Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

Bogor Presidential Palace

>> Jun 30, 2010

A large pond separates the back part of Bogor Presidental Palace with Bogor Botanical Gardens. This time I share again one photo of the back part of Bogor Presidential Palace (Bogor, West Java, Indonesia), in different angle.

Watery Wednesday for more watery photos around the world.


Family Conflict Solving Guidance

>> Jun 28, 2010

Every one has their own views, thoughts and expectations. It also happens with every member in your family. In fact, a family consists of different views, thoughts and expectations of each family member. So, during your daily family life, it is normal if disagreement sometimes happens.

Family conflict can potentially occur when there is collision between different views and thoughts of family members. The conflict truly happens when the misunderstandings between family members directs them to the wrong conclusion. If the conflict matters are never discussed, let unsolved or not resolved wisely and peacefully, it can lead to deeper arguments and anger.

If this condition takes place in your family, you should consider taking immediate action. Family conflict can cause unhappiness and stress, since it will affect to poor relationship between family members. It is not the right environment for young family members to grow up, since they should develop and grow in healthy and comfortable family surroundings.

It is not an easy job to solve any family conflict. It needs hard work, determination and consideration. Peaceful reconciliation can only be held if every family member that involved in a conflict is willing to have open communication, negotiation, compromise and respect each other.

Then you can take a further step with discussing and suggesting a solution together. When the solution has been decided and chosen, every family member must understand it completely and attach to it.

If you have doubt to solve your family conflict by yourself or you face really difficult conflict issues; it is wiser if you get a professional help and advice of a family counselor. You can ask for help of family counselors at
Denver Family Counseling if you are a resident of Denver. The family counselor will be able to see the conflict in bigger picture with neutrality and gives a fresh and different perspective. You should apply the counselor’s advice to look for a resolution with your family and avoid any potential conflict in the future.


White Geese

>> Jun 26, 2010

These geese belong to my cousin. He let them move freely in the back yard of his home. He said that they are tame enough, but I was afraid to hold them as I’ve ever been bitten by a goose before.


Couple’s Corner: First impression with our in-laws

>> Jun 24, 2010

This time I want to write a little about my SIL and BIL, especially about our first impression. My hubby introduced me to his family after we already had a serious relationship and we have talked about our wedding plan. That day, his brothers and sisters have gathered in one house to meet me for the first time. I remembered that I didn’t have any worried feeling; I just thought that it’s a process that I must go through. Knowing all close family members of our future husbands is a must, right?

We had lunch together and then I had a warm conversation with them. They were so kind, I felt so welcomed. Actually, I have no trouble at all to enter my husband’s family. Until now, I more often visit my SIL and BIL, than my older brothers. They live not far from our house; it takes only 45 minutes drive to arrive at their homes. Since they are living near each other, it’s easier for us to meet them all at the same day.

My hubby’s father lives at his own house in another town, so, the first introduction to my FIL was done after I met his brothers and sisters. My FIL also accepted me well from the first time. I am so grateful to have FIL, SIL, and BIL like them!

It’s my story. Perhaps it isn’t that interesting, hahaha. In fact, it’s my hubby that had ‘interesting’ story; he’s got hard times with my father, as he’s still hard to let me go. To thank and appreciate my father’s blessing, we decided to accompany him until now.


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Views that Seen from Sempur Hanging Bridge

I captured these watery views from the center of Sempur hanging bridge. It’s not easy for me, as the bridge was often swinging. The river was shallow as the rain didn’t fall for about two weeks at that time. Perhaps it’s not beautiful views for you; but I guess viewing the reality is more important.

Visit Watery Wednesday for more watery photos around the world.


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Birds on Tall Grasses

>> Jun 19, 2010

Sorry for not sharing clear photos here. Last Sunday, I saw these birds on the tall grass field; in front of my aunt’s house.


When Parents Should Get Involved in Kids’ Issues (2)

>> Jun 18, 2010

This post is the continuance. Happy reading….

5. A teacher gave your child a C, but your child thinks he deserved an A.
Should you interfere
? Get involved only if your child will take part in the conversation with the teacher. If you believe your child’s points are valid, you can make an
appointment with the teacher but that he’ll have to make the case.

How to handle it: Have your child ask the teacher why she gave him the grade she did. Hearing the feedback from the teacher will help him fine-tune future assignments. Helping your child line up his arguments beforehand is a great way to teach him how to constructively approach a disagreement.

