Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

Monday Night Post

>> Apr 30, 2012

Oops, it’s already Monday night here, I’m late again to join Blue Monday. Last weekend, my husband and I were busy at home. We tried to make some changes in our home and it hasn’t been finished until today.
During our visit to the zoo, we saw an animal show. Through two smart otters, the trainer taught kids to always throw rubbish at the right place. Ah, I still often see adults who prefer to litter. They should be ashamed with these otters, aren't they? :)


A Horse in Fashion

>> Apr 28, 2012

Do I look good?
Camera Critters


Finding the Right Maternity Bras Australia, Europe and North America Could Offer

Finding the Right Maternity Bras Australia, Europe and North America Could Offer -Maternity is a life changing experience for a woman. But of course, there will be sudden changes that you have to deal with. One of the things that you need to worry of is lactation. Starting to breast feed your child is a vital role of a mother. Not only is the mother’s milk healthy for the child, it is also healthy to the mother as it helps on burning calories.

There have been problems when it comes to undergarments. It is common for women to experience discomfort over their breast as a result of lactation. This has been a common complaint amongst women from all over the world. With the maternity bras, you could change this experience for the better.

Hotmilk is one of the leading manufacturers of maternity bras Australia, in Europe and in many parts of the world. They have specifically designed different maternity bras and lingerie to keep the femininity alive but still keep the mother comfortable. This is the reason why hotmilk bras online are selling for mothers in the different parts of the world.

Over the years, not only women are starting to buy the hotmilk bras online. As time goes by, the lingerie has turned out to be a personal gift to women. Their counterparts are now trying to learn the most popular maternity bras Australia, in Europe and in other parts of the world.

Before you even purchase bras, you have to know the correct sizing. There are stores that could do the conversions for you in order to get the right size of the underwear. This means that you could provide the best comfort for your lady as much as possible.

It is important to know that when you buy hotmilk bras online, you will need to pay attention to detail. There are instances when the maternity bras Australia will have a different size chart than those in the North American region. The good news is that you could let the manufacturers do this part for you.

Aside from size, a lot of men are wondering if they have bought the right color for their wives or fianc├ęs. You need to understand that there are different preferences. You may actually need to slip into her drawer to see what colors are dominant on her underwear. From here, you could make the right choice.

Paying attention to these small details can actually be the keys to please the woman you love if you are buying her lingerie. Maternity involves a lot of changes and you could make it easy for both of you if you make her happy. With the maternity dresses and lingerie, it’s the least that you could do to make this life changing experience a great one. 

From looking into the color and into the size charts, these are a few of the things that every man should know about their women. You need to understand that sizes may also differ once the woman stops lactating. These constant changes should be noticed not only by the woman but also by the better half for a meaningful relationship.


Health Benefits and Cost Effective Online Discounts Go Hand in Hand

>> Apr 24, 2012

With lack of time in modern living going shopping to malls and super market seems to be a tough job. Most of the people prefer to shop online nowadays to save their time and hassle of traveling to the market. Online shopping is one of the simplest and easy ways to buy different kinds of products from the comfort of your home. The online store offers a wide variety of products from daily use products to designer clothes and labels.

People do not usually buy a single product when they shop online. They want to buy products in bulk or at least two things at one time, to avoid any kind of hassle in the future. Online stores not only provide convenience of shopping from the comfort of the house, but also provide seasonal discounts and offers that help you save money on purchase of multiple products. One can also avail or accumulate points on every purchase and redeem them on future purchase. There are many offers that you can choose from the internet.

Coromega coupons are one of the ways to avail online discounts on health products. One can save lots of money on the purchase of multiple products while shopping online with the use of Coromega coupons.

Everyone wants to live a healthy life and proper nutrition and healthy diet are a prerequisite for it. Coromega online store provides a wide range of nutritional products that aims at fulfilling the health requirement of masses. According to a recent survey, more than 50% of the Americans suffer from the deficiency of omega-3 that severely affects the functioning of the brain, significant parts of the body, heart etc. Thus, Coromega took the initiative to aware people and communities of their health requirements and make the planet healthier by introducing Coromega Coupon. It aims at providing Coromega health supplements easily accessible to people for daily use. Each product carries the benefits of refined fish oil and is certified.

