Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

Small River

>> Mar 31, 2010

It’s Wednesday, time for Watery Wednesday. The small river is one fork of a bigger river that called Kali Keruh (Bumiayu, Central Java, Indonesia). I captured this river spot because I like its view (click on it to have better view). Hope you like it, too...


Opening Yourself Tag

>> Mar 30, 2010

Today’s post is another tag for me. Thanks for Lina Marliana for mentioning my name in her list. As usual, I have to answer several personal questions here. You will recognize me more after this…

1. Who are you at home?
I’m a daughter and a wife; not yet a mom.

2. Who are you; according to your friends?
I’m not asking my friends; I’m asking my husband and sister in-laws. So, here I am:
- honest
- stubborn
- moody
- faithful
- a good listener
- the best secret keeper
- a not much talking person

3. Mention 5 wanted things that haven’t yet achieved.
It has to be things? Ok, it’s my list:
- a baby room
- a hi-tech SLR digital camera
- a family car
- a PDA phone
- a family entertainment room

4. Who is your spouse’s name?
Usrofi, I call him Mas Fi. My sister and brother in-laws call him Oppie.

5. Tell 5 things that you like most from your spouse!
-love me so much.
-very funny
-a good cook
-a caring person

6. When did you get married?
We got married in Bogor, July 14th, 2002.

7. What is your bad memory as a couple?
We need to struggle to get my father’s blessing. It’s a hard one…

8. What is your love song?
We don’t have one. We like to listen many songs, but most of them aren’t love songs.

9. What changes do you want to see from your spouse?
Stop smoking and care about his health more.

10. Share the tag to another 10 blogger friends.
Hehehe, I let and invite all my friends to GRAB the tag…


Camera Critters: a Green Grasshopper

>> Mar 27, 2010

I found a grasshopper on green grass in my front yard, it’s a little one. You can see that the grasshopper is on a grass leave! And it turns out that it’s also a cute one, especially its eyes...

Visit Camera Critters (click the badge below). You can see many animal pictures there…


CC: Sacrifices for Loved Ones

>> Mar 25, 2010

Being a youngest and the only daughter in my family, I feel that my life is full of sacrifices. I dedicate my life to my loved ones. I’ve never thought to achieve my own dreams.

Since my mother was seriously ill, I knew that my life was changed. I had to accompany and took care of her. I’ve ever worked for years, but I’ve never dreamed of a good career.

After she passed away in 1999, I stayed at home with my father. My three other brothers stay in different towns with their own families. I realize (again) that I have to accompany my father. I can’t leave him to pursue my own dream. When I introduced my hubby (now) to my father, he straightly said that he didn’t want me to be bring out of home. I was grateful that my hubby can understand the condition and we stay together at the same house until now.

I’m also a stay at home
woman; but for me, it isn’t a sacrifice, because I myself made the decision. I prefer to have my time flexible. If we’re sincere, we will feel pleased with our sacrifices

What about your story? You can share it with us at
Couple's Corner.


SpellQuizzer : Review and GIVEAWAY!

>> Mar 22, 2010

First of all, it isn’t a paid post. A few days ago, I received an offer to review SpellQuizzer. Having not known at all SpellQuizzer before, I visited the site and watched some video of demonstrations there; and then I was interested!

Dan of SpellQuizzer gave me a free download to review, so, I wrote my own experience here. It’s a pity that I haven’t got a chance yet to try this spelling software with my nephew. Let me introduce it first. SpellQuizzer is a
spelling program that was developed to help your children learn their spelling and vocabulary words. The basic principle of this spelling program is that the spelling words are recorded and played back to your child along with a written clue about the word.

Here how it works :

Create your own list. You can type in the spelling words and then you record yourself saying the words. One nice feature is that there is a built in spellchecker that recognizes both US and UK English spellings. It warns you if you enter a word that appears to be spelled incorrectly. With this feature, you can let your children create their own spelling lists guided by the curriculum they are working on.
Once the list is ready, let your child go forward and start the quiz. Your child listens to the word and types the word in. You can also type in a written clue. If your child misses the word, he/she will see the word displayed correctly. Your child has another chance to retry the word missed at the end. Well, this program can also increase your child’s typing skills, right?

SpellQuizzer has prerecorded downloadable spelling lists available on their site. You can also easily import and export spelling lists to share with other SpellQuizzer users.

