Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

New Year, New Hope

>> Dec 31, 2012

 Today is still a day in 2012, but tomorrow the year of 2013 will come.  I’m not a person who loves to celebrate the coming New Year. Though, perhaps like many other people, New Year always means new hopes for me. I’m not only feeling grateful with everything that I’ve received but also hoping that my biggest wish will come true next year. 

I share here blue and white bridge over flowing water for Blue Monday; crossing the bridge may symbolize leaving 2012 and walking toward the New Year.  

This bridge located at Ah Poong Floating Market Sentul City (Bogor, West Java, Indonesia). In fact, at this interesting place, there are three bridges that will lead you to the eating place spot and the Eco Art Park. You can also rent the boat there and have a short boat ride.


Saving Your Sanity: Managing Stress for Moms

>> Dec 30, 2012

Motherhood is a stressful, full-time job. You never really leave work and you rarely, if ever, have a day off from it. If you're not careful, you can get so busy taking care of everyone else that you forget to take care of yourself. Be sure to manage your stress so you can be at your best, which will make you a better mom in the long run. How can you work on managing your stress? Everyone is different, but try some of these techniques to see what works for you.


Let Go of Perfection

Lots of stress in your day is probably self inflicted. You want the towels folded a certain way, sandwiches put together in a certain order, beds made crisply. Some of these things are nice, but they just aren't important enough to fret over on a daily basis. If you can let go of your need for absolute perfection for everything, you can focus your energy where it's most needed and reduce stress overall.



If beds don't need to be made perfectly, then who says you have to make them? Make simple tasks a chore that can be done by your kids or shared in other ways. You'll teach responsibility and take some stress off of your plate.


Take Some Time Out for You

You spend your life taking care of people in your own family. You need downtime too, so don't forget to schedule it in. Take a few minutes everyday to yourself. You can do anything with it — write, download games from iWin.com, visit Pinterest, make a cup of tea. Just make sure it's something that you enjoy and relaxes you.

Also, make sure you're getting out of the house from time to time. Go visit with friends, take a yoga class once a week, join a knitting or sewing circle, go for a run. It could be anything. You might have to schedule it and plan for it and work a little harder to prepare for it, but do it anyway.



There's actually a movement called Laughter Yoga based on the idea that "behaving or acting happy will bring the mind to a state of happiness."
You don't have to join a club or laugh spontaneously if you're uncomfortable with that, but do feel free to laugh when something funny happens. Find the joy and humor in life and react appropriately.



Sometimes, when stress has you in its ugly claws, all you can do is breathe. Remember when you were in labor? What did everyone tell you to do? Just breathe. Take a deep breath (or a few, depending on the severity of the situation) and you'll have time to process the situation and get some oxygen flowing through your body.


Focus of the Positive

While you're breathing, try to shift your focus from negative thoughts to positive ones. If you have trouble latching onto positive thoughts organically, look for some quotes or mantras that inspire you. Pinterest is a great source for this. You can save the quote on your phone, post it on a mirror, stick in on your fridge or, if you're into that kind of thing, just have it tattooed right on you. Well, maybe don't tattoo it, but keep it present to help you shrug off the negative and focus on the good.

Willa Reese A teacher, vocal coach and mom, Willa loves teaching kids the joys of being on stage and putting on holiday pageants.


What is the Need of Dental Consulting?

>> Dec 29, 2012

Dental consulting is a field where registered and experienced dentists provide important and valuable information regarding the problems related to teeth. They consult with the patients regarding the problem and the kind of treatment they should actually seek for. There are dental consultants who look after this process as a business and charge a lot of money from the patients while on the other hand there are individuals who provide free dental consulting service. Nowadays, many doctors prefer to provide free dental consulting services to their patients before they start the actual process of treatment.
With time the dental problems are ever increasing. Today in every household you can find at least one person who is suffering from teeth problems. It can be anything like bleeding of gums, shakiness, yellow teeth and so on. These are common problems and many people do not tend to bother about it in the primary stage which enhance the disease to an advanced stage, thus making it difficult to cure it. Erratic and irregular shape of the teeth is also very common and many young people are facing this problem. This can make the life of people worse .

Free dental consulting services
With irregular teeth you can neither smile nor can you freely mix with the society. So it is important that you go for dental consulting which can solve the problem. Dental consulting means you can take advice from the dentist regarding the problem and how you can solve it. The consulting services are sometimes available at free of cost and many health awareness organizations provide this as free services. Dental consulting can not only solve the problem of irregular settings of teeth but it can also take care of other problems like teeth shakiness, gum bleeding, bad mouth odor and etc. Dental consulting, on other hands can help you to take care of the problem at the very basic stage.

The importance of dental consulting
There is another way in which you can view dental consulting business. Yes! There is the other way round where you can take the consulting of expert dentists and dental doctors to improve your business. This can help you to get extra knowledge about your new clinic and also enable you to take the steps correctly to set up a successful business. A dental consultant should be hired in order to expand your business easily without any hassle. There are many people who are undertaking the dental courses but all of them are not equally qualified as they claimed to be. It is necessary that you interview several candidates before finally giving the responsibility to a particular person. A consultant can help you to make a long term plan which will be beneficial for the clinic.

Dental consultants are hired to market the clinic and enhance its reputation in the market. Some of them are hired to provide training to the new doctors who are joining the clinics. In brief, dental consultants are important in marinating and training the staffs as well as handling the financial related matters.


A Thirsty Bee?

Thirsty or hungry, this bee was nearing the bowl of Jelly Medan Ice that ordered by my husband.  My husband let the bee doing it; he didn’t mind to share :) 
The bee left after a few minutes, perhaps it’s already full.  

Camera Critters


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