Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

Monday Post

>> Oct 31, 2011

How’s your weekend, guys? Ours was fine. We’re just at home on Saturday. But on Sunday, we attended a cousin’s wedding. It’s a purple wedding, I didn’t see any blue there.

Instead, here are some my blue shots, captured on different streets in Surabaya city (East Java, Indonesia) :

The weather was scorching hot that day. These soldiers were still running under the hot sun. What a tough guys!

Can you see the difference between these motorcyclists? If you further notice, the man in the front has no proportional body. Fortunately, he face no trouble in riding the motorcycle.

Happy Monday. Have a great week ahead to all!


Camera Critters: A Red Ant

>> Oct 29, 2011

Until now, I still assume that black ants are more ‘kind’ than red ants. I’m afraid more of red ants. I think they like bite people every time they feel annoyed. Sorry for not sharing a clear photo.

Based on dgsgardening.btinternet.co.uk; it conveyed that the red ant is one of the commonest and there are eight species of them here. Probably you can find colonies of 100 to 300 under stones and paving or sometimes decomposing tree stems, in your gardens. Their sting is the knife-like type and can be painful.

When they locate a food source they put down a trail of pheromone back to the nest and repeat some of the food as in indicator when they converse with the other workers there.

Red Ants prefer sweet food like nectar or the honeydew secreted by Aphids. Some species of ants 'herd' the Aphids to ensure a ready supply of honeydew. Also the Myrmica species are known to tend the larvae of Blue Butterflies whose caterpillars secrete a few drops of sweet liquid which causes the ants to take them into the nest where they feed on the ant larvae.

The greater part of colony members are sterile female workers, but some of the eggs develop into males (drones) whose only function is to mate with the new queens. In the late summer these males and future queens develop wings in order to mate.


Just Jokes

>> Oct 28, 2011

29 Months Toddler
A man arrived home after a 3 years duty. Then he found that there was an added family member, a 29 months toddler. Enraged, he insisted a clarification:He said, “How could you have done this to me! Did you cheat on me with one of my friends, was it Josh, was it Nathan, or was it John?"

His wife with a daring look said, “Your friends! Your friends! Don’t you think I have my own friends too?”

Genie Joke
A man was in a cave, seeking treasure. He found an old lamp, rubbed it, and a genie came out. The genie said "I will give you three wishes, but your ex-wife will get double."
The man agreed, and said "I wish I had a mansion." The genie granted it, and his ex-wife got two mansions.
The man said "I would like a million dollars." The genie again granted it and his ex-wife got two million dollars.
Then the man said, "Scare me half to death."

Little Johnny Crying
Little Johnny comes downstairs crying. His mother asked, “What’s the problem now?”

“Dad was hanging photos, and just punch his thumb with hammer,” said little Johnny through his tears. “That’s not so serious,” soothed his mother.
“I know you are upset, but a big boy like you shouldn’t cry at something like that. Why didn’t you just laugh?
“I did!” sobbed Johnny.

Mo and Jo
Mo and Jo were sitting in boat fishing, drinking beer and chewing tobacco. Suddenly, Mo said, “I think I’m going to divorce my wife …… she doesn’t talk to me in over a month.” Jo drank his beer and said, “Better think over, women like that are hard to find.”

Image: allentry.blogspot.com


Getting Premium Quality Papers

>> Oct 27, 2011

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The Legend of the City

>> Oct 26, 2011

In my last visit to Surabaya city (East Java, Indonesia) about a week ago, I had a chance to capture the sculpture that symbolizes the city. If you want to know the legend of these animals, Sura the shark and Baya the crocodile, here’s the folklore:


Once upon a time in East Java, Indonesia, there were two strong animals, Sura and Baya. Sura was a shark and Baya was a crocodile. They lived in a sea. In fact, they were buddies. But when they were starving, they became very greedy. They didn’t want to divide their food. They prefered to fight for it and never stop fighting until one of them gave up.

One hot day, Sura and Baya were looking for some food. Suddenly, Baya saw a goat. “Yummy, this is my lunch,” said Baya. “No way! This is my lunch. You are greedy! I had not eaten for two days!” said Sura.

Sura and Baya fought again. After several hours, they were exhausted. Sura had a plan to stop their bad behavior.
“I’m tired of fighting, Baya,” said Sura.
“Me too. What should we do to stop fighting? Do you have any idea?” asked Baya.

“Yes, I do. Let’s share our territory. I live in the water, so I look for food in the sea. And you live on the land, right? So, you look for the food also on the land. The border is the beach, so we will never meet again. Do you agree?” asked Sura.“Hmm... let me think about it. OK, I agree. From today, I will never go to the sea again. My place is on the land,” said Baya.

Then they both lived in the separated places. But one day, Sura went to the land and looked for some food in the river. He was very hungry and there was not much food in the sea. Baya was very angry when he knew that Sura broke the promise.

“Hey, what are you doing here? This is my place. Your place is in the sea!”

