Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

Weekend in Surabaya

>> Jul 31, 2011

Accompanying my father, we traveled to Surabaya. I’m in Surabaya (East Java, Indonesia) since last Thursday; at my brother’s home. I plan to go back home next Tuesday; but I still haven’t yet searched for the ticket. I prefer to travel by train this time.

If there’s no changing plan, my father will stay longer in Surabaya; perhaps until the hajj departure date. Well, it’s all up to my father’s decision; but I can’t accompany him, I must go back to our home in Bogor (West Java, Indonesia).

Last Saturday, my father, my brother and SIL conducted hajj training. I had different occasion to attend.

My lower secondary school and high school days were in Surabaya. July 10th 2011 was the lower secondary school reunion date that I wanted to attend. Unfortunatelly, I can’t come as my father must be hospitalized.

But I’m not disappointed anymore, as on last Saturday, I can meet several old friends and had lunch together. It’s not only ordinary lunch, as we decided to keep the good communication and relationship more seriously.


Birds at Airport Garden

I saw them through a big glass window at Soekarno Hatta airport (Jakarta, Indonesia). We call it kutilang, cangkurileung, ketilang or genthilang, following the sound of his distinctive voice.

In English, this bird called Sooty-headed Bulbul (Pycnonotus aurigaster) is a species of songbird in the Pycnonotidae family. It is found in Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Laos, Burma, Thailand, and Vietnam.


Bring Ocean Feel to Your Home

>> Jul 30, 2011

Are you included people that always prefer visiting sea to mountain or other places? Do you crave to live by the ocean or travel the seas but in fact, you still can’t move and go to your dream place? For sea lovers like you, there’s a best solution. You can get an ocean feel to your home by bringing natural décor into your home.

Even if you live in a desert, a proper nautical décor will give very different ocean touch. You can beautify your home with an extraordinary nautical theme; your option is limitless!

You can create a coastal décor in your home by only adding in a few pieces by placing marine themed furniture and lights, painting the room with a sky blue and some white base boards, hanging beach and ship pictures, attaching various nautical items such ship models, nautical clocks, ship wheels, telescopes, sea shells decorations, installing a fisherman’s net on the wall, and many other more.

As mentioned before, you have endless possibilities; dig your creativity and get inspiration by visiting seaside homes during open house events, searching online information and reading home magazines.

When it comes to nautical stuffs, you can get it online at Gonautical.com, especially if you are a model ship collector. Gonautical.com would become your favorite place to search for nautical gifts! For your information, model ships are scale representations of ships. These models can vary in size from 1/6000 scale miniatures to large boats that able to hold people. You’ll love the site, as they provide miniature ships in various categories, from civil warships, famous ships, coast guard, tall ships, cruise ships, fishing boats, pirate ships, sail boats, ships in bottles to speed boats! I’m myself very interested with ships in bottles; I wonder how the creators made it! Which one do you like best?


Five Tips when Moving Out of Home

>> Jul 28, 2011

Moving out of your parents home is an exciting time but you need to plan ahead and be ready for it otherwise you may find yourself getting the removalists to help shift you back. Whether you are renting, moving into a share house, heading off to a university dormitory or buying your own home you need to sort out your finances and make sure you are organised. There is certainly a lot to think about if you are buying your own home, such as making sure you can make the repayments and organising home and contents insurance.

Check your finances

Before you even move out of home firstly work out if you can afford to. If you are studying full time you need to consider how many contact hours you have at university and how much time will be taken up with travel, then work out whether you will have time to work. If you are just starting out in a job it might be better to wait until you are more financially secure. If you are planning on renting make sure that you have enough for your bond and a few months rent in advance, just in case you run into any trouble. You will also have the cost of utilities, food, petrol or public transport and other daily expenses.


Once you are out of home you need to keep on top of your finances. With the freedom of moving away from your parents home it is tempting to get a little carried away with buying furniture and other items for your new home, and it is even easy to get over enthusiastic when going food shopping and buying a lot of things you don't really need. Moving out of home can be a a bit of a shock to some people as they realise that every month the bills roll in and they need to be paid. Set up a budget for yourself and stick to it. Make a list of everything that needs to be paid each month and set aside money for these expenses first.


When you first start out on your own it is likely that you won't have much furniture, and often people can't afford to buy new things straight away. Friends and family may have old furniture they can lend or give to you, otherwise you can make do with the few things you have.


