Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

How is Long Island kindling the piano talents in the Country?

>> Jan 31, 2019

Long Island is always alive with music. There are hundreds of music bars, pubs, restaurants, live music shows and special performances you can check out throughout the year. When you step on Long Island, you can feel the music in the air. Although Billy Joel is the most famous piano man from the island, there’s no reason to believe that he’s the only one. There is no shortage of old-school jazz and classical performances no matter what season. Rhythm and blues are in the soul of the city and rock runs in its veins. It’s no surprise that LI is home to some of the most well-known tribute bands in the current music scene.
People on Long Island grow up listening to R&B, classic rock, pop rock, hard rock, and melodious jazz. As a result, some young people and adults are equally interested in learning the piano. The piano is one instrument that’s featured in many rock anthems, iconic hard rock performances, and pop rock songs. From The Ramones to Joe Satriani, everyone has gone back to the piano some time or another for creating unforgettable numbers. Several pianists on long island draw inspiration from these iconic musicians who have come and remained in the hearts of millions over the last few decades.

How to find the perfect piano teacher on Long Island?
As a result, you will find hundreds of advertisements by music teachers specializing in certain instruments like the piano. Here, the problem is not locating a teacher; the challenge is finding one who is right for you. There are several things you might consider while looking for one.
i.             What are your goals and aspirations?
Before you begin your search for teachers, you need to shortlist your goals. Are you an absolute novice? Do you have experience playing the piano? Do you want to learn from scratch? Do you want to brush up your playing skills? Are your learning to become a professional musician? Finding the answers to these questions will help you find the best teacher on Long Island.

ii.           Who is the student?
Is the student an adult? Is your young son or daughter interested in taking piano lessons? A student’s age, abilities and music style will affect the choice of a teacher significantly. There are comprehensive Long Island piano lessons at Grace Music School that are appropriate for adults. Then there are exclusive sessions for children only. Always consider the student’s interests while searching for a teacher.

iii.          What kind of lesson format do you prefer?
Depending on your goals, the student’s age and abilities, the lesson formats can vary. You can choose between the more expensive private lessons, or you can go for group lessons. While private lessons allow one-on-one interactions, the group lessons will enable competitive learning and student interactions.

iv.          Do you have any recommendations?
Searching for “long island” + piano lessons will give you a long list of schools and teachers. How do you find out who’s good and who’s average? The only way to do this is by asking for recommendations actively from your friends and family. You can visit your neighborhood piano store for recommendations as well. If you have no such opportunity, check websites and online listings. Most reputed teachers and schools have good ratings and genuine reviews from students or their guardians.

v.           Contact them personally
When trying to hire a school or someone, try to speak with them on the phone first or leave them a message via their official website. Try to arrange a meeting soon and book a trial class. If it’s your first time, most teachers will agree to talk to you to learn about your preferences and even offer you a trial lesson. In case the teacher shies away from a face-to-face interview or doesn't respond to your message, you should think again about your choice. It might signify the lack of professionalism of that instructor, and you should move on with the other names on your list.

vi.          Set up an interview with the teacher
Just like a teacher examines a student, a potential student needs to interview their future teacher. Set up a meeting with him or her. Find out about their instruction styles, materials, experience, and certifications. Music schools often have multiple teachers who teach on various days of the week. Each one has his or her style, method and experience levels. When choosing a music school, find out about their individual piano coaches and research them online. Look for positive attitude, patience, professionalism, and empathy while hiring a teacher. Attend their classes as an audience member and ask questions after class.

vii.        Compare your experience
While checking out your potential options make a checklist of the likes and dislikes, pros and cons of each teacher or music school. Once you have the complete list, you can easily make a logical comparison of all the teachers you have seen and researched on Long Island. If you’re weighing music schools, it’s imperative to list each teacher you have interviewed separately. Prioritize your necessities, top goals, and select the teacher who comes out on top.

viii.      Establish contact once again
When you want to hire someone for private lessons, you should always give them a call as soon as you make a decision. The same holds for group lessons. When you decide on a Long Island music school for piano lessons, contact them and ask for fee details. The fee usually depends upon the frequency of classes, the duration, and level of experience. Professional music lessons for performers cost significantly more than those for amateurs beginning to learn the piano.

