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Handling Your Child’s Bedwetting

>> Nov 30, 2010

Is your child still wetting the bed? Bedwetting is an embarrassing event in the life of any child. Parents, here is how you can help your child learns to conquer this difficulty, with no loss in self-confidence for your child.

For many children, wetting the bed is a usual and normal part of their life. This natural event begins to become a problem is when your child has already started to get toilet trained or even later in life for some children. Here are some tips if bedwetting seems to be a problem for your child.

Try not to scold your child or make an issue out of bedwetting. There will be no positive result at all. Simply say something like, “Oh dear, I see you’ve wet yourself again,” or something else age appropriate. Encourage older bedwetting children to take an active role in getting over the problem by having them help strip the bed.

Praise a child on dry nights, as is age appropriate. For younger children you may want to make a star chart and reward a week of stars with an extra story at bed time, an extra ten minutes staying up time or some other type of treat or reward for their accomplishment.

Restricting the fluid intake of your child before your child goes to bed can also help out. It doesn’t mean that your child should go to bed thirsty, just refrain from allowing your child to have a drink right before bed time. Waking your child up to use the bathroom before you go to bed is also another appropriate way.

When bedwetting is something that seems to be a regular problem, you should protect your child’s mattress. This can be accomplished by purchasing a rubberized sheet for the mattress or using a shower curtain.

In the event that nightly incontinence is something that has suddenly hit your child, talk to him or her immediately. This is something that you can see as an indication of a larger problem that you may need to be aware of.

Don’t be afraid to talk to a doctor either if this is a sudden change in your child’s behavior. A doctor can help you figure out what exactly is happening and whether it is a medical concern that you should be worried about or not.

Source: family.tips.net & ebeautymag.com


Land Hermit Crabs and Sea Shells

>> Nov 27, 2010

It’s not empty shells. There are living things –hermit crabs- inside those beautiful houses. Last Sunday, one seller at a temporary market in Sempur field (Bogor, Indonesia) sold them. It’s just quick shots, as I had to rush to catch up my husband in the crowd ahead.

Hermit crabs will use empty seashells as shelters for their soft bodies, and they will retreat back into their shells if threatened, leaving only the hard tips of their claws exposed. As they grow, they will have to find larger shells.

If you are interested to buy few hermit crabs as pets; here is information that you should know first (compiled from several sources). Having hermit crabs as pets is both a fun and educational experience. They are clean, low maintenance pets that can live up to 60 years of age if properly taken care of.

Housing and Habitat
  • Don’t place your hermit crabs in a small plastic container. It’s one of the major reasons why so many hermit crabs die early on in captivity. 
  • Hermit crabs need lots of space, so buying a large glass terrarium is a must.
  • You should also have at least 2 as hermit crabs are very social animals and live in colonies of hundreds of crabs in the wild.
  • The temperature in the terrarium should be kept at 70 degrees or more. Humidity should also be higher than 70%, anything lower and your hermit crab will start to slowly die. Buying a temperature and humidity gauge will help you to keep the temperature and humidity in the terrarium at an ideal level.
  • At least 6 inches of sand at the bottom of the terrarium as hermit crabs love to dig and burrow themselves in the sand.

Food and Water
  • Avoid commercial hermit crab food at all costs. It contains lots of preservatives, cheap fillers, toxins and more. Hermit crabs are omnivores meaning they eat both meat and plants. Substitute commercial hermit crab food with organic fruits and vegetables, meal worms, crickets, etc.
  • Avoid giving any processed foods.
  • Provide both a saltwater bowl and a fresh water bowl for your hermit crab pets to drink and bathe in. Don’t use tap water as it has chlorine and other chemicals in it. Use filtered water only. To make salt water add a dash of cooking sea salt to fresh filtered water.

If you’ve done it all, your hermit crabs will live healthy and happy!


CC: What We are Thankful For

>> Nov 26, 2010

Is it important to be thankful? I’ll say,”Yes, of course!” I consider it as my way to look at the bright side of my life. Every time I feel hopeless, sad, and gloomy; I’ll start writing out things that I’m thankful for –as many as possible- and look at them every day for a while.

