Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

Eid ul-Fitr is Coming!

>> Aug 31, 2011

To all my friends who celebrate:

May Allah flood

your life with happiness on this occasion,
your heart with love,
your soul with spiritual,
your mind with wisdom,
wishing you a blessed and very Happy Eid ul-Fitr.

I'm still in my FIL's house. In a few days, I have to continue my journey to Surabaya (East Java, Indonesia), as my father stays there tor temporarily now. The sad news is, he should be hospitalized again.


In My Husband's Home Town

>> Aug 29, 2011

I’m already four days here, at my FIL’s house (Bumiayu, Central Java, Indonesia). Bumiayu is a small city, a subdistrict of Brebes district region. Since the main road of this city located not far from the house; I can take pictures of passing by vehicles that running toward to each one’s home town.

Most people love celebrating the Feast Day in their home town. We call this tradition as ‘Mudik’; going home every year to celebrate it together with all big families. I think every country has also the similar tradition. Do you?

Though the Government advice not to ‘mudik’ by motorcycles as its high risk; many people are still doing it for efficient/costless cause and other reason such as flexible movement in traffic jams and mobility needs in their home towns.

Can you differentiate between ordinary motor bikers and ‘mudik’ motor bikers? Helmets, jackets and luggage are the main differencing items.

I can’t tell much here. Until now, I go nowhere to the interesting places. Women in this family are busy preparing meals for the whole family members every day. The severe traffic jam on the main road also makes us lazy to wander around.


Horse-Drawn Buggy

>> Aug 27, 2011

Today is my third day in my husband’s home town (Bumiayu, Central Java Province, Indonesia). In Bumiayu city, horse-drawn buggies are one of public transportations. Compared with Bogor city-the place we live- you can ride a horse-drawn buggy by renting it.

The route isn’t far; it’s only about 4 kilometers, along Raya Bumiayu Street. The price is very cheap, between Rp 1000 – 4000 rupiah (under US$1). I’ve tried it several times. Do you want to try it, too?
Camera Critters


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Getting a Timeless Portrait of Your Baby

>> Aug 26, 2011

Congrats on your adorable new born baby! I believe that babies are always becoming treasures to every parent. As a new parent, documenting every valuable moment of your baby’s life would be so exciting. You can take many portrait pictures of your loves one spontaneously; but only an experienced family portrait photographer who can create timeless and artistic portrait pictures. If you crave to have a work of art, you should consider using the expertise of a professional baby photographer.

Baby is a cute object to be photographed, but babies are also hard to be captured through the camera lens. That’s why you should deal with the professionals in portrait photography North Shore, such as Nicholas Fiennes Fine-Photography that is able to completely capture the real and artistic appearances of your baby.

The experienced photographers in baby photography Sydney will know how to make babies feel comfortable during photo session. They will try to accommodate your personal fondness and give you advice on your baby’s best poses. You’ll be amazed with the result as they offer you with unique and artistic perspective in every photograph. Isn’t it great?

Since getting lifelong memories of your baby’s life moments is very valuable; don’t be hesitant to contact baby photographers and apply their expertise!


Going Out of Town

>> Aug 24, 2011

I’ll travel again; this time we’ll go to my husband’s home town in Bumiayu (Central Java, Indonesia) to celebrate the Feast Day next Tuesday in my FIL’s house. Together with my BILs and SILs, we’ll leave very early tomorrow. It needs three cars to accommodate all of us. Hope the journey is going well. If there’s no traffic jam, we can reach FIL’s house in about seven hours car ride.

After the Feast Day, we also plan to visit my father in my brother’s home in Surabaya (East Java, Indonesia). Since it’s far from my husband’s home town, we prefer traveling by train to riding a car.

Of course, I’ll bring my laptop. Wish I still have times to update my blogs and visit my friends’ blogs.

I should start packing. Before doing it, I want to share a fountain that captured in the front of a restaurant in Surabaya (East Java, Indonesia) where I and some junior school friends had lunch reunion weeks ago.
Watery Wednesday


Why Build a Sustainable Home?

If you have recently bought a piece of land and are planning to build a new home on it, you should think about how energy efficient it will be. With the proposed introduction of the carbon tax and residential building (mandatory disclosure) legislation imminent, it’s never been more important to consider household energy efficiency.

A lot of people think that energy efficiency is directly related to appliance choice. This is incorrect. The first step to a sustainable home is to design it so that it has a high thermal performance. And this is where home energy ratings come in.

