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Teachergive Sale 2023

On the Way

>> Feb 27, 2011

When it comes to weekend getaway, I don’t have different thing to tell, as we’re going fishing again and again. We went to the usual fishing place, there’s no trying a new one this time.

During on the way to Kampung Katulampa (Bogor, West Java, Indonesia), I saw some things on blue that attracted my attention. I think I can share it here.
Our 4th fishing getaway was going well. Though it’s raining on and off, my father and husband can enjoy it. They caught 4 fish this Sunday. The good news for me, my husband agreed to apply their cooking service. We brought home fried and roasted fish!


For Your Most Enjoyment

>> Feb 26, 2011

When it comes to connector cable, you must apply the right type of cable to connect. Don’t you remember how messy the cables behind your old TV and other old device? It’s because older devices still use DVI cables and separate audio cables.

Since 2002, HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) cables, a most current technology than DVI, are starting to use. Have you ever known
HDMI to DVI cable? HDMI cables can transmit picture and audio to/from the TV. It means that there won’t be any messy cables and you can get better quality of your device performance.
Nowadays, lots of manufactures have produced gadgets and elements that support digital hi definition signals. Therefore, to get highest enjoyment of your electronic device, you must use high quality HDMI cables. If you prefer to shop online, you should visit
Optimization-World.com, a company that offers specifically designed cables for hi-def video and audio signals.

Are you looking for high quality
VGA cable at fair prices right now? You can also get it at Optimization-World.com. All cables use gold plate for connectors and each part of cable is made of high quality matter. It will ensure you that you’ll get best quality cables. To get extra benefit from their free shipping special offer, visit the website soon to get more information!


Couple’s Corner: Hearts Everywhere

>> Feb 24, 2011

Every one who ever fall in love, will know how to describe “hearts everywhere”. Your mind is full of your loved one. Every time you wake up in the morning, you’ll straightly remember him/her. You’ll be anxious whole day if you can’t hear her/his voice. People say that falling in love has millions feelings…

I’ve ever felt “the hearts everywhere” like those. It’s a pity that I didn’t feel it with the man that is my hubby now. It happened during my first love, with my boy friend at that time. Wow, our days together were happy days. We went to work and went back home together on weekdays; and had fun together on weekends. As God don’t approve us as a couple, finally our relationship must end.

I won’t share anymore here about “the hearts everywhere’ of mine, since I’m already feeling ‘guilty’ here. I really love my hubby, but I confess that I didn’t experience “the hearts everywhere” moment with him. Well, I’m not in the mood right now to analyze it. I think everyone has different love story, so do I. For me, the most important is, I have a happy marriage life since we got married until now, and I hope it will be forever.


For Your Healthy Pregnancy

Are you or your wife in early pregnancy right now? Perhaps you’re still confused to decide the best time to have a scan. Actually, all pregnant women are offered ultrasound scans in pregnancy; but the right quantity and the time will depend on your pregnancy condition and on what’s available in your local area.

For you who live in Dublin, you won’t face hassle any more, since there is already available Merrion Fetal Health, a new clinic that offers ultrasound pregnancy scans dublin for all periods of pregnancy. Their excellent services are including early pregnancy scans, nuchal scans, anatomy and growth scans, gynecological and fertility scans (on appointment).

If you have causes to be anxious about your pregnancy in the early weeks, you must consider to have an early pregnancy scans (6-11 weeks). As recommended before, the best place for you to get early pregnancy scans dublin is Merrion Fetal Health Clinic. They will provide you with excellent service, expertise, accurateness and comfort.

It’s better if you visit the website first to get more information that you require. For your healthy pregnancy, you should make sure to choose the best ultrasound pregnancy scanning clinic in Dublin.


Fountains in France Garden

>> Feb 23, 2011

I’ve mentioned before that you can see various water features inside Nusantara Flower Park (Cipanas, West Java, Indonesia). In France Garden area, two similar fountains beautify the garden.