I’m thankful for the special people in my life:
My husbandHe’s my best friend. He gives me unconditional love and acceptance, and he always makes me feel like I’m a special woman. He also can cook, hehehe.

My parents and my father in-law
My mother and father give me wonderful childhood. My mother was my best friend. I always feel their love and support. My FIL treats me like her own daughter; thanks to you!

My brothersWhen we still lived in the same house, I feel that they always protect me. We are not only siblings; but also good friends. Now, after they have their own family, we seldom meet and gather together; but I always keep in touch with them via facebook and other communication way.
My brother and sister in-lawsIt’s especially for brother and sister in-laws in my husband’s side; as I meet them more often than my siblings. We are close each other. I’m also thankful because I have cute nieces and nephews.

My relatives and my friends
They all are people that care for me.

I’m thankful for God’s blessings:
Good health
Being able to earn extra money by blogging (at least to cover my own needs)
A happy marriage life
We’re not rich; but we can enjoy our simple life. We love our debt-free life!
Living in a modest but comfortable home and friendly neighborhood
Our dream car. It’s not a new one, but comfy enough for us.


Around Sempur Views

>> Nov 24, 2010

I took all these pictures last Sunday. When I was at the right side of Sempur field (Bogor, West Java, Indonesia), I can hear the sound of flowing water. I think it's good enough to share it here, especially this old bridge.

My entry for Watery Wednesday


Sunday Morning in Sempur Field

>> Nov 23, 2010

Sempur field is a famous field in my city (Bogor, West Java, Indonesia). As a free public place, many people use it everyday, especially for playing football, basket, volley, running around the field and doing wall climbing.

But on Sunday morning, this field changes into a temporary market, it’s for about four hours. You can see lots of sellers there. If you’re interested to buy some stuff there, you can be confused as there are lots of things to sale: from toys, clothes, foods, accessories, underwear, fruits, animals, hand phone accessories, kitchen and home equipment, to motorbikes, television, other electronic equipment, and many more!

Last Sunday, I and my husband visited Sempur field to have chicken porridge for breakfast. It’s already 9.00 am in the morning, several sellers have packed their stuff; but many other sellers still display it. While we were eating our breakfast, suddenly we heard and saw some men were chasing someone and yelling,” Pickpocket…pickpocket!”

It turned out that a while before, a stupid man (a pickpocket) has taken a bag that belongs to one member of a basketball team. Poor man. It’s not hard to chase and seize the thief. It’s really a stupid decision to do a criminal thing in a place that full of people like that. I was afraid to see and take pictures, my husband said that the thief was being hit by several people and then brought to the police office nearby.

I also did a little shopping. I bought two legging pants, as the price is very cheap! Before going home, we saw for a while children that were doing taekwondo training.


A Croaking Toad

>> Nov 20, 2010

I saw this croaking toad several nights ago in our front yard. It’s raining that time. My husband assumed the toad’s sound as an annoyance (he can’t sleep every time he hears it); but I assumed it as one kind of music, hehehe…

Are you still confused to see the difference between a frog or a toad? Here’s a little bit information for you:

Frogs (we call it katak)They are members of the family Ranidae, containing more than 400 species. These frogs have the characteristics of:
  • two bulging eyes
  • strong, long, webbed hind feet that are adapted for leaping and swimming
  • smooth, wet skin that looks slimy (generally, frogs tend to like moister environments)
  • skinner bodies
  • Frogs tend to lay eggs in clusters.
  • Members of this family include the bullfrog, common frog, green frog, leopard frog, marsh frog, pickerel frog, and wood frog.
Toads (we call it kodok)They are members of the family Bufonidae, containing more than 300 species. These types of frogs are characterized by:

  • short hind legs (for walking instead of hopping)
  • drier, rough skin that looks really bumpy, like warts (usually preferring dryer climates)
  • wider bodies and look fat
  • paratoid (or poison) glands behind the eyes
  • Toads tend to lay eggs in long chains.
Reasons for Croaking

Toads croak for various reasons. The main purpose of croaking is for male toads to attract a mate. While some female toads may croak in response, croaking is largely a male activity in most species. Some male toads may croak as a means of marking territory or warning away another male that may accidentally try to mate with them.