Assessors use computer simulations to assess major aspects of the home, including its orientation and shading to determine what thermal performance it has. Thermal performance relates to how well a home can maintain a comfortable temperature year round. The idea being that if the house is designed to have a high thermal performance, it will require very little heating in winter and cooling in summer – leaving you to reap the ongoing savings.

To make sure your home is designed with thermal efficiency in mind, make sure you employ the services of an accredited home energy rating assessor in the design and planning phase of your new home. In analysing the current house plans, they will provide economic solutions to make the home more thermally efficient.

While various misinformed articles will have you believe that a sustainable home is extravagant and expensive, the reality is that thermal performance can be achieved with little or no additional cost. Plus, with the help of an assessor you can rest assured that your house plans will meet the minimum energy efficiency requirements as listed in the Building Code of Australia (BCA).

Designing your home to be energy efficient is only one step towards a more sustainable home. The next step is to fit it out with energy efficient appliances coupled with a more sustainable attitude in your household.

When purchasing appliances, you want to keep an eye out for those that rate highly on the energy consumption labeling. Having fitted-out your house with energy efficient appliances you need to review and update your contents insurance.

The next step is arguably the hardest and requires the household’s full cooperation. You need to change your lifestyle to adapt sustainable behaviours. Simple rules like, ‘turn lights off when you are not using them’ and ‘only wash with cold water’ are good first steps, others that have great returns on your back pocket are:

· Install a AAA showerhead – save up to $100 per annum.
· Get rid of that old second fridge – save up to $200
· Use energy efficient light bulbs (CFLs) – save up to $50.
· Switch off lights when you’re not in the room – save around $25.
· Don’t overheat or overcool rooms – save around $50.
· Close doors, cover windows, and seal draughts – save around $50.
· Wash clothes in cold water – save around $40.
· Use the clothesline instead of the dryer when the sun shines – save up to $40.
· Don’t leave appliances in standby mode – save up to $50.
· Don’t run your pool pump for too long – save up to $75.

Don’t leave energy efficiency until after you have sort a removalist and moved into your new home – incorporate it into your plans. If you decide to invest in renewable energies, it might be a good time to review and update your home insurance.
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How to Send Your Child with Allergies to Camp

If you’ve got a child with allergies, especially severe ones, you know how worrying it can be sending them out that front screen door. Calm down. Keep school and camp staff alert of your child’s allergies with custom bag tags and clothing labels that attribute allergy alert. They list your child’s name and what allergies they have. That way you don’t need to be anxious about your nut allergic son swapping the Turkey Surprise for PB&J.

There are a range of Allergy Alert labels to select from. You can get ones that hang from your child’s neck like some back stage pass to the world’s coolest concert, or custom bag tags you can put on their backpacks, luggage or lunch sacks. You can also obtain clothing labels that are fine for allergy alerts as well as name tagging so you know they come home. Why not save yourself a trip to the lost and found?

It’s the informational age, so make sure your child’s allergies are printed on their sleeve if need be with custom Clothing Labels. They feature unique, cool designs so your child will adore them. The designers feature kids’ fashion in mind and even feature custom bag tags with their favorite super heroes, sports, or hobbies. They’ll love using these allergy alert reminders, and you’ll love the peace of mind knowing your child’s allergy won’t be forgotten by the busy staff. Save the emergency room visits for another day with clothing labels for what they put on, custom bag tags for what they eat.


Heli-skiing History

Heliskiing is a completely astounding sport. It takes all the beauty of skiing or boarding and can severely strengthen it. Everything about it is better, the powder is always fresh and untouched, there no crowds of people to deal with, and you are in a beautiful secluded part of the world. The feeling can be attributed to that of owning your own mountain, which can be a pretty epic feeling.

What are the beginnings of Heliskiing? It is said that in the mid 1950’s the Europeans created the first helicopter ski trips by taking brave and world class skiers up to glaciers. Although it is known that Johann Wolfgang “Hans” Gmoser, a mountain guide from Linz, Austria is credited for some of the first trips up in the Canadian Rockies. Hans was a appreciated mountaineer and proficient climber. In about 1965 Gmoser’s friend and client, U.S. Olympian Brooks Dodge, had discussed the chance to begin a helicopter service that could take skiers to the snowfields in the upper Rockies.

