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Teachergive Sale 2023

Expats in Kolkata: Managing Life in India’s Second Biggest City

>> Jul 31, 2015

Kolkata is not just a city, but is a festival of human existence. The city has gone through a lot of tragedies and traumas gifted by the westerners, but every time the city came out to be a winner. Regarded as a city of intellect, you can find the city donning a dual image of being a colonial gem and an urban city with flourished industries and an excellent infrastructure to offer. If you are someone who is planning to move towards this eastern city, then be ready to get bewitched by the dynamic new-town suburbs, chaotic back alleys, the Hooghly river and what not. 

As an expat, you can have a new and a very exciting life here in Kolkata. If you’re here alone or with your family; in both the scenarios, Kolkata can offer you a life that is both colorful and a whole new living experience.


Here are important 5 things that you should be aware of if managing life in the Kolkata city is the motive.

1.   The Interesting Cultural Mix
India is a different world that is breathing within the boundaries of the continent. Every Indian city has a life of its own and Kolkata is no different, for sure. It is really hard to describe the city to someone who hasn’t been there, but an expat can definitely have a summarized description of chaotic markets, colonial essence in the blowing air and old churches that have beautiful silence of their own. You can expect a cultural shock in terms of language, food and even customs, but Kolkata will surprise you with its very cozy serene feeling. A city with a respectable space given to each religion and interesting people, Kolkata can be a good place for you to explore.

2.   The Climate & Atmosphere
Commercial capital of east India, Kolkata is situated on the banks of river Hooghly. The geographical positioning is the reason behind the hot and humid climate in summers. The temperature can rise up to 36 degrees and may go down to a pleasant 14 degrees in winters. The Bay of Bengal can be given the due credits for the monsoon rains that can lead to 1,582 mm (62 in) of annual rainfall. You can witness the highest rainfall during the month of August. Choose to wear cotton clothes for summers and light woolens for winters. Be prepared for the humidity and keep a stack of clothes ready so that you can change one on one.

3.   The ‘Home Sweet Home’
Depending upon the situation that you are going through currently, you can have the choice of housing in Kolkata city. As an expat, you cannot afford to buy a home, but you can definitely seek to have a rental property in the city. The flats in Kolkata that are put on rent are affordable and can be secured near your workplace as well. For instance, if you have your work setting in Rajarhat, then be assured that rental property has options in abundance, After all, the locality is fast-growing planned satellite city. Similar to this, realtors are also focusing to elevate the standards of realty markets operating in central and southern Kolkata as well.

4.   The ‘Yum’ Factor
This is something that you know from the time immemorial. The Bengali food is rich, delicious and ‘oh so yummy!’. If you are a die-hard lover of fish curries and sweets then you are the right place. Kolkata will definitely satiate your appetite for good food. Fondly known as the land of maach (fish) and bhaat (rice), you can find these 2 food items staple in almost every householdFor vegans, the city can offer you delicacies with plantains, potatoes, water lily roots, brinjal and beans. Are you thinking about the sweets, then take a bow people, Mishti Doi, which is a sweetened yogurt with rich amounts of jaggery is a usual and a very famous accompaniment. Take your family with you to road side or premium restaurants to get a taste of India’s one of the most sumptuous cuisine.

5.   An Explorer’s Delight
Exploring a particular city on foot is the best way considered so far. If you are an expat with a heart of a traveler then you can have the best of times here in Kolkata. It’s perfectly doable to walk the streets of the city with a map in your hand. There are half-day and full-days tours that are available by bike, car or coaches. You can explore Dalhousie Square, Kumartuli pottery village or the riverside flower market. All these areas depict colonial architecture and modern design; all in one. You can have a gist of urban lifestyle here with a right amount of reminiscence of the ‘16th Century Lace’.

As an expat in Kolkata, you can be a part of not just the developed SEZs but also be a participant in the watchable scenic and cultural delight that it has to offer.


Release Your Kid form the Dentist Fear

>> Jul 28, 2015

Release Your Kid form the Dentist Fear‏ by orthoworx.com
Visiting the dentist is a necessity that everyone has to deal with and in spite of that, the trip to the dentist is still something that most people have a lot of trouble with. Fear from the dentist is also one of the biggest fears that you will have to deal with when your kids have to see him as well. This is why you will need some ways to remove that fear and here are some of the best ways to get your kid to visit the dentist without the fear that usually comes with this sort of thing.

