Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

September 30th, 1999

>> Sep 30, 2011

My mother left us for eternally at September 30th, 1999. It’s already years ago, but sometimes I feel it’s like yesterday. This afternoon, my husband and I visited her grave, right on her birthday. While I was sending prayers for her, my eyes couldn’t stop crying. Mom, I miss you so much!

I found this beautiful poem that very comforted me. I share here for every one whom their mothers have passed away as well…
Your Mother is Always with YouAnonymous

When you need mom most, don't forget she's still a part of you.

Your mother is always with you...
She's the whisper of the leaves
as you walk down the street.
She's the smell of bleach in
your freshly laundered socks.
She's the cool hand on your
brow when you're not well.
Your mother lives inside
your laughter. She's crystallized

in every tear drop...
She's the place you came from,
your first home..

She's the map you follow with every step that you take.
She's your first love and your first heartbreak....

and nothing on earth can separate you.
Not time, Not space...Not even death....

will ever separate you from your mother....
You carry her inside of you....



A Dancing Fountain

>> Sep 28, 2011

The water sprays in various patterns, it looks like dancing; follows the flowing music. This fountain located inside Nusantara Flower Park (Cipanas, West Java, Indonesia). The second pic was captured from the 3rd floor of a sight seeing tower.Watery Wednesday


Attending a Family Gathering

>> Sep 26, 2011

Yesterday, we’re going out of town to attend a family gathering in Bandung (West Java, Indonesia). At first, my husband was afraid that we would face a traffic jam during the way. Fortunately, the traffic was just fine and we reached my cousin’s place in three hours ride. We met some relatives there and almost every one asked about my father’s condition. They promised sending prayers for my father’s better health. Thanks in advance to you all.

After attending this gathering, we didn’t go back home straightly; but we visited my husband’s friendly aunt. We chatted for hours. We got back home in the night and reached home pass midnight. A tired but wonderful day…


5 Ways to Happiness

>> Sep 24, 2011

Are you a workaholic? Are you anxious all the time? Looking for ways to help you slow down, stress less and enjoy life more? Life is too short to waste it worrying and feeling unhappy. Here are 5 ways that will help make you smile and have you happy again in almost no time.

1. Do what you love.Do you know what your dream job is? Are you in it? If you aren’t, it’s time to take steps to change that!

It might mean getting a brand new job, changing your current role slightly if you can, or it will mean quitting, starting from fresh and perhaps even going back to study.

Don’t worry about what people will think or whether you can afford it. If needed, look into cash loans to help tide you over while you search for something new. It will be worth the investment later down the line.

2. Don’t do what you hate.
Think about what really makes you stressed or angry – and don’t do it!

For example, has the 2 hours commute every morning become completely unbearable? Move somewhere closer so you no longer have to do this.
Do you absolutely hate cleaning? Hire a cleaner or bribe someone else in the family to do it for you.

If there really is no way you can get out of doing something you hate, then you need to change the way you think about it. Easier said than done, but effective once achieved.

3. Reward yourself.Take time out once in a while to relax and remember to enjoy life. Maybe it’s an afternoon away from some of your responsibilities, walking in your favourite park or watching a movie you love.

If there’s something you’ve always wanted, you’ve been saving for it, but feel too guilty or nervous to take the final step: don’t hesitate any longer, do it.
There are
fast loans you could get if you need to take an urgent vacation for a week, or help you with that car payment. As long as you know you can pay it back, you needn’t worry.

4. Slow down.
If you find you always seem to run out of time, ask yourself: have you got too many commitments in your life? Perhaps there is a way to make things easier – are there ways you can lighten the load?

Talk to your family and friends for support and ask for advice on what you can change to make things less hectic.

Seeking the support of a guidance counselor or writing your feelings down, can also help you work through your causes of stress. You might even be able to pinpoint exactly what it is that is hindering your happiness. You won’t be able to change your mood overnight, but you can at least take steps in the right direction.

5. Appreciate what you have.
Take the time to think about everything that is great and wonderful in your life. It is so easy to lose sight of the good things when we get overtired or distraught.

Know that there are people out there who can help and that there is always a way to make changes or improve things.

Work on your relationships because the people closest to us can provide the greatest and most effective support. Count your blessings, focus on the silver lining, and you will soon find that mind over matter really is possible.