My entry for Watery Wednesday


Disappointing Weekend Getaway and the Fishing Competition

>> Feb 21, 2011

Last Sunday, my father asked me to go fishing again. To give him another choice, we took my father to a different fishing place that I found while browsing internet. It’s a pity that it turned out to be a disappointing one.

The fishing place is too hot for us; we didn’t feel comfortable at all. This place is very huge and crowded. The food price at the restaurant is also too expensive (for us). I think we prefer a modest, familiar and smaller place.

My father and husband bought fishing tools there. After fishing for a while, my father wasn’t on the mood to continue it. He put his fishing rod outside. Later, we noticed that someone (didn’t know who) has changed it with a broken one. There’s no good reason for us to stay there longer. It’s better to leave the place soon.

I took some pictures there, but I can’t share here. I forgot to leave my camera bag (and the camera cable) in the car; and my husband has left home very early this morning. Here I share the fishing competition moment that I saw last month at a different fishing place. All these men looked so good at fishing. I like seeing how they swang the fishing rod. It’s not safe to stand right behind them! I watched their actions from a safe distance. For my father, it’s the first time to see lots of fishing men after very long time. After this ‘moment’, we already have had three fishing weekend getaways in a row!


Before "I Do": Marriage and the Money Question

>> Feb 19, 2011

Before "I Do": Marriage and the Money Question

This post was written by Joe Postien who also writes for onlineclasses.net and christiancounselingdegree.org

Statistics estimate that 45% of marriages end in divorce. The number one factor leading to couples splitting up? Money-related issues. Relationships disintegrate when partners have different financial expectations, spending and saving habits, and investment strategies than the other. Divorces in and of themselves are extremely costly too, what with lawyer and court fees and settlements afterwards.

It's just better to make sure partners are financially compatible before tying the knot. Going into a marriage, there should be no surprises looking, and that includes with finances. Make sure you are both on the same page by having a frank, open discussion involving the following marriage and money questions. It's not the most romantic or exciting topic in the world, but it is certainly an emotional one that is essential to having a working marriage. It may be what makes your marriage rock-solid where there otherwise may have been cracks in the foundation -- and it will save you a ton of money and heartache later on. For other common sense tips on saving money, check this out.
  • Discuss how your parents handled money: So many of our habits are learned from what our parents did, especially with regards to money. It's important to know how each other's parents handled money, both to draw on their successes and avoid their missteps. Did one hide money from the other? How were things when money got tight? Knowing what you each learned, both in what you took from your parents and are consciously avoiding, can help you both understand each other's financial habits and aims.
  • Check out your credit scores: Probably the least exciting of any pre-marriage planning, but people forget all too often that money is not just about numbers -- there are deep emotions attached to it. Credit scores can determine whether couples qualify for loans on new cars, houses, or businesses, essential aspects of building a future together. A partner's bad score can be a deal-breaker, one that will come as an ugly surprise if not disclosed previously. Don't let there be any surprises from a partner's past when going into marriage. Learn each other's credit scores, and work together to improve any discrepancies.
  • Figure out who handles the bills: Money is power, and those who control the finances have it in a relationship. Therefore, couples used to living on their own and handling their own finances may struggle with each other to take control of paying the bills. Those who don't pay the bills don't know where the money is going, and are left in the dark feeling powerless. At the very least, meet together to do the bills once a month so you're both in the loop.

  • Come to a compromise on who decides what: One of you is a tech geek, the other couldn't tell you the difference between a Mac and a PC but loves cars. So the techie gets to decide what computer you buy, while the car aficionado gets final say on your next ride, right? Well, maybe or maybe not. That's something each couple needs to figure out amongst themselves. Who gets final say on what purchases? Coming to decisions together is key, but so is knowing when to defer to the other who is more knowledgable.

  • Know your expectations: How affluent do you want to be? Do you want to be extravagantly rich but have a spouse you will never see until retirement? Make sure you each know each other's goals for future financial success. It will help in all aspects of your relationship as you plan your future together because so many of those aspirations will be contingent on money.


