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Beach Escapes for All: Family Fun and Relaxation on New Jersey's Shores

>> Sep 17, 2023



A day at the beach is always enjoyable, especially when you’re soaking up the sun in New Jersey (NJ). The state is the place to be, boasting plenty of pristine beaches and coastal towns, each unique in its own way. And with its diverse coastline, it caters to a wide range of preferences, allowing you to plan the perfect trip.

Considering a family vacation set in sandy shores? In this guide, we’ve listed the top three beach getaways that are worth checking out. Plus, we share some tips to ensure you have an enjoyable New Jersey vacay:

Best family-friendly beach destinations in New Jersey

Choosing the best beach can get overwhelming, so we’re here to simplify things for you. Here are the top three destinations that deserve to be at the top of your to-visit list:

Brigantine Beach

Escape from the crowds by planning a trip to Brigantine Beach. A stone’s throw away from Atlantic City, this charming town boasts some of the finest beaches, along with the softest sands you’ll ever feel. With its expansive shores, your family will have plenty of space to build sandcastles, sunbathe, and more.

Long Beach Island

Stretching more than 18 miles, Long Beach Island (LBI) is a popular getaway in New Jersey. One of the crowd favorites is Beach Haven, a borough that not only gives you access to the best beachfronts, but also sits near popular food spots. What’s more, it’s a two-minute walk from the Fantasy Island Amusement Park, which is known for its rides and 12,000-foot arcade. Your kids will be begging you to go there!

The Wildwoods

Families who seek a livelier escape will fall in love with The Wildwoods, a resort town with four main beaches. All of them are flat and wide, so you’re sure to find the perfect spot for setting up tents, chairs, etc., even when it gets busy.

While the Wildwoods’ beaches aren’t exactly best-kept secrets, their charm lies in the variety of activities for all age groups. From boogie-boarding to sailing, your whole family can easily find something to fill their time. Plus, events are regularly held here, giving your family the chance to witness sand sculpting competitions, concerts, and more.

6 tips for a fun family day at the beach

Whichever beach you choose, be sure to follow these tips. That way, you can have a memorable (and more importantly, stress-free!) day with the whole family:

1. Pack food and drinks to get your energy up

When planning a day at NJ’s sun-kissed beaches, don't forget to pack a supply of high-protein food and drinks. This will give your whole family enough energy to last a day of swimming, surfing, kite-flying, and more. Consider bringing a cooler filled with ice to keep your drinks chilled and food sand-free.

2. Stay protected with sunscreen

Shield your family from the sun’s UV rays by applying a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 30. Remember to top up after swimming, as the water can wash it away. If your kids don’t like slathering on sunscreen, consider spray-on options.

3. Pick your spot carefully

Setting up your spot away from amenities (e.g., toilets) can be inconvenient, so make sure to choose your spot carefully. Additionally, check the condition of the stand to ensure it’s both comfortable to sit on and suitable for building sandcastles.

4. Stay hydrated

To stay healthy and hydrated, don’t forget to drink plenty of fluids or eat water-rich food such as watermelons. To encourage kids to drink more, consider infusing their water with fruits or placing it in fun, colorful cups.

5. Dress children in bright clothing

Put your children’s safety first! When going to crowded beaches, dress your children in bright, eye-catching clothing. In that way, you can easily spot them in case they wander off.

6. Plan plenty of activities

On-the-sand activities are perfect for when you’ve had your fill of the water, or if you simply want to spend time on shore. Plan entertainment options for all age groups, like sandcastle-building for kids and volleyball for adults.

Wrapping up

For your next family getaway, set your sights on New Jersey’s shores. Whether you seek relaxation, adventure, or a bit of both, you’re guaranteed to find a destination that the whole family will adore. Don’t forget to keep our tips in mind to ensure a fun, safe, and stress-free trip for all!

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Connecting with Your Autistic Child Through Love and Patience

>> Sep 15, 2023



Parenting an autistic child can be both rewarding and challenging. Understanding how to connect with your autistic child through love and patience is paramount for their emotional well-being and development. In this article, we will explore effective strategies and insights to help parents forge a strong and loving bond with their autistic children.

Understanding Autism

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a neurodevelopmental condition that affects a child's social interaction, communication, and behavior. Each autistic child is unique, which highlights the importance of an individualized approach to parenting.

The Importance of Connection

A strong emotional connection is crucial for all children, especially for those with autism. A loving and supportive environment can boost their self-esteem, confidence, and overall happiness. As parents, you provide love, care, and guidance, but you also receive love and unique insights from your child.

Love and Acceptance

Unconditional love and acceptance are the foundation of a strong parent-child relationship. Autistic children need to know that they are loved for who they are, regardless of their challenges or differences. Express your affection through both words and actions, respecting your child's boundaries when it comes to physical contact.

Patience as a Virtue

Patience is invaluable when raising an autistic child. They may need more time to process information and express themselves. Celebrate small victories, avoid comparing your child's progress to others, and focus on their individual growth.

Effective Communication

Improving communication is key to building a connection. Use clear and concise language, be an attentive listener, and consider visual supports, such as schedules and charts. Assistive communication devices or apps can empower them to express their thoughts and feelings effectively.

Sensory Sensitivities

Many autistic children have heightened sensory sensitivities. Create a sensory-friendly environment by identifying and accommodating their sensory sensitivities. Pay attention to lighting, noise, and provide sensory-friendly toys.

Routine and Structure

Establishing routines and providing structure can provide a sense of security. Create a daily schedule using visual aids, but allow flexibility when needed. Prepare your child in advance for changes in routine.

Emotional Regulation

Teach your child coping strategies, such as deep-breathing exercises or a "calm-down" corner with sensory tools like fidget toys. Help them identify and label their emotions using visual aids or "feelings faces."

Individualized Approach

Tailor your parenting approach to your child's specific needs. Understand their preferences, triggers, and interests. Be respectful of their sensitivities and explore different strategies and therapies that align with their unique profile.

Seeking Professional Help

Consult with autism specialists, therapists, and support groups for valuable insights and resources. Early intervention services, such as speech therapy and occupational therapy, can be beneficial. Support groups can offer emotional support and information.

Self-Care for Parents

Take care of yourself, physically and mentally. Reach out to family and friends for support, and consider respite care to ensure you have time to recharge. Recognize that it's okay to ask for help and take breaks when needed.

Success Stories

Real-life success stories from parents who have connected with their autistic children through love and patience can provide inspiration and practical insights. These stories illustrate the power of dedication and the right approach to connecting with autistic children.


Connecting with your autistic child through love and patience is a journey that requires understanding, empathy, and commitment to their well-being. Embrace their uniqueness, provide a loving, patient, and supportive environment, and seek resources and communities for support. With time, patience, and unwavering love, you can create a bright and fulfilling future for your autistic child, filled with moments of connection, understanding, and joy.


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