If you can't cook then now is the time to learn. It really isn't that difficult, just buy yourself some easy cook books and stick to the recipes. A cook book will give you step by step instructions so you really can't go wrong. Don't be tempted to just buy take away every night as it works out to be way more expensive than cooking from scratch, plus it is very unhealthy.


Moving out of home will also make you discover that the toilet and shower don't just clean themselves. Buy yourself the right cleaning products right from the beginning and make sure you use them, otherwise the task of cleaning, when you do finally get to it, is even harder. Vacuum once a week, give the shower a wipe down and try to keep things tidy as you go, it saves on having to clean an enormous mess.


Going Out of Town

>> Jul 27, 2011

Tomorrow we’ll go to Surabaya (East Java, Indonesia). My father asked us to accompany him, because his condition hasn’t been fit yet to travel alone.I've bought plane tickets yesterday, but my father asked for changing the departure time, as he felt it was too early. Hopefully this issue can be resolved.

My father would leave pilgrimage this year. He will go along with my brother and SIL who lives in Surabaya. That's why my father should be in Surabaya soon for Hajj training has already started.

For Watery Wednesday, I share here a fish pond in my grandfather’s house, captured months ago.


Matt Dallio and the China Care Foundation

>> Jul 26, 2011

From an early age, Matt Dallio has walked a path in life that is a little different from the average person. While most teenagers are obsessed with videogames, cars, social media, or parties, Matt spent most of his time trying to help orphans on the other side of the world. It started when he was a young boy and he spent a year living abroad in China. He attended school there with the local children and was the only non-Chinese born student in the school. At first he was an outcast but the children soon befriended him and they all became friends. From this experience, he would grow up and never forget the compassion that his schoolmates showed him when he was the outsider.

Years later, while Matt Dallio was thinking of things he could do for his Eagle Scout project, he began to research how he could help Chinese children. He soon found out about the large number of orphans there. Because of the one child limit imposed on all Chinese families by the government, if a child is born with an abnormality or birth defect, it is common for the parents to simply abandon the child. Although many of these birth defects could be solved with a simple outpatient surgery. So many orphans in China have cases of a cleft lip, or clubbed foot.

Matt Dallio realized that if he was able to raise money, he could possibly afford to pay for some of these surgeries for these children, which in turn would give them a better chance at being adopted and having a better life. This is exactly what he did. Within 4 years his initial project raised over $1 million, and grew to a multi-purpose organization and provided everything from pediatric surgeries to financial aid for adopting families.

The China Care Foundation is now over a decade old and has raised millions of dollars helping hundreds of children. Matt Dalio’s initial vision became a reality and in the process, has changed the lives of many children and families around the world.


To Find a Right Home for Your Family

Every family craves to have a home. In fact, family and home are the heart of your life; where you should believe as the most comfy places in the world. Having a peaceful home is already becoming an essential part in pursuing a meaningful life of you and your family. Don’t you agree?

In other side, lots of people value houses and property as a type of high advantageous investment. That’s why the real estate business and industry are still included the recent fastest growing industries. The big question is, whatever your reason to search for a property; can you find it just by yourself? Buying a home isn’t an easy and simple thing to do; have you already known what you should prepare to avoid any following disappointment?

Let’s say that you and your family will move to Arizona in a short time. So, you must search for a right home for your family! It can become a hardest job, since you don’t know anything about Arizona yet. Using professional helps from Arizona realtors could become the best solution for you and other people who looking for properties in Arizona.

A quality real estate agent will definitely give you many benefits. It’s much recommended to find and buy homes with the assistance of real estate agents, as they will help you in various things; from pricing, offering wider range of homes, finding homes that most suits your family needs, handling all paperwork, negotiation, to closing the transaction. Their helps will ease much of your headache!

To get maximal advantages from a realtor’s service, you should apply the qualified realtors in the related areas. The best and simplest way to find reliable realtors in united states is by using realtorsnearme.com, a directory website that provides all realtors data in USA, from every state to city and county. If you visit the website, soon you’ll find out that this directory is very useful; as finding a real estate company nearby becomes so quick and easy. Each contact person in the company will be equipped with full information such as the address and phone. After getting the information, you can straightly contact the realtor to assist you in searching for your home.