My Two Dads:Redefining the All American Family

This guest post was written by Sammie Jones who also writes on the topic of christian counseling degrees for onlineclasses.net

If you watched the Golden Globes last week you probably saw two things: Ricky Gervais subtly mocking Hollywood A-listers, and The Kids Are Alright racking up awards in almost every nominated category. I like to think that The Kids Are All Right didn't really win for the stellar performances of its stars Annette Benning, Julliane Moore and Mark Rufalo (because they weren't all that spectacular or funny)but rather for the refreshing and modern portrayal of American family life.

What I really loved about The Kids Are All Right is that it brought to light what many of us have been reading in news papers, blogs and websites over the last five years about gay parenting. Its become clear that the children of gay parents have proven to be better adjusted socially. They are also less likely to fall victim to gender stereotypes, and engage in anti-social behavior. Interesting if not for the fact that is the exact opposite of what many conservatives and pro-family organizations have claimed for the last thirty to forty years.

There are over one million lesbian gay, bisexual and transgender parents raising about 2 million children. Within in that population there isn't a difference between the desires of gay couples and heterosexual couples. All parents want the same things for their children; happiness, health, opportunity, prosperity and confidence for their children. A study by UCLA's Williams Institute found that “Good parents are good parents no matter their sexual orientation”. Shocking!

A recent study conducted by contemporary gender studies professor Judith Stacey, and Kate Kendall head of the National Center for Lesbian Rights, found that children of gay parents were more likely to reject rigid ideals of sexual orientation. The study went on to find that these children tended to show greater interest in the activities of the opposite sex. The parent-child relationship tends to have an feminizing effect on boys and a masculinizing effect on girls. Young adult girls raised by lesbian mothers were found to be more sexually adventurous, while boys were less sexually adventurous and more chaste. The study found no significant differences between lesbian and heterosexual households in terms of the mental health of the children involved in the study.

Another study by the National Adoption Center found that thirty years of research have concluded that children raised by same sex parents perform better academically, are more confident than their peers and have fewer behavioral problems.

Despite the hard evidence that the kids are doing more than alright, they're fantastic really, somehow the general misconception remains that these children are tormented, maladjusted, purveyors of anti-social behavior. And when the subject of bullying and teasing comes up the general assumption is that social life will be harder for them. Some indicators point out that some adopted children may find it harder to adjust a gay household. But these are children who have learned society's jaded view of homosexuality. Younger children don't have this issue, and any bullying at school is more than likely offset by a strong and positive family structure at home. In both cases, however, the healthy values that parents instill more than offset any negative experiences the children may be subject to.

What most of the studies, papers, essays and subsequent articles conclude is that gay parenting should not be conducted in spite of the opposing views of organizations like Focus on the Family. Rather, parenting should focus on maintaining confidence in both the children and the parents ability to provide a nurturing environment to raise a child. It's that kind of confidence that has produced the data that supports the notion that gay parents are good parents, and in some cases, better parents than heterosexual couples.

For the record I don't see myself becoming a gay parent anytime soon(I'm straight), but I do remember being teased and sometimes bullied. As the only black kid in an almost all white elementary school in white suburbia, I like to think I can relate. In the end it's about good parents being supportive of their children, and not feeding into the cycle of anti-social behavior that makes this an issue in the first place.


Black-necked Swan

>> Feb 18, 2011

These elegant swans were captured on Swan Lake (Nusantara Flower Park, Cipanas, West Java, Indonesia). As their names, this swan has a unique black neck. It has a red knob near the base of the bill and white stripe behind eye. The sexes are similar, with the female slightly smaller. The cygnet has a light grey plumage with black bill and feet.

The Black-necked Swan, like its nearest relatives the Black and Mute Swan is relatively silent. Also, unlike most wildfowl, both parents regularly carry the cygnets on their backs. The female lays four to six eggs in a nest of vegetation mound. The diet consists mainly of vegetation, insects and fish spawn.