A Fly’s Bottom

The fly didn’t know that I was behind. That’s why it let me capturing its back part, hehehe. So, what it really looks like? Well, no description this time. You can see it by yourself…
Camera Critters


How to Build a Great Teenagers Retreat

>> Sep 23, 2011

If your teenager wants some more space of their own or, if it's you that wants them out of your hair, why not build them a retreat out in your back garden? You will need to get council approval to build another residence on your property, but once this is given you can start looking at appropriate styles of small retreats to build for your teenager. Kit homes make perfect teenagers retreats because there are small designs available to fit in your back garden and can consist of a bedroom, small living and kitchen area and bathroom. You can also have a veranda and patio area out the front for your teenager to spend time with their friends.

Climate Control
As a smaller building it is likely the retreat will heat up quickly in summer and be like a little ice box in winter if you don't have adequate heating and cooling. The beauty of using a kit home for your teenagers retreat is that you can build it yourself if you choose, as all the materials to build the home are delivered along with comprehensive instructions as to how to build it. Ensure that the home is properly insulated as this will make a huge difference to the temperature inside the home. You might want to install a split system air conditioner. If you prefer you can heat the retreat by using a small wood heater and as these produce a lot of heat you should not need any other type of heating. Otherwise you could just buy a simple oil or fan heater.

It is likely that your teenager will wander over to the main house when they get hungry, or you may not choose to have a kitchen in their retreat so that you can encourage them to spend some time with the rest of the family, but you might want to include a kitchen in their home so it will teach them to be self sufficient before they actually leave the nest. Set up a good functional kitchen when you build them home because you never know, once your teenager has moved out you could end up using it as a granny flat or even having students boarding in there.

You probably won't get a look in when it comes to decorating your teenagers retreat but maybe you can encourage them to do it together, considering you most likely will be paying. A microwave will be a necessity for the kitchen and furnish the rest of the kitchen with enough utensils so they can have a few friends over. Having their own little place will give you plenty of present options for the next few birthdays, such as giving them things for their kitchen like a popcorn machine or ice cream maker. Make sure they have enough towels and all those other things that a teenager is likely to overlook, like tea towels, sponges, cleaning products, soap and a broom. Encourage them to take pride in their little home and keep it clean.


Things to do Before Going Away

>> Sep 22, 2011

If you are planning on going away as well as organising your trip you need to think about how to keep your home secure. If you are going on a long holiday you check the security of your home and make sure it is not easy to break in to. Having security doors will make your home harder to get into, as well as putting security screens on your windows.

Security doors and screens
You should have some sort of security doors or screens on your home anyway, but if you don't, now that you are planning a long trip you should think about it. Security doors will not only keep your home more secure they will give you the flexibility of keeping your front door open to let the breeze in during summer, but you can keep the security door locked so that your home is still safe. You can answer your front door without unlocking the security door, but still see and be able to talk to however is at the door. Security screens won't block your view out your window but will make them extremely hard to break in to.

Stop your mail
Contact your local post office and have them put a stop to your mail. They will hold your mail and once you are back you can go and collect it. This stops your letter box from overflowing with mail, an obvious sign that no one is home, and you don't have to rely on your neighbours to collect it. You might also want to put a 'No Junk Mail' sticker on your letter box so you don't end up with piles of junk mail, which is also a dead give away that the occupants of the house are away.

Inform your neighbours
Let your neighbours know you are going away and they will be able to keep an eye on your place for you. They might even park one of their cars in your driveway so it looks like someone is home. They might collect your mail for you and even run the lawn mower over your front nature strip and lawn while they are doing theirs, just so it still looks neat and tidy and like someone is still about.

Book the pets in the kennel
If you have any pets you will need to book them into a kennel. Depending on what time of the year it is you may find that kennels book out quickly so when you know what date you are going away contact the kennel and get it sorted out. If you don't like putting the dog in a kennel you may have someone who will look after your pet, or you can hire a dog walker who will come and feed your pets and even walk your dog.

It can be a good idea to keep your front garden tidy, especially if you are going away on a really long trip, which generally happens if someone is going overseas. They can mow the lawn, tidy the garden beds and stop fallen leaves from piling up. It will just keep the front of your house looking like somebody is home.


Developing A Healthy Relationship

Many people think counseling to be something that is only required when a relationship is at the breaking point but in reality, it can truly go a long way in helping you to build a successful relationship at whatever stage you happen to find yourself in. In California, you can take benefit of the Los Angeles marriage counseling professionals or the San Diego marriage counseling services that are offered through the Relationship Counseling Center. Their services are also available in other parts of the world, including Chicago couples counseling which you will find of advantage to you. What are some of the things that you can look forward to when taking part in these types of services?