Always remember that the piano is a complex and beautiful musical instrument. How much you enjoy playing it will directly depend on your teacher and music school. Finding the right teacher can mean finding a new career path, or an exciting hobby. There’s no age barrier for music lessons. You just need the right teacher to show you the way.


Did you pack all the things for your train journey?

>> Jan 29, 2019

Train journeys are always bliss and they are very much exciting. If you have never traveled in a train, then it is time for you to have this experience. This will turn out to be the best of the experience. But there are some things which are needed to be taken care of while going on a train and especially when you are traveling in the rain for the first time. So do not worry, in this article you will get to know all the things which you might need for the upcoming train journey. The list will provide you with all the essential things which you might need to pack for the long distance train journey.
The most important thing which you need to look after is your train ticket. Make sure that you have taken the right train and look for the live status of the train for your own convenience. If you are traveling for some important meeting, then make sure you have all the docs which are required for your train journey. Try to keep one identity of yours with you.

Food and water
We Indians cannot survive anywhere without food and water even when the distance is small and it come to a train journey. We tend to have more food and water during the journey. So make sure that you have plenty of water and food just in case you do not want to have that food from the platform which will make you unhealthy. Another option on which you can do is order food from train. This is a very great option and will help you to stay away from the bad food which is being provided on the train platform.

Either you are traveling alone or with family and friends, make sure to take something which will keep you entertaining. If you traveling alone then make sure you take your headphones and earphones with you. While, with friends and family, you can take board games, cards and many more. This will make the journey more beautiful and fun. You can also take your book on the train. Who wouldn’t love to read a great book while seating on a window seat with a beautiful view?

Towels and Tissues
Be prepared for the morning on the train. Take all the necessary things with you like the toothbrush, toothpaste, towel, and soap. The condition of the toilets in the Indian railways is not that good. So make sure you are prepared for that. You can keep yourself healthy by taking all the required things with you.

Another thing which is needed to be kept in mind is about the safety of yourself and the luggage as well. In trains try to keep an eye on your luggage or you can fasten your luggage under the seat. Do not leave your luggage on unsecured watch and do not display valuable items. Theft is unfortunately very common.

So make sure that next time you are going to travel on the train, you are fully prepared and all set to enjoy the journey.


Things to keep in mind while looking for a gift

Searching for New Year's gifts for your close and dear people should in no way be an occasion for fatigue and stress. This process can be turned into a real pleasure! Before you go shopping, make a list of those who will start the New Year with your gift. Include not only the closest ones, but also those to whom you want to make a purely symbolic gift. Determine the amount you can spend on gifts in general. Then combine the names of the presented in several groups, based on the "pricing policy". Surely for the closest people you expect to spend more money than, say, a souvenir for a colleague. In order to buy Wholesale gifts, you must always choose the web portals.
Put sincere effort in buying the gift to bring the joy to the loved ones

Choose gifts in a crowd, raking up any New Year's merchandise "for everyone, and then we'll figure it out." An individual approach guarantees you a rich harvest of winnings the very smiles, happy eyes, touching words of gratitude in your address. In order to buy customised notebook singapore, you can always seek help from the internet. In choosing a gift you must move a sincere desire to bring joy to a loved one. Ideal gifts   those that show that at the time of purchase you thought about the person to whom it is intended. So, choosing a gift, imagine the one to whom your gift will go. Inexplicable spiritual vibes will help get into the bull's eye. That is, make a good choice. Buy a few "spare" souvenirs   so that in a force majeure situation you can bestow inadvertently unexpected neighbors or friends. Believe me, a gift that was not expected of you can even touch the hardened “cynics and pragmatists”.

Try and go for original gifts
1)   Exclusive CD
Music is a wonderful gift, and sometimes it is more eloquent than words can tell a person about your feelings or a special attitude towards him. However, don’t be in a hurry to run to the store create your own CD by writing a personal selection to it (perhaps you have music in common with this person or related to special romantic experiences). Do not forget about the design create a beautiful cover (collage, funny picture, text with New Year's greetings).

2)   Sweet bouquet
For bouquets of flowers there are a lot of other occasions and holidays. The basis may be a few spruce or ordinary twigs. They are thickly decorated with sweets and small souvenirs (keychain, lipstick, brooch, etc.). Bouquets made in the same color range silver blue, pink, scarlet look elegantly.


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