It is really important that your kids get used to visiting the dentist as early as possible. This way they will get rid of the fear that is usually associated with dentist visits at an early age. Often, most fears that come from visiting the dentist stem from not being accustomed to visiting the dentist early as this is the best way to prevent major painful interventions before they are needed. If you show your child that they have to visit the dentist from an early age, this will avoid a lot of health issues in the future and you won’t have to deal with various problems, as well. Developing the routine of visiting your dentist at an early age is by far one of the best and most effective ways to keep your kid’s teeth healthy.
Release Your Kid form the Dentist Fear‏ by orthoworx.com

Explain Why
For your kids to really understand why it is necessary to go to the dentist you have to take the time and the patience to explain it to them. In most cases telling your kid that the operation won’t hurt or that they just have to go will cause a lot of problems and your child will be scared of the things that your dentist is doing. Explaining to your child that visiting the dentist is necessary for them to stay healthy and explaining each thing that your dentist does can really help them overcome any sort of fears that they may have.

Be With Your Kid
In most cases, the part where your child has to go in alone into the dentist’s office or you have to leave them there can be really scary for your kid and you should avoid it. Staying with your kid can really make your child feel better about the whole thing and he or she will feel safe with you around. Fear is often the biggest problem that most kids have to deal with when visiting the dentist.

Don’t Lie
Release Your Kid form the Dentist Fear‏ by orthoworx.com
The worst thing that you can do to your kid is to lie to them when they are going to the dentist. Telling them that nothing will hurt before knowing what the situation is can be a really big problem for them later on. By lying to them you are effectively losing their trust and as a result they will fell scared and alone when they are at the dentist and some painful procedure is needed. Developing trust between you and your child and your dentist can really help your kids overcome the fear and pain that certain medical procedures come with.

A Good Dentist
This is by far the most important and most vital element of helping your child get over the fear of coming to the dentist.  Choosing a dentist is not something that you should do based on the price of his work or the dentist’s location. For example, if you live in Sydney, you don’t want to just type orthodontist Sydney into your browser and just go to the nearest one. You need to take your time and find a good dentist that is really good with kids and one that your kid feels safe with. Choosing a special pediatric dentist is often the best choice.

It is fundamentally important that your child considers going to the dentist a standard everyday routine and the best way to achieve that is to really help them overcome any sort of fear or discomfort that they may experience. Not only can the timely visit to your dentist prevent various problems from developing and save you money on more expensive solutions but you can also spot various medical issues way before they become a real problem.


USGoBuy Helps International Buyers to Purchase Online Easily in the USA

>> Jul 26, 2015

Online shopping has become a hit in many places around the world. Especially in the USA, the related statistics stated that the biggest segment of total online earnings derive from online shopping stores in US.  Even some forecasts mentioned that online retail income in the USA would be tripled by the year 2016. It’s also a truth that lots of shoppers worldwide choose to shop online in the US for their reliable stores and good quality products.

Unluckily, conducting international shopping at any USA online store can face difficulties. Some of the most often conditions occur that may give problems to any international online shopper are:  
- The US online stores don’t deliver worldwide
- Too high international shipping fee
- The buyer’s credit card isn’t accepted by US stores
- The US merchants don’t send to parcel forwarder

In this case, USGoBuy has important roles since it offers services that can support buyers around the world to shop with no trouble at US online stores.
free us address
If it’s your first time to know about USGoBuy, let me explain a little about it here.  USGoBuy is a USA online shopping agent that provides consumers with excellent services called BuyForMe Service and Package Forwarding Service.

Whichever service you need to use, you would be only charged for the consolidated shipping fee.  In fact, the real shipping cost might be reduced up to 85% off shipping rates. The provided shipping cost calculator at the website will help you to calculate and consolidate the shipping cost to your country -based on the package’s dimension and original weight.

Below are two major services of USGoBuy:
-BuyForMe Service
This service should be chosen by any buyer whose the credit card isn’t accepted by US merchants. The personal shoppers from this online shopping agent will support you purchasing required products and then deliver them to any worldwide destination. 

Do you face such shopping problem? You can follow these four simple steps:
-Package Forwarding Service
This type of service should be applied by international buyers who want to shop at any US online store that doesn’t ship worldwide. This service also helps any buyer who would like to ship their packages from USA to worldwide destination at cheaper rate. Follow these four easy steps to start it:
parcel forwarding
Are you wondering how package forwarding service works? Check out these five simple steps for an international shopping that applies this service:
package forwarding
Starting from registering as a USGoBuy member for free, then getting your own US mail address automatically till shipping the packages in quick, secure, and cost-effective ways.