“But, there is water in the river, right? So, this is also my place!” said Sura.

Sura and Baya fought again. They both hit each other. Sura bit Baya's tail. Baya did the same thing to Sura. He bit very hard until Sura finally gave up. He went back to the sea. Baya was very happy. He had his place again.

The place where they were fighting was a mess. Blood was everywhere. People then always talked about the fight between Sura and Baya. People named the place of the fight as Surabaya, it’s from Sura the shark and Baya the crocodile. People also put their fight as the symbol of Surabaya city.

Watery Wednesday


Getting Affordable Car Rental Service in Tampa, Florida

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If all family members have agreed the Tampa trip, you should make any required preparation. Since you want your whole family will experience the enjoyable vacation; you must consider where to stay and how to reach interesting places in Tampa. Your kid’s happiness is your most concern; but how if you just have restricted budget?

Using public transportation can give you hassles and unfortunately, you can’t afford taxi high expenses. Renting a car will offer more benefits; but is there an affordable Tampa car rental?

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Your family won’t be disappointed with their service, as U-Save has been in the car rental business for more than 30 years. Your family will have pleasant vacation and you don’t need to pay more for transportation cost. Isn’t it great?


Blue Things at the Airport

>> Oct 24, 2011

How's your weekend? Ours was just fine. On Saturday, we watched movie 'Killer Elite' at the cinema. It's my husband's type of film; full of action scenes! I admire Robert de Niro in this movie. He still looks cool in his current age. On Sunday, we have a guest -my husband's friend- came to our house. We chatted and had lunch together.

For Blue Monday, I still share blue things that I saw at the Juanda Airport, Surabaya, Indonesia. Blue benches and plane. Have a great week ahead to all!


Camera Critters: A Fail Match Making

>> Oct 22, 2011

The female cat is my niece’s cat, Thinker. The male cat, Molly, belongs to her friend. When I visited her home, Molly had been there for three days. Until his owner took him back -more than a week- nothing happened.

Thinker (one year old) is a ‘cold’ girl, she wasn’t interested at all in Molly; though Molly had done his best. Even he had to receive some scratches from Thinker, hehehe. Though Molly is a handsome guy, Thinker felt annoyed with his presence. What’s in her mind anyway? My father said that Thinker should get a hormone theraphy first. It’s the second fail match making!

I didn’t have a chance to shot them both closely. I captured them in different spot and time. Molly was captured while he’s in the litter box. No wonder why he had that cute face expression, hehehe.


Getting Benefits of Family Counseling

>> Oct 21, 2011

Do you crave to have a stronger relationship with your family? Do you feel hard to communicate heart-by-heart to other family member? Before this problem grows bigger, why don’t you get help of family counselors at Denver Family Counseling? In a family counseling session, your family members can assess and discuss the possible causes of the family issue with the assistance of family psychologists. Every family member is allowed to speak their views and feelings; it will ease the process to reconciliation.

One of main causes of a family conflict is the lack of communication. By participating in family counseling, you and other family members will know how to improve the communication skills. The family counselor will also advise the ways that you can do to enhance the bond between family members.

Family problems and conflicts may happen in every family since every one in your family has their own visions, ideas, and hopes. Every collision of different visions, ideas, and hopes may lead to any misunderstanding. If you let it unsolved, this misunderstanding can become a larger conflict.

Don’t wait until your family conflict is becoming deeper and complicated. Taking family counseling as early as possible is a wise step as the family counselors will offer proper solution and different point of views.


Great Resource of Pregnancy Information

I think almost every family wishes that there is a child presence in their family life. But in this real life, there are some families who still don’t have children for years. For those married couples, How To Get Pregnant issue surely has become their most concerns for the past years.

Unfortunately, my own family is included the type of family that is still struggling to have a baby until now. But thank God, my husband and other relatives are never too much questioning that can make me frustrated.

I avoid any treatment that uses drugs and synthetic things; I’m more interested to know How to get pregnant naturally. I think it’s safer for me, since I’m not young anymore. I’m so glad when I first to navigate Howtogetpregnantmethods.org. They provide reliable and quality information about pregnancy. You can learn a lot by reading their tips, articles and reviews!

Let’s say that you already have a girl; but you crave to also have a boy in your family. You need to know How to get pregnant with a boy and then follow the recommended methods. This resource website can become your best guidance on pregnancy things!


Finding Your Match Online

Internet technology opens a new way for you in getting to know someone else for the first time. You don’t need to go anywhere. Online dating is very popular nowadays since it allows you to see a single’s profile before you decide to recognize them further.

Being able to know somebody from your comfort home is one advantage that you can get with online dating. Are you really interested? Since there are lots of online dating sites in the internet, it would be better if you first read more about various
Online Dating Site Reviews.

The reliable resource website like Top5OnlineDatingSites.com can become your guidance as they provide not only the comparison between the top five best online dating sites; but also comprehensive reviews of each online dating site, such as eharmony Review.