Hans, one to never back down from a challenge soon partnered with Jim Davies, who was known as one of the premiere mountain helicopter pilots at the time. The two of them began chartering helicopter ski trips for one week to the Bugaboos.

The operation quickly became very successful and in the summer of 1967, a group of former clients invested with Gmoser and they soon built the Bugaboo Lodge, the first helicopter lodge in North America. Then Canadian Mountain Holidays INC was born, and the two were flying clients to the Monashees, the Cariboos, to Bobbie Burns and other spots. These were the early days of Heliskiing, and it was not long before Hans had some competition. Heliskiing rapidly grew in popularity and became an offshoot sport for the prosperous and adventurous. Now it is the extreme adventure sport it is today.


Best Ceiling Fan for Your Home

There are various options that require to be made when you are decorating the home. One of the options that you have available to you, however, is the ceiling fan. Actually this item is not simply something that is going to offer you with a method to flow air within the room, in many cases they are designed in such a way that they will fit in perfectly with almost any interior decoration. This is true of the familiar areas of your home, such as the living room or dining room but it is also true of ceiling fans that would go in the child’s room as well.

What would you search for when you were trying to find kids ceiling fan? One of the things that many parents appreciate about the fans that are available for children’s rooms is the fact that they come in many special themes. For example, you may have a child that adores sports and you can either get a general fan that is themed in that direction or you could even obtain one that was more geared towards their favorite team. Additionally, you can get something a little bit different such as an airplane ceiling fan or perhaps one that was themed toward their much loved cartoon character.

Be certain that you take a little bit of time to observe the options that you have available to you. At the same time, always make sure the ceiling fan is installed correctly and that it is steady enough so that no problems are going to occur during use.


Good Gifts for Your Pup

Lots of us take pleasure in getting items for our pets. When you have a dog, there are a range of different things that you have obtainable to you which you are definite to want to look into for yourself. These not only cover some of the obvious items, such as unique dog collars and leashes, it also covers some of the more extraordinary items such as dog costumes.

Here are some of the alternatives that you have available to you and how you may be able to select something that will be just correct for your pet.

As far as collars are concerned, you really have an almost infinite quantity of choices available to you. You can get collars that are specific to the type of dog that you have, such as those that will be taken into the field with a hunting dog.

In addition, you can get items that are quite unique, including the number one dog collar for 2010, the SuperCollar. This item is possibly one of the most suitable things that you can find, both for yourself and your animal. It is super sturdy and contains its own dog leash so that regardless of whether you’re hiking, jogging or if you just like to take your dog out on the beach, you’ll be ready for whatever happens to come your way.

As far as dog costumes are concerned, this is something that many people get pleasurable. After all, finding the right costume for your dog is going to let them to be even more lovable than what they are. Be sure to browse at all of the selections that are offered to you, you would be amazed with what is out there.


Between Two Cities

>> Aug 22, 2011

Almost every weekend, I face traffic jams on some main roads in my city, Bogor (West Java, Indonesia). Yesterday Sunday, we must postpone our plan as we couldn’t reach the place. My husband felt lazy to drive through the jam and prefer to turned back home.

I shouldn’t complain more as I don’t face traffic jam everyday here. People who work and live in Jakarta (the capital city of Indonesia) have to spend hours in traffic jams everyday.

For Blue Monday, I share here the differences between my city, Bogor, and the capital city. Here in my city, you still can see trees along the roads. Some of them are very old ones. If you choose a place to live, which kind of city that you prefer? Will you choose a smaller city that still offer you with green views or a big city with all amenities? Many Bogor people decide to keep staying in Bogor; though they must leave for work to Jakarta very early in the morning and arrived home late at night. I’ve ever been experienced as a train commuter for more than three years.


One on One

>> Aug 20, 2011

Cats have their motives for fighting. Cats state their discontent with other cats by picking fights. The reasons why cats fight can help you decide how to avoid your cats from fighting in the future (source: petsnanny.net).

Fighting for their territory Lots of cats fight because of their territory. They feel like an unwanted cat has attacked their territory, even if it is a cat that has stayed with them for a long time. Cats are much more territorial than dogs and the gender of the cat has very little to do with it.

In contrast to what a lot of people think, female cats are occasionally just as territorial as their male counterparts. If you have two cats in your home, you might observe that one cat hisses and swats at the other whenever he feels his territory has been invaded. This can also occur if you bring a new cat into the home. They are only protecting their territory.

Social ranking
Either male cats frequently intimidate and fight with each other for social ranking; even sterilized males may do this. If you have multiple cats, especially more than one male cat, one cat is usually considered the "alpha male" and will be at the top of the cat hierarchy.

Two cats might posture their bodies, then begin howling and screaming at one another. If one of the cats walks away or backs down, then the catfight is usually avoided. However, if neither one craves to throw in the towel and surrender, then one cat will assault the other by jumping forward and attempting to bite the neck.

The other cat will fall on his back and tries to bite or scratch the attacker with its hind legs. The two cats might go through this some times before walking away. There are generally no wounds sustained in these sorts of fights. You may even notice that kittens or young cats play with one another this way. Most of the time, you will not need to interfere.

Aggression Cats also fight as an effect of some kind of redirected aggression and this is relatively general, especially with indoor cats. Your cat might be looking outside the window at another cat or dog crossing the yard. Your cat starts to feel territorial and aggressive at this cat, but since this other cat cannot be achieved, he may instead attack the other family cat.

If you find your cats fighting irregularly, you should know that this is common and quite typical of cats. In general, you will be able to assume whether or not your cats are fighting for "blood" or just playing around.

The time to end a fight is when it gets horrible, otherwise; let your cats to work it out themselves. If you feel the need to stop a catfight, then you should do it watchfully. Even the most loving cat can bite or scratch you in aggressive passion. To stop a fight, you should make some kind of loud noise, such as a handclap. Since cats are surprised by loud noises, they will both stop to see what is making the noise. You can also spray water on them to interfere with the aggressive behavior.


8 Great Gifts for a New Baby

>> Aug 19, 2011

When a friend or family member are having a new baby, it is customary to give newborn baby gifts. It's good and fun going shopping for babies, there are so many cute outfits and lots of pretty things to buy. Shopping for a new baby is so much easier now you can buy Bonds online and other great brands of clothing, accessories and toys.


A lot of people tend to give newborns clothing as a gift. It is good to have lots of clothes for a new baby because some babies go through several changes of clothes a day, as often nappies leak, they tend to throw up on themselves and are generally fairly messy little creatures. You can never have too many singlets and socks, little mittens and hats are also handy.

Photo album

Brand new parents will take hundreds of photos of their new little one and will likely fill several photo albums. There are beautiful albums available just for new baby photos and you can buy pink or blue to suit or other sweet designs. You might want to give an album where you can record all the baby's milestones.


Even if the baby's parents have already set up the nursery, which it is likely they have, having a change of bedding is handy. You can buy matching sets of fitted sheets, flat sheets and blankets. You can also buy cot bumpers and quilts but these are not recommended to use for babies due to the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

Photography shoot

A gift the parents will love and the baby will thank you for later, professional photos with a photographer make a great gift. Black and white photographs look great and some photographers specialise in taking photographs of babies.

Nappies and wipes

Something you can never have enough of, nappies and wipes. The average newborn will go through about eight nappies a day, which is a lot of nappies over time. You can buy disposable nappies in boxes of around one hundred, or if the parents have decided to go with cloth nappies you can get fantastic modern cloth nappies that snap on the same as a disposable which come in lovely colours and cute patterns.

Shampoo and body wash

For newborns it is said that you don't need to use any soap or shampoo, just water is fine, but once they get a little bigger it is nice to clean them with special shampoo and body wash. There are beautiful organic and natural brands available that make shampoos and body wash especially for babies sensitive skin.


A bouncer is a great gift, and they came in a variety of styles and a range of prices. You can get really plain ones that are handy for baby to lie back in and later they are good to feed baby in once they start on solids. Other bouncers you can buy have mobiles and toys hanging off them, some vibrate or even rock back and forth, which are great for settling a baby.


The baby won't be able to play with toys straight away but it is a good idea to get things they will use later, like teething toys and educational toys to suit certain ages.


Teaching Children to Fast

Aww, it’s already second week of this fasting month. I’m rather late to post this article. Parents, of course, it is highly recommended to train children to fast. Indeed, there is no reference at what age a child can fast because the body condition of each child is different.

How to determine the ability of fasting in children? Actually it's easy; a child who’s feeling weak will surely complain hungry. Don’t wait until it brings cold sweat, moreover throwing up. It could be one sign of decreased blood sugar levels or the dehydration because children generally stay play actively and spend a lot of sweat.

Immediately break his fast. Don’t forget to praise his efforts. However, don’t let your child ‘take revenge’ against his hunger by eating large meals at once. It will only make his digestive system reacts in shock and provoke.

Give the opening drink that can recover energy, along with snacks. After that, he can eat a main meal with not excessive portion.

Instead of saying, "Fasting means not eating all day," better to say, "Fasting is simply speed up breakfast and delay lunch." Thus, your child won’t feel heavy to do it. Furthermore, train your child’s power by fasting gradually.

At the beginning of the exercise, toddlers who eat breakfast at around 7:00, they can try fasting until 09:00 or 10:00. After eating, the fasting can continue again until noon and then open for the second time (at 15:00, for example), then carry on until dusk. In following years, fasting can be done until around 12:00 am, and so on according to your child's ability.

For school-age children who are relatively more powerful, notice their biological clock. Usually until around 12:00, children can still survive, but after the middle of the day, let’s say at 14:00, his stomach starts growling. If he’s not strong, offer the child to break the fast. If he still looks fresh, ask him to do enjoyable things to ignore hunger and thirst like reading stories, watching favorite movies, and more.

There should also be understood, at the beginning of fasting (the first 1-3 days) is the times for adjusting body to the "empty" stomach. Don’t worry if your child reduce their activity and take more sleep for feeling lacking energy. Anticipate with inviting him doing activities that don’t drain energy but is able to make he feels fun.

If your child has to school in the morning, take him to bed early at night so that he stays fit although he must get up very early for meal. During the day, remind your child to sleep with common portions only, as too much sleep can actually make it increasingly weak.

After the sahur meal, don’t let your child move excessively (morning walk in long distances or strenuous exercise) because he would quickly run out of energy and ultimately weak and thirsty. Better, take it back to sleep, or fill it with activities that don’t spend too much energy. Active play can be done before sunset and generally not more than one hour.

May God have mercy on us all by the virtuous children and following generations.


Great Online Resource of Financial Information

Do you need a safe place to save your money? Bank Savings Accounts could become your good option. It’s not only offering a secure place to maintain your money, bank saving accounts also develop your money. If you place your money in a savings account, your money will receive interest. Compared with checking accounts, saving accounts compensate you more.

To get a good deal of a savings account, you should search the best savings account that offers you with safety, competitive rate and easiness. Nowadays, the best deals are offered at online banks. So, why don’t you open savings account online?

If you begin from scratch, searching a bank that offers the most suitable deals for you might be so tiring. You may face difficulties unless you obtain first the reliable online banking guide at Banktime.com, a leading online source for financial information that will direct and educate you with comprehensive information on CD rates, credit cards, mortgage loans, home equity loans, auto loans and insurance products.

When it comes to find the best savings account, this online banking guide has created a step by step guide that will help you much. Ensure that you focus on selecting a bank that can assist you in achieving your financial aims. At the bank website, navigate their system to see the offering features. If the features ensemble your needs, the next step is activating your account. There’s no doubt, applying online banking guide is truly a great help!


Bambu Runcing Monument and Independence Day

>> Aug 17, 2011

Today, August 17, 2011, Indonesian people celebrate 66th Independence Day. Indonesia is a truly beautiful country in nature that we should be proud of. I realize that Indonesia is still far from prosperity; poverty still becomes our main enemy. Though there are also other problems blocking our way to prosperity and glory; we must keep struggling and moving forward! Happy Independence Day!

For Watery Wednesday, I share here the Monument of Bambu Runcing in Surabaya, the Heroes City (East Java Province, Indonesia). This monument built to commemorate the martially fight spirit of Surabaya people against the colonialist. In that time, they fought against the Dutch colonialist by only using tapered bamboos.

Bambu Runcing Monument consisted of 5 different-height pillars; formed to look like sharp-pointed bamboos. I captured it from inside a taxi, I can’t get the best angle.


Great Resource of Weddings Prepare Info

Congratulations ladies, your upcoming wedding will be held in just a few following months! If you feel stress already, no one will blame you. Every one realize that preparing a wedding ceremony and reception can become a daunting and tiring thing, especially if you still don’t know exactly whatever things that you should do. Since it will be the most important day in your life, you crave to have a special and memorable one for you, your family and guests.

A successful and memorable wedding needs appropriate wedding plan. To ease all hassle and hectic during preparing your wedding, you need guidance from a reliable website that offers you with comprehensive Weddings Prepare Advisory and Weddings Prepare Info.

At WeddingsPrepare.com, you’ll find information on many details which relate with wedding preparation. You’ll know whatever items that you should consider and include on your to-do list; such as wedding themes, decorations, invitations, gowns, clothes, rings, flowers, cakes, bands, bouquets, photography, and many other more.

Reading articles and tips at WeddingsPrepare.com will give you ideas and inspiration in personalizing your wedding ceremony and reception. Since saving money is becoming your most concern nowadays, you need to know how to prepare a wedding on a limited budget. Don’t worry, you’ll find many helpful tips that you can apply to minimize your expenses. By using WeddingsPrepare.com as your reliable resource, preparing a wedding isn’t a daunting job anymore!


5 Tips for Dealing with Temper Tantrums

If you have a child who is between the ages of one and four, chances are that you have had to deal with what is commonly termed a temper tantrum. Of course, no parent wants to see their child turn into a little monster very suddenly, and in some cases, tantrums can become worse and more violent if they are not addressed properly. Here are a few things to consider for keeping temper tantrums at bay.

1. Understand that temper tantrums are normal.
Many parents, especially first-time mothers and fathers, may be extremely alarmed at their children's outbreaks. The most important thing to remember when dealing with temper tantrums is that they will inevitably happen. Taking things in stride when your child throws a tantrum is the best first step in dealing with them.

2. Don't give in to your child's demands during the temper tantrum.
Many parents, in utter exasperation, will give their children what they are demanding so that the temper tantrum will stop immediately. However, the problem with this approach is that it will inadvertently serve to reinforce their behavior. Children will quickly realize that in order to get what they want, they should throw a tantrum, and they won't stop it until they get what they are after. As such, never offer your child his demands during a temper tantrum.

3. Suggest a different location and activity during a tantrum.
Sometime children can be distracted from their tantrum such that they forget what bothered them in the first place. So, one good "plan of attack" is to calmly approach the child and suggest going to a different room to do a completely different activity from the one that she is engaged in.

4. Reward positive behavior. One way to avoid temper tantrums altogether is to be sure to praise your child when she behaves well. This way, the child will know that if she does approach situations nicely and politely, she will get what she wants, while if she throws a fit, she simply won't get what she is after.

5. If your child is prone to tantrums keep scissors and other dangerous objects out of reach. Some children's temper tantrums are more violent than others, and the last thing that you want to happen is for you or your child to get hurt. As such, if you know when and where tantrums usually occur, control the environment by keeping dangerous objects out of reach.

For more information on temper tantrums, the different types, and their causes, check out this National Association for School Psychologists article.

Author Bio:
This is a guest post by Nadia Jones who blogs at
online college about education, college, student, teacher, money saving, movie related topics. You can reach her at nadia.jones5 @ gmail.com.


Fertility Awareness

>> Aug 16, 2011

Married women should know their fertile days, especially when you are in birth control or natural family planning. Actually, you can track your fertile days by yourself, unless you don’t have regular periods and you often forget to record your period dates. In this case, you need help from Fertility test that will indicate accurately whether you’re in fertile days or not.

To avoid pregnancy and the possibility affected by sexually transmitted disease during your fertile days, Condoms can become your best protection. You can depend on it if your partner doesn’t want to cooperative with your schedule.

Applying natural family planning will ease you if you then plan to get pregnant, since you don’t use any medicine that can influence your cycle. Do you experience late period? Nowadays, it’s not hard anymore to ensure your pregnancy earlier by yourself before consulting to a doctor, as Pregnancy test has already shown accurate result. To keep your own health, avoid and have pregnancy, fertility awareness is very significant!



Dinner at a Middle East themed Restaurant

>> Aug 15, 2011

Our weekend was just fine; we didn’t do special things, just spending times at home. But last Sunday, August 7th, we had special dinner at a special place. This restaurant has opened for about one year. We often pass it, since it’s not far from our home. We didn’t visit the restaurant before as we’re afraid that we can’t afford it.

But, that day, we’re encouraging ourselves to have dinner there. We’re so curious, as we’ve never eaten at a Middle East themed Restaurant before. Yep, it’s our first time! Entering the place, I was so impressed by the lovely interior design inside. I saw beautiful lights and lamps everywhere. It’s rather dark inside, that’s why those colorful lights appear prominently. Very romantic atmosphere!

Reading the menu, I wasn’t familiar with many food and drink’s names. I just know a few of Middle East food. Fortunately, there’s a short description on every food. My husband ordered Briani Rice and I ordered Gozi with rice. I don’t share the pics of food here. Both of them are made from goat meat. Both are delicious!

My husband and SIL

It turned out that the prices aren’t too expensive. For two main course and one dessert, we paid Rp 120,000,- (it’s about US $15-16). Arrived at home, my husband uploaded some of our photos at the restaurant to facebook. My SIL saw it and she’s very interested. So, in the next day, August 8th, three of us had dinner again at this restaurant. This time, she paid the bill, hehehe.


A Crowing Rooster

>> Aug 13, 2011

This handsome rooster captured on a grass field, at the back of my brother’s home. He belongs to a woman who helps my SIL doing the household jobs and caring of children while they’re working.

If you’re wondering why rooster crows, I share here a short explanation about it (source: wikianswers.com). Biologists have an assumption that birds sing or crow to let other birds identify where they are so they can space themselves far enough apart so they don't overcrowd each other. They are protecting their territories, and roosters are very caring of their hens. They often battle to the death with other roosters.

So, the rooster is crowing at the beginning of the day to clear out competitor males by crowing really loud and scaring them away. They do this in the daytime because they sleep at night and would not engage in battle in the dark as they are diurnal, active in the daylight. There's also another statement: a rooster has an internal clock that helps him anticipate sunrise.


Between Me, Dizziness, and Transformers 3D

>> Aug 11, 2011

Yesterday afternoon, we wanted to watch Transformers: Dark of the Moon. Arrived at the cinemas, we decided to watch the film in 3 D version as we haven’t tried it before. The movie would be played in five minutes; we got the seat tickets on the third row from the front/screen. The other seats were already sold.

Then we hurriedly entered the studio, took our 3D eyeglasses and found our seats.

Soon the movie started to play. Wearing the eyeglasses, I really enjoyed the 3D movie sensation, as it’s my first time experiencing it. But after more than half an hour, I began to feel dizzy and nausea. At first, I didn’t guess that it caused by the 3D movie, I guessed that it’s because the chilly studio. The longer the movie playing, I also felt eye fatigue.

Of course, I didn’t feel comfortable at all. I experienced headache, dizzy, nausea and eye fatigue at the same time. I put on and off the eyeglasses several times during the movie. It’s not an enjoyable movie watching. I forced myself to keep watching it as I like this movie!

When the movie was over, I asked my husband whether he experienced the same symptoms. He said that he also felt dizzy, but I suffered more. Reaching home, the dizziness hasn’t gone yet. It really left me after I had a sleep about half an hour.

I was curious, so I try to search the answer. In one article that I found, the writer, Sabnock, said that technology used in recent 3D television products can lead to eye fatigue, dizziness, nausea and headaches. One of the reasons is too close distance between audience and the screen. More closer to the screen, the impact will be felt increasingly, especially for eyes and head.

In my case –watching 3D at a cinema- our seats were too close to the screen (under 10 meters), that’s why I experienced those unpleasant impacts. Next time, I’ll come earlier and take seats at the back. The further from the screen, the better.

If you’re interested to buy a 3D television, you should think again. There’s a research held by experts from Eindhoven University in Netherlands stated that 20% of 3D televisions users, facing unpleasant symptoms while watching. In this study, the distance between the audiences with a television screen is an average of 10 feet (about 3 meters). 7 of 39 correspondents claimed often nausea and headache after seeing a 3D television. This disorder usually doesn’t occur immediately, it will be preceded by double vision and strain of the eye first. Please be careful, guys!



Providing Financial Protection for Your Family

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Happily Cooking

One of the important jobs of every home maker is serving good food for the whole family. Instead of ordering food; it would be healthier and wiser if you cook the dish by yourself at home. That’s why it’s important for you to have the right cookware that will ease your job while you still can provide the best meal for your loved ones.

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Madura Strait

>> Aug 10, 2011

This strait separates the Indonesian islands of Java and Madura. The land that you see far ahead is Madura island. The Suramadu Bridge on the left side, crosses the strait between Surabaya on East Java and Bangkalan on Madura. It’s a pity that I share a muddy part of the strait here. Watery Wednesday


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