Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

A Bird Portrait

>> Mar 30, 2013

 Sorry for the blurry pic.This Palm Cockatoo isn’t a shy one. 
Captured in a bird cage at the Ragunan Zoo (Jakarta, Indonesia).
Camera Critters


Is it Better to Get Your Bed Made by Hand

There are a wide range of benefits associated with getting your bed made by hand, rather than getting one ready made. As well as being able to enjoy a superior level of quality and craftmanship for your bed, you can also take advantage of more design choices and decoration themes for a bed. Handmade Beds are consequently recommended if you have a very particular idea about the kind of beds you want to have in your home, and if you’re serious about quality production.

Superior Quality 


A hand crafted bed typically displays much more attention to detail than an average bed. Iron and brass beds are particularly recommended, as they are made using an extensive process of metal refinement and strengthening, which ensures that you can continue to use them for a long period of time. Commissioning an iron or a brass made bed from a Handmade Bed Company is consequently a good idea if you want to keep the same frame in your home. 

More Design Choices 


Bespoke beds give you the option to go into a significant level of detail when it comes to the kind of features that your frame has; these might range from personalised latticework to brass knobs and feet, as well as silver finishes. You might want to focus on commissioning a more Victorian or Edwardian style, or you might want something that’s highly elaborate and a piece of art in its own right.

A bespoke bed is a good idea, then, if you have strong ideas about what you want for your particular space; you might want a bed that goes well with bed side tables, chandeliers, and mirrors, or you might want a less ornate bed that can suit a rustic or minimalist style. In addition, you can use the frame of a bed as a starting point for experimenting with different mattresses and comforters. 

More Comfort

Another benefit for choosing a hand made bed is the level of comfort that you can create through specifying exactly what you want; you might want an extra long or wide bed, or one that has extra support for large mattresses. Alternatively, you may want a bed that’s more comfortable for smaller children, and that is low enough to the ground to be safe for children to use without fear of injury. 

Value for Money 

Going for a hand made also carries the advantage of creating an object of furniture that will add value to your home; you will gain a unique piece that isn’t going to diminish in value over time, but will more than likely increase in price. A handmade bed represents a great investment, in this way, as it can be sold as part of your home, or moved to become the centre piece of another bedroom. When combined with their longevity when designed in iron or brass, a bed frame can potentially last you for many years without losing its strength, an advantage that makes these beds a better choice than a short term wooden bed.

About the Author:

JF is a home makeover enthusiast, specializing in the perfect theme for your personality and preferences throughout your home. She recommends looking at hand made metal beds for great style options.



Promotional Items

Product awareness is important in a business enterprise and this should be included in the marketing strategies of the business. Whether you are traditional land based business or you have this online, your customers should be made aware of your existence or you have this new product just introduced. This is the importance of promotional items, and how this can be effective when these are given as your giveaways during promotional events or product launches and trade shows. If you are having product launches or events, these items can be effective but when you are on a trade show, you need to have these item giveaways that effective and functional. The usability of these giveaways should be well identified, so that these can be the effective giveaways you have. You need to remember that you are not the sole company in these shows and there may be several of you having similar products. Thus, this is what the importance of your product giveaways is, and how it can identify itself against the other giveaways given.

Promotional items that can be used immediately by your prospective customers will be the ideal items to give. These are the items that can give a name recall of your brand or product because recipients can easily remember you through the imprint you have in these giveaways. Normally, you need to print your company name or products introduced in the item giveaways and when recipients use these items; your brand will be recalled. The giving away of promotional items is the creation of awareness of your brand or products, and this is a good promotional strategy. You need also to have these items easily available when you need these. When you have product launches or due to attend trade shows, you need to have these item giveaways readily on hand. Probably you will need more also because of the several attendees expected. Several prospective customers attending your event will be good for your awareness creation program.

Several suppliers of your intended promotional items can be considered but the most preferred should be those that are located in your place. If you have these suppliers you will not have problems on late deliveries and you will always have availability on hand. You need to look out for suppliers that will not direct you to their distributors for the availability of these item giveaways. Suppliers who will supply your needs directly can give you good savings. This is because you are not passed on to several layers or distributors and retailers who will add mark –ups in the prices of these items. Getting directly from suppliers will give you many benefits.

Your suppliers of promotional items given as giveaways in these product launches or events should have a wide variety of these items so that you will also have a wider choice of products to give. This will give you a wider scope, and will also be good as a marketing strategy. This will give you wider choices depending on the customer base you have.

Author bio:
Promotional Items provides detailed information on Promotional Items, Business Promotional Items, Trade Show Promotional Items, Imprinted Promotional Items and more. Go and visit our link http://www.best-supplier.com/


Best Mother's Day Movies

>> Mar 29, 2013

This Mother's Day, you may simply want uninterrupted, quality family time. Maybe a home-cooked dinner prepared by your children and husband followed by a movie marathon with amazing leading ladies. Snuggle up on the couch with popcorn in hand and beautiful Mother's Day flowers from FTD filling the home with a wonderful aroma while you watch one of these amazing movies perfect for celebrating this special day.


'Mary Poppins'

MPAA Rating: G
Runtime: 2 hours 19 minutes.
"A Spoonfull of Sugar" and "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" are just a couple of the catchy songs in this movie that I myself have sung since childhood. In this film, Mary Poppins (Julie Andrews) is a magical nanny who comes to work for an unhappy family. This 1964 movie was ahead of its time and features a blending of live action and animated figures together.

Why this is a great Mother's Day flick: This is an overall feel-good movie. You and your children will be singing the songs and laughing at the jokes from this film for days after.