When to reconsider: If your child is prone to misreading or incorrectly copying down instructions, make sure you have the whole story before you jump to conclusions.

6. Your child’s coach sounds pretty harsh in practice.
Should you interfere? If it’s upsetting your child, yes. But remember: Tough love can sometimes be beneficial on the field. Some kids need more TLC, and others benefit from a little extra push. Let the coach be the judge of what your kid needs. It’s good for a kid to hear a motivating voice other than her parent’s.

How to handle it: With humbleness. Use a talk as a chance to learn something about your child, or help the coach to understand your child’s personality better. Talk to the coach alone, and try not to be critical.
When to reconsider: If the coach’s aggressiveness bothers only you and your child is thriving in practice, stay put in the bleachers.

7. Your child learned a not-so-nice word from a classmate.
Should you interfere? No. Tracking down the executor’s
mother takes more effort than it’s worth.

How to handle it: Just because you aren’t trying to root out the foulmouthed preschooler doesn’t mean you let the behavior slide. I was actually glad when my children used those words―at
home, anyway. It gave you the chance to explain what they mean and how they make other people feel.

When to reconsider: If the bad word isn’t a onetime thing and playing with a certain child always results in rule breaking. If your darling is also watching R-rated movies or playing violent video games at a friend’s house, it’s time to talk with the parents. Give them the benefit of the doubt; they may be in the dark about little Dirty Harry. Ask that they keep tabs on the activities; or else plan to host the kids at your house.

Source: realsimple.com and google


A Large Pond

>> Jun 16, 2010

This pond is located inside Bogor Botanical Gardens. At the center of the pond, there’s a little island; many birds live there. You can also find a fountain there.

Visit Watery Wednesday for more watery photos around the world.


When Parents Should Get Involved in Kids’ Issues

>> Jun 15, 2010

As mother / parents, it’s wiser if you know the right time and situation when to get involved in your kids’ problems. In her article, Katie McElveen wrote 7 common situations that perhaps need your interference. Happy reading…

1. Your child has an unreasonable amount of homework.

Should you interfere? Not until you’ve done some serious investigation work. Make sure your child is legitimately spending time working, not playing with the dog or other fun activities. If that’s not the case, make an appointment with the teacher.

How to handle it: Come prepared. Before the meeting, keep track of your child’s progress. Set goals for your child to complete an assignment, then assess at the end of that time. Write down specific challenges. The more you can show that you’ve tried to deal with the issue at home, the more receptive a teacher will be to your concerns.

When to reconsider: If your help in organizing tasks seems to speed things up and ease stress, the answer may be structure, not a teacher conference.

2. Another adult lectures your child.

Should you interfere? If the conversation is an attempt to keep your child safe (he’s climbing up the slide the wrong way), let the other parent finish.

How to handle it: Be present and reinforce what the parent was saying so your child understands that it’s not OK with you, either. Stopping others from disciplining your child lets your child think that he can behave badly when out of your sights.

When to reconsider: If the adult is speaking to your child more strongly than is necessary, you can politely cut him off. Introduce yourself as the parent, then say that you’ll take it from there.

3.Your child didn’t get invited to a big birthday party.

Should you interfere? No. Making an issue about the slight will probably make things worse and draw attention to the fact that your child was left out.

How to handle it: Instead, focus on comforting your child and planning something fun as a diversion on the big day. Down the road, if this happens more than once, consider enrolling your child in a class or a program outside of school. “He’ll meet a new group of kids who share his interests.

When to reconsider: You may want to talk to the teacher―not the other child’s parent―to make sure there’s not a larger issue between your child and the birthday boy. Ask if there is some tension between this child and your child. If you find out that your child did do something mean, use this opportunity to show how his actions affect others.

4. Another kid is bullying your child on the playground.

Should you interfere? Not immediately, unless your child’s safety is at stake. If you’re there, watch closely and give your child a chance to solve the problem on her own. The same goes for school: it’s better first to equip your child with skills to stay safe and empower her to resolve the situation on her own.

How to handle it: Rehearse ways for your child to respond. For example, if your child has a sense of humor, she can use a retort like “No, I’m not a baby, but thanks for asking,” spoken in an assertive tone of voice. Otherwise, she can employ a strong “Cut it out” before walking away. Have her practice standing up straight, chest out, like she’s wearing a bulletproof vest.