Don’t be hesitant to get professional helps from realtors. They are experts in taking care of your interests in property field. Since your home is always becoming an important part in your and your family life; it’s really worth to get a real estate agent’s assistance!



>> Jul 25, 2011

How’s your weekend, guys? I didn’t go anywhere. On Saturday, an old friend of ours came to visit and we chatted for a few hours. Last Sunday, my husband must work and I just enjoy my lazy times with watching TV for hours.

For Blue Monday, I want to share some overload captures that I saw on the street (in different cities). Anyway, overload (noun) means an excessive burden. In our daily life, it can make us under stress and exhausted. But when it comes to overloading a vehicle, it will cause dangers such as the vehicle will be fewer stable, hard to steer and take longer to stop. Vehicles respond differently when the maximum weights which they are created to carry are exceeded (source: ArriveAlive).


A Cat and a Jackfruit Tree

>> Jul 23, 2011

The cat was walking, nearing the tree. Was the cat interested with the jackfruits? Just trying to make a fun post for the weekend; would you like to guess what would be done by the cat next? Here are the options:

a.the cat did nothing with the tree and just walked passing by
b.the cat was curious with the jackfruits and sniffed them
c.the cat was only interested with the tree and started to scratch it; sharpening his front legs’ claws.

Which one is your choice?

It’s a pity that I can’t share the ‘next photo’ here. I accidentally deleted it; but I still remember what the cat did next.


Keep Your Consistency

>> Jul 22, 2011

Have you ever watched ‘Super Nanny’ television program? I’ve ever watched it several times. In this program, the parents asked for the Nanny help to handle their children who have ‘bad’ behaviors. It turns out that the main cause is always the parents themselves. One of the most mistakes that parents often do is there’s no consistency in parenting their children.

I’m so glad to find this article that written by Dr. Noel Swanson (marriageadvice.com). He said that when it comes to parenting, consistency is so needed: consistency in what you say and do, and consistency between parents. If you don’t apply it, you give full chance to your kids to manipulate you and play one parent off another.

Here are some pointers that will help you to keep the consistency:
Have a Plan
You should have a plan about how to deal with and face particular situations. Having done that, every time you’re in the particular situation, you will stay calmly and do what you had pre-planned. If you have no plan in your mind, you’ll just react, like yelling and threatening; and you’ll respond differently for the same situation.

Choose Your Battles
It means that you should choose and decide which important rules or things that you must insist on it, every time.

A United Parent
In front of children, parents should have the same decision. If your partner has said NO, you must say NO too; then you can discuss it later privately. Otherwise, kids will go to one parent that gives the answers they want.

Parents should spend time discussing rules and expectations so that you can come up with a consistent plan. One way to do this is to study a parenting book together and then talk about it. Watching TV programs such as Super Nanny would also be a great idea.



Bubbles and Bubbles

>> Jul 20, 2011

Bubbles are usually made of soapy water that has been shaped into a thin film. The film catchs air in the center, causing the bubble to keep its round form until it pops. The adding up of soap to the water is significant. The cause why bubbles only really hold their shape when made with soapy water is that the soap stabilizes the outside of the bubble. The soap reduces the bubble's surface tension, which lets it to enlarge and hold its shape.

When the soapy solution is expanded across a surface (the end of a bubble wand, for example), it forms a thin, filmy sheet with quite low surface tension. As air fills the sheet, it takes on a spherical shape. This is because, as the solution stretches and the surface concentration of the soap drops, the surface tension rises. To recompense for this increase in surface tension, the bubble forms into a shape that puts the least amount of stress on the surface layer. For any given volume, spheres have the lowest possible surface area. This means that the surface layer has to stretch the least when forming into a sphere.

Why they pop?
The addition of soap to the external layer of the bubble reduces evaporation that plagues bubbles that are formed from water alone (such as bubbles blown in a drink with a straw). However, even soap bubbles burst in the end. This is can happen for a couple different reasons. The first is that soap bubbles are automatically drawn to other objects and bubbles. Generally, when they touch these objects, the bubbles pop.

Bubbles also achieve their most capability rather quickly, particularly if they are large. This is because, as the soap in the solution extends out, it's in nature drawn to the feebleest spots in the bubble. Though the soap stabilizes these feeble spots, it also tends to avoid them from enlarging any further. When pushed away from their limits, these areas explode.

