Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

I Love this Blog’s Domain, I don’t Want Selling it!

>> Nov 29, 2013

It’s my first time to write a post about this blog. Lately I’ve received several mails that asked me whether I’d like to sell this domain and how much I would sell it. The last mail came a few days ago and this guy invited me to discuss the opportunity.  I haven’t yet sent a reply until now.
I love this blog so much. My reasons are:

1.   It’s my first blog. I started blogging –with blogspot.com- since June 2009.

2. I changed the domain into 1sthappyfamily.com since May 2011. At that time, my desire was to have happyfamily.com, but it was beyond my reach. I just checked the current domain price at Domain Power. The price of happyfamily.com is already $ 245,000 now! Wow!!! Anyway, who’s willing to buy an extreme expensive domain?

I’m curious now, my blog’s domain almost alike, right? Are those coming offers related to this? They want my domain at much cheaper price, I think.

3.   This blog has more than 1600 posts. For me, it’s a great achievement.

4.   Though this blog has no PR anymore (down from three to zero), I still love it. In the past few months, I got busy with my worsening health condition, doctor visits, surgery and health recovery. I made mistakes such as not setting the comment moderation. When Google hit down the PR, I checked the broken links. It turned out that this blog had more than 700 broken links, mostly came from spammers in comments at old posts. Sigh. It took more than a week to delete those broken links.   

5.   Many posts are personal ones though I accept guest posts nowadays. This blog is also a place for me to share my family’s stories and photos, my thoughts, sadness and happiness.

It’s too hard for me to see anyone else using this blog’s domain. I’ll keep this blog -as long as I can.


Some Kids don’t Like Loud Noise

>> Nov 25, 2013

The other kids seem to tolerate it, but my two years-old nephew often covers his ears and makes a face when hearing loud noises like music and roaring motorbikes. In this shot he covered his ears while the train whistle was heard at the train station. He doesn't like it when things are loud. Is this some kind of disorder or problem with his ears or is it something normal that some kids don't like loud noise?
My husband, Azman and a nephew's husband
The possible causes may vary; it can be just sensitive ears. Anyway, I think it’s normal to cover ears when things have annoying sound; we also do it, right? If the sound is just fine but your kid still covers his ears, it would be better to consult your pediatrician about this. I’ve read that it probably leads to Sensory Integration Issues or a sign of autism.

My nephew’s ears have been checked and there’s no problem found with his hearing. Hope the cause is only his sensitivity; he's a young boy who doesn't like loud noise. Have you ever faced similar situation?

Azman wore blue t-shirt, I can link this post to Blue Monday


New Family Member

>> Nov 23, 2013

Meet Mocca, a persian seven-months-old female cat with medium nose, our new family member. Two weeks ago, my brother, SIL and nephews visited a cousin’s home out of town. My cousin allowed one of her eight cats for us here.
Fortunately she likes her new home. She’s a very friendly cat and she can get along with each one in this home. Once in a while, she entered my bedroom and slept on the bed or chair. It’s a pity that I haven’t yet successfully made good shots of her. All photos captured indoor and without flash light as she's not allowed to go out of home. Hope I can share better shots of Mocca.   
Camera Critters  


Let Natural Light into Your Attic Space with a Beautiful Roof Lantern

>> Nov 21, 2013

Typically an attic (otherwise known as a loft) tends to be an awkward space. This is in relation to everything from the shape to the lighting. This is why most people tend to neglect their attic and simply use it as a space for storage. However, a few little tweaks to your attic can make a massive difference. Your loft can easily become the most beautiful room in your home. A lot of people opt to make their attic a bedroom or living area. They add a show stopping roof lantern which really brings the wow factor to the equation and gives the home owners the opportunity to gaze up at the stars in the middle of night – magical to say the very least.

So, let’s begin with the all-important question… What is a roof lantern? This is a stunning architectural element that is added to homes and other buildings to bring in natural daylight. Today they tend to be constructed from either wood or aluminium. Aside from letting light into a space they are also extremely popular because of the sheer beauty they provide. They have a grand and stunning appearance that is undeniable. They can also provide individuals with unique views as well. This is especially the case when they are used in attic and loft spaces.