Are you a home school parent? On their site there is a special page that is directed entirely to homeschoolers. Click here to go to the special page. The import/export feature also makes it easy for home school groups to share their lists without everyone has to record their own lists individually.

My opinion :

  • It’s easy-to-use spelling software. Installation is so simple and the directions are straight forward and easy to follow.

  • If you’ve just known the program, like I do, you can see some video demonstrations, such as how to create a spelling list, click here. For me, it’s a good introduction and presentation.

  • It’s not only good for children. Since English isn’t my own language, I also use it to increase my spelling skill on difficult words.

  • You should try this spelling software. You can download a free trial version here for 30 days. Isn’t it great?

  • For recording, you need a microphone. There’s no need to buy an expensive microphone, the inexpensive models have usually produced suitable recordings. If a problem with audio recordings is encountered, click here for turning Microphone Boost on.
You can purchase a download of SpellQuizzer Spelling Software for $29.95 and is offered with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Do you want it for FREE? I have the good news for you, SpellQuizzer is generously offering a Giveaway- a free SpellQuizzer license- for a WINNER!

It’s GIVEAWAY TIME ! And It’s easy, just LEAVE A COMMENT in this post. OPEN TO EVERYONE. The contest is open for only seven days. The contest ends on Tuesday, March 30th, 2010, 11.59 pm (WIB- Indonesian Time).

On Wednesday, March 31st, 2010, I will select and announce ONE WINNER by using an automated number generator. LEAVE A COMMENT HERE- one person for one number- so you have a chance to be a SpellQuizzer WINNER!

Versi Indonesia :

SpellQuizzer adalah software untuk belajar mengeja dan meningkatkan perbendaharaan kata-kata bahasa Inggris. Kalau mau mencoba, bisa download gratis versi TRIAL untuk 30 hari, klik here. Software untuk belajar bahasa Inggris yang bagus, kan?
Tertarik untuk mendapatkan software ini (kalau beli $29.95) secara GRATIS? Ayo bergabung, caranya mudah, tinggalkan komentar di sini dan Anda berpeluang sebagai PEMENANG. Satu orang-satu komentar-satu nomor. Kontes ini hanya berlangsung 7 hari, ditutup hari SELASA, 30 Maret 2010, jam 23.59. Seorang pemenang akan diundi dan diumumkan hari RABU, 31 Maret 2010.


Have You Married Your Soul Mate?

Hi, married couples, are you soul mates? Maybe you've married your soul mate and just don't realize it. If you assume ‘soul mate concept’ in a marriage is important, this post is for you. I share here an article written by Sheri & Bob Stritof.

Check out the list of soul mate partnership characteristics:

  • In order to recognize your soul mate, you must first know yourself. Soul mate marriages are well balanced, strong and positive. There is a lack of intimidation, manipulation or abuse. They make a person feel safe.

  • A relationship with a soul mate is a natural fit and feels like it is meant to be. This type of marriage is not difficult to maintain.

  • A soul mate partner feels like a mirror to their spouse.

  • A marriage to a soul mate is filled with honesty and support.

  • There is a sense of familiarity and mutuality in a marriage to a soul mate.

  • These marriages are healthy, passionate and harmonious. They can easily get a lot done by working together.

  • Couples who are soul mates often take joy in watching the growth of one another.

  • A soul mate will accept who you are, will bring out the best in you, challenge you, and is your best friend. A soul mate will not require you to change.

  • Soul mates enjoy small moments together and appreciate their commitment to their marriage.
Things that you should also consider:

  • Soul mates don't agree on everything.

  • Don't use the soul mate concept as an excuse to walk away from your commitment to your marriage.

  • Remember, you can still have difficult times even when married to your soul mate.
Well, I guess you can answer the question without doubt now. Have you already married your soul mate? (Thank God, my hubby is my soul mate).


Camera Critters: Who Spied on Me?

>> Mar 20, 2010

That night, I was really surprised. Behind the bathroom window, there was a creature –a big house lizard- watched me (hahaha). Fortunately, though with scare, I was able to capture it with my camera, before it ran away. In the next morning, I can’t found it anywhere. Until now, about a month later, it has never come again…

Indonesian people call it ‘tokek’, as their sounds like. The interesting thing is, we usually make a funny game with its sounds. You might have known that a big lizard seldom produces a sound. And every time a big lizard makes several sounds, we generally count it like this :

The big lizard : tokek… (1st sound)
The man : rich …
The big lizard : tokek… (2nd sound)
The man : poor …
The big lizard : tokek… (3rd sound)
The man : rich …
The big lizard : tokek… (4th sound)
The man : poor …
The big lizard : tokek… (5th sound)
The man : rich…
The big lizard : ……….. (silent)
The man : hoooraaayy….. I’ll be rich….