When to reconsider: If the bullying persists and your child feels threatened, get involved. If you are the one intervening on the playground, unemotionally pull your child out of the situation before discussing it. Talking to her in front of the bully could be more embarrassing. If the bullying is at school, ask a teacher to keep an eye out. Most schools take bullying seriously―39 states in USA have laws addressing it―so teachers should have practices in place. To learn more, check out stopbullyingnow.hrsa.gov, which has suggestions for both parents and kids.

Source: realsimple.com and google


Get the Right Bedding for Your Baby

If your unborn baby will be born in the short times ahead, have you already prepared to welcome your baby at home? Arranging a baby room or at least choosing appropriate bedding for your baby is one of most important things that you should consider.

You should be more careful on buying a
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Camera Critters : the Last Pose

>> Jun 12, 2010

It’s actually the last pose of my late cat, Iput. I just wanted to make tidy the bed while she got up and sit on the messy blanket. I captured it three days before she died. She still looked healthy, right? In the day she died, she got sick suddenly and took her last breath in three hours later.


Couple’s Corner : Meet Our Fathers

>> Jun 10, 2010

This time is our fathers’ turn. Of course we love our fathers. Without them, we won’t be here, right? They also work hard for fulfilling all family needs. We do need a father figure in our life, someone that tells wisdom words and gives protection and guidance to the whole family.

My Father

Gumirang is my father’s name. He’s 75 years old now and we live together at the same house. Not like my mother, my father is a calm and quiet person. There are many things of my father that I admire. He’s a man with a high discipline to himself. Until now, he always keeps his health, his healthy food and daily schedule. At his work place, he’s famous for his integrity and honesty. He’s a ‘clean’ person. Do you know what can happen for a ‘clean’ person in a government institution at that time? He had hard times and a few years before he was retired, he didn’t get a place in any structural position anymore.

One thing that I admire of my father is, he loved my mother very much. After he’s not working anymore, he totally accompanied my mother. After my mother passed away in 1999, he can let her go in peace and then continues the life. He’s also a religious person, he always do ritual prayers every day at a mosque near the house. Wish him good health in many years to come…

My Father in-law
I’ve written a little about my father in-law in my last post. Abah Kaseh is actually 84 years now; I made a mistake in writing his age. He’s healthy, but he already can’t hear well. It’s a pity that he doesn’t like using a hearing aid. When we want to communicate, we must talk very loud near his ear or writing it on a paper, hahaha.

As mentioned before, he prefers lives in his own home, but he also often visits his children. When my mother in-law was still healthy, they both run a gold jewelry store. After she passed away, the hard times came to my hubby’s family, as my father in-law had financial problem. The store must be sold to handle all medical cost. Then he became a farmer and a seller in the market.

Like my father, I guess he loved his wife very much. He's also a religious person. After my mother in-law died in 1986, he’s never got married again. Our fathers are loyal men, right? Wish him good health, too…


Sempur Hanging Bridge

>> Jun 9, 2010

This hanging bridge was captured about a month ago. The river was shallow as the rain didn’t fall for about two weeks at that time. Actually, there are three hanging bridges along the Kali Ciliwung (Ciliwung small river) at the area (Sempur, Bogor, West Java, Indonesia), but only this bridge that painted with bright color.

Visit Watery Wednesday for more watery photos around the world.


Good Parenting Websites

>> Jun 8, 2010

Dear parents, check out these websites: it provides best practical information for you.

What it is: An all-questions-answered primer for the newly pregnant and the newly parenting, with eco-friendly undertones.
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What it is: A comprehensive cyber-world that offers advice from a pediatric nurse-practitioner, reader-approved recipes, and even family-dog pros and cons.
You can quickly put to rest many anxiety-inducing issues, like language milestones and food allergies. Find all the answers here.

Don't miss: The movie reviews. Never again will you suffer through a mind-numbing kids’ movie, thanks to the honest critiques of family-oriented films.


What it is: A cross-country handbook of restaurants, resorts, after-school activities, and services that cater to kids, complete with reviews by parents.

Don't miss: The handy link to the extensive list of toy recalls from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.Source: Lori Bergamotto-realsimple.com & google


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>> Jun 7, 2010

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White-Spotted Deer of Bogor Presidential Palace (2)

>> Jun 5, 2010

The front yard of Bogor Presidential Palace (Bogor, West Java, Indonesia) is so huge, that’s why I can capture the deers from various angles. This time I share some photos of white-spotted deers that shot near the right wing building, one part of the whole palace.