How to use Coromega coupons

Shoppers can use Coromega coupons for shopping online and save their hard earned money. Every deal on Coromega coupon offers earning profits or points that a person can use to avail discounts on purchase of multiple products. These deals and offers are affordable and useful to online shoppers.

Each Coromega coupons has a voucher codes that is used by the shopper to avail discount during billing. These codes may not work for every product. Each code is assigned with a specific product and can be used to get discount on certain deals.

There are terms and conditions for the use of the voucher code and depending upon the product and deal offered. One should pay close attention while redeeming the coupon codes. Some Coromega coupons can only be used for online shopping for specific products. Coromega coupon is the most cost effective online discount coupon that can be used anytime and anywhere.


Tips for Meeting New People

 Meeting new people can be difficult for anyone, and it is even harder if you are shy. Firstly, think about why you want to meet new people. Are you looking for a date to romance with a bunch of flowers or are you looking for people to hang out with as friends? There are a number of ways to meet people for both romance and friendship.

Here are just a few of your options:
      Just saying hello to someone.
      Heading off to dating events for singles.
      Taking up a new hobby or re-exploring an old one.
      Attending community events in your area.
      Volunteering for charity organisations.

Just Saying Hello
Just saying hi to someone can open up a new friendship. These days, people are less open to communicating with people they do not know, but most people will respond well if you say hi. So, if you are willing to take that first step, you might be surprised who you meet. This can be especially helpful if you do not know people in your area, as a way of getting an introduction to the local community.

Meeting new people to date can be hard, especially if you have been single for some time. You can try the direct approach and just ask people out directly, or you can use a few other tips:
      Try internet-dating
      Go to singles events or activities.
      Take up new hobbies.
      Ask friends organise some blind dates for you.
Remember, a first date is the first step to a dream relationship and having flowers delivered to your house as a romantic surprise.

Starting New Hobbies
Starting a new hobby, especially a group activity, will allow you not only to meet new people but also to network for the future. Not to mention that it should be fun, too! Many people used to have a hobby, or play a sport, but let it fall by the wayside. This is the perfect moment to get back into a fun activity.

Community Events
Community events are a great place to meet people and get involved in your local area. These can include festivals, carnivals and other events, such as markets. You can either get involved with the organisation of event itself or just turn up and have a good time.

Volunteering for a charity is a great way to meet people, as well as to help those that are less fortunate than you. You are likely to meet people who have similar ideas and attitudes to you. Volunteering can lead to strong friendships and maybe even romance.
Stop feeling lonely and explore the many options available to you for making new friends!


Relaxing Times

>> Apr 23, 2012

 You need to relax after your hard and busy days. It’s like recharging your mind and energy; and you’re ready to start the new week ahead. During our visit to the Ragunan Zoo, I saw many people choose this place to relax with their families. I share here several captured relaxing moments for Blue Monday.


Sit Calmly

>> Apr 22, 2012

This gorilla still sit calmly while lots of people took pictures of him. He seemed no bother at all. My husband captured this amazing creature at Schmutzer Primate Center (Ragunan Zoo, Jakarta, Indonesia). He doesn't live in a small cage, but inside a 'small forest'.
Camera Critters


Protecting Your Family from Financial Disaster

There is nothing more important than family, so make sure that you always have your family’s financial future and security in mind. You never can tell what challenges lie ahead and expecting the unexpected will mean that your family’s finances will be able to weather any storm. The following ideas are sure to help keep your family protected from potentially loss.

Income Protection Insurance

If anything were to happen to you, your partner or any other income earner in your family, it could lead to severe financial hardship if you aren’t protected. Income protection insurance means that if you are forced to take a significant amount of time off work due to a health-related concern, your income will continue coming in, regardless of the fact that you are unable to work. It would be a shame to have worked so hard to get a well-paid job and financial security, only to lose it all due to ill health and a lack of proper protection.

Life Insurance

There is no greater tragedy that can strike a family than death. If you are covered by a life-insurance policy, your family will avoid being crushed by a financial tragedy as well. The cost of the funeral alone will set you back thousands of dollars, though life insurance can help to cover the expenses relating to the death, as well as provide a sizable payout to help your family finances stay afloat.