One of the first things that you will find out is that counseling is not an indication of an unhealthy relationship, but it is a sign that you are willing to work on the relationship. By establishing some of the key features of a healthy relationship and integrating them into your lifestyle, you can really enjoy a relationship that is more fulfilling for both of you. What are some of those principles that exist in a healthy relationship?

Although there are quite a few, many of them turn around appropriate communication that is effective between the two of you. It also has a lot to do with respecting each other, as well as spending the time necessary with each other to develop as a couple. This would also include your sexual relationship, which is often a sticking point with many couples. By going over these things with one another, you have a much improved chance to be in a long-term, healthy relationship.



Recommended Places for Buying Contact Lenses

>> Sep 21, 2011

Many people have used contact lenses for vision correction needs. Being worn on the surface of the eye, contact lenses are chosen by lots of people as it offers flexibility and convenience. Compared to framed lenses, contact lenses have some advantages, such as it won’t steam up, can be put on while you’re on exercise, and it won’t be easily broken.

Nowadays, there are many online stores like VisionDirect that provides various lens types and top brands. Your options are huge; such as disposables, bifocal/multifocal lenses, color lenses, theatrical lenses, toric lenses, and many other lenses. You can save and get best price by taking benefits of discounts, rebates and other special offer. If you shop over $99, you’ll attain free shipping service.

If you want to replace your recent contact lenses or look for unique ones, you’ll surely find it at 1800contacts; since the online store is famous as the world’s largest contact lens store. With more than 10 million contact lenses available, you can ensure that 1800 Contacts has the lenses that your doctor already prescribed.

EZContactsUSA is another recommended online store for you to purchase contact lenses. You’ll shop with confidence at this store as they guarantee you with 105% Price. It means that if you get the same item at another store that offered at less price; EZContactsUSA will refund the price difference plus five percent. Anyway, whatever online store that you choose; you’ll get best service. Happy shopping, guys!


A Fountain inside Bogor Botanical Gardens

The fountain looks small as I captured it from far away. The fountain located inside Bogor Botanical Gardens and it can be seen from the main road outside. The water is quite high, made me interested to take pictures from the moving car.Watery Wednesday


3 Safety Risks to Avoid in the Backyard

Outdoor play and family time is a staple of the Australian way of life. It is time to enjoy the unique Australian summer, bask in the warmth, love the water and create great family memories. While cities grow larger, backyards are often getting smaller, but many of us still seek out some space for backyard adventure when we purchase our homes.

When you have settled in your home, or your children start to get old enough to waddle around and get into everything that opens and closes, you have a lot of things to think about to make sure you are prepared to create a safe environment for all of them. This is no more true than in the backyard. While it is a place of fun and adventure, it can also be one of the biggest safety risks in your home environment. So what backyard areas do you particularly need to prepare in order to avoid risk?

1. The home playground.
Every year, thousands of kids end up at the doctor’s surgery or in emergency wards as a result of accidents in home playgrounds. But what can you do beyond supervise – should you just remove the playground altogether?

Of course not! Like any child, your kids need the opportunity to play, grow, increase their coordination and have a few adventures. If you prepare the area carefully, in conjunction with supervising, your backyard play area will be a place of fun, not disaster! Start by covering the ground underneath the play equipment with a shock-absorbing material so kids don’t get hurt if they fall. Try sand, rubber, or mulch – these should be deep enough to really take on the bulk of any impact, and not too tightly compacted.

In addition, be careful of the equipment you purchase . Make sure swings are rubber, ladders have steps, equipment is structurally sound and anything sticking out – handles or sharp parts are covered for safety. Check your manufacturer is reputable and this equipment has cause d a great deal of injury in the past. Also look at aspects like the height of the equipment – will a fall severely hurt the child? And finally ensure everything has hand holds, handles, and steps for safety.

2. The pool
If you are lucky enough to have a pool, you will have hours of adventure, and likely kids who are complete water babies! While the pool is fun, it is important to ensure safety! Always make sure kids are supervised and that they understand the pool roles.

Fences are a must – especially in terms of the law – and are your biggest source of safety for exploring children. Drain covers should be fixed well so kids don’t get trapped underwater. Also talk to your pool supplies store about a cover, that will help prevent children falling in.

In addition, if you have a pool, it is definitely worth undertaking a first aid certificate and keeping safety equipment in the pool area.

3. Other safety issues
In addition to the pool and the playground – the biggest safety risks – also consider the following:
· Keep your yard tody so there is nothing your family can trip and fall on, injuring themselves.
· Select your pets carefully, keep in mind kids will antagonise animals, so you need something placid.
· Look for disease breeding areas, such as ponds that enable mosquito breeding.
· If you have decking or timber fences, keep them well treated and sealed so your family don’t get splinters. A
fencing contractor will be able to provide advice and help with treatments.