'Sound of Music'

MPAA Rating: G
Runtime: 2 hours 54 minutes
"The Sound of Music" is one of the most well-know movie musicals. Maria's (Julie Andrews) life as a nun in Austria is not meant to be. After leaving the convent, she becomes the governess to seven mischievous children of a very strict Naval-officer widower. Through song she is able to teach the children, and over time she cares for them as if they were her own. Especially wonderful scenes include the classic songs "Favorite Things" and "Do Re Mi."

Why this is a great Mother's Day flick: The love Maria has for these children is obvious and through her love she was able to show the children responsibility, love and kindness. This movie shows families that a mom doesn't have to be biologically related to be a wonderful caregiver.

'Mamma Mia'

MPAA Rating: PG-13
Runtime: 1 hour 48 minutes.
Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) is about to get married and on the journey to find out who her real father is. When she finds her mother Donna's (Meryl Streep) journal she finds she has three potential fathers. This musical movie features songs by the popular '70s group ABBA and is an entertaining and beautiful movie.

Why this is a great Mother's Day flick: The relationships throughout this movie are touching. Sophie and Donna's closeness and friendship is inspiring for any mother and daughter.

'The Incredibles'

MPAA Rating: PG
Runtime: 1 hour 55 minutes.
"The Incredibles" is a great family-friendly animated movie. From Pixar Studios, this action animation is great for superhero lovers and families of all kinds. In the film, a family of undercover superheroes are trying to live a quiet, normal suburban life. But when every superhero they know and love are at risk, they are forced back into action.

Why this is a great Mother's Day flick: This movie is entertaining for the kids but comedic for the parents. Helen Parr/ Elastigirl is a super mom and one of the toughest animated moms on film, perfect for Mother's Day.

'Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood'

MPAA Rating: PG-13
Runtime: 1 hour 56 minutes.
Siddalee (Sandra Bullock) is a well-known playwright in New York who has been estranged from her mother Viviane (Ellen Burstyn) for years. When the interview Siddalee had with Time magazine is published, her Southern-living mother is none too happy. But Viviane's childhood friends, the "ya-ya sisterhood" gang, will do anything in their power to get this mother-daughter relationship on better ground.

Why this is a great Mother's Day flick: It explores the complexity of female relationships and the strong bond between mothers and daughters.


MPAA Rating: PG-13
Runtime: 2 hours 5 minutes.
Terminally-ill mother Jackie Harrison (Susan Sarandon) decides to make the best of things when she teaches her ex-husband's soon-to-be new wife Isabel Kelly how to be a great stepmom to her two children. Now this film might sound grave and sad, but it's a wonderfully filmed movie with amazing life lessons. Jackie's two children have to learn to cope with the fact that their parents are divorced, their father has a new woman in his life and their mother only has a few months to live.

Why this is a great Mother's Day flick: Although Jackie is getting sicker and sicker, she believes in celebrating the time that she has left with her family. A memorable scene is when she joyously dances and sings "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" with her kids. Definite tear jerker.

Author Bio : Lesley Morrow is a stay-at-home mom, activist and theatre director. She loves being busy and writing about all her adventures.


Why Online Shopping for Your New Bed Frames Is Advantageous

If you are thinking about buying a new bed, then you will be looking for something that suits your bedroom as well as one that is comfortable. There is a great range of styles available today so you can find something that fits what you are looking for perfectly. They are even available in a great range of materials from metal to wood and even leather to achieve the look that you want in your room. The bedroom is an important room for most, so getting it right is important, especially when you consider this frame will be with you for years.

Bed frames are available in a massive range online. This is one of the great benefits of shopping using the web; you can browse through this massive range at your leisure and find the style and material that you are looking for. A website online is the same as window shopping, but instead of traipsing around looking in windows, the sites are right on your computer. The web offers customers the power of comparing.

Online shopping for bed frames enables customers to do a comparison. You can do this in any way that you like. You can search out the store that is offering the best prices, or you can search out the bed that you really want and search out the bed from a number of different retailers. Shopping around and comparing prices and quality is really important and there is no easier way to do this that using the web. Quality is important when you are buying a bed frame because the intention is that this is going to be comfortable and last you a while. Using the web means you can see the massive range of products available without leaving your home so you can get the best available. It’s hassle free and means you can get what you want as opposed to settling so you don’t have to travel to another store!

Another great advantage of online shopping for bed frames is the detailed information you can find on the frames. This could simply be dimensions, customer reviews onsite, or customer reviews offsite with a little research. You can use this information to your advantage and make sure you are getting a quality product. The detailed information about the product can confirm if this frame is the one you are looking for whilst the reviews from previous customers will confirm the quality and value for money. Reviews can also give you an idea of the level of customer service from the retailer in question.

If you are beginning the hunt online make sure you shop around. Use the search engines to find multiple stores and do a little research. The best bed frames provider will be there waiting for you and the beauty of the web is that is won’t be hard to find them. Buying online is made so easy today and the ability to compare products is incredible for the customer. Gone are the days when customers are left disappointed. Whether you are an IT wiz or a bit of a technophobe, the right retailer will make online shopping a simple experience that you can enjoy along the way. With a bit of searching around, a little comparison, and a couple of clicks; you would have your new frame on its way to be delivered directly to your door.

Peter is a freelance writer based in the UK. Peter does all of his shopping online and has looked into bed frames using the web. In his spare time; Peter enjoys reading and spending time with his family. When looking for bed frames you can click here and get some valuable information. 


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