USGoBuy definitely offers benefits. Not only getting $5 USD off from opening a new account that valid if your total shipping cost minimal of $50; you can also benefit from Share and Get Money program that begins from July 13th to August 3th 2015. 
Sharing your pictures or videos with products that bought via this shopping agent to friends and relatives will give you opportunities to obtain $5 and $10 coupons. You can join this program by following accurately two steps that mentioned on the related page. 

Thus, don’t be hesitant to shop online in the US with using the service of a trusted shopping agency website like USGoBuy since it would give you a great help! 


Ankle Sprains: Parent's Role in Treatment, Recovery and Return to Play

>> Jul 25, 2015

Perhaps one of the biggest fears kids have nowadays is not that they are going to break something in their bodies, it is that they will have no option to run around and to do what they love doing the most, playing outside. However, some common injuries are just more serious than others, and sprained ankles are no cakewalk in the park for neither child nor adult. Though, keep in mind that for children it could be more problematic as it can interfere with how their feet develops and grows.  

What causes ankle sprains?
 Ankle Sprains: Parent
Usually ankle sprains are caused when you tear a ligament in your ankle, and usually it happens in any possible scenario. Though it might be painful, and it might feel like your ankle has broken. For children it is going to be more excruciating, as they might not know what is going on, and it could really hurt them. Though, as a common injury it can be healed in a short while, and it will not be permanent, which is why it should be tended to immediately, so that your children do not have time to panic and possibly cause more harm.

Can they take the pain?
Parents should not be too protective of their children when it comes to common injuries, especially with sprains, because it is going to hurt, but it will soon pass. Though in some cases it will be necessary to give your children painkillers, and you should always consult with a doctor beforehand so that you do not overdose. However, it is never a good idea to reach for chemicals whenever you or your children are in pain, it could form a mild addiction, and it could halt your body’s natural defenses against such things.  

Handling simple and common injuries
It is important that you always carry a first aid kit if you have a child who is doing sports, so that you can immediately help, even if it is not your kid. It will be advisable that you first check out what you need to do, and how to apply the things in your kit so that you do not cause any more damage. Keep in mind that you should finish a course on first aid if you want to be really helpful, so that you know exactly what to do, and how to comfort the child until you go and visit the doctor’s.

Treatment at home
Even though you might have to take your child home and take care of it there, it will be very important that you think about all the physio supplies your doctor will prescribe. And it is vital that you make sure that there is everything, or you might see a worsening in your child’s condition, and you are working on doing the opposite. Moreover, make sure not to take it on yourself to cure and mend something you might not understand, it is important to follow doctor’s orders so that you know what to do next.

Returning to play will take some time

 Ankle Sprains: Parent
Remember that after a while muscles and tendons get stiff if they are not used, which is why you should let your kid get back to sports and playing outside gradually and not immediately. Though, it will be needed to do some initial exercises which will help ease back into using their hurt ankle once more. If you are unsure how to go about it, make sure to ask your local pediatrician so that you do not cause any possible damage.  

Taking care of your child is never easy
Keep in mind that as a parent you will always want what is best for your kid, but sometimes, this primal instinct might take things too far. You need to stay leveled, think with a cool head, and make sure that you do everything your doctor tells you, so that you help your kid’s sprained ankle heal up faster. As it is a common injury, there is nothing to worry about, and if you follow orders accordingly, everything will be good in a little while, and your kid can quickly get back to doing sports or running outside.  


Wondering How to Get Your Kids to Clean Their Rooms? This is the Way!

Post TITLE by ecopallets.com.au
For all of us with kids, it’s always a struggle to teach him important things about life, teach them manners and make sure they grow up capable people. One of the struggles in their early years is definitely the one where we try to teach them to clean after themselves. And while everything starts with a gentle tone at first, after the hundredth time it all turns to yelling and semi-nervous break downs.

All parents feel the need to impose some kind of order, which is normal. But it seems that this struggle is a real marry go around and everything repeats day after day after day until someone goes totally crazy (the parent, of course).