Top Christening Gifts

>> Sep 20, 2011

Christenings are special occasions of social and religious importance. Bringing a baby in the world of God is a moment to remember and many people like to highlight the ceremony with a gift. But what kinds of things are proper for a christening gift? Here’s a list to help you out.

A bible

If the parents are christening the baby for true spiritual reasons (and not because everyone else does it), then offering a Bible is always proper. There are illustrated, simplified bibles for children that will give them the sacred story in a way they can understand. Offering a full Bible is also a great gift, as the child will grow up curious to read it on his or her own.

A cross or a rosary

Crosses and rosaries are traditional christening gifts that the child will wear for years to come. Choose a high quality silver or gold cross that can be switched on a longer chain as the child grows up. Some people wear their christening cross for their entire lives and give it away as heirloom to their own children.

Baptism blanket

Handmade, knitted blankets for the christening day are a special gift that all parents (and babies) will appreciate. It will keep the baby warm in draughty churches and feel safe swaddled in their parents’ arms. Choose a soft, non-scratchy white yarn of cotton or cashmere wool.

Professional pictures

Offer a gift certificate for a professional child photographer. Parents and families love to take pictures of children growing up, but the photos that remain up are usually those taken by a professional photographer. It’s a thoughtful, neutral gift for someone not so religiously-inclined.


What happened the day the baby was born? What happened on his or her christening day? One day the child may ask these questions, and keeping newspapers from these special dates will give you an occasion to discuss your child’s history with him or her. It gives a link to the past and brings up interest in personal and social history.

Charity donations

You can also give money to a charity of your choice in the child’s name. Adopting a wild animal, contributing to a poverty campaign or even have a tree planted are all great ways to honor the child while helping someone or something in the world. Offer a picture or a keepsake of the donation for remembrance.


For low budgets, printing a personalized calendar is a great idea. Use family pictures and put everything that a parent might need: measurements, important dates and other events that need to be remembered. It’ll be a cherished helper for months to come!
Baby gifts come in all shapes and forms and you shouldn’t feel constrained by tradition if you want to be more creative. No matter if you’re religious or not, a christening present needs to be special, personalized and help remind parents and children of this special day. All they need now is your presence!


At Home Again and Blue Corners

>> Sep 19, 2011

I was at home again since last Thursday. From Surabaya (East Java, Indonesia), we rode a night train that brought us to Jakarta (capital city of Indonesia). Arrived at Jatinegara train station in the next morning, we reached my BIL’s house in Jakarta by a taxi. We couldn’t go back home straightly as our car was at my BIL’s house.

In past few days, we’re busy with some home repairs. There are leakages in some spots on the roof. The line telephone is still malfunction. My husband has conveyed complaints to the costumer service of the telecommunication company since a few days ago, but until today, there aren’t yet officers who coming to fix the problem.

How’s your weekend? We go nowhere this weekend. While my husband was busy with the home repairman, I was just relaxing and watching TV.

For Blue Monday, here are blue corners that captured in my husband’s hometown. The kid corner was inside my FIL’s home and the other corner is a shop belongs to the neighbor that located right on the corner of the street.


Safe Fragrance for Your Family

>> Sep 18, 2011

Many people love smelling their favorite scents at their homes, so do I. Don’t you notice that there is a wide variety of fragrance products available in the market nowadays? One kind of fragrance items that you often see in stores is fragranced burning candles. I’ve ever purchased some scented candles and burned it at my bedroom. I enjoyed the scent, but not its smoke. Inhaling smoke can endanger your and your family’s health!

Since your family’s safety and health is always becoming your most concern, you should always choose harmless products. That’s why I much recommend Scentsy Candles; as it’s very different with traditional candles. Scentsy candle system is smokeless; you can get pleasure from the wonderful scent and mood lighting!

Visit Scentsified.com to know more about Scentsy products. You’ll love Scentsy Warmer, an electric wax warmer that applies a light bulb to release the incredible scent into the air. There’s no burning process, so, there also won’t be harmful things such as smoke, fire and stain. It’s really perfect for your home!

Scentsy offers more than 80 wonderful scents of Scentsy Bars. You can place several Scentsy Bars on the top of a Scentsy Warmer. Once you turn on the warmer, you’ll enjoy your favorite scent straight away.

At Scentsified.com, you can get other high quality Scentsy fragrance products that don’t use electricity. To attain wonderful scent whenever and wherever you need; you can try travel tins, room sprays, Scentsy Buddy, solid perfume, and fragrance foam. There’s no doubt, Scentsy products are safe for your family!