Watery Wednesday


Money Making Online Guidance

>> Jul 19, 2011

I believe that most bloggers -like you- are also interested to earn extra income by blogging. The question is, How to Make Money Online? It would be hard to start if you still don’t have any clue on how to do it. So, it’s very important for you to search more related knowledge first!

Do you have Word Press blogs? I have very useful information here. At Mercora.com, a money making site, you’ll find guidance to make money online, such as how to apply top 3 money making tools and WordPress autoblogging plugins. To know what kind of benefit that you can get from WP Robot, Auto Blogged and Auto Blog Blueprint; you should read WordPress Autoblogging Plugins Reviews at the website. This software will help you in running your WordPress auto blogs easier!

In blogging, you’ve might known that quality content is a king. Since it’s not easy to produce quality articles, the Best Spinner software could be your solution to create original and unique content. To achieve the maximal function of the software for your blogs, get more information by reading The Best Spinner review first.

Money making sites such as Mercora.com which provides how to make money online could be your best guidance to begin earning money online. There’s no doubt, visiting the website is the first step that you should do!


Enjoyable Weekend

>> Jul 17, 2011

How’s your weekend? My weekend was enjoyable as my father came home this weekend, Sunday morning, after 10 days in a hospital. Reaching home, straightly my father noticed that our Amarylis is blooming again since June last year.

My brother and family who live in another town came to visit my father and spent one night at our home. My father looked happy seeing my brother could come. Of course, every parent would love to receive attention and affection from their children. I hope my father also love my accompanying during times in the hospital, since my father isn’t an expressive person.

For sharing blue things this Monday, I just want to share a tool which measures the usage of tap water in our home. We subscribe tap water from a local government company. Every resident who subscribes will be installed the same water meter on their homes. The number shown on this tool will be record manually every month by an officer. I always permit the officer to come in and write the number by himself. Neighbors who don’t like ‘a stranger’ come into their yards will provide a board that mentions the numbers. The officer take notes from outside home. How about you, which way do you prefer? How the tap water usage is measured in your place?


A Fly at 3rd Floor

>> Jul 16, 2011

Sorry for sharing unclear photo. In this hospital, my father’s room is at 3rd floor. One morning, when I saw the view outside from the window, I noticed this little guy on the window balcony outside. Aww, this little guy can fly this high!

I browse a while to search more information about this. Most insects can fly as long as they are in the air about fifty degrees Fahrenheit or warmer. If the air temperature at ground level is about seventy degrees, insects have about thirty-six hundred feet before they hit the ceiling and it’s too cold. On ninety-degree days, that limit is at about six thousand feet. If they achieve a height where it’s too chilly for them to fly, they just fold their wings in and go down until they reach a more comfy cruising elevation.

A little update on my father’s condition: we’ll go back home this weekend! Thanks for your sweet attention.
Camera Critters


Engagement Rings -- Are Diamonds your Girl's Best Friend?

>> Jul 13, 2011

For centuries, young men have been proposing marriage to young ladies and offering an engagement ring as a token of this commitment. And for almost half that time, diamonds have played a prominent role in the design of the rings. But are diamonds still a girl's best friend all these years later?

Reasons diamonds are a girl's best friend:

1. Tradition
Despite women making huge gains in equal rights, many of us still have daydreams of the perfect fairytale wedding. That stunning Kate Middleton, Prince Charming, lavish-type affair with doves, carriages, harps and ringing church bells. While it may not be a reality, it's partly this dream that enables the tradition of big white weddings to live on. And a major part of this tradition is the beautiful
diamond rings that celebrate the engagement! If your girl is tradition, likely diamonds are still her best friend.

2. Value
As much as it's taboo to say, diamonds carry a certain perceived value that other precious stones and gems simply don't carry. And while your girlfriend may not be the type to care how much you spent or how expensive a rock can be, she won't be able to help her lips curling up at the corners, when her friends exclaim about how expensive it must have been. So if she’s flashy or likes something shiny – diamonds are in!

Reasons to think outside the square

1. While diamonds are beautiful, many liberated women can buy their own these days. Ensure you accompany these precious gems with brilliant design that suits her style so the amount of thought into the gift is evident. If your girl is the breadwinner -- maybe focus more on the design and getting in touch with what she loves, then on the rock itself.

