Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

Wira Wiri Cars

>> May 30, 2011

You don’t have to pay to ride this car. It’s a free facility from Nusantara Flower Park (Cipanas, West Java, Indonesia). You can start from the first stop near the entrance, or you can wait the car in every stopping place. In our last visit, we didn’t use this car as we prefer to walk. Tired but happy; and we could take lots of pictures!


A Little Grasshopper

>> May 28, 2011

The grasshopper is an insect of the suborder Caelifera in the order Orthoptera. Compared with crickets, a grasshopper has shorter antennae.

This little one seemed to like being photographed; since it stayed still; while the others were ‘jumping’ away.


Couple’s Corner: Being a Sister or Friend

>> May 27, 2011

I have three brothers and no sister. Honestly, I envy with my friends who have close relationships with their sisters. I think that’s why my mom and I became very close. She’s my mom; but she can also be my sister and best friend. I have no secrets with my mom; I told her all my stories. We’re often going together; for shopping girl stuffs, just window shopping or watching kid movies at cinemas.

Years ago, when we’re still little kids, my brothers love teasing me. My mom became my protector at that time. Every time she saw any one of my brothers teasing me; she would yell and reprimanded him. But when we’re teenagers, we became closer one another. Every weekend, we did fun things together; like attending a music show or watching movies. I could ask them to teach me if I needed a help in finishing my home works. I could also ask for their help to pick me up or drop me off at any place; such as school or a friend’s house. They all are helpful brothers!

Now, my brothers already have their own families. We live far each other. My hubby assumes me as a good sister and sometimes my hubby sees me as a mediator between my brothers; if a misunderstanding happens. I most often communicate with my oldest brother, he calls me regularly.

My hubby can’t say anything about me as a friend. It’s a pity, but all good friends of mine live far from me. One best friend is living abroad. We just ‘talk’ via FB.

Well, that’s my story. Sorry for not sharing an interesting one here.


A Water Hole

>> May 25, 2011

I saw a water hole in one fish pond inside a fishing place. The function of this hole is to keep stable the water height level by flowing out the exceeding water. The flowing out water creates interesting sound and movement for Watery Wednesday post.

Let me say something else here. If you’re using home wireless network for your daily internet activities; don’t forget to protect your computer network from malware, identity theft, spam, power surges and other more threats.


A Heritage House

>> May 23, 2011

Thank God, my husband is better now. Last Sunday we can take my father to a fishing place. My father is really a fishing lover! I was busy discussing with the owner to arrange a family gathering that will be held at a restaurant inside the fishing place. The gathering will be held at June 4th, 2011.

For Blue Monday this week, I’ll share a heritage house that belongs to my husband’s family; the first owner was my husband’s great-grand father from his mother’s side. The original house was built in 1890. This house has been renovated twice, in 1918 and 2008. The last renovation was a big one; it included rebuilding the roof structure.

There are blue touches on this heritage house. You can see the light blue color on the fence, windows and doors. I love this house. I feel so comfortable inside it.


Symbols of a Horse

>> May 21, 2011

Horse is an animal that often become a symbol of power, grace, beauty, nobility, strength and freedom. Many artists have expressed horses in form of various artworks, such as this horse statue.


Couple's Corner: Being a Daughter

>> May 19, 2011

I’m the only one daughter in the family. Moreover, I’m the youngest, too. My hubby doesn’t know my mom; she had passed away before I met my hubby. I’m so close with my mom; we’re best friends. I always accompany her during her days in hospitals. When she took her last breath; I sat near her. The day she left me was like the darkest day in my life. I always miss u, mom.

I and my hubby live together with my father; he doesn’t want to live alone. My hubby said that I’m the best daughter for my father. Sometimes hubby complains that I more prioritize my father than him. Well, I can't choose between my father and hubby; I love them both!

But I must admit here that I prefer to always try fulfilling my father’s wants. And it sometimes collides with hubby’s wants. I’m stuck in the middle. If it happens; I always persuade hubby to be more compromise and patient. I think it would be better if we, daughter and son in law, sacrifice some of our wants for my father’s sake. Am I right or wrong to have this kind of mind? Hubby and I argue about this occasionally.


Wednesday Post

>> May 18, 2011

Two weeks ago, we’re going fishing at Kampoeng Katulampa (Bogor, West Java, Indonesia). I myself don’t like fishing, just accompanied my husband and father there. Every time I felt bored, I left them and walked around with my pocket camera-trying to find interesting objects. Camera could become a best friend!

At the center of the fishing place, there’s a pond that functions as an ornament. For Watery Wednesday, I share here a water feature that I saw there. It’s a simple one; but nice enough to see.

I hope that I can bring my laptop to avoid dullness, but it’s a pity that my laptop’s battery has already leaked. When you’re at work, what do you do to ease dullness? Your employer won’t like this; but have you ever tried at least one of 10 ways to waste time online at work?


Men in Blue

>> May 15, 2011

My husband isn’t healthy yet. We just stay at home during weekend. So, I spent Sunday by cleaning our aquarium and kitchen. How is yours? Hope your weekend is nicer.
For Blue Monday this week, I share two photos that I captured at different places and times. I was interested with the contrast impression which caused by the ‘blue man’ in every picture.

The 'blue man' with a caping hat were walking on the side of a rice field. I captured him in a village in my husband's home town.

Hope you can see the tiny 'blue man' in the middle of this Maze Garden (inside Nusantara Flower Park). It's captured from a sight-seeing tower.


Predator and Prey

>> May 14, 2011

One spider and one fly
One trapped, one got trapped
One will eat, one will be eaten
One became the victim of the predator, or
One has supported the other’s continuing life?


Stepped Ponds

>> May 11, 2011

For this week’s Watery Wednesday, I still share things that I saw at Saung Dolken fishing place. Actually, Saung Dolken (Dolken Gazebo) is the name of a lovely wooden house that you can rent there. These ponds are located in the front of this wooden house. They look more beautiful if you see it from the terrace of the house.


An Appreciation

>> May 9, 2011

He’s not a police officer. His main job here is helping police officers in traffic controlling. I think he has already been placed there, at the same spot, for long time enough.

Standing in the middle of the famous three-section road in Bogor (West Java, Indonesia), he always smiles while he’s controlling the busy traffic. He looks so enjoying the job. Not only his smiling face, his acts attract my attention, too.


A One-Legged Duck?

>> May 7, 2011

I’m still not sure. Is this guy included a Mandarin duck? When I captured this duck in the swan lake area (Nusantara Flower Park Cipanas, West Java, Indonesia), the weather was a bright one. While two mute swans were swimming around the lake, this guy preferred to stand still under the shade.

When I saw it for the first time, it looked like the duck has only one leg. But then I noticed that he lifted and bended one of his legs. How can he keep the balancing? I can’t do it for a long time. I thought this duck is a male one as in animal kingdom; the male is the colorful one.


Couple’s Corner : I, as a Mother or Aunt…According to my Husband

>> May 6, 2011

In many parts of the world, Mother’s day will come in the short time. But not here, Indonesian people commemorate Mother’s day in December 22th. That’s why Liz, the host of this lovely meme, arranged all this month’s topics are about us, girls.

I can’t share here how about I’m as a mother, I have no kid yet. I can’t share much about my hubby’s saying me as an aunt either, as they are live far from me. All my siblings’ nieces and nephews live in different town and province. Sometimes I say hello to them via facebook and sometimes I chat with them. In their birthdays, my husband always reminds me to call them.

Nieces and nephews from BILs and SIL are live closer. I more often visit them. It takes about 45 minutes to reach their houses. They live in three houses that are close each other. In every visit, we always bring their favorite cakes.

My hubby said that I’m close with his nieces and nephews, but not that close. He means, I can enjoy play and chat with them, but I’ve never bathed them and I seldom carry our baby nephew. I admit that. In fact, my youngest nephew is a big baby boy, I'm afraid of carrying him; he's too heavy for me.


Saung Dolken: a New Fishing Place

>> May 4, 2011

This fishing place has just opened for one month. We decided to visit the place after we saw its promotion banners at some spots before. Though the place isn’t totally ready yet; we still like it. Some facilities are still under construction. There would be a swimming pool for kids and a meeting hall there. A lovely wooden house has been ready to rent. I’ll share the photos next week.

Saung Dolken (Dolken Gazebo) isn’t far from our home. It only takes fifteen minutes ride to reach the place. The owners are very friendly couple. They asked for our opinions and inputs about their fishing place. We chatted for long time enough.
Though we must pay more for the caught fish, I think it’s worth.

My entry for Watery Wednesday


Welcoming the New Bride and Groom

>> May 2, 2011

After the most sacred part in a wedding ceremony has been held, the next event is the wedding reception. My cousin’s wedding reception was held in a hall of a hotel. When the new bride and groom reached the place, a traditional ceremony was done to welcome them.
In areas Pasundan (West Java Province, Indonesia), Peacock Dance is often played when welcoming the guest of honor at an event. In a traditional Sundanese wedding, Peacock Dance is often a dance to welcome the bride and groom who want to walk toward the altar. I love their costumes! Peacock Dance is a dance that’s very interesting to watch. The dancers moved so gracefully but still lively!


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