If you have an attic a roof lantern can definitely be your saviour. The sunlight you will benefit from will make a monumental amount of difference. Lofts are traditionally dark and dingy. This is one of the main reasons why so many people neglect this space. However, the natural sunlight you will benefit from will completely transform the space. There are of course other methods of bringing light to the space. Nevertheless, none are as effective as a roof lantern is. If that wasn’t enough, roof lanterns are more environmentally friendly and can save you money on energy.

As mentioned earlier, a roof lantern gives you the perfect opportunity to gaze at the stars. Just imagine lying on your bed and looking up to the magical midnight sky. Sounds perfect doesn’t it? And don’t forget about the views you will benefit from during the day as well. You are likely to be able to see for miles because of the height and visibility. 

If a roof lantern sounds like the sort of thing you would like, the next step is to take a look at the different designs available in order to get some inspiration for your home. It is important to select a style that fits in with your attic’s image. Nevertheless, you also have to consider the exterior of your house as well. Luckily, there are so many different designs to choose from in the current day. From rustic and traditional to modern and sleek; you won’t be short of options.

Finally, the importance of finding the best professionals for the job cannot be underestimated either. Obviously this is not a small scale build in terms of home improvement. Quality is imperative. Thus, be sure to do your research before you select a company for the task at hand. Make sure they have ample experience, a good reputation and an impressive portfolio.


Discipline Mistakes Most Moms Make

If you ignore your kid in a way or if you make lots of discipline mistakes, then this article is definitely going to help you fix this! Fixing those mistakes is key factor and it will make a huge difference in the parenting experience. The following advice has been taken by specialists and people who have been dealing with parent mistakes and their fixing during their whole life, so you can be sure all of them are relevant and helpful.

Being too negative

The first mistake that most moms make is being too negative. “Stop pulling the dog’s tail”, “Don’t hit your brother!”. If you give this a thought you will see that you tell too many negative things and not-to-dos to your child. Don’t worry – this can be fixed! For example, you should start asking for the behavior you want to see. Naturally, there is no person who wants to raise children who doesn’t understand limits, but this doesn’t mean you will have to forbid everything. So instead of forbidding something, try asking the kid to go for the type of behavior you want to see. For example, instead of saying “Don’t stand in the bathtub”, you can try and say “We have to sit in the bathtub because it is really slippery”.

Expect too much
Mistake number two – we expect too much from our children. In order to teach your kid something, it might not be a bad idea to start acting like a teacher. The young children haven’t developed impulse control and this is why in many cases the parents assume their children know more than they do. Actually, when your child breaks a norm you need to remind yourself that he or she is not trying to be a pain – the kid just doesn’t know how to behave due to its early stage. Give examples with other children who behave more appropriately depending on the situation, also try explaining things in a simple way. For example, if you are sitting in a church and the kid shouts try saying something like “You don’t have to shout here, if you want something from me, just come and ask me quietly”.

As soon as we hear our children chasing each other around the house we might get really annoyed and start shouting – this is a mistake that should not be done and it is really bad for the children. You need to learn to ignore such things selectively. When your kids do something that you don’t like, it doesn’t mean you have to be the bad guy and shout. Try understanding them and try to be more attention-giving. It is always better to explain in plain voice, rather than just shouting.

“Talking without action”
The next mistake is the so called “talking without action”. We often say “Turn off the TV, seriously!” but if the child does not, all we do is nothing. This encourages the bad behavior of the kid. This is why you need to set the limits and follow them through. Second chances, nagging, negotiations – all those things are optional, but if you want to learn your kid to behave well, just set the limits.

Forget that every child is different
We assume that things which work for one kid will work for another. This is the type of mistake that is probably most common. The best way to fix this mistake is to develop a diverse toolbox. It is always easy to blame your kid if your discipline technique fails, but what you really need to do is to learn how to treat your kids in a different way depending on the situation.

Author Bio: Jessica Conars is a loving mother and according to her she did some mistakes with her children. But she is trying to fix them spending as much time with her family as she can when she is not at work at http://www.perfectcleaning.org.uk/


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