Toads generally keep their mouths closed during calls, which moistens the volume of the sound. However, when a toad is being attacked by a predator, it may open its mouth in order to make a high-pitched distress call.


CC: When We Wish Upon a Star

>> Nov 18, 2010

When I read this CC topic of the week, I remember this old song. Here’s a part of the lyrics:

When You Wish Upon A Star
-Louis Armstrong

When you wish upon a star

Makes no difference who you are

Anything your heart desires

Will come to youIf your heart is in your dreams

No request is to extreme

When you wish upon a star

As dreamers do

Fate is kind

She brings to those who love

As sweet fulfillment of their secret drowns

Like a boat out of the blue

Fate steps in and see's you through

Of course, it’s not literally that we wish upon the star, as we must wish only to GOD that creates star and others, right?

I guess that there’s nothing wrong with wishing. Some people may say that wishing is only a passive thing to do; and it needs more that wish to make your dreams come true. Some other people say that you should wish that is followed by the visualization. If you wish to have a bigger house, you should visualize in your mind, every detailed thing in your new home and also visualize your activities inside. Have you ever tried it?

I think those all are true. Perhaps you’ve ever read about the power of mind, the attraction laws, and others. I believe that as long as God decides that your wish is truly the best for you, it will come true. What we wish for doesn’t always mean that it’s the right thing for us. Only God knows what the best is for us; or perhaps the time isn’t right yet.

But as ordinary human, sometimes, we -my hubby and I- like to talk about our wish. Just saying it can make us happy!

Here are some of our wishes: having smart and adorable kids, able to take care and give high education to our kids, successful business, a new house with bigger yard, getting old together, living healthy and happily forever, and I don’t want to bother you anymore with my other wish, hehehe…


How to React to Your Child’s Tantrum

>> Nov 15, 2010

Perhaps every parent has ever faced child’s tantrum. It can happen anywhere, whether at the grocery or on an airplane. I’ll share here the tips that are written by Emily McBride. You can apply these tips to get your toddler develop into a more reasonable toddler.

A child throws tantrums in order to declare their independence. The trick is letting them feel their sense of independence while still getting them to behave well and follow the rules.

Realize that simply yelling “no” and stomping a foot is not a tantrum; it’s just testing the water. Don’t mistake this normal child behavior for a tantrum. Parents, here’s for your information: Tantrums are when the child gets out of control, whether physically or verbally.

Some characteristics of tantrums are pounding arms and legs on the floor, screaming, and getting red in the face. Not only temper-tantrums are unbearable and embarrassing in public, if you don’t get controlled your child from the beginning, he/she can lead to even bigger behavioral problems later.

How to respond properly? Here are some tips:

Ignore.Just ignore him or her (don't give any eye contact); but you should make sure that your child doesn’t hurt herself/himself. In many cases, once your child realizes that he is not getting any attention from his tantrum, he will stop. Most probably, the more agitated you get about their tantrum (yelling, begging, or getting emotional); your child will also get more agitated.

Trying to physically hold them still work not either, and usually results just in more struggle. Don’t worsen the situation. Obviously, if you are in a public place that needs to be quiet, this might not work. You might need to take your child out and away before you can start ignoring him.

Reward positive behavior.Studies have shown that gratifying positive behavior is actually persuades better behavior than punishing for negative. Praise your child when he/she is behaving well. When your child calms down after a tantrum, stop ignoring them and acknowledge them with a respect.

Start now.If you’ve been applying the tips and your toddler is still throwing tantrums, that’s okay. Ignore your child’s next tantrum. It will probably shock your child at first, but sooner or later they will realize that you aren’t going to respond to their tantrums anymore, and they’ll find another (hopefully better) way to get your attention.

When the right time to get expert help.Sometimes, tantrums are a sign of bigger problems. If your child is throwing multiple tantrums a day, or getting injured or injuring others through the tantrums, consult to your doctor.

Pick your ‘battles’ wisely.
As parent, you aren’t going to win every argument and tantrum. Every child is different; so, different techniques work best for different children. Be patient, this period of childhood won’t last too long.