You’ve probably felt like giving up a million times but then you remember – it’s your job to instill basis for your little ones, to teach them everything they need to know, at least at that age. Everything they learn from you now, all the structure they are given in their early years will be something to rely on in years to come.
Here are some tips that will help you manage your current situation, at least a little:

1. Nothing is as bad as it seems
Children don’t respond well to orders. If you raise your voice or express anger, your children will connected such a banal thing as cleaning their room as the most difficult chore in the world, resenting it every step of the way. Further, they will fear you and that’s not really the end result you are after.
Post TITLE by ecopallets.com.au
For the first few times after you’ve told them to pick up the toys, do it with them, together. Play some music in the behind, something cheerful and light. You can all sing together and the kids will understand cleaning isn’t as terrifying as it appears to them. In time, explain it to them that you can’t assist them forever and tell them to treat cleaning of their space as yet another fun activity they do.

2. Set a good example
You know the saying “we are spitting images of our parents”? Well, it’s true. Maybe not always, but in majority of cases it’s painfully true. This is why you need to be clean yourself in order to have your child be clean and have a sense of duty about the space he uses. Also, let your child see that you have a positive attitude towards cleaning and never make a big deal out of it. The child will himself understand and even initiate cleaning as a part of their daily routine. For instance, when you have to clean, say things like “Ok, and now I’ll clean this mess, later I’ll do my workout and then we can watch a movie together!” As long as you work cleaning in a simple, everyday conversation as if it is just another thing to do, your kid will take it in the same way!

3. Let them be proud
Post TITLE by ecopallets.com.au
Children love awards for their work, no matter what it is. If you make sure they feel you are satisfied with what they’ve done by, say, saying “This space looks amazing!”, “Look how clean you’ve made it!”, “Bravo, you’ve done some great job here!”, etc. your child will be motivated to do it again and again and again.

4. Give your children clear instructions
Unlike adults, kids are way more thorough and serious about what they do. Yes, it does sound weird but it’s true. If you want your children’s room to be clean then be clear about what that really means. Make a check list that means ä clean room”. That way your kids will have a point of reference now and for the future.
A clean room usually means:
1. A made bed
2. Clean workspace
3. Toys in toybaskets
4. Laundry in hamper
5. Clothes hung up
6. The floors are vacuumed (for a bit older kids)

5. Be practical
Each of their things needs to have its place. Why wouldn’t these places be colorful bins and boxes that will further stimulate your kid and make the process more fun? Buy your kids some plastic crates so that they have where to place all their stuff. Also, be reasonable when it comes to your cleaning expectations. After all, they are just kids.

While teaching your children to make the bed or pick up the toys after themselves may appear as a trivial thing at first, it isn’t – it’s a base for everything that’s coming next in life. We hope our guide helped!


Nesting: What to do before your baby arrives?

>> Jul 20, 2015

Being a first-time parent is not that simple at all. There are numerous things you need to plan and organize before your baby finally arrives. One of the most crucial responsibilities of every parent is organize their home in the best possible way in order to create the optimal conditions for their baby. Here are some basic tips on what to do in order to make your baby’s environment completely safe and healthy.

Baby-proof your home
Although it might seem too early to your now, you need to think about numerous things ahead of time. For example, when your baby starts crawling, it will get interested in everything around it and try to touch absolutely everything it sees. That’s exactly why you need to baby-proof your home properly. You need to pay special attention to stairways, electricity, bathroom and kitchen appliances.

Make room for all your baby stuff on time
When your baby arrives, you will be surprised how much stuff you will have to buy, from the diapers to various care products. Most importantly, all these things will take up a lot of your space. That’s why you need to make enough room for all your baby stuff on time. Maybe you should consider adapting your attic, basement or garage for such purposes, where all spare baby stuff will be stores. You should also declutter the rooms and try to make as much storage space as possible. For example, numerous shelves, baskets and totes will serve as an amazing storage solution for you.

Shop and stock
Face it, once your baby is born, you will be so tired and exhausted that you will never, ever have time for stress-free shopping. Maybe that’s why it is always better to do it before your baby is born. Therefore, what you should do is to purchase and stock your pantry, nursery, and cleaning essentials on time.

You need to pay special attention to your refrigerator. First, you need to make sure that it works properly. Second, you need to restock it, throwing away all off products and buying fresh and healthy ones.  Fill your fridge with dozens of baby foods and foods for breastfeeding, such as veggies, fruits, prewashed salads, filtered water and many more!

Deep cleaning
One of the most important steps you need to undertake before your baby arrives is deep house cleaning. What you should always keep in mind is that, no matter how it is clean, every house entails numerous places that are a perfect home to numerous parasites and germs.