Reading all reviews at the resource website will help you to decide the right dating site for you. For example, based on Chemistry Review, you’ll find out that this online dating site facilitates you to take personality test first; it will ease you finding your right match there! So guys, now is your turn to check it out by yourselves. Good luck!


The Importance of Customer Appreciation Program

>> Oct 19, 2011

When it comes to customer retention strategies, keeping customer royalty is one of significant ways. Whether your business is a small or large one, customer loyalty is very priceless to your continuing business. When there is customer loyalty, the customer retention rate will be increased and the business tends to grow.

Since customer retention is about maintaining your customer, you should focus on developing programs that aim to enhance customer brand loyalty. Why is it essential to keep your existing customers? First of all, there are some marketing studies conveyed that creating new customers will need expenses ten times more costly. Fred Reichheld said -in his book The Loyalty Effect- that a 5% progress in your company’s customer retention rate will give about a 25 to 100% raise in earnings. Developing your company’s returns and productivity will be much easier if there’s high customer retention rate.

As mentioned before, keeping customer loyalty should be a fundamental element of your business marketing strategy. You can expand the business by reaching new markets, but don’t ever leave your existing and loyal customers. Loyal customers will apply your products (goods or services) many times. Since there’s trust and good relationship, it will be easier for you to sell higher volumes to loyal customers; and it also means larger sales and revenues.

Being appreciated is already becoming one of basic human needs. That’s why in maintaining your customers, applying customer appreciation program could be the most effective method that you should think about. The more your company appreciate the customers, they will trust more your services and products. Giving personalized holiday gifts for clients is only one idea in appreciation marketing.

If you have many loyal customers, your business will be safer in the competitive market. They can also become your brand promoters as every pleased customer will refer and recommend your business to others. Don’t underestimate the helpfulness of word-of-mouth marketing!

Holiday season is only a few months ahead. You can use this special moment to increase customer service and build brand loyalty to your customers. You can create customized christmas wrapping paper by mentioning company logos, photos and personalized greetings.

There are some other ideas, such as sending greeting cards, calendars, photo prints, candy bars and many other personalized items that you can award as a gratitude to your customers. For your successful customer appreciation program, you can get help from providers like CustomerRave that will advise the most proper reward program based on your company’s unique requirements.


A Fountain in the Night

This fountain located in the front of Cipanas Palace (West Java, Indonesia), one of Indonesia Presidential Palaces.Watery Wednesday


The Sixth Day in Surabaya

>> Oct 18, 2011

Today is my sixth day in Surabaya (East Java, Indonesia). I’ve been very busy for the past few days. My father needed my help to prepare all his matters that related to his pilgrimage. This Monday, my father, brother and SILs have gathered in the hajj dormitory in the city. Tomorrow Tuesday, they will leave the country by Saudi Arabian airline. Hope every thing is going well there. I really wish my father will be back from his pilgrimage in better health condition. Who knows; miracles can happen! My husband and I plan to go back home this next Thursday. For my late Blue Monday post, I’ll share the plane that we rode in last week and one quick shot of my father and brother in their hajj uniform.


Camera Critters: A Monkey

>> Oct 16, 2011

Right now I'm still out of town, visiting my father in my brother's home in Surabaya, Indonesia). I saw this monkey two nights ago; while my husband and I were buying things at the store nearby. He was trained to do some different tricks. I felt pity for this monkey.


Investing in Colombian Hotels

Colombia is seeing a boom in the construction of hotels, like no other country in the world in 2011. It seems strange a country that has a reputation of being dangerous and corrupt is seeing so much investment. The northern end of Colombia is full of white sandy beaches, perfect for relatively low-cost holidays, excellent weather all year round, and is a short distance from the United States and Europe.

Backpackers who are on party holidays have always been attracted to Colombia. Now we are seeing a more mature and sophisticated traveller, as the better hotels and better services are being built. Flights to Colombia are numerous, and the country has a high number of airports. Here is a look at some of the main issues to consider, and the recent improvements in relation to investing in hotels in Colombia.

· Evaluation. Evaluation of any real estate and predicting realistic returns is not easy to do. The use of sophisticated property valuation software and hotel valuation software with the functions and features to incorporate local conditions is essential for correct calculations. The professionals who can analyse this from their experience are also essential.

· Independent Legal Support. Not unlike any foreign country, and particularly in Colombia, having your own independent and legal support is mandatory. The last thing you want to be using is the seller’s attorney. You need your own legal support to communicate with tax advisors in Colombia. You need to work with real estate agents with a reputation for excellence and openness.

· English Translation. It can be difficult to find an English translator and interpreter to handle the legal issues you will confront. While there are a growing number of younger Colombians, who do have excellent English ability, at this level of business, you are going to need an outside professional. The available information on taxes, rules, laws and residency permits can be difficult to find in English.

· Ground Work. You should expect considerable more ground-work than compared with other similar ‘gringo’ locations. There just has not been the investment in the past for those facilities to be available in your language.

· Visas. Colombia is known for complicated and outdated visