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Teachergive Sale 2023

8 Things to Teach your Children before Age 4

>> Jan 31, 2012

There are certain things that children need to know as soon as possible. Providing children with the basic survival skills of life is an extremely important part of being a parent. Whilst this will not absolve you from the responsibility of properly supervising your children, it will enable you to relax slightly more without worrying all of the time. A very young child will potentially run into the road if you let it, so the goal has to be to create boundaries and rules in the child’s mind, even if they do not understand the consequences. Just as you would be sure to keep your family safe with a home security system, it is essential to prepare your children for life properly. This article will consider some of the things that parents need to teach their children so that they are better prepared to cope in inevitable real life situations.

  1. Children need to know their full name, address and a contact telephone number. If children ever get lost then you need to be able to locate them easily. You would not put a tag on a child, so necessarily your child needs to be able to inform anyone who finds them of where they live and of who they are. It is also sensible to write this information on the inside of their school bags and other possessions so that adults can identify them if they are lost.
  2. When in a busy shopping centre it is sometimes possible to lose sight of your child. Whilst this should be avoided at all costs, it does occasionally happen. Your child needs to understand that they should stay where they are until you find them and that they should not leave a shop without you under any circumstances.
  3. Explain the boundaries of human contact. Children are completely innocent and do not understand what is appropriate touching and what is not. This applies to both your child touching others and your child being touched. Explaining that children should always tell you if they have been touched by an adult will enable you to help them determine the boundaries and alert you if anything is amiss.
  4. Teach children the meaning of alarms. A fire alarm can be a very intimidating noise if it is unknown. Explaining what the noise is and how to act when they hear it is a very important stage of development and could potentially save their life.
  5. Children should know never to go anywhere without their parent or guardian. It is important to explain the dangers of children leaving with strangers or even with familiar but unexpected people. This is particularly important when it comes to the collection of children from school or activities.
  6. Tell your children that they must never open the front door unless you are with them. Opening the door to strangers can be as dangerous as leaving with a stranger so it is important to always monitor their behaviour.
  7. Explain to children that they are able to say no to adults if they ask them to do things which make them uncomfortable. They need to know that they do not have to do everything that an adult says and should not allow unwanted contact or to be taken away from the sight of other people.
  8. Most importantly, children need to know that there are no secrets between parents and children. They should know that they should tell you everything, even if someone else tells them that they shouldn’t. It is also important to explain the difference between surprises and secrets so that they can appreciate that some things are ok and some are not.


A Small Bus Stop

>> Jan 30, 2012

We must postpone the opening date of our little eating place as the promotion banner isn’t ready yet. Hope we can launch it this week!

For Blue Monday, I share a blue bus main stop inside my city (Bogor, West Java, Indonesia). These ¾-type buses called Trans Pakuan and use bio-diesel fuel. Since June 3, 2007, the buses serve the 14 km route, about 16 stops along the route.


Advantages of Owning a Cat at Home

>> Jan 28, 2012

- Iput, my late cat-

Do you have cats at your home? What's your reason to keep cats as your pets? I like seeing their faces, hearing their 'purr' sounds, and facing their unique characters.

Here are some advantages of having cats as pets :

Most cats are easy to take care.

You don’t need to take cats for walks because they have already worked out while they are playing.

Sort-haired cats don’t need much grooming. They can maintain themselves clean and tidy.

Cats don’t require a lot of space, but they need to have places to climb, jump, hide in dark 'cubbies' and to explore.

They are pleased to live in small homes.

Cats spend most of their time sleeping, particularly during the day.

Cats will often sleep while you are away, so that they can play when you get home.

Cats are not very big and easy to handle, because most cats weigh about 4 kilograms.

Most cats like to be patted or stroked.

When they relax they purr, which also helps to make you relax.

Many cats enjoy playing, even when they are quite old.

They like to play with balls of string and cat toys.

Cats are very graceful and light on their feet.

They usually do not break things around the house.

Cats like to have their own area to live in.

They do not like to travel, and take time to settle into new places.