A Hairy Yellow Caterpillar

>> Sep 17, 2011

This yellow caterpillar was easily noticed as it’s walking on our black home fence. Since I’m afraid of caterpillars, taking pictures of a caterpillar wasn’t an easy job for me. Seeing it made me cringe! Do you?


Getting Benefits from Using the Best Plumbing Products

When it comes to home plumbing system, you must use tubing and pipes that keep sturdy and elastic from temperatures under freezing to 200 degrees F. All PEX products have the required characteristic; that’s why it’s appropriate to be applied in home plumbing system where the temperatures may change by climate and water temperature.

Plumbing with PEX tubing will give you some advantages, such as the solid tubing will reduce expansion and contraction problem that can happen while bonding PVC to copper or galvanized pipe; and the flexible tubing will ease your work as you don’t need to glue PVC fitting in each bend. PEX tubing won’t rust and it’s well-matched with existing metal pipe. You won’t face any hassle if you want to make any improvement.

Whenever you search for heating and plumbing supplies, you can find it at PexUniverse.com. If you want to link lots of pipes to main water sources, you’ll require a PEX manifold that will help you to control the pressure inside the pipes. You can also easily handle several water supplies around your house. With PEX manifold, you don’t need closing the full system, but only arranging the specific pipe. With large benefits of using PEX manifold, it’s no wonder if there are many people have used it in their water supply installation.

In every plumbing project, using proper and high quality tools like PEX tool is very important. To guarantee a clean cut end, you must slice the tube with a good PVC cutter. The different kind of connection will require the different tool. For example; if you apply an in-line fitting, you’ll need a clamp-ring crimping tool.

There’s no need to search for high quality tools anymore, as PexUniverse.com has offered a wide variety of PEX tool for you; from cutters, crimping tools to clip guns. You’ll get the tool that most suits your needs. To handle all your plumbing and heating needs, you can rely on PEXUniverse.com!


6 Ways to Create the Perfect Kids Birthday Party

There shouldn’t be any feeling other than excitement at planning a birthday party for your young child. The best parties are a reminder to us of how great it is to be young and hopefully makes us think back to fond memories of our own birthday parties as children. Unfortunately, often these parties turn out to be a lot more stressful than they need to be. It can be easy to over-think things and crack under the pressure to make the day perfect. Here are 6 ways to help you create a birthday party that is nothing than a whole lot of simple, pure fun.

1. Send invitations out well in advance.
Printing and sending out cute invitations to all those invited is absolutely key. You need to make sure all your child’s friends and their parents can make the occasion, so be sure to give plenty of notice. It also helps to put an RSVP date on the invites, so that you can get an idea of exact numbers. Knowing exactly how many will be attending will make planning everything else for the party a whole lot easier.

2. Invite as many parents as you can.It’s unlikely that all the parents will be able to come, but making sure that they know they are all welcome will help take the pressure off on the day. A large number of children, who’ve all consumed a large amount of sugar, can be a significant challenge to keep under control.

If you make sure to provide some entertainment for the parents who attend, the day will run a lot smoother and you will find you are able to relax and enjoy the party.

3. Fancy dress.This is the simplest way to create a fun environment for the children. Everyone loves an occasion to dress up, and role-playing will be the easiest way to keep the kids preoccupied for hours and hours.

There’s no need to come up with an elaborate theme: something simple like ‘what I want to be when I grow up’ or ‘favourite character’ is all you need. This means the other parents don’t need to worry about purchasing a new costume, and all the fairies, princesses, pirates and peter pans will make for great photos and help create an exciting atmosphere.

4. Balloons, bubbles, music.
This is essentially all you need to create the perfect party atmosphere. Have a bunch of kid’s albums ready to play so you don’t go crazy from hearing the same music over and over. The kids probably won’t mind but you certainly will! And never underestimate the power of bubbles in providing hours of entertainment. So simple, yet so effective.

5. Get creative with the birthday cake.This is always the highlight of the day, so it deserves a bit of attention. Visit your local bookstore or library for ideas on creating a cake that stands out.

You could also look into creating a birthday cake out of a lot of mini cupcakes, which has become quite popular recently. A lot of nicely iced little cupcakes can look very impressive and take the pressure off making sure that the one birthday cake is decorated to perfection. Of course, the easiest option is always to simply purchase the cake or rope someone else into baking it for you.

6. Take lots of photos on the day.
You will regret it if you don’t. Children typically enjoy having photos taken, and it really is to your benefit to document the special day.