The first thing you need to do is to vacuum and wipe your floors regularly. You should also know that some floor materials, such as carpeting, easily attract dust mites that can cause various chronic diseases and allergies. If you are not sure that your vacuum cleaner is strong enough to deal with all these parasites, you could maybe consider purchasing or renting a stronger one, such as a steam or deep floor cleaner. Since it will make your home germ-free, you should consider it as an amazing long-run investment in the health of your entire family.
Post TITLE by pristinehome.com.au

What you should never forget is that you are still pregnant, which is a huge responsibility. Therefore, you need to be sensible about this entire process of house cleaning. You should avoid harsh chemical substances that could damage health of both you and baby. Instead, try out organic, toxic-free cleaning remedies that are as good as any regular, chemical substance. If you feel that you are not able to do it all on your own, ask your friends for a favor and make house cleaning fun, or even contact professionals that would make your entire home sparkling clean in a couple of hours.

All in all, no matter how difficult this all seems to you right now, believe us, once you experience the wonder of being a parent, you will forget about all these problems. They will simply become a part of your everyday routine and you will and solve them with ease. What you should always keep in mind is that your baby’s safety and health are always your number one priority, no matter how much self-restraint it requires. Stick to these above mentioned tips and you will welcome your baby completely ready!


Indications to Replace Your Outdoor Blinds

Outdoor blinds wear out over time. But, when do you think is the best time to have them replaced? Here are some indications you need to watch out for.


Indications to Replace Your Outdoor Blinds 

Alana Southwell is a DIY improvement enthusiast, who has lots of experience in minor renovations, as well as arts and crafts. She shares her knowledge by providing content for blogs like All Weather Blinds. In this article, she shares some signs and indications that your outdoor blinds need replacements.
Outdoor blinds can be wonderful additions to any home while also serving a basic purpose. They come in varying styles and materials and differ in price and quality. But, all of them are generally the same – they wear out over time. Some parts of a blind may break like the strings and the slat, while others won’t even tilt.

Depending on the issue, an outdoor blind can be spared. However, there are these rare instances when there is nothing you can do but to replace them. If you ever notice any of these signs, then you might probably need to replace your outdoor blinds.


Blinds Won’t Turn or Rotate

At times, the blinds don’t turn or rotate. When this happens, you must not panic. You have to inspect it first, whether there is anything preventing the blind from rotating. If everything seems normal, try using some lubricating spray and apply it in small amounts while turning. If this doesn’t work, this can be an indication that you probably need to replace your blinds.


Blind Vanes Become Broken On One End

Regardless if this is new or not, a blind vane is always susceptible to damage, just like any other parts of an outdoor blind. When this happens once, you can fix it easily as there are lots of available repair kits on the market today. But if this occurs every now and then, then you must be alarmed. This is a sign of a possible damage in the mechanism, which can also become a potential danger to children.


Blinds Won’t Open

Vertical vinyl blinds that won’t open can be an indication that something is wrong. While this can be fixed by changing the vinyl vanes or checking whether the vertical slats are properly installed and are in the right position, sometimes, the damages are more than that. When this happens, repair expenses can get really high that the best thing that you can only do is to buy a new one. 

The Blind Vanes are No Longer Aligned

For vertical blinds, improper alignment is a very common issue. If you don’t want this to happen, you must not force the shades to open. This will only destroy the vanes. The right way to open this is to simply twist the vanes so as to keep them aligned. When this gets broken, consider this a very costly repair and you don’t want to spend more for this over and over again. So, the only thing you can do is to replace the entire outdoor blinds.

Bent Window Blind Slats

Among the disadvantages of aluminum window blind is that its slats will easily bend. And if there are any kids or pets at home, this can pose a serious threat. Basically, aluminum has this characteristic of retaining its shape when bent, so it is impossible to restore it back to its original shape. This only means you need to have a replacement.

Regardless if your outdoor blind is made of aluminum, plastic, cloth, or vinyl, these signs should tell you when to fix or replace your outdoor blinds. Not only will these spare you from spending time, money, and effort for any unnecessary repairs, this will also help you maximize the purpose of your outdoor blinds.

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Author: Alana Southwell
Alana is a DIY enthusiast, and she has plenty of experience in arts, crafts, and minor renovations. She currently provides content for AllWeather Blinds. If you want to get updates, follow her on Twitter: @Alana_Southwell


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