Travel Insurance

Holidaying with the family is always one of the highlights of the year. If your family goes abroad for holidays, make sure that everyone is covered by comprehensive travel insurance. Even if you have great healthcare cover at home, often this will not cover you outside of the country. Get insurance, because an unlucky accident can quickly snowball into a full-on financial disaster.

Save For A Rainy Day

It may seem that your family is blessed and that nothing bad ever happens to you, but you never know when your luck might change. If nothing else, make sure that you put aside money to help cover any unexpected crisis or emergency. Having insurance is fantastic, but it will usually be tied to a specific type of emergency, making it worthwhile to have an independent savings fund.

Diversify Your Investments

The more diverse your family’s financial investments are, the better you will be able to survive uncertain economic times. Even if one of your investments goes under, having a few others will mean that all is not lost. Keeping all of your eggs in one basket is never a good idea, so consider a wide array of investments, and your family is far more likely to survive a major economic downturn.


A Healthy Alternative for Coffee Lovers

Every one has their own ways to start their days. Coffee lovers surely like to drink a cup of coffee every morning and commonly each of them has different coffee preference and taste. My husband always asks me to make him a cup of black and strong coffee. I myself prefer to have a cup of Green Tea to complete my breakfast; but occasionally, I also drink coffee if I’m lack of sleep. What kind of beverage that accompany you to begin your day? 

Excessive caffeine can endanger one’s health -no one doubt it- but lots of people can’t avoid the coffee temptation and tend to drink too much coffee every day. In fact, coffee in harmless dosage can assist you to soothe, heat up your body, keep alert and focus. The question is; can you really control your daily coffee drinking? 

My sister-in-law is also a coffee addict. For her, a cup of creamy coffee is already her every day breakfast. A few days ago, in our last phone call, she told me that she couldn’t drink coffee anymore as she’s diagnosed of high blood pressure. I felt sorry for her. 

Luckily, I just get the information that can be the right way out for her. She should try organo gold coffee, a healthy alternative for every coffee lover, without losing the great tasting of coffee and the pleasant feeling while drinking coffee. Have you ever known about Organo Gold’s coffee before? Why it’s called as a healthy coffee? 

Organo Gold’s coffee is definitely a healthy coffee as it contains 100 % organic certified Ganoderma Lucidum extract. Ganoderma –also famous as Reishi mushroom- is a medical mushroom that has further than 200 active components identified to recover one’s health. Ganoderma’s fragrance-free and flavorless characteristics make Ganoderma coffee tastes and smells like ordinary coffee! 

Organic certified Ganoderma Lucidum spore powder isn’t only added into coffees; but you can also get Organo Gold’s green tea, hot chocolate and capsules. So, drinking any product of Organo Gold means that you obtain many benefits of Ganoderma for your better health. 

In details, the benefits of consuming Organo Gold products are almost countless. The main medicinal advantage that you can gain is it can totally support the function of your body’s immune system.  My sister-in-law can drink Organo Gold’s coffee without worries as it can lower the high blood pressure. She surely glad to know that she can enjoy her favorite coffee -Gourmet Latte- in more healthy way!


Finding Your Dream Home at Seagrove Beach Real Estate

>> Apr 21, 2012

Are you planning to move to Florida with your family? Well, you’re not alone here; as there’s a fact that more than a hundred people move to Florida every year. Why Florida is becoming a destination to many individuals who look for new permanent residences and want to have improved living?

For your information, Florida is a state with comprehensive facilities that has twenty airports, various amusement places and miles of sandy shores. Its milder climate, increasing economic growth and diverse geographical range make Florida more attractive for visitors.

Since you have decided to move to Florida, your next task is finding the right home for your family. If you have a dream to live in coastal area that offers relaxing and charming atmosphere, Seagrove Beach Real Estate can be a great option for your new home! Located in Walton County, Florida; living around Seagrove Beach is like having beach vacation every day!

Buying a home is surely one of the best investments in your life. Therefore you should only deal with a reliable and leading Florida home builder to avoid any regret in the future. Choosing the reliable Florida home builder is a very crucial step in obtaining the perfect home for your family. Only a leading home builder that has established business and proficiency can guarantee you to get your dream home and handle any problem that may occur later. 