After the occasion, you can use your local printing services to send some of the pictures to the other parents, or create an album from the day that will make for a great memento. If you’ve followed the steps outlined here, the party will have been a success and you deserve to have something special to remind you of it.

/image: clipartof.com/


Water in Gentong

>> Sep 14, 2011

Gentong is a large bowl for water. Yesterday, my husband and I visited Sunan Ampel Mosque in Surabaya (East Java, Indonesia). The mosque was built in 1421 and it’s already becoming a famous destination of religious tour.

Around the mosque and graves of righteous men, there are several large bowls that contain fresh water from the natural water source nearby. The water is ready to drink and provided for every visitor in the area.

Watery Wednesday


Seventh Day, Handsfree Mobile Phone

>> Sep 12, 2011

I’ve been at my brother’s home in Surabaya (East Java, Indonesia) for seven days. My father’s health condition is stable. There are about seven different drugs that he must take every day. With controlled meal, proper medicines, and frequently doctor consultation, I hope my father’s stable condition can be continuing kept.

Since my brother has come back home from his work duties last Saturday, I and my husband plan to go back to our home in Bogor (West Java, Indonesia) next Tuesday. I believe that my brother and SIL will take care of my father well.

For Blue Monday, let me share here a female medicinal herbal drink vendor whom we saw in my FIL’s home (Bumiayu, Central Java). Have you tried to drink any medicinal herbal drink before? There’s another interesting about this woman –the way she put her mobile phone-makes it a handsfree one. Cool!



>> Sep 10, 2011

Thinker is my niece’s cat. Though I’ve been in my brother’s home for more than a week, I still haven’t heard yet her voice. She’s so quiet and calm. When I first met her, she’s always running away every time I’m nearing her. But now, we can already play together. She also let me take close up pictures of her.


Welcome Home, Father

>> Sep 9, 2011

My father came back home ( to my brother’s home) from the hospital yesterday. For his daily lunch and dinner at my brother’s home, we decide to subscribe the specific meals from the hospital catering. The doctor said that he must take low fiber diet.

I remember a nurse’s advices yesterday, while I conveyed our appreciation for taking care of my father during the days in the hospital. One of her advice was she forbid my father to watch football matches on television, since it can provoke his emotion and then affect his heart. I still can’t tell him; my father is a football lover!

Yesterday I also received a call from the woman that keeps our home in Bogor (West Java, Indonesia) while we’re going out of town. She said that the telephone was broken and there are some leakages in my father’s bedroom. I still can’t go back home; I can’t leave my father here while my brother hasn’t been coming home yet from his work duties in other towns.


Frugal Shopping

Due to recent hard economy; most prices are soaring nowadays. That’s why lots of people are interested to find ways to decrease their expenses. How about the idea of saving money while shopping online? Have you already known that using Lenovo Coupons can help you saving money while shopping the related products?

While shopping online, you can get best deals by not only comparing the offered prices, but you can also use coupons like HP coupons, discount promo codes and taking benefit of any special deal. Applying this way makes you can get your needed items in discounted prices.

To always catch up with the latest coupons and deals, you have to visit the resource websites such as BestFrugal that provides you with the updated system for coupons and deals from over 40,000 online stores. If you’re looking for computers and laptops, browse the resource site to find coupons of computer stores such as Dell Coupons.

It’s not hard anymore to become a smart online shopper, right? Before purchasing anything online, all you need to do is finding first the list of coupons codes, discount promo codes, cash back offers or other best deals from the related stores that supply your needed item. The resource websites makes you easier to do the job; as you don’t have to browse every online store. Let’s save money!


Getting the Best San Francisco Dermatologists

Who doesn’t want to have soft and healthy skin? Fortunately, healthy skin doesn’t always relate with the gene pool; all of you are able to develop improved skin. With the advanced technology of dermatology, your beautiful skin can be revealed more easily!

Are you a San Francisco resident? Perhaps you have known that there are already available lots of skin treatments centre for your options. To get maximal results, you should select San Francisco dermatologist that has provided the most comprehensive dermatology, laser and cosmetic surgery such as the California Skin Institute.

Having healthy skin inside, smooth skin on the surface and improved self confidence are main benefits that you can reach if you visit a dermatologist. Laser treatment can treat lots of skin troubles such as severe acnes, skin blemish, unwanted hair and tattoo. Dermatologists are experts in dermatology San Francisco that can become the best place to protect and look after your skin.