Easy Dinner Ideas for You

Nowadays, awareness of live healthy is becoming widespread already. Lots of people are willing to prepare their own food to ensure that they have eaten healthy food; since they don’t know what exactly ingredients are applied in commercial food.

But, as parents, you are always busy with your daily works, while at the same time you must do several household chores. It can make you too tired for cooking. Or you don't have enough time to prepare a decent meal for dinner, when your children come home from school. Perhaps most of you, then decide to call for delivery service or buy food outside. This habit will make you spend more money on food and eat much more unhealthy food than your family should.

So, what is the solution? It’s still better to cook your own dinner, but since you don’t have much time, you should get various instant recipes. It will only take a few minutes to prepare a dinner and your whole family still loves the taste. Reading these instant recipes will give you
Easy Dinner Ideas through the weeks. These recipes are easy to practice and it is surely healthy food!
My favorite easy dinner recipes are salad, pasta, and steak. You can use all the possible products that available in your kitchen, such as frozen mixed vegetables, pasta sauces, dressing salad in bottles, and many more. You don’t need to follow any recipe firmly, just use what you have in your refrigerator. Don’t afraid to experiment. If the taste is delicious enough, don’t forget to write it down.

I often prepare salads for dinner. I like to make salads, because it’s easy to make, tasty and healthy. I usually use vegetables and fruits. You have many choices to prepare salads. My favorite vegetables and fruits for salad are lettuce, cucumbers, carrots, apples, pears, and steamed red beans. I like to add toppings for my salads; it can be chicken, boiled egg, tuna, or prawn. For the dressings, I just use the ready-made in the bottles. I guess it’s already a complete meal, as you have meat and vegetables in one dish. If you like, you can add fried potatoes, steamed potatoes, or toasted breads.

So, how about you? What is your easy dinner recipe?


My Husband as a Son

>> Jun 2, 2010

This time I’ll write about my hubby a little deeper. My hubby, Rofi, is the sixth of seven siblings. He has three sisters and three elder brothers. Unhappily, his childhood isn’t a wonderful one. It’s different with me, I’ve wonderful childhood!
It can be said that he was lack of her mother’s care. It didn’t mean that she didn’t care about her son, but for years (about five years), she had to take care of her sister (my hubby’s aunt) who had seriously ill in another town. So, my hubby, was often left by mother in-law. In a month, she’s only at home for three or four days. It happened when my hubby’s age is between eight until thirteen years old. And then her mother also got sick. She died when my hubby is fifteen years old.

My father in-law’s name is Kaseh. He’s 82 years now. My hubby said that his father applied strict parenting style. He’s always got punishment every time he made a mistake. Though as a child, he’s rather scare to his father; their relationship is close enough. My father in-law is a kind of father who likes to give lots of advice to his children, included to my hubby.

Until now, my father in-law prefers to live in his own house. Only one of his children who lives in the same town, not far away from my father in-law’s house. The other brother and sister in-laws are living in another town, Jakarta. My father in-law is still brave to leave alone; he often goes to Jakarta, visiting his children. It’s amazing for an old guy!

Well, as a son, I guess my hubby can get along well with his father. Every time he meets my hubby, he always asks my hubby to massage him.

As a father? He’s not a father yet; but I think he’ll be a good one. He’s close with all nephews and nieces, from both sides. He’s a favorite uncle. He likes to play with them, makes some food for them, and tells funny jokes to make them laugh.
It’s my story about mu hubby, visit CC to know other stories.


Kali Keruh View

Kali Keruh means muddy small river. This small river located in Bumiayu, Central Java, Indonesia. Appropriate with its name, this small river always looks brownish. Local people take stones and sands from the river to be sold.
Visit Watery Wednesday for more watery photos around the world.


Life of Families in Palestine

>> Jun 1, 2010

The brutal attack of Israel soldiers to a humanity mission makes me really angry. This noble mission –sail to Gaza- only wants to give help to many families in Palestine that have suffered for years, in their own land. Can you tell me, what kind of life is this? I share here some photos, let them talk to you. Free Palestine!

source: sites.google.com, occupiedlove.blogspot.com, phillyimc.org, thewe.cc, img.timeinc.net


Best Exhaust System for Your Rides

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