If it’s your first time to buy a home in Florida, it would be better to gather and comprehend any required and related home-buying info first. This information can be your helpful guidance in purchasing a home. As a home buyer, you should be more careful and avoid any ‘Buyer Beware’, such as purchasing a home straightly from the home owner.  The real estate agent and home builder are the right people that will help you to find your new home!


A Great Way to Save Money!

In today’s economic situation, most people love to pursue any chance to save money.  Are you planning to travel with your family but you’re still confused on the huge cost that you must spend? There’s no doubt, a family vacation can be very expensive; unless you know how to get best deals.  How about the idea to benefit a big saving while you travel?  Since Expedia is the right place to discover and make your family vacation plan, don’t you ever miss the Expedia coupons as it will give you more savings than you’ve expected!

You have chosen your dream family vacation package and now it’s time to search for Expedia.com coupons to make your trip an affordable one. Perhaps you’re wondering where to get the Expedia coupon codes. Fortunately, I have the information that you need! BestOnlineCoupons.com is a great source to discover lots of active coupon codes, not only Expedia coupons that you’ll get there. If you’re also looking for promotional bargains and discount deals of thousands of online stores, it’s much recommended to visit this great website source.

Another place that hosts Expedia coupons is AllOnlineCoupons.com. Using these coupons will ease and save you more in booking flights to hotel rooms, even if you want to take family cruises. You and family can enjoy the unforgettable trip without having to expend a fortune!


How to Manage a Household Budget

>> Apr 20, 2012

Developing a household budget is a good way to save money and balance expenses with income. Being aware of sources of fast loans will also help with a budget. Repaying cash loans and credit cards is a necessary step for budgeting.

1.Look at expenses from the previous year
The first step for a budget is to look at expenses from the previous year. Search for bills, bank statements and receipts. By detailing expenses, the income needed to meet them can be projected. In this way, an idea of how much money is needed for the year is ascertained. 

2.   Look at income
In the same way that looking at expenses can help prepare a yearly budget, you need to also look at your income. Examine wage slips, bank statements and investment statements. This should produce an estimate of income for the last year and for the present year. 

3.   Balance income and expenses
Hopefully the income found will cover the projected expenses for the year. If it does not then some budgeting measures must be implemented. The idea is to have more income than expenses and the easiest way to do this is to reduce expenditure. 

4.   Needs versus Wants
The first step to reducing expenses is to divide them into needs and wants. For example, toilet paper is a need, but take away lunch is a want.  After dividing expenses this way, it is then time to reduce the wants. By reducing spending on wants, such as takeout food, expenses are reduced. Think of taking packed lunches to work or school, making coffee at work rather than buying it and perhaps, if possible, walking or cycling places rather than driving or using public transport. The latter strategy will help with transport and petrol costs. 

5.   Reduce expenses
After determining needs and wants, there are other ways to reduce expenditure. Simple strategies such as reducing electricity bills by turning electricity off at the power points can reduce the size of the bill. Other savings in water and gas bills can be gained by reducing shower times and gas usage. Looking for alternative heating methods such as blankets rather than heaters or air conditioners can also reduce costs. Taking the time to look at major expenses and looking at innovative ways to reduce them, will save the household budget with little pain. 

6.   Increase income
If reducing expenditure is not producing a balanced budget, then it is a good idea to look at ways to increase income. One easy way to do so is to take out a cash loan. These loans can help with emergency expenditures and help the family budget during times of crisis. A fast loan can meet emergencies quickly with little fuss.

Planning a budget can prevent families from falling into debt when wages are low and employment unstable. With the global financial crisis it is a good time to look at how the household can reduce expenditure and increase income. Having cash loans available will also help cover emergency situations. Being aware of the household financial position will be an advantage when times are tough.


The Importance of Prefab in Modern Society

>> Apr 19, 2012

Prefab is short for prefabricated, and the term has come to stand for the modern way of building most things – from houses right through to furniture. It is something that has been around for a little while, but has caught on as a cheaper and less wasteful way of producing products. It comes with a variety of benefits that traditional building practices can’t compete with such as:
● High speed manufacturing process.
● Environmentally friendly (less wastage and compact packaging).
● Ease of use and modular design possibilities.

Prefabricated building styles are making our modern world grow faster and at a lower cost both to the pocket and to the environment. It provides a mostly one-size-fits-all approach, although this is changing too, as prefab mining accommodation now provides highly specialised portable solutions in remote areas.