The largest dermatology practice will provide you with many procedure options, from reconstructive surgery, body procedures, hair procedures, face and neck procedures, cosmetic procedures, laser surgery and peel, fillers, to aesthetic skin care. Isn’t it great?

Before choosing one treatment, make sure that you will be given the best service; as it will determine how the result is. Let’s say that you crave to get rid of your annoying wrinkles and pigment. The best dermatologist will give you the proper treatment that most suits with your needs and condition; since you’ve got options such as botox, fillers, TCA chemical peels, fraxel laser and carbon dioxide laser resurfacing.

Laser resurfacing is a microscopically accurate, precision alternative for skin problems like sunspots, scars, deep wrinkles and other skin condition that needing professional care and proficiency from the experts. It’s a kind of treatment that I want to try! How about you, ladies, what kind of treatment that you crave to get?


About Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans

Your original Medicare can’t cover all of your medical demands. To attain far-reaching health insurance coverage, you need to have medicare supplement insurance plans or Medigap insurance.

Before buying any plan, you should know first the fundamentals of medical supplement plans. Getting this kind of insurance doesn’t indicate that you terminate your Medicare Parts A and B membership. In fact, you still can have all rights and protections of your recent Medicare.

You’ll see that the plans between different insurance companies are identical; they have the similar medical coverage. When it comes to choose the best plan, you should pay attention to the service quality and the rate.

To ease your job in making the right decision, you can get benefits of the source websites such as MedicareMall that provide the plan option comparisons of the top rated insurance companies. It will help you a lot in searching the coverage and rates of supplemental medicare insurance plans that most suits your needs and financial capability.

Since a Medicare supplement insurance plan doesn’t cover prescription drugs anymore after 2006, you should also think about getting a Medicare prescription drug plan. It will compensate for almost of your prescription drug expenses!

Perhaps you’re wondering when the right time to purchase a Medicare supplement plan. Ensure that you get it during six months of your Medicare supplement open enrollment period.

Medicare Supplement Plans aren’t offered for everyone. If you a state resident where this kind of insurance policy proposed, joined in Medicare Parts A and B, and 65 years old or over; you can request for a Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan. Check out that regulation in some states may differ!

Purchasing insurance plan truly needs adequate related knowledge and information. That’s why you should visit first resource websites that have great databases of many plans, rates and specific insurance policies. It’s really worth!


Fourth Day in Surabaya

>> Sep 7, 2011

It’s my fourth day in Surabaya (East Java, Indonesia). My father is already in the hospital for one week. He looks well outside, but in fact –according to the doctor- my father heart’s condition is worse. The doctor said that the bypass operation is very risky for a man in his age, 76 years old. We, his children, just trying to treat him well and doing the best we can. I’m very sad but I try to be strong.

I have no much time to do blogging. Sorry for not yet visiting you back, guys. I’m still struggling to be a tough daughter now. I can’t write much here; I have to go back to the hospital.

Watery Wednesday, I share a drying river that I saw in Kuningan (West Java, Indonesia). It’s captured from a car; while we’re visiting the relatives of my BIL weeks ago. The dry season for months makes this river is lack of water.


Outdoor Accessories for a Cozy Outdoor Space

When adding accessories to your outdoor living space, finding the right products can be an overwhelming task. With so many items on the market today, it can be hard to know where to start. Working with a smaller outdoor space can make it even harder, as so many products are large and take up a lot of room. Today we’re going to look at a few space-savvy outdoor accessories that can enhance even the smallest of patio settings.

Wind Chimes – Wind chimes have been popular outdoor accessories for thousands of years, dating back to the ancient Far East. While there are larger models that can stand as tall as a full grown adult male, you can find tons of them that measure anywhere from 1 to 3 feet long. They don’t take up any floor space – just hang them from an edge of your roof, a shepherd’s hook, or wherever else you like and they’re good to go. Affordable and aesthetically pleasing, they’re one of the easiest ways to create a relaxing environment on the patio.

Tabletop Fountain – A fountain is a great item to have in your outdoor space. The soothing sound of running water creates a tranquil atmosphere unmatched by anything else. But you don’t need to have a huge area to enjoy one. Today, there are many tabletop fountains on the market that are small enough to easily fit as a centerpiece on a patio table or next to some flower pots on the ground. Whether you want something electric or solar powered, a small statue or a beautiful waterfall, you can find one that fits your home perfectly.

Tabletop Fire Bowl – Similar to tabletop fountains, a tabletop fire bowl takes the traditional fire pit and scales it down to a miniature version. They run off propane, using a small 1 pound tank that goes in the body of the fire bowl. This means all you have to do to start a fire is just push a button. Some even feature adjustable burners, letting you get just the right fire for your needs. They’re great both as decoration and for keeping warm on a cool fall evening, making them fun and functional.

Miniature Greenhouse – For the plant lovers out there, a miniature greenhouse lets you do all your gardening in a cozy corner of your patio. A normal greenhouse needs a lot of room and can easily take up half your backyard, but miniature greenhouses need only a few feet of floor space and still give you plenty of room to let your plants thrive. Rather than the standard house design, these look more like a bookcase, with multiple levels for plants. A cover over the whole thing keeps the plants enclosed and protected.

If you’re working with a smaller outdoor space, keep these products in mind. They’re sure to give you the patio paradise you’ve always dreamed of!

About The Author – Tina Foreman is a writer with OutdoorLiving.com/learning-center/ and loves spending time out on the patio. For more on all sorts of products, from a
tabletop fire bowl to an outdoor fountain to a chiminea to a woodstock chime, visit OutdoorLiving.com


Surabaya, I'm Coming!

>> Sep 5, 2011

I reached Surabaya (East Java, Indonesia) yesterday. On Saturday night, we took a train from Purwokerto Station and arrived at Surabaya in the next morning.On the way to Purwokerto Station from Bumiayu (Central Java, Indonesia)

Anyway, let me share a batik railway coach that I saw in Bumiayu Train Station when we bought tickets. It's a pity that the train doesn't stop there, we must go to Purwokerto Train Station.

On Sunday morning, we all together visited my father at the hospital. Hope the fast recovery for my father.

a family portrait


Hard Working Horses

>> Sep 2, 2011

Similar with my CC post last week, I still share horses that draw buggies this week. In my husband's home town (Bumiayu, Central Java, Indonesia), all of people who have horses and buggies come from one village nearby.
Camera Critters


How Long Does an Electric Cigarette Cartridge Last: To Quit or Not to Quit Smoking

First off – here are the facts. We all know them but it never hurts to see them again (I, by the way, am a confirmed smoker who is about as likely to quit as the moon is to be made of green cheese): an electric cigarette doesn’t give you cancer and it won’t make you smell. Electronic cigarettes, unlike tobacco, have very few additives in, and all of them are fit for human consumption. Tobacco contains around 4,000 extra bits (depending on the brand you smoke), a significant quantity of which will do you some harm in some way before you die. Some of them may even make you die.

So health wise, the electric cigarette wins by miles. For a confirmed smoker like me, who needs nicotine in large doses and will not have it delivered in any other way but via a long white tube I get to suck hot smoke out of, electronic cigarettes work because I can do exactly that without dying. Sounds like what our friends across the pond would call a no brainer.

But what if I don’t care about dying? Ultimately any heavy smoker will tell you that there’s a component to nicotine addiction that is specifically about the fact that it is both stupid and dangerous. We like the fact that cigarettes are going to kill us. We call them coffin nails or cancer sticks. We joke about the fact that not using an electric cigarette will be the death of us. We light up a tobacco stick and feel like rock n roll, or James Dean.

How do electronic cigarettes fight that kind of stupidity? If I know that what I am doing is killing me and I go right ahead and do it, what are you going to do to make me sit up and take notice of something that is basically the same as smoking, but a whole lot less lethal?

Cost, that’s how. The universal leveller. I don’t care how bad cigarettes are for me but I do care how much they cost. So if I can get the same hit in pretty much the same way for less money, I’m interested.

The cost benefit analysis someone like me does on electronic cigarettes goes like this: how long does the electric cigarette cartridge last; how much does it cost; and how much am I saving if I switch the electric version and ditch the tobacco?

The e cigarette is basically a vaporiser, which shoots hot nicotine vapour into your lungs. Just like a cigarette. The vapour comes from an E liquid cartridge, which you can buy in varying strengths and flavours. Just like cigarettes.

The e cartridge, though, delivers enough nicotine to compare to 40 of my normal brand cigarettes. That’s the same as two days’ worth of smoking, in one electric cigarette.

Electronic cigarettes are sold in starter packs, which give me everything I need: the battery; the vaporiser; battery chargers; and some e liquid cartridges. The cartridges are also sold separately, as refills. The price of a starter kit can range between (roughly) sub £30 and upwards of £80.

Pay more, get better quality. And still, after a year of using electronic cigarettes instead of tobacco, you save a ton of money. After two years you could probably go on quite a nice holiday with the money you haven’t spent on cancer sticks. To quit or not to quit? Not to quit nicotine, but yes to quit tobacco in favour of the electric cigarette.


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