Cats are friendly and like to be around humans.

But they still like to be independent, and do not learn tricks as easily as dogs.



Decorations That Add Life to Your Party

Setting the mood for your party is not only about the type of people you invite, but largely depends on the type of atmosphere you have created. And while taking a pool cover to the pool and creating a dance floor, or hiring a lovely space can get you started, there is a lot more to truly creating an atmosphere.

The look and feel of your party can make or break it – it can become one of those stuffy affairs during which people nibble politely and have a nightcap or two, or a crazy rock’n’roll party that gets out of control and leaves you cleaning up for weeks. Or possibly best, easy but entertaining evening that no one forgets quickly. All this depends on the atmosphere you create.

Here are just some of the factors to consider when creating atmosphere:

1.Theme and thematic decorations

The main element that dictates what your party is all about is the theme you choose. This will influence all of your decorations, your music, how people show up, and the way you use your venue. The thematic decorations used to show off the theme, will go one step further to get people in the mood you want them to be in. For example, if you create an ‘Aladdin style’ party, the theme decorations will consist of scarves and curtains, props like flavoured tobacco and shishas and traditional music.


Lighting also goes a long way towards your theme and creating atmosphere. If you leave the lights on high all evening, people are less likely to get into the mood, and are more likely to stay a little reserved. Softer lighting creates a more relaxed feel, while lights off, and simple spots or a disco ball really get the party started. Lighting effects, such as pool lights you can get from your pool supplies store can give a great eerie effect for a Halloween party! Going back to the Aladdin party, soft lighting will help people relax, get talking and feel comfortable.

3.Special effects

Special technological effects are becoming more common at parties, especially corporate ones. Elements such as laser lights, projections of images onto surfaces using lights, as well as videos and multimedia productions can really create a feel, transform a venue, and transport guests to a whole new world! This sort of lighting can usually be sourced from an AV or event hire company.

4.Furnishings and decor

Staying in theme can also be achieved by using your furnishings as decor. Retro pieces can go a long way towards seventies or eighties parties. Metallic pieces for a space-age party, or for the Aladdin party, lots of coloured sheer curtains, cushions and long lounges, will create an atmosphere that will take people away!


In addition to lighting, furnishings and technology as decoration – what about people? Hiring models to really take your atmosphere to a new level can mean the difference between a party and something spectacular. For example, a Toga party with living Greek statues will capture guests’ attention and convert your venue into a real Greek party scene. Belly dancers in the Aladdin party will create a level of atmosphere that will top off the other decorations and make your party a night to remember.


Finally, the music you choose needs to match your theme to put the finishing touches on your atmosphere. Select carefully – you want something thematic but worth partying and dancing to. 


Delicious Rice Recipes for You

>> Jan 26, 2012

Most Asian people like me are rice lovers. They can live around the world, but sometimes or even often, they will miss eating rice. I myself have a rice stomach. I’ll get dizzy if I don’t have rice for breakfast. Though I eat only a small portion, it gives me enough energy until the lunch time. Don’t laugh at me; but having bread or other food except rice for breakfast will only last a while. Soon I’ll get hungry again!

I always cook and serve white rice every day. When my father was still here with us, I also serve brown rice. Sometimes I cook fried rice in the morning, if I see there’s many left rice from last dinner. I’ve never yet tried to make another kind of rice food. There are several kinds of traditional rice recipes in my country, but my husband ever said that he wanted to taste any rice recipe from other countries. So, I need to add new recipes to my collection and start to search!

I’m so glad to find this recipe website, as it offers you the Top 20 Rice Recipes. You can find nothing else except various delicious rice recipes there. Isn’t it great! I thought before that I must compile the related recipes from different recipe websites.

RecipesforRice.com is really a great source for different rice recipes around the world. Every rice lover will surely love it, once they navigate every recipe at the website. The whole rice recipes are divided in categories, such as recipes for rice, brown rice recipes, fried rice recipes, dessert recipes, risotto recipes, Indian rice recipes, and other several categories.