Black-necked swans spend almost all of their time in water. They actually have trouble walking on land, because their legs are set so far back on their body (to help in swimming).

A male and female swan usually mate for life, but will find a new partner if one should die.

Data source: stlzoo.org


Resolving Marital Issues? How to Keep Your Kids from Getting Involved

>> Feb 16, 2011

Every marriage has its fair share of problems. Even the most perfect unions have their moments of marital strife. Whether your marriage is suffering from the usual small quibbles, or your marriage is in some serious trouble, it's best to keep your kids out of the arguments. After all, mom and dad represent, for young kids especially, authorities and guardians who are "perfect" in the sense that they know best. Although it's certainly not true that parents are perfect, keeping this image intact is an important part of a young child's developmental processes.
Here are a few tips for keeping your kids away from your marital arguments.

1. Never have an argument in front of the kids.Arguments, if you must have them, should occur when kids are away. Remember that parents are the basic model of behavior that young children emulate. If you are having a civil discussion with your spouse about something, then it is, of course, important for you children to see that this is how problems are best resolved. But if you must have a shouting match with your spouse, do it behind closed doors.

2. Don't talk about your partner in a disparaging way behind his or her back.When you are having problems with your spouse, it may be tempting to talk behind your spouse's back in front of, or even to, the kids. This is a terrible thing to do because it teaches your child that gossip and back-biting is an acceptable behavior. It also degrades the status of your spouse as your child's mother or father. Kids need models for both mothers and fathers. Creating a bad image of one will only serve to tear down these effective models.

3. Emphasize to your kids that no matter what happens, both you and your spouse will always love them.It's important for your children to understand that despite struggles within a family, both mom and dad will always love them. Whenever a marriage is suffering, kids tend to internalize the problems, and many falsely belief that these problems are their fault. Don't let your children fall victim to these false impressions; tell your kids you love them often.

4. Never have your kids serve as messengers.There will inevitably be times when you and your spouse will have an argument, and you don't want to talk to each other for a little while. The worst thing you can do, however, is to heighten the tension between you and your spouse by having your children serve as messengers. By saying things like "Go tell Daddy X" or "go ask your mom", you only make the tensions between you more apparent to your kids. If you have something to say to your spouse, tell them yourself; don't put your children in the middle.

Of course, keeping marital problems away from your kids is a lot easier said than done. But before you let your temper run away with you, remember that the relationship between you and your partner is the basis for which your children will learn how to interact with other people.
This guest post is contributed by Kitty Holman, who writes on the topics of
nursing colleges. She welcomes your comments at her email Id: kitty.holman20@gmail.com.


Watery Challenge : Red Rose & Heart Shape

Ooops…I forget to finish the challenge. I’m supposed to make a watery post that relates with red rose, heart shape and water. Though I’ve no preparation before, I don’t want to miss the challenge. Since there’s no real and fresh red roses here, I only use fabric ones. I hope the touch of water effect can beautify these images.
My entry for
Watery Wednesday


They Got Fish This Time!

>> Feb 14, 2011

As I said last week, we went fishing again yesterday. I guess zero fish on the last fishing makes my hubby and father curious. Reached the place at 1 pm, I ordered our lunch soon and my hubby rented two fishing tools.

The first two hours, still no result. I saw a boy there that can get fish several times in a row. Wow! Is fishing only related to luck? I don’t think so, besides luck, I think fishing also needs skill, related knowledge, good fishing tools and proper fish bait, right?

Later, while I was taking pictures a pigeon, I heard my hubby’s scream (we sat at different spots that time). Waaa…he got his first fish! He looked so happy, hehehe. A few minutes after this first moment, it came my father’s turn. Before we left the fishing place at 5 pm, my hubby caught another two fish. Not bad for a beginner. I was glad they offer fish cleaning service, as I don’t like doing it. So, today’s menu is all fish!

I also link this post to Blue Monday, it’s my first time joining this photo meme.