It’s a funny or a silly game, huh? I just wonder whether people in other countries have also done a ‘counting game’ like we do here?

I share the picture for this week’s Camera Critters. For more animal pictures, click the badge; or join us to share yours…


Best Cadillac Accessories for Cadillac Lovers

Nowadays, most people appraise cars aren’t only as transportation means; it’s more than that. As you might have heard, a car can symbolize someone’s identity. In USA, Cadillac is a very famous brand; and the name already becomes a synonym for high quality. Cadillac is currently the oldest American automobile manufacturer and among the oldest automobile brands in the world. Founded in 1902 as the Cadillac Automobile Company, it was purchased in 1909 by General Motors and over the next 30 years established itself as America's premier luxury car.

Cars owners usually want to have their own cars look unique and different than other’s cars, so as with Cadillac owners. That’s why most cars owners like to modify their cars’ performance. As you might have already known, modification also called as customizing. It personalizes the car to reflect the owner’s taste, sense of proportion and design. Do you agree with this statement?

To modify their cars, Cadillac lovers need various high quality Cadillac accessories. If you are one of Cadillac lovers, have you already found the best place to get your Cadillac accessories? You don’t need to search anymore; I’ve got a solution for you. I recommend you to visit CARiD.

CARiD is an online leader in auto accessories for all brands and types of vehicles; they provide you with all the detailed information on car accessories. You can find all of Cadillac accessories there. Finding proper accessories for your Cadillac can be a stressful experience; but it won’t happen if you get it at CARiD. With their user-friendly system, buying car accessories can be so simple and enjoyable. You can get a variety of lighter plugins with a Walgreens coupon code.

There’s no doubt, CARiD is the best place for car owners who like to modify cars. Whatever the type and the brand of the vehicle; they offer a wide range of choices. So, why don’t you try it?


Free Science Educational Softwares

>> Mar 19, 2010

It’s been a long time enough since I made my last post in Family-Safe Internet. Well, this time I’ll share two educational software in science category: Astronomy. Check it out…

Microsoft Worldwide Telescope.
Released by Microsoft Research in 2008, Worldwide Telescope is a free Microsoft application that lets you travel through outer space. You can pan in and zoom in close to moons, planets, solar systems and galaxies. Images are taken from the Hubble Space Telescope and ten earth-bound telescopes.

Worldwide Telescope (WWT) also contains a number of guided tours, some of them created by famous scientists. A few examples of guided tours are: "Dark Matter", "The First Black Hole" and "Beautiful Nebulas". There are also guided tours to learn to use the software interface of WWT.

Stellarium is a free open source planetarium. It shows a realistic sky in 3D, just like what you see with the naked eye, binoculars or a telescope. More than 120.000 stars are included in the database. Moreover, it’s available in more than 40 languages.
Have fun in learning Astronomy; hope your children love Astronomy more…Source : google


CC : Bedtime Habits

>> Mar 17, 2010

As Mommy Liz said, this week’s couple’s corner is about the routine that couples do before going to sleep beside their spouses. I guess each couple has their own bedtime habits. What about ours?

We have the same and different preferences. We both like wearing T-shirt and comfortable short pants; and we can only sleep if the light is off. If we aren’t sleepy yet, we usually watch TV news program before. We seldom sleep early; most of the times we sleep after midnight.

I always wear my blanket and I like my thin pillow. Hubby doesn’t like using blanket and his pillow is a thick one.

We have our special habit. After saying a prayer, we always end the day by forgiving each other. Because of this, we’ve never ended our days in bad feelings. We usually start to sleep by holding hands. But after a while, we continue sleeping with our own styles. I sleep on my back; and my hubby like to sleep on the right side of his body.

It’s my story. Do you want to know other’s bedtime habits? Visit and join us at
Couple's Corner.


Camera Critters : a Little Spider

>> Mar 14, 2010

Hi, I’m still at my father in law’s house now (Bumiayu, Central Java, Indonesia); I’ll go back home tomorrow. I don’t want to miss Camera Critters, so, I share here a picture of a little spider that I captured a few weeks ago. If you click on the photo to enlarge it, you can see that its lower body has beautiful colors...