2. Practicality
While you might want to get the biggest ring you can find, remember many women these days wear their engagement rings every day, meaning they can get caught on things, scratch things, and be scratched themselves. If you're selecting a diamond or other precious stones, think about the size and the setting. Perhaps something set a little smaller would be more practical for the modern woman. On the bright side, diamonds are one of the strongest substances in earth! If your lady is outdoorsy or has a hands on job, think about an alternative to diamonds, or perhaps just have them low set.

3. The new craze
Of course, if you want to go new-age, bypass the ring altogether -- or compliment the diamonds -- with a permanent tattooed ring around the finger. This is no short term commitment and neither is a tattoo!

4. Trends
Diamonds are traditional, but the latest trend is to combine diamonds with other precious gems -- adding a bit of colour to the ring! Try something different, why not a sapphire or a ruby?


Keep Your Daily Water Intake

My father’s legs are puffy as his body can’t throw away the excessive water well. He must take a specific drug to push out the water. After a week treatment, his legs are becoming so small and thin. I ask my father to still drink enough water daily; but he refused to do it as he thought it will slow down the process.

This morning, he started to feel pain around the knees and the thumbs of his legs. It looks reddish as well. I guess that it’s a sign of some unnecessary and unwanted uric acid are gathering there. Sigh. I wish that my father isn’t so stubborn and still maintain his daily water intake; though he gets infusion.The water infusion looks red as it contains vitamin. Anyway, we’re still waiting for the result of his uric acid test. Watery Wednesday


My Weekend and Blue Things that I Saw on the Street

>> Jul 11, 2011

I spent the whole weekend here, at the hospital room. This time it’s not only me and my father; my husband can also being here with us. The more the merrier, hehehe.

It’s been along time since the last time I spent my whole days at a hospital room. The last time was Sep 30th 1999, the day when my mother passed away. And now is my father turn.

His condition is much better now. Though he must eat porridge, he never complains about it and always finishes eating it. His appetite is already coming back. Last Sunday, the doctor came with the second blood test results. The creatinin, ureum, SGOT, SGPT, and leucosit numbers have been decreased into a normal range. But there are still some parts on his legs that look puffy.

It’s a pity that there isn’t any blue thing in this hospital that I can share here. I can only share blue things that I saw from a car; captured a few days ago.


Fifth Day

>> Jul 9, 2011

Yesterday night we moved into another hospital room with the same rate that has big window. It’s much better, as the previous room has no window. A few days inside it already made me felt isolated from the outside world, hehehe.

Once I knew that the room across ours was empy last afternoon, I hurriedly booked the room. The same with me, my father also felt uncomfortable with the ‘dark’ room.

Yesterday, based on the tests result, the doctor who treats my father confirmed that my father’s heart already experiences deficiency in its contraction ability. It answers the question about my father’s swollen legs. I felt grateful that this problem can be treated by only taking medicine. His other vital organs still can function well. Thank God.

For Camera Critters, I share here a few cat pictures that I took at different places.
Camera Critters


Third Day

>> Jul 8, 2011

In fact, it’s almost my fourth day here since it’s over midnight. My husband is already sleeping now as he’s almost sleepless yesterday. I’m still trying to update my blog while accompanying my father. He can’t sleep well this night as his body is still secreting excessive water through lots of urinating.

My father’s legs look swollen. The cause is the decreasing function of his heart. Having getting treatment for three days, the progress clearly appears. His swollen legs become much thinner and he has no more stomach problem.

Dear blogger friends, thanks for all kind attention, support and prayers. It means a lot for us! Thank you so much! So sorry, I still can’t visit your great blogs. I don’t have much time to online and this hospital doesn’t provide Wi-fi. I don’t get good internet connection here. Anyway, I need to lie down and take a rest now. Have a great Friday…


Wednesday Morning at a Hospital Room

>> Jul 6, 2011

It’s just a quick update from me. I write this post from a hospital room. Nope, it’s not me who’s sick. I accompany my father since yesterday morning. He’s got stomach problem since last Sunday. My father refused to eat as he felt very nauseous. He also threw up very often.

Of course, his body became so weak. Since Tuesday, as the doctor’s suggestion, my father was hospitalized to get proper treatment. He’s given an infusion straightly.

We haven’t yet received the whole blood test results; but he already can eat some food. It’s really a good progress. Hope my father will recover soon and we can go back home soon. He’s sleeping now, so I can write this post.

For Watery Wednesday, I share here Kali Katulampa, an irrigation channel that comes from the Katulampa Dam (Bogor, West Java, Indonesia). This irrigation channel can water about 40 ha fields around.


