Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

Long Weekend

>> Mar 31, 2014

We have long weekend. Today Monday is holiday here. Indonesian Hindus celebrate the Saka New Year, the “Day of Silence”. If you are in Bali Island, Indonesia this Monday, you’ll see empty streets there, even Ngurah Rai airport is closed for 24 hours. 

For Blue Monday, I’d like to share different issue. I’m a green tea drinker and I just knew about the negative effect of green tea consumption. Before, I’m not aware that green tea can stain the teeth. I like drinking it as its high antioxidants. Dr. Karisma Jaradi, a cosmetic dentist, said that two cups of green tea daily is healthy but the increased intake may give you teeth problem. It won’t harm the teeth, but excessive drinking may change the natural white color of your teeth to more yellow and stained look.
Green tea in blue mug.
Drinking other herbal teas may cause similar problem. Such beverages are acidic in nature and enhance the porosity of the outer layer of teeth. It will ease the pigmented molecules contained in teas to stay on the teeth enamel and consequently cause staining.

The simple prevention: rinsing your mouth with water after consuming herbal teas and coffees. The dentists recommend the usage of whitening toothpaste to lessen stains. If the stains are worse and you hate it, visit your dentist to get required dental treatment.

Data source: dnaindia.com, aestheticshub.com


Two Faces

>> Mar 29, 2014

Sorry for sharing the similar-look spider again that captured this morning on our front yard. It’s still the same nest on a red palm plant but I guess not the same spider as the previous one has lost two legs. I can’t help not doing it after I noticed two interesting faces on its lower body part.
Happy and grumpy faces :)
The whole body with complete eight legs


This Holiday Let’s Take Your Baby Shopping – Online!

>> Mar 25, 2014

Good Friday is almost here! So what are you planning to do after attending the special prayer services? Rush to the mall the next day and get some of the best Easter gifts for your little one? Great idea indeed! But what about the little soul, you cannot get him tired while you hop around in shops looking for the best clothes or the trendiest pair of shoes for him. Especially during this time, when the momentum is on full speed for the long Easter weekend, getting your hands on trendy apparels, great gadgets and all that you want to buy can be pretty tedious.

Good Friday Ads are a great way to find the best deals in the market. You can find these ads in newspapers, pamphlets, magazines etc. You can browse through them and get a lot of valuable information on the things to buy and the best places for purchase. Do you wish you could even make the purchase, as easily? Instead of browsing through the pages of your magazine, you could browse through the products and purchase them right then? Well, you can! You can now check out all Good Friday and Easter special gifts from the comfort of your home and purchasing them would just be a mouse click away. You can look for the best deals, compare products, and go from one online shop to the other. Go on a complete shopping spree and yet not exhaust yourself or your little one for whom you desire to buy the best of gifts.

Popular online stores can be a one stop destination for all that you wish to buy for your baby. They offer a wide range of products that you can gift to your little one. Starting from pre walkers, Doomoo seats, preschool bags, hand or footprint moulding kits to a whole range of beautiful dresses that include pyjamas, coats, two pieces, dungarees etc. - they offer it all. Apart from the wide range of products that they have, you can also get gift vouchers, discounts and various such offers for your purchases - all this and lot more to give you the best range of products at the best possible prices. Reputable online stores also offer free home delivery of your products. Thus, you can get a complete shopping experience, absolutely from the comfort of your home.

Buying clothes for your baby is surely not limited to the holiday seasons. They outgrow their clothing rather quickly and you need to keep buying pretty frequently. Buying baby clothes online is one of the easiest ways to save your time and money, yet get the best of the lot for your little darling!

Author Bio: Niall is a writer, blogger and gives useful insights on various topics related to our daily lives and how to make them simpler. His ideas on buying baby clothes online has made life simpler for many new moms and gained a lot of popularity.


Spending Weekend at a Hospital

>> Mar 24, 2014

I’m fine here; my sister in-law is the one who’s being hospitalized since last Thursday. On Thursday night, we rushed to the emergency unit as she felt heart burn, chest pain and hard to breath. My brother was out of town at that time, so it’s just both of us. She’s afraid of getting heart attack. Fortunately, the EKG report showed good result. There’s nothing wrong with her heart. But since she still felt the pain, the doctor in the emergency unit suggested her to be straigthly hospitalized.

It turns out that she’s affected by GERD (Gastroesophaegal reflux disease), a chronic digestive disease that occurs when stomatch acid flows back or refluxes into food pipe (esophagus). It may injure the lining of one’s esophagus and causes GERD signs and annoying symptoms such as acid reflux and heartburn (data source:mayoclinic.org).

GERD isn’t a kind of disease that can be cured totally. Medications offer only short-term relief. My SIL has to change her life style especially her eating habit. She has a long list of forbidden spices, food and beverages. To avoid coming GERD, she should strict to the list. Do you have any relative or friend who also suffers GERD? We're open for advices here.
I took two shots while my SIL was in the bathroom. She brought along her blue mug.
The hospital room has blue ceiling. It looks nice but nothing compares your own home bedroom.

Blue Monday


How to Tidy Your Attic

>> Mar 21, 2014

How to Tidy Your Attic -There are many reasons you might want to tidy up your attic. Perhaps you want to expand your living space, if the rest of your house is getting a tad cramped. Perhaps you still want to use your attic for storage purposes, and would prefer it if it was a clean and easy to navigate, rather than dark, messy and cluttered. 

We’ve decided to give those seeking to revitalise and revivify their attic space a helping hand with a handy guide to best practices for tidying up your attic – and while attics can differ massively from house to house, there are some basic underpinning tips which everyone should consider when refurbishing this area of their home.

If you’re considering tidying up your attic for any purpose, this guide should help you expertly get things in neat and orderly fashion. If you’re not considering tidying up your attic...then why aren’t you?

  • By way of preface, we urge you not to be reluctant to enlist professional help at any stage. There are many professional services which can aid you in tidying your attic. For starters, there are companies which offer dedicated attic cleaning services. However, if you still want to do the bulk of the work yourself, this obviously isn’t the option for you – but there are still occasions and processes for which you will need professional help, so don’t go scurrying off and DIYing it just yet! 
  • For instance, Wimbledon man and van services can be very useful in cleaning an attic. If you’re emptying your attic of excess items, lots of items will have to go to make room. Some you will want to throw away, or transport to a charity shop or friend’s house or even the dump. A strapping young lad armed with a removal vehicle is naturally helpful in this situation – they can help you organise and pack the items you intend to rid yourself of.
  • Best of all, man with van services can be very reasonably priced indeed, charging you for time, rather than miles travelled or the size of your cargo. You may, on the other hand, want to keep many of the things you move out of your attic. In this instance, you should consider renting space in a storage facility. This makes sense for lots of reasons.
  • Primarily, it’s a wise option because hiring storage space means you can keep items safe and in optimal condition for extended periods. The better storage rental centres are flexible, meaning you can store things for whatever length of time you like, and visit your store to deposit more items or remove things whenever you like. The best storage for hire businesses in your area will also have advanced security techniques and offer insurance, meaning your possessions are safely protected 24/7 and you are covered in the event of theft or damage! 

  • A man and a van can help you get your items to and from your rented storage facility too!
  • If you are unswervingly dedicated to DIY sensibilities, you may still need outside help to complete your  attic. For instance, you may want to rent a removal van to conduct any transportation portions of your move. Van rental is a great solution for all your moving needs, and if you look hard enough, you can find companies offering vans for hire at extremely competitive rates.
We recommend you research high and low on the internet, and find the services that work specifically for you. There is no one size fits all solution for everyone! Good luck!


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