Well parents, I hope these tips can help you to respond your child’s tantrum in a better way…

Rewrite source: family.tips.net
Image source:ucgmikebennett.wordpress.com


The Festival of Sacrifice

>> Nov 13, 2010

Eid al-Adha (Arabic: عيد الأضحى‎) or Festival of Sacrifice or Greater Eid is a significant religious holiday celebrated by Muslims around the world to celebrate the willingness of Abraham (Ibrahim) to sacrifice his son Ishmael (Isma’il) as an act of obedience to God, before God interfered to provide him with a ram to sacrifice instead.

Why do Muslims sacrifice an animal on this day?

During the commemoration of Eid al-Adha, Muslims memorialize and remember Abraham's trials, by themselves slaughtering an animal such as a cow, sheep, camel, or goat. This action is very often misunderstood by those outside the faith.

God has given us authority over animals and allowed us to consume meat, but only if we pronounce Allah name at the solemn act of taking life. By saying the name of Allah at the time of slaughter, we are reminded that life is sacred.

The meat from the sacrifice of Eid al-Adha is mostly given away to others. One-third is eaten by immediate family and relatives, one-third is given away to friends, and one-third is donated to the poor. The act symbolizes our enthusiasm to give up things that are of benefit to us or close to our hearts, in order to follow Allah's commands.

It also represents our willingness to give up some of our own bounties, in order to make stronger the ties of friendship and help those who are in need. We are aware of all blessings come from Allah, and we should open our hearts and share with others.

It is very essential to comprehend that the sacrifice itself, as accomplished by Muslims, has nothing to do with atoning for our sins or using the blood to clean ourselves from sin. This is a misinterpretation. The representation is in the thought - a willingness to make sacrifices in our lives in order to stay on the Straight Path. (Source: google).

I captured the sheep that will be sacrificed at November 17th 2010, the Festival of Sacrifice.


CC: What We have Accomplished

>> Nov 11, 2010

Every married couple has a dream about their future marriage life, including me and my hubby. Our dream was having a happy marriage life, successful business and one or two children.

And then, after eight years of our marriage life, what is the reality that happens to us now? Well, I believe that only God who knows what is the best for us. We can have a dream and we have done our efforts to reach it, but the end results are totally in God’s Power and Authority.

From the three dreams, I feel grateful that we have accomplished a happy marriage life; as our relationship are becoming stronger every day. Perhaps you, my friends, have already known that we got bankrupt in our business and suffered a huge financial loss. There aren’t yet little steps running around our house since we still have no child.

I don’t feel sad at all and I accept this reality with sincerity. I and my hubby can live in a simple life, and that’s more than enough for me. We just do our best here to move forward and reach a better life. I believe that the bright future is waiting for us there.



>> Nov 10, 2010

I hope this shot are wet enough for a watery post. I was inside our car and on the journey to Kaligua tea plantation (Bumiayu, Central Java). It was raining outside and you can see also the mist was surrounding the trees.

My entry for
Watery Wednesday


Handling Quarreling Children

>> Nov 8, 2010

As parent, dealing with your fighting children could be one of your most frustrating things. I’ve ever been in the same situation – with my two fighting nephew and niece. They were still yelling each other; but it already gave me headache. Aww, I need to learn more! That’s why I’m glad that I found these practical guidelines. I rewrite and share it for you.

The first rule is ignoring the small argues.
You can interfere if quarreling becomes physical. Quarreling is a normal part of any child’s social development, so, most children will go through this ‘quarreling’ stage. It becomes parent’s responsibility to ensure that your children are learning ways of dealing with disagreements.

The second rule: you should really try not to tell off or get offend with just one of the children, as it generally takes two to fight. If your children are old enough, ask each child to tell their story of the events leading up to the argument.

For older children (teenagers), you could ask them how they would stop quarreling children when they are parents themselves. After getting these suggestions, ask them if they could live by the rules that they just suggested. If the answer is ‘yes’, take their ideas and stick them on the fridge door or family notice board for upcoming use.

In the case that you find out that the fight was caused by a specific item, try taking out the objects that cause squabbles among younger children. If you know your child and a friend always fight over the same toy, remove it before the friend comes to visit. Another option: get two of the same kind of toy that way each child would have one to play with.

You can also try to make a game out of sharing. Hand them a toy and take it smoothly back. Repeat until your child is happy to hand it over to you. After this has been successful a few times between yourself and your child, expand the game to include other children as well. You teach your child that it’s OK to share with everyone and not just you.

When fighting breaks out in the car, here are things that you should do. Pull over to a safe spot and find out what is going on. Make clear to your children that you can’t drive with them fighting like that because it’s a distraction and could cause an accident. It may be shocking, but this method works well with children as young as three.

If your children seem to be frequently fighting, ask yourself these questions to help you:
Are you favoring one unconsciously?
Are they happy at school?
Are they hungry?

The third rule: consistency. Be steady with how you face any given condition dealing with a fight/argument. This will make your children know what to anticipate in any given situation. Write out a list of house rules, such as no playing with the ball near the window, no yelling each other, etc.

In the event that you have to discipline your children for fighting or arguing, you can always separate them for a time. Typically half an hour will work for younger children, as after about fifteen minutes they will be asking to play with each other once again. You can also inform them about your own childhood quarreling with your brothers or sisters, since it shows them that everyone has troubles with their family as they grow up.

Source: family.tips.net


White Spotted Deer of Bogor Presidential Place (3)

>> Nov 6, 2010

These photos are from my old archive. I’ve been sick on the last few days, and I was too weak to do anything. Thank God, today I feel better and I can write this post.

Seeing the deer in front of Bogor Presidential Palace is always fun. Some of them are very tame and they are nearing the fence to get carrots from the visitors. Every week end, many visitors come to see these deer.


Views around Bogor Katulampa Dam

>> Nov 3, 2010

These photo series were captured about one month ago. The Dam is located in my city (Bogor, West Java, Indonesia); it takes about 30 minutes car-ride to reach the place. Allow me to mention again a little information about the Dam here. Built in 1911; the Dam becomes so crucial in rainy season; because it controls the flood (from Ciliwung River) that comes to Jakarta (capital city of Indonesia).
The dam starts its alert condition since the water surface level is above normal height (80 cm). Can you see the colored water-level board? If the water level continues high (red color water level), it can be predicted that the flood will arrive at Jakarta in eight hours ahead.
My entry for Watery Wednesday


Changing Life of a Parent – Just a Joke!

>> Nov 1, 2010

It’s said that being a parent can change your life totally. A baby’s presence in a family affects every family member. As you have baby 2, and then baby 3, the way you deal with the child also changes significantly.

It’s just jokes about changing life; that you will experience as becoming mother/parent. Don’t think, just read and smile.

Your Baby's Clothing:
1st baby: You begin wearing maternity clothes as soon as your pregnancy is confirmed.
2nd baby: You wear your ordinary clothes for as long as you are able.
3rd baby: Your maternity clothes are your ordinary clothes.

Getting Ready for the Day of the Birth:
1st baby: You practice your breathing as often as possible
2nd baby: You don't bother practicing your breathing because you remember that last time, breathing didn't help at all.
3rd baby: You accept an epidural injection as soon as it is offered.

Diaper :
1st baby: You change your baby's diaper every hour whether they need it or not.
2nd baby: You change their diaper every 2 to 3 hours, if required.
3rd baby: You change their diaper when others start to complain about the smell.

What Activities Do You Do with Your Kid?
1st baby: You take your child to the Clinic, the Gym, the swimming pool and the Library for story time.
2nd baby: You take your youngster to the Clinic.
3rd baby: You take your child to Hypermart.

Baby Sitters:1st baby: The first time you leave your baby with a sitter you call home 4 times.
2nd baby: Just before you walk out the door, you remember to leave a number where you can be reached.
3rd baby: You leave instructions for the sitter to call only if she sees blood.

How You React When at Home with the Baby:1st baby: You spend a great deal of time every day just gazing lovingly at your baby.
2nd baby: You spend some of everyday keeping an eye open to ensure that your eldest child isn't squeezing, poking or hurting the baby.
3rd baby: You spend some of every day hiding from the children.

Source: guy-sports.com


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