A Black and Yellow Spider

>> Feb 12, 2011

I saw this spider accidentally. My husband and my father were fishing at that time, and I started to feel bored. Wandering around the fishing area, I saw this little guy on the fence.

I’m afraid of spider, but the fear isn’t as big as my fear to cockroach. As long as the spider is unmoved, I still can take pictures. But I must hold my breath for seconds, to ease my shaking hands, hehehe. This spider is a pretty one, right? Look at its abdomen!


CC: When He Told Me He Loves Me

>> Feb 10, 2011

Actually, while we’re still BF and GF, the love word is never conveyed. He expressed his feeling with another words, such as, “I want to know you more”, “I want to have a serious relationship with you”, “I want to have my future with you”, “I really care about you”, “You’re so special for me”….

I remember the time he said such those words to me. It was his birthday, July 2th, 2001. We celebrated his birthday at a restaurant that time. Later, he said that he felt sympathy to me and asked me to make the relationship to be more serious ahead. I accepted his offer. Our love story didn’t go well at first; since it’s hard to get my father’s blessing. On January 2002, we started to prepare our wedding!

Though he never said the love word, I knew that he really loved me, I can feel it. But after we become husband and wife, my hubby mentions the love words very often, he says “I love you” to me several times every day, hehehe…. It surprises me in the beginning, but now it has been become one of our sweet habits.


Swan Lake

>> Feb 9, 2011

The lake is located inside Nusantara Flower Park (Cipanas, West Java, Indonesia). The big beautiful princess sculpture will welcome you there. It’s not only the princess will attract your attention, but also various swans and fish that live there. The birds live in a small ‘island’, in the middle of the lake.

Several benches are located along the side of the lake. You can sit and enjoy the swimming swans. Fish food is also sold there; you may feed the fish. If you throw the fish food onto the lake, lots of fish will near you immediately. Awesome!

My entry for
Watery Wednesday


Spending Sunday

>> Feb 7, 2011

Yesterday, we’re eating out again. This time we visited Kampung Katulampa (Bogor, West Java, Indonesia). You can do all outbound activities there. Besides that, there are also several fish ponds for you to catch fish and a restaurant that opens for public only for week end. On the week days, though the restaurant doesn’t offer ready-to-eat food, they still provide a cook to fry or bake your fishing result.

The fishing place offers rented fishing tools. Since my father remembered his childhood, he wanted to try fishing again after long time never doing it. At first, it’s only my father who fishing, but later, hubby was also interested to try. It’s his first fishing time!

We had nice modest lunch. All served Indonesian food were delicious, it’s like eating home made ones. I forgot taking pictures of the food, too hungry already, hehehe.
After lunch, they continued fishing. I just sat and accompanied. Every time I felt boring, I left them and went wandering the whole area. We went back home at 4.30 pm. How’s about the fishing result? We still have no luck. There’s no any fish was attracted to their fish baits.

The other people fishing there were successfully catching some fishes. I guess that’s why my father is still interested to do it again next time. So, in the next their fishing time, I will bring interesting books and perhaps my laptop…


Mute Swan (Cygnus olor)

>> Feb 5, 2011

These elegant birds live in Swan Lake area, inside Nusantara Flower Park (Cipanas, West Java, Indonesia). When we reached this small lake, we saw this couple. Do you know that they are monogamous? Male and female swans share the care of their nest, and once they have cygnets (baby swans); they will also share to look for food. So sweet!

The name 'mute' derives from it being less vocal than other swan species. Measuring 125 to 170 centimeters in length, this large swan is completely white in plumage with an orange bill bordered with black. It is recognizable by its marked knob atop the bill.

Compared to the other Northern white swans, the Mute Swan can simply be notable by its curved neck and orange, black-knobbed bill. Unlike most other Northern swan species (who usually live in only wetlands without regular human interfering), the Mute Swan has, in some parts of the world, become habituated and nearly fearless towards humans. Such swans are often seen at close range in urban areas with bodies of water.