High-Speed Manufacturing
The speed at which prefabricated products can be pumped out of a modern factory is mind-boggling. Each complete unit is made up of many smaller, individual parts that are produced separately – sometimes even at different factories. Once the consumer or business puts these elements together, they create a complete product. One of the most famous names in prefabricated products is Ikea, famous for its flat-packed furniture. Their products are easier to transport because they are not-yet assembled, but the downside is, of course, that it needs to be put together by the consumer.

Environmentally Friendly Construction
Prefab housing and products can mean less wastage and a more environmentally friendly impact in remote locations. Many
mining camps use prefabricated buildings that, once the mining moves on, can be taken away and used again. This is much better than building short-term buildings for sites and then abandoning them. The environmentally friendliness of the products, however, depends upon the materials used in its manufacture as well as the design of the product.

Ease of Expansion
One of the best features of many prefabricated products is that they can be easily expanded. If, for example, you want to install some cupboards but are not sure how big you want them, you can simply install a few, see how they go and add to them if you need them. Many modular systems can even be moved around and redesigned.

The Future of PrefabWith factories becoming increasingly automated and computer-aided design more sophisticated, prefab is still in its infancy. If you consider the impact that 3D printing could have on parts and supplies then the possibilities are endless. Imagine printing a new extension for your house or a new tile for your roof!


To Ensure Your Pet’s Health

>> Apr 18, 2012

Did your child lately ask your permission to have a pet at home; but you still can’t make any decision? If you can afford it and you also have times to guide your child taking care of the pet, you should allow a pet’s presence at your home.

Having pets at your home can be a source of joy and gives a very positive general affect on your family life. Taking care of pets will enhance your child’s responsibility and time management skills. Pets can reduce your stress level and through your pets; you can teach your child to learn more about reality in life, raising and creating bound.

So, at least once, you should allow a pet around your home. Take your child to the nearby Pet Shop and choose the right pet for your family and home, according to your child’s age, health condition and ability. If you face difficulties in selecting the most suitable pet for your family, you may consult to an expert!

Let’s say that you have chosen a dog as your pet. As a good pet owner, you should ensure your dog to live happily and healthy at your home; therefore you need to understand about a dog’s basic needs. It will help you -and your child- know how to become responsible dog owners!

To fulfill your dog’s life, you must provide the most required Dog Supplies. Perhaps you’ve noticed that pet supplies for dogs are available in very wide variety in today’s market; it may make you question what is truly essential and what is only wasteful for your dog. Your knowledge on dog’s basic needs will guide you to purchase only important dog supplies!

Your dog should have dog collars and leashes that will ease you to train and control while you’re walking with your dog. There are many other things that your dog also needs, such as a comfortable dog bed, dog toys, a dog bowl and high quality dog food. Let your child do the dog grooming task; it will need some grooming tools like brush, comb, scissors and shampoo. Since prevention to avoid any illness is always the best, consult to your veterinarian to get advices about proper prevention treatments that you should do.

If later your child wants to add another pet, you may consider installing an aquarium. A glass tank with lovely fish inside can really beautify your home and make your family pleased. Similar with your dog, your fish also need the most necessary Aquarium Supplies. To keep your fish active and healthy, make sure that you’ve bought each one of the important fish pet supplies. Purchasing pet supplies online can be a great option as you can discover the most up-to-date pet supplies from the comfort of your home.


Awesome Party Games for Adults

Games aren’t just for children, as there are plenty of really fun adult games for setting the mood at parties and gatherings. Party games really help to encourage everyone at the party to participate and can often alleviate awkward moments by stimulating discussion and laughter. Don’t forget to consider your guest list before you pick your theme, to be sure it will be a success. The following are some examples of games you can try for your next party.

Rubik’s Cube Party
The Rubik’s Cube party game is a great way to ensure that all the people at a large party mix and mingle with each other. Ask your guests to come to your party dressed completely in one of the colours of a Rubik’s Cube – yellow, green, blue, red, orange or white. While the party is going, guests swap their clothing items with each other – shirts, shoes, pants and any other clothing item – with the aim of completely re-dressing in any colour other than the one they came in. Once a particular time is reached and the swapping is over, you can give out prizes based on the popular vote for the funniest dressed, the best dressed and the sexiest dressed.

Guess That Famous Person

Throw a mock-Oscar’s party and ask each of your guests to come dressed as a famous person. To make it authentic, you can get a
red carpet hire and take pictures of your guests striking their best poses as they arrive at the party. You could even take things up a notch and ask guests to bring appetisers that fit with movie themes. You can also give out awards for the most authentic costumes.

Australia’s Got Talent’ Living Room Audition

Make sure your guests know about your party game ahead of time so that they can decide what talent they will showcase. To really get the theme going, consider stage and
lighting hire to really set the atmosphere. You will also need three judges, cameras, rock-star outfits and a karaoke machine for those who want to sing. The judges will give a score out of ten for each performance, and the guest with the highest score wins the prize!

Murder Mystery Party
Enjoy a night of mystery, murder and intrigue with this fun role-playing game. You can get a boxed game or download a scenario from the internet – then all you have to do is choose your guests! Make sure you give each guest a role ahead of time so that they can get into character and dress the part. Once you present the scenario and evidence to your guests, turn them loose on each other and let them mingle to find clues on their own. This game is amazing for eliminating the dreaded party lulls, and even the quiet people will get involved. As the host, you will have fun serving tasty themed snacks while watching your friends scheme, deceive and stir up pandemonium!


3 Reasons to Use a Party Hire Company

>> Apr 17, 2012

When it comes to organising parties, there are a few blessed people who just seem to get it right every time. You know the type…they somehow manage to make classy decorations and have the tables set up perfectly, seeing to every little detail and making everybody feel welcome at the same time. For the vast majority of us, however, throwing a party is something that has us running around for weeks beforehand, and during the actual festivities we’re lucky if we can get our hair to stay tied up, let alone carry on a good conversation with one of our guests!

Luckily, those few lucky people who are blessed with the party-throwing gene often become party planners and
event hire company owners, which means that we can benefit from their skill without having to end up cowering in the corner of the kitchen by 8:30 because we forgot to thaw out the mini quiches. Here are 3 reasons why you should use a party hire company for your next big bash.

1.It’s EasyThe whole idea of throwing a party is meant to be so that you can celebrate. So many people, however, become so stressed at the idea of trying to get everything perfect that they end up having very little fun during the ‘celebration’ itself. A party planner can help with every aspect of the event, so that on the day all you have to do is look fabulous and enjoy yourself. Sounds like a lot more fun, doesn’t it??

2.It’s Cost Effective
You might not believe us but we speak the truth! While hiring an events company or a party planner might seem like an extra cost, the savings you will make by taking advantage of their expertise will be remarkable. Not only are party hire companies experts in calculating how much food and alcohol will be needed for a specific group of people, they also have the equipment necessary to cater for them, which means you’re not running out and buying plastic cutlery and paper plates and trying to get your hands on all manner of decorations.

3.It’s ImpressiveA good party planner will take your ideas about the kind of party you want to throw and work with you to create that image you had in your head. You know, the one you could never have any hope of replicating by yourself? Party planners and
party hire companies have years of experience throwing all kinds of parties. They know what works, and they know how to organise one that makes all of your guests ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’. Those little touches that most people wouldn’t think to include are where party planners really come into their own, so if you really want to throw a memorable party, there’s just no substitute for using the services of someone who does it for a living.


8 Steps to Protecting Your Family from the Dangers of Fires

Fires kill and scar thousands of people in Australia every year. Preventing your family from becoming just another figure in this statistic is a serious and important job. Fire safety is a relatively easy thing to achieve in comparison to the devastating effect of failure. This article will consider some of the steps you can take to protect your family from burns and fires in the home.

1. Install fire alarms.
Having a good
alarm system will enable you to rest peacefully. The potential for a fire is always there so it is better to know that you will be alerted when there is. Early warnings save lives so be sure to regularly maintain your alarms so that they work when you need them.

2. Get it checked out.
Unless you have recently moved into a newly built house then you need to get the wiring, plumbing, gas and heating checked. A small failure with any of these elements of your house could cause a serious fire at any time. If you don’t know when the house was last checked then make sure you get a check carried out soon.