As I still have a small amount of shrimp and chicken in the refrigerator, I decide to try Rice Jambalaya recipe for dinner tonight. The food image really looks tasty and appealing. The recipe is clearly written and easy to follow. Well Moms, what’s your most favorite rice recipe that you want to cook soon for your loved ones?


An Exciting Game for Your Family

Weekend is only a few days ahead. Since weekend is the right time for your family bonding activities, have you had any plan to do? You can go out and do fun things like visiting interesting places; but if the weather is too cold, what is another entertaining option? There’s other way to have fun with your family without leaving your home. Why don’t you click here and invite your family to experience the excitement of playing online bingo?

Actually, online bingo is like playing a traditional bingo game on the internet. Years ago, bingo is played by many people at a city hall, church hall or other public place; that’s why it’s well-known as a social game. Not only playing bingo, they were also socializing. Bingo isn’t a hard game that needs your brain to think hard, you can make a warm conversation with other people while playing it.

Ask your grandmothers; perhaps they can share their nostalgia about how they were playing bingo at that time. Though nowadays this traditional game is already switched to online bingo, you can still introduce the old values of bingo to your family.

Bingo can teach your teenager about patience and coordination. Since you and your family are playing the game for a fun family bonding; I think it would be better if you choose the free online bingo option. There’s no need to spend money to get enjoyment with bingo; if then you’re lucky enough to win a cash prize – that’s an exciting bonus!

Like the traditional one, online bingo is very simple to play. There aren’t any difficult rules that you must learn first. No wonder why this game has many lovers from all ages! Playing online bingo can be a way to tighten the family bonding with your relatives who live in different cities. While playing together, you can chat with them via chat room. Well, are you ready to get your own experience?


What Makes a Great Neighbourhood

The neighbourhood, not just your house itself, can really affect whether your new place turns into a dream home or a nightmare. Therefore, it should be one of the most important factors you consider when choosing a new home. The local neighbourhood and surroundings will also affect the price of rentals and houses for sale in the area, so it is a financially practical aspect as well.

1.It’s an area where you feel at home.

You need to choose an area where you feel you can fit in: for example, if you are a student, or a young business professional, then it would be ideal to find an area where you can be surrounded by like-minded individuals.

This is because not only will you likely find the houses and apartments for rent are marketed towards your demographic, but also because it will increase your chances of making friends and networking in your local area.

If being close to your family and friends is very important to you, then you will wish to find a house either in a nearby neighbourhood, or somewhere that is easily accessible.

Particularly if this is where you plan to settle for the foreseeable future, do not underestimate this “friends and family” factor when it comes to conducting your search: it will be integral to you feeling happy in your home.

2.Local facilities.

Local facilities such as a medical centre and a nearby supermarket should be non-negotiable. You do not want to be in a situation where the nearest Emergency Department is a 30-minute drive away, particularly if you have young children.

The local bars and shops will also reflect and give you a better idea of the neighbourhood culture. When looking for a place to buy, property valuation software will help you work out the financial potential. This means you don’t need to worry that you are getting distracted by a cute cafĂ© around the corner, and find yourself wondering whether or not this is a rational factor to base your renting or buying choice on.

3.Community spirit

It can be so easy to forget, when looking for somewhere new to live, to check out what the neighbourhood is like at both morning and night.

Of course you need to make sure that there are enough bedrooms and bathrooms to suit your requirements, and that you can picture yourself living in the home itself: but you also need to consider the local community.

For example, if you are a young mother: is there a good support group in the area that you can join? Can you count on the neighbourhood to be quiet at night? Is the crime rate low?

4.Financial growth.

Research the latest housing trends for the area. How much have the houses in the street nearby been selling for? How does your prospective house compare to these properties?

If prices are on the up, look into why that is: is there a new motorway in the works that means the suburb will suddenly be a lot more accessible? Keep in mind that this could mean while house sales in the area may be increasing now, they could plateau after.

Real estate development software is designed to help you predict such trends, and your real estate agent will be able to give you advice if you struggle to understand all of this on your own.


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