Data source:Wikipedia


Couple’s Corner: Our First Sweet Moments

>> Feb 3, 2011

I can’t remember our first moments. It was him who attracted to me first. At that time, he and several friends had a company on agribusiness field. After my Mom died and I resigned from my last job, I wanted to be a small investor in one Agribusiness Company. I knew the company from the ad in the newspaper.

I came to his office with my father and it’s the first time we met. So, I was his client. Later, he said that he was amazed with my beauty from the first time he saw me (he,he,he).

Well, I’m a kind of a woman who is hard to fall in love. The man who can melt my heart is the man with big persistence and patience. He came to my house every night, after work hours. As the client, he also invited me to see my plants in the field regularly.

Little by little, I realize that he is a kind, caring, and patient person. I felt comfortable every time we were together. We can talk for hours about everything. This ‘process’ happened for about six months. When he started to talk about our future marriage, I still didn’t accept it with excitement.

But then, there’s a turning point. That night, he told me that he met my Mom in his dream. He can describe what she looked like and what kind of dress she wore. In his dream, my Mom introduced herself and gave her blessing. He never saw my Mom, but he’s able to explain perfectly my Mom’s favorite sleeping dress (the color and pattern) and hair style. After knowing his amazing dream, I had no doubt again. He’s the right man for my future life. But I still don’t remember my first exciting moments, hehehe.


The Beautiful Water Feature

>> Feb 2, 2011

It’s another favorite spot inside Nusantara Flower Park (Cipanas, West Java, Indonesia). You’ll see this long and beautiful water feature as soon as you pass through the entrance. When it was captured, the park has just opened. There were only a few visitors including us. Several hours later, this area was full of people.

My entry for
Watery Wednesday


For New Dads : Finding Ways to Bond with Your Baby

>> Feb 1, 2011

Congrats to a new Dad! If it’s your first time, perhaps you still feel awkward in the role of Dad. Don’t worry, I found an article that will help you through the process entering fatherhood.

New Dads should understand first that the bonding with baby is a process; it isn’t something that happens immediately. Hogan Hilling, the author of The Man Who would be Dad, said that new dads should build a relationship and it will need time. New Moms already have the bonding, since they had a nine-month head start and carried the baby inside.

Bonding around Breastfeeding
Of course, you can’t breastfeed, but you can help in the process.
-Ask your wife to wake you up every time she wants to breastfeed the baby.
-Bring the baby to Mom and rock the baby to sleep after the feeding.
-Attending a breastfeeding class with your wife. It will make you more understand what is involved in breastfeeding a baby.
-Communicate with your wife’s lactation consultant, and be the middleman. If your wife faces a trouble breastfeeding, you can give some input that will help the lactation consultant to resolve it.

Don’t be hesitant to talk about your baby in your work place.
Hilling said that it’s a good thing. Let your employer and coworkers know that family is very important to you and how proud you are as a new dad. The aim is : if you ask your employer the afternoon or morning off to take your baby to doctor visits or other occasion, your employer will understand.

Consider taking your baby to the doctor alone. Tell your wife that you want to have the time alone with your baby. Ensure your wife that she can really trust you!

Simple things but can be the sweetest ways: changing diapers, bathing, feeding, singing, taking walks. Each minute you spend with the baby will enhance your bond with the baby.

Though you’re in the middle of bonding process, don’t forget your wife. Hilling mentioned some tips for you to connect with your wife throughout pregnancy and beyond:

  • Call your wife from work occasionally. Offer her comfortable words or just have a conversation with her. Tell your wife how excited you feel for her and you in becoming parents.

  • Give her permission to call you at work. It will give her great comfort in knowing that you still love her and think about her.

  • Send your wife a "Love You" or "Mother's Day" card in the mail, either to your house or her place of work.

  • Take your wife out for a lunch date.

  • Give her massages.

  • Say the words "I love you" often.
Data source :babyzone.com


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