and I’ve never said no.

My hubby forbids me leaving far from home alone. Sometimes I don’t obey it and go out to the place by myself. I usually tell him after I’ve arrived at home again, hahaha.

I guess as long as I can give clear and reasonable argument and reason, it’s okay if I sometimes don’t say yes or disagree with hubby. And for his understanding, I always say thank you.


Water for Good Health

>> Oct 13, 2010

Drinking water is very significant for good health. Our body needs water to control body temperature and to supply the means for nutrients to travel to all our organs. Water also brings oxygen to our cells, removes waste, and protects your joints and organs.

How much water do we need to drink? A good estimation is to take our body weight in pounds and divide that number in half. That presents the number of ounces of water per day that we need to drink. For example, if you weigh 160 pounds, you should drink at least 80 ounces of water every day.

Twenty percent of our water need will originate from the foods we eat. The rest of our water need should come from the beverages we drink. Water is the best choice.

I captured it for Watery Wednesday.


Is Your Child Shy (2)?

>> Oct 11, 2010

This post is the continuance of the previous one. If based on the result, you are sure your child is shy; you should handle it right away. One thing that parents should remember is, don’t use your child’s shyness to give her/him the negative label ‘a shy kid’; as it can hurt your child’s feeling and mind. By the way, I’ve ever posted an article that described the bad effects of negative labeling to your child.

Some parents feel that it's important to accept and understand a shy child the way she is. Others may focus more on teaching a child to interrelate more comfortably in social situations. Ultimately, it's finest to merge support with encouragement. "The goal is not to eliminate shyness but to help the child works within his own personality to do the things he wants to do," Markway (author of Nurturing the Shy Child) says.

Here is some general guidance that you can apply to help your child face her/his shyness.

1. Whenever she stays away from other children, talk with her kindly and assist her become friends with the other children.
2. Do not let her cry. Try to familiarize her with the situations she is afraid of. For example, if she is afraid of a dog, go and caress that dog.
3. Do not force her to talk or face the situations she is scared of. For example, when you have guests, do not make she stays with the guests if your child is afraid of strangers.
4. Praise her when she can overcome her shyness. It is very essential that your child is self-confident. Don’t speak in your child’s name and teach her to take care of herself.
5. Try to build up your child’s qualities. It will help her getting more self-belief in herself and then conquer the shyness.
6. Seek advice from a specialist or a doctor if you feel you need more help.

Rewrite Source: essortment.com
Image source : juicyjuice.com


Want a Horse Ride?

>> Oct 9, 2010

"Hi there…
Do you like my pink head accessory?
If you want to ride me, come and visit me at Agri Park Bogor.
Every week end, you can meet me there.
I’ll take you wandering in the park.
It will be so much fun!"


CC: Who’s the BOSS in Our Marriage?

>> Oct 7, 2010

I believe that my hubby is my leader. But it doesn’t mean that he is the only one who makes all decision in our marriage. I’m so grateful that we always think as one, as a team.

If my hubby faces some difficulties at work or other problems, he always asks my opinion. Then we discuss it to solve the problem or at least to decide what he should do to handle it. And it happens vice versa.

As a team, we always make every big decision together. Only in big decisions. When it comes to daily matters at home that I can do it by my self, I make decisions without asking his opinion first.

He’s talkative, and I’m quieter. Perhaps other people think that he’s the Boss. But he’s never said and thought that he’s the Boss, and I feel that we both have equal authority and support each other. We are the BOSS!


Penjalin Dam

>> Oct 6, 2010

I visited the dam during my vacation to my husband’s home town. Penjalin Dam is located at the centre of Winduaji Village (Bumiayu, Central Java, Indonesia). Built in 1930 by Netherland colonial government, Penjalin Dam is prepared for irrigation supplying to the Pemali River down below and rice field area.

Local people around use this dam to add their earnings. Some people are catching fish, taking care of floated fish stalls and renting boats while Eid ul-fitr holiday. On my last visit, I saw lots of visitors and activities there, as every Eid ul-fitr celebration; it’s always held the Recreation Week. I have no chance to ride a boat at that time, as then, the rain was falling hard. 
Watery Wednesday


Is Your Child Shy?

>> Oct 4, 2010

Every child has their own unique character. Some are brave and friendly. Others are fearful and hesitant to getting into contact with strangers. In fact, shyness can be inherited; but an improper education can make your child shy as well.

Is your child shy?

Your child can grow to be shy even at the age of three. His behavior with his family, friends and strangers is the best way to know whether he is shy or not. If you agree with more than four of the statements written below, there is a ninety percent possibility that your child is shy.

1. Your child sticks to you every time you chat with other adults or when you visit other’s home.
2. He becomes worried when you or any other people for whom he deeply cares, such as their grandparents, are missing.
3. He seldom speaks and uses simple words.
4. Your child starts crying easily when you discipline him.
5. He asks you to solve his problems.
6. He doesn’t make friends and he finds it difficult to start a game or a conversation with other children. Therefore, he prefers playing with younger children that he feels in control of the situation.
7. Your child is afraid of objects and situations of which most children are normally not afraid, such as animals, insects, storms, and highness.
8. He wakes up many times during the night.

Well, how’s the result? If your child is shy, you need to read the continuance of this post.

Source: www.essortment.com
Image source : the-parenting-magazine.com


Playing on a Tree

>> Oct 2, 2010

Why are cats better at climbing up trees than climbing down?
When it comes to climbing down, a cat's physical design goes against it. The claws curve in the wrong direction and it has to rely on its weaker, front legs to hold its weight.

Cimu belongs to my neighbor. After several times she needed help to take her down from a tree; now she can climb up and down trees by herself. Her favorite tree is located across our home.

Cats climb trees for fun, on occasion, or possibly to work on improving their climbing abilities. Kittens frequently test out their claw skills by trying to climb up anything and everything, from bookcases to trees to your leg, hehehe. Climbing practice is good for cats; it can improve their strength and flexibility and teach them an important defensive skill. To prevent them from practicing indoor climbing of your furniture, however, you may wish to purchase a carpeted cat tree for climbing.


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