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How to shave using a safety razor

>> Feb 28, 2016

Shaving is one of the most important daily events in a man’s life. It reflects that a boy has finally grown into a man. It is the symbol of manliness. Shaving is like an art, it needs a lot to shave properly. Unfortunately, these days this art is becoming extinct. Today’s average men are absolutely clueless about the art of proper shaving. They do not know anything about the traditional wet shave. These days’ men mostly use the electric shavers or the disposable razors. With these you can shave, but not as satisfactorily as you can shave using a safety razor. A safety razor is a man’s best friend. It gives you the most comfortable shave that you ever experienced. By using a safety razor you can easily get a clean shave.

Unlike the disposable razors, shaving with a safety razor needs a bit of skill, practice and patience. Once mastered, you can shave much effectively. You should keep in mind these few steps in your mind:-

  • Use required amount of pressure. Do not use excess pressure.
  • Angle the blade as far away from your face as possible.
  • have with the grain
  • Go for beard reduction, not beard removal.

Thus by keeping these steps in mind you can easily get a clean and smooth shave.
A safety razor has these few advantages:-

  • Low cost: - your disposable razors and electric razors are quite expensive. More over these disposable and electric razors do not provide you an efficient shaving. Using a safety razor, you can get an effective shaving.
  • Reduce environmental impact: - the disposable razors use cartage blades. Unlike the safety razor they produce a lot of non biodegradable waste. In safety razors the only waste material is the metal blade and the lather down the sink. Thus these safety razors are environment friendly also.
  • Consistent shaves: - the electric razors and disposable razors often cause redness, skin irritation and cuts, whereas using a safety razor you can easily avoid these. Safety razors can provide you a very comfortable and smooth shave. After shaving with a safety razor your skin looks clean and healthy as you are using a single blade to cut your whiskers instead of several that chew your face.


Is using Drugs off Label a good Idea?

‘Off-label Drugs’ refers to medication that is being used without the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval. Basically, every prescription drug that is sold in the U.S. has an FDA approval label which is always accompanied by instructions about the drug’s usage and dosage.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) permits the marketing of drugs for uses that manufacturers have confirmed to be effective and safe. Nevertheless, it is sad but true that the FDA doesn’t control the medical practice in the country. That said, physicians and medical practitioners are bound to prescribe drugs in a manner that deviates from the uses specified in the Food and Drug Administration drug labels.

The process of prescribing drugs that are not approved by the FDA is what is referred to as Off-Label Prescription. Through off-label prescription, you can either be getting a prescription for different therapeutic purposes using different medication, different dose duration, and different method of drug administration.

It may surprise you to know that the FDA only regulates drug approval and is not able to control drug prescription. Although these drugs lack a significant scientific support, they can be of therapeutic benefits to patients. Sadly, doctors have the right to prescribe drugs that they see as safe, effective and of value to the user.

However, as much as doctors have the right to prescribe medication, the drug manufacturers and doctors claim that the prescriptions must be accompanied by a detailed explanation as to why the drug is being prescribed as well as the user’s symptoms, age and gender. To them, by recording this data, it will be easy for doctors and patients to understand the drug better as well as give accountable details when the FDA decides to investigate the ‘Off-Label medication (medications)’.

That said, to a great majority of people, ‘Off-Label Drugs’ are a good idea. But the truth of the matter is, according to Khemcorp, no one can be really certain that this kind of medication is 100% safe. Therefore, it is okay to say that ‘Off-Label Drugs’ should not be prescribed to patients as often as they are and this is why;

  • Although some doctors claim that Off-Label Drugs are more effective that the FDA-approved drugs, there are certain patients who tend to be sicker and their condition can deteriorate at a very high rate after taking Off-Label Medication. As much as the FDA has no right to stop prescription of these drugs, there is still no scientific research to support that Off Label Medication effective is for all conditions. 
  • Owing to the fact that Off-Label Drugs dosage is not approved by the FDA, there are more chances of the drug failing or causing dangerous side effects to the patient. Is it really worth it to risk your life with unauthorized drugs? Your life is not a game of chess, and I bet that you would agree that Off-Label Drugs do raise some serious safety concerns.

Kyle Matt has been a Khemcorp expert author for years now. As an experienced writer, Kyle is the author of more than one informative scientific write-up, including off-label drugs and the risks involved. To learn more about the deadly dangers of Off-Label Prescriptions, visit khemcorp.com.


Singapore is the Top Asian Country for Safety and Quality of Living

>> Feb 25, 2016

Families and individuals that are looking for a new place to settle their roots will want to take several factors into account. One of the most important things to think about is whether you’ll be safe in a new area. You’ll also want to consider the quality of living in the place that you’re moving to. If you’re interested in Asia, Singapore is ranked as the best country in all of Asia in terms of quality of living and safety.

The Quality of Living Rankings

Every year there is a new survey conducted and released by Mercer, a human resources consulting firm that measures the quality of life of residents around the world. On February 23rd, the latest rankings from 2015 were released and named Singapore as the 26th best place to live in the world and the first best place in all of Asia. The other places that followed behind included: Tokyo, Kobe, Yokohama, Nagoya, Malaysia, and Osaka.

Talking About Safety Rankings

When talking about safety you’re going to want to focus on personal aspects, such as being able to walk down streets at night. The survey also takes crime levels into account and the performance of the police departments in the area. Another important aspect that they take into consideration is the relationship between the countries and other countries. Singapore was ranked first in all of Asia with Kobe, Osaka, Yokohama, Nagoya, and Tokyo trailing behind. Bangkok received a rating of 173rd due to the recent terrorist attacks and political issues that the area has experienced.

Considering Quality of Living

The standards that are set by the quality of living rankings are dependent on the areas level of safety and other important factors such as healthcare and developing issues. The cities at the bottom of the list are war torn areas that have developing problems such as civil wars, political unrest, and have dangerous places to live. A couple of these areas include: Baghdad, Iraq, Bangul, Central African Republic, and Khartoum, Sudan.

The Best Places to Live in the World

At the top of the list is where you’ll find primarily European areas such as Luxembourg, Helsinki, Bern, and Zurich. There are several different cities that would have been ranked higher but had lost their spot as a result of terrorist attacks such as Paris, Madrid, London, and Athens now at 71st, 84th, 72nd, and 124th. Though these rankings don’t influence whether they are some of the most popular destinations to visit or not.

With a ranking such as one of the best countries in the world in terms of safety and quality of living, you can have a luxurious and high-end lifestyle as a resident of Singapore. It also gives tourists the ability to know that they are surely booking the perfect vacation away from home as the area is inviting, beautiful, and filled with amazing activities that are enjoyed by residents and tourists alike.


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