For Your Improving Business

If you want to reach a major improvement in your business, you should consider applying Business process reengineering program. For your information, business process reengineering is the study and design of workflows and procedures inside a business organization. It is also identified as redesigning business process, business transformation or business change management.

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With the help of IT experts at Sigma Ukraine; your business can get highest advantages from implementing business process reengineering program such as increasing effectiveness, reducing costs, improving efficiency, increasing employee productivity, better work environment and better growing business.


Things on Last Weekend

>> Jul 4, 2011

Two days ago was my husband’s birthday. We didn’t celebrate it specially and I didn’t give him any birthday gift, only my prayers. In the afternoon, we left out to take him to a barber shop and have a hair cut. He has been a loyal customer for years and my husband knows every barber there.

Agus is my husband’s favorite barber. My husband has never disappointed with his job. The barber shop is a very modest one; but it has many loyal costumers. It has about five barbers and they always use maskers while working.

After getting hair cut, we dropped by to a café that we’ve never came before. I can see blue lights decoration inside. It suits for Blue Monday.

On Monday morning, we heard bad and sad news. Our beloved, Aunt Mia, has passed away that morning. She’s an older sister of my father. She didn’t get married; that’s why she’s close to all of us, her nephews and nieces. Rest in peace, Ua (Aunt) Mia, we love you so much. You’re so kind and sincere; God must be placing you in the best place.


4 Reasons to Visit Surfers Paradise in the Winter Months

There are a number of events that can influence the number of tourists visiting Surfers Paradise throughout the year, and when tourist numbers are up the cost of Surfers Paradise accommodation will increase. That being said, the winter months in Australia will still tend to allow you to get a better deal. Just because the weather is not steaming hot, it does not mean you cannot have a fun filled and exciting holiday. For some, this time of year is actually the most important. This article takes a look at some of the most popular activities for the cooler months of the year. Some of these activities can only be done during this time, so make sure you know what is going on.

· Whale Watching. August is the middle of the whale watching season on the Gold Coast. There are many disappointed tourists who visit during the more popular summer months only to find out, they do not get a chance to see this amazing natural phenomenon, and see these beautiful creatures in all their natural glory.

· Surfing. While most fanatical surfers don’t care about the weather, and it is the wave they are interested in, if you are interested in trying wind surfing or kite surfing, the winter months provide the best conditions. It is the time of year where the waves are right, the winds are blowing and there is enough room on the ocean to let fly at those amazing speeds. Water temperatures are pretty stable all year round, and while the weather is cooler, the sea temperatures are not that much colder than in the summer months.

· Tangalooma. If you are interested in nature, the cooler months also bring about some of the best nature watching activities. If you are lucky, and happen to pick the right day, you are likely to see Dugongs, rare hump-back dolphines, flying fish, stingrays, huge turtles and a whole lot more. Tangalooma is one of the best places to take part in whale watching and the people who run these tours are very experienced at making your dreams come true.

· All year round. One thing you will always be guaranteed is fun at the array of theme and fun parks, just a short drive north of the Gold Coast. These theme parks can get extremely busy in the summer months, and it is more likely you can find promotional offers to make a family visit all that more affordable.

For families, Surfers Paradise apartments or serviced apartments with sea or mountain views are recommended. You will see some of the most amazing electrical storms in the evenings, and most days it does not actually rain. The winter months can be some of the best times to get involved in nature and enjoy the amazing scenery of the Gold Coast without the steamy hot weather. For nature lovers, it is the only time to go.


Storks and the Myth

>> Jul 2, 2011

We have a Bali painting here that shows the beauty of storks and other birds. I captured only the stork for this meme.

Storks are large, long-legged, long-necked wading birds with long, stout bills. For centuries the stork has been a figure representing birth, and children were told that babies appear carried by a stork. If you have ever questioned why a white stork was selected for this reputation, here is how the tale is trusted to have originated:
Storks are family-oriented birds who, in addition to being very gentle with their young, are conscientious homemakers, and they return in pairs to the same nesting spot, year after year.

The story goes that when a stork flies south for the winter, it visits the watery swamps of Egypt where the souls of unborn children live. Upon returning, it would carry a child back. The regular absence of the stork during migration made it a likely target of this myth (source:todayspregnancy.com).

Camera Critters


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