Wanna see more animal pictures? Click the badge; or join us to share yours…


Be a Parent and a Friend of Your Child

>> Mar 13, 2010

Be a parent and also a friend? Do you found difficulties to ‘play’ these roles? Parents wish to be "friendly" to their child but don’t want their parental authority to be eroded. What is the right balance?

I guess the right balance will be various from family to family. Well, parents, I share here some helpful guidance for you to reach the proper balance in both roles:

Communicate with your child well.Listen to what your child says. Let the child feel comfortable to share information and feelings with parents. A parent has to be patient and non-judgmental in doing this. This will help your child to interact freely.

Enforce the rules firmly.It is easy to say, "yes" but tough for the parent to say "no". Your kids have to learn that in a family rules apply to all. Be firm, no matter how unpleasant it might seem to you.

Build your child’s trust.
Encourage your child to talk about his/her daily routine with you. You should know who your child's friends are at school and what are his favorite hobbies. Try to involve in his/her fun activities and games. This encourages bonding between the parent and the child.

Ensure your child's safety and security.Don’t let your child indulge in any activities, which endanger his security, no matter how much your child forces you.

Ensure that the rules are fair.Make sure that you are not overly strict in applying the rules for your child. Let the rules be fair and logical. This will ensure that the child would not dislike the undue strictness or disciplining.

Encourage independence in your child.Let your child explore, take decisions, and do things on his/her own. This will allow him/her to develop into a holistic personality, unafraid to try new challenge. As parents, you will not be around to fight all your child's battles. Equip him with the wisdom and the opportunities to face tomorrow's challenges accurately.

Discipline is important.Teach your child the importance of following rules: be it at home, in school, or outside the house. Don’t let your love blind you into doing everything that she/he asks you to do. Remember, discipline teaches a child to develop into a more adaptable adult.

Rules must be clear and consistent.
Make sure that the child clearly understands the rules. Ensure that the rules are enforced similarly each time. This makes it easy for the child to understand them and acceptance of the enforcement then becomes easier.

It is essential to be friends with your children. However, as parents, you have a larger role in teaching them the importance of discipline and following rules. Sometimes, they might get angry or throw tantrums, but if you do the enforcement correctly and consistently; they would understand the importance sooner than later.
Rewrite source:here
Picture source: istockphoto.com


CC:When We Cuddle

>> Mar 11, 2010

I think most wives, like me, love to cuddle. In a marriage, cuddling is still important to maintain your closeness or intimacy. When we cuddle, I most like hugging each other.

In my opinion, when I hug my hubby and vice versa, we are communicating non-verbally. We are sending messages like:

- You are the most important person in my life;
- I love you;
- I have you;
- Thanks for always supporting me;
- I appreciate all the things you do for me;
- I accept you and everything about you;
- You and I are special;
- We’ll always be together…
Well, I’ve shared my story here. If you want to read other’s stories, visit Couple's Corner!


After the Rain

>> Mar 10, 2010

It’s time for Watery Wednesday. I’ve seen after the rain photos of some friends. Why don’t I make mine? I share some pictures here.


Make Your Child Fall in Love with School!

>> Mar 7, 2010

One of parent’s big tasks is building learning fondness of their child. Learning to love school is all about learning to love LEARNING. It can become a tough job, because not all children are born scholars, some of them need a little extra push in this direction. Teachers can only do so much in school – it is parents who must make the child eager to go there to begin with. If you have a child that has laziness to go to school, I found the article that may help you. Let’s continue…

Some children just can't seem to enjoy going to school even with much encouragement from their
parents. Most children enjoy their first time in school, but after a while, due to some factors, they begin to hate it and they drift not only from their initial interest but also from interacting with schoolmates and teachers.
While some children suffer a phobia of going to school because of traumatic experiences, others are simply not interested. One of the many reasons why youngsters hate school is because some of their family members may have expressed their own hate of going to school. It can influence a child's thinking if it is often expressed and absorbed by the child.

So, how to make your child fall in love with school? Check these tips below.
1. One of the key factors is parental encouragement. By letting your children understand the importance of learning at an early age, they'll be looking forward to the day that they'll be able to ride a school bus and enter a classroom.

Introduce your child at a young age to the value of learning through books and playtime to help him/her become interested in school and its many related aspects: teachers, students, socializing, playtime, learning, homework and many others.

2. Become involved in your child's schoolwork such as projects and homework. By showing your child that homework is a fun take-home activity instead of an obligation, he/she will develop a positive mindset. It is also advisable to let your child learn from you instead of just learning from school.

Develop an enjoyable way of interacting and educating your child by asking them about their current lessons in math, history, English and science. You can then incorporate a fun weekend activity that corresponds to their latest lessons such as going to museums, planetariums, plays or just by watching an educational video from the internet.

3. Some
children may have problems with only one subject at school, but the effects can sometimes be too negative for them that they tend to hate school in general. For example, if your child only has a problem with Math, but he/she does well in other subject, you can incorporate the fun into Math by doing fun and enjoyable activities with him/her.

One fun activity is by letting your child calculate your grocery list and having it compared with the actual prices of items when you take your child to the supermarket with you. Let him/her learn the equations in a realistic and practical way rather than setting up a classroom environment at home. This could only deter your child from learning and appreciating math.

4. Preparing your children even before they enter a classroom can help him/her develop an appreciation for learning. Educational games such as scrabble and children's Sudoku are fun and enjoyable especially during summer. Monopoly, chess and other board games can help your child sharpen his/her mind even on a vacation.

5. Schools and teachers should adapt the rewards system where they give rewards to school children if they are able to top a quiz or exam, if they've won an academic contest or joined curricular activities at school. The rewards system encourages children to study more and become focused on their lessons with a promise of something that is worth earning.

Well, parents, try to apply these ways. Children can be taught of the basics of learning at home. By being a positive and encouraging parent, you are giving your child an example that he/she should follow. The home is where it all begins and your child should love school and learning even before his/her first day at school.

Rewrite Source: here and google
Picture source: augusta.k12.va.us


Ants and Flying Ants(?)

>> Mar 5, 2010

(click to enlarge the image)

I can see ants here and there. This time I want to share pictures of ants that I found in my front yard. First picture is ants on a citrus and the second one is flying ants on a lotus flower. I’m not sure with the second one; whether they are flying ants or included bee kind. Anyone can help with the info?

I invite you to join Camera Critters and have fun with sharing animal pictures!


Best Place to Find School Items for Your Child

As parents, you definitely know for sure that education is very important for our children. It’s big task of parents to build learning skill of their children. For their good character, wide knowledge and bright future, you should encourage your kids to love school!

How to make your kids go to school with enthusiastic? Well, one simple thing that you can do is providing them with fun and attractive items for school. Don’t worry, you don’t have to look for anymore, Posylane has offered fun school items that your children need.
Again, I’ll mention my three favorites here. Your children will love these
personalized backpacks. Children as young as four, and up to teens can wear it. Mint medium kids backpacks are very sturdy and have enough space for your children’s books and any other school items. You can make it personalize by adding your child’s name or initial letter. Your child will wear it with proud! Don’t forget, you can also complete the backpack with the matching lunch tote.

Their nap mats are perfect for your younger child and toddlers. Mint personalized nap mats have several product excellences. The
nap mat is attached with a soft fleece blanket and it also has a removable foam pillow. Your child will feel comfortable using this. Moreover, it’s easy for you to clean it; you can just wash it with your washing machine.

Your child will also love stephen joseph backpacks. They all are so adorable and you can make your child’s name embroidered on it. They are very easy to maintain, you can just wipe it with a damp cloth. They have a small inside pocket and enough space for books and other items. The straps are adjustable, too.

I’ve shared my three favorite products here, now I invite you to visit Posylane to check all of them by yourselves. Don’t hesitate to visit there and encourage your children go to school cheerfully…


Best Place to Find Fun Women’s Gifts

Hi, are you still looking for a perfect place to find things as gifts for your female friends or female relatives? If you a husband, perhaps now you’re looking for something as a gift for your wife. It’s for someone that is close to you; so, you want to give something unique and personalized, right? Unique and personalized things will become impressive gifts; and a woman that receives it will feel so special.
Let me help you because I know a place called Posylane that offers unique and personalized gifts. For fun things that women will definitely like, I have my three favorites; and I want to share here for you. Personalized ink stamps can be a perfect gift. You can choose one design and font that you most like from 28 personalized designs. Each ink stamp includes name, complete address and also initial letter of a name.

My second favorite is their qualified bath wrap. You will love these products. Posylane Mint bath towel wraps are very soft, light weight, large enough to cover the body, comfortable to wear and available in nine attractive colors. As a gift, you can personalize the bath towel wrap with a name or monogram. For your information, bath towel wraps are available in three sizes: child size, teen size and adult size.

How about giving personalized platter? I think it’s also a good idea! By the way, their platters are my favorite, too. If you’ve seen the products, you will love it. Not only platter, you can give a set of platter, plate and placemat. Kelly Hughes Designs have created various collections of personalized plates, platters and placemats for mature tastes. All designs are gorgeous. You can also personalize it, isn’t cool?

Whatever gift that you choose, as long as you make a choice at Posylane, it would be a special gift because Posylane provide fun things that women like.


CC: Honesty is the Best Policy

>> Mar 4, 2010

I totally agree with this. In my family, like most other families, I was raised to always speak honestly; and it still continues until now.

Honesty in a relationship of a married couple is very important. It will determine the quality of your relationship. I believe that whenever there is honesty; the trust will also be there.

To maintain a harmonic marriage, a married couple should apply open communication. It includes being honest one another and not keeping secret. I and my hubby have no secrets. I know his past and either does he. We can discuss about everything.

In our daily marriage life, I always try to express my feeling and tell the truth. My hubby said that he always speaks to me honestly as well because he doesn’t have the heart to lie to me, hehehe.

Being honest with each other will make your marriage life happier, because once you tell a lie, you have to cover it with more other lies. I don’t want to have a life which full of lies…

Click the CC badge above if you want to share your story and opinion or if you want to read other’s stories.


Watery Wednesday

>> Mar 3, 2010

Happy Wednesday, everyone! This Wednesday I want to share pictures that I shot a few days ago from a 3th floor terrace at Bogor Trade Mall. You can see a small river that flows through inside Bogor city, West Java,Indonesia.
For more beautiful watery pictures, I invite you to visit Watery Wednesday


To be Good Parents Guidance

>> Mar 1, 2010

Now is parents’ turn. Good parents don’t just happen immediately, right? Parents should grow and apply lessons that they have learned. Continually trying to improve themselves and their parenting skills are important things to do. Author and Pediatrician Marianne Neifert shares the seven things that will help you understand what makes a goods parent. Here they are:

Provide unconditional love and encouragement to your child.
Saying I love you, is important. But even more important is showing your child that you love them by giving your time and attention. Playing games, reading stories, and talking all show your love. Encouragement is also essential. Every child needs to feel like their parents are their best cheerleader. And with their parents help they can accomplish anything.

Make your children a high priority.
This doesn’t mean that you don’t take care of yourself and your marriage. But it does mean that your children should come before others. This may mean that you
need to say ‘no’ sometimes.

Strengthen your team as parents.
Strengthening your team applies to parents. It means that parents agree beforehand on important issues like rules and discipline. They discuss together important decisions that need to be made concerning the children and family.

Discipline consistently.
To cultivate this quality of being a good parent is one of the hardest things to do. At the end of a hard day it is so easy to give in to a child that is crying or whining, but that is not consistent. It does not teach them and only makes your job as a parent more difficult. Set limits and rules and always enforce them.

Teach responsibility.
Give your children responsibilities. You can ask your child to keep clean and tidy his/her own bed room. Or any other responsibilities such as emptying the small garbage cans every week, helping clean up the house, clearing their dishes off of the table, etc. Children need to understand that they are responsible for their own actions and the consequences that follow.

Create togetherness through routines.
Daily, weekly, or even yearly family rituals create a bond between family members. It may be as simple as reading a book together every night or taking a yearly trip to the beach. Dr. Neifert says rituals provide the "social glue that bonds one generation to another, creating many of the special anchor memories within a family".

Take time to recharge.
Parents need to take some time for themselves. When you are running on empty you are not doing your children any good. Lack of sleep, isolation and self-neglect can leave parents feeling physically exhausted, emotionally depressed and useless. Husbands and
wives can spend time together every evening after putting children in bed. You can have a date night every Saturday night, though it usually consists of watching a movie or playing games at home.

After knowing the seven steps to be a good parent, you can begin to apply it actually. Take it one step at a time...

Source: thecutekid.com/Teresa and google
Picture source: supaswap.com


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