3. Don’t leave your cooking.
When cooking it seems difficult to start a fire but this is because you are constantly watching it and adjusting the heat. Just a short minute of too great a heat could cause whatever you are cooking to catch fire. Don’t risk it and make sure you turn the hob off before you answer the phone or go to the door.

4. Don’t smoke in your house.
Smoking in your house is not only bad for you and bad for those around you; it also creates a fire hazard which has ended many lives. Smoking whilst sitting or lying down provides the potential for you to fall asleep and set fire to yourself. Do the sensible thing and smoke outside to protect the lungs of your children and to eliminate the risk of starting a fire.

5. Beware of infestation.The nests of either rats or insects are something to be dealt with quickly for several reasons. Rodents chew at electrical cords which can then cause them to start a fire. In addition to this, the nests that both rodents and insects make are often very flammable and could potentially start a fire if left untended.

6. Beware of flickering lights.
Flickering lights can be a sign of electrical faults or power surges. Both of these problems can potentially cause a fire if they are not dealt with promptly.

7. Install sprinklers
It can take a significant amount of time for the fire department to arrive at the scene of a fire. Installing sprinklers can stop the spread of fire before it is too late. Whilst they may not completely extinguish the fire, this constant stream could be enough to hold the flames off until the fire department arrives.

8. Maintain your air conditioning unit.
Air conditioning units run through the use of electrical motors which will necessarily need to be maintained. Regularly check up on the system to be sure it is not overheating. This is particularly important if the system has not been used for a long period and is then switched on again.


Colorful Orangutans

>> Apr 16, 2012

We visited Ragunan Zoo (Jakarta, Indonesia) last Sunday. This zoo is so huge. Tough our feet were so sore, we had fun times there. I couldn’t complain more, as we can rent bikes, take a mini train or rent a horse-drawn buggy, but I still decided to walk. Ragunan Zoo entrance ticket is very cheap; no wonder is always full of visitors. One of my favorite places inside is Pusat Primata Schmutzer (Schmutzer Primate Center). At the museum section, I saw attractive and colorful orangutan fiberglass statues that painted by different artists. I share some of them for Blue Monday. My husband took all the pictures. Which one is your favorite? I like them all.


How to Make Your Satellite TV Connection Cost Effective: Choosing the Right Package According to Your Choice

Once you have decided to switch from your cable service to a satellite TV subscription the big question in your mind is what package to choose? With the satellite service getting all around better programming variety, picture and sound quality with interactive features and customer services it gets confusing to select the best one.

There are a number of different satellite packages and each of them is equipped with its own unique combination of services and features, so that there is a satellite package suitable for every type of entertainment style. You have to select the one that fit for your personal entertainment style and price range.

If you always want the best in everything and money is not an issue for you then you can ask your satellite TV provider to brief you about various premium level packages they offer. These high-end packages are truly the cream of the crop. For any of these premium package, you may have to pay upwards of eighty or ninety dollars each month but that will give you an access to more than 300 channels, including more than 30 premium movie channels and just as many regional and specialty sports packages.

If you get a subscription to one of these premium satellite TV packages you will never again say that "There is nothing to watch on TV."

However if you are not interested in paying a premium price for having the very top-of-the-line package then there are a number of other types of satellite packages available for you to choose from. These packages will cost less than half as much money as the premium packages. There is a range of other satellite packages available that will cost you between thirty and forty dollars a month.

Depending upon which satellite packages you choose, you will receive access to between 50 and 150 channels. The cheapest of these satellite packages will exclude all the premium movie and sports channels, but even these satellite TV packages come with something that everyone in the whole family can enjoy.

The above prices attached to the packages apply to subscriptions of twelve months in duration or longer. The satellite providers will be more willing and able to give you are willing to assure them of a long-term contract right away. You can expect reliable customer service regardless of the satellite package you choose.

If the satellite TV packages offered by the service provider does not suite your taste and budget than you also have the option of creating your own personalised package with the choice of channels you want. This will give you the freedom to choose and pick from various channels and pay for only those channels with a basic package. You can modify a basic package by adding your favourite sports, music, and news and movie channel at an additional price for them.

The basic satellite TV package will come with a minimum of 50 channels to watch. You can choose to add different other channels from sports, kids or any other that you may like by paying individual monthly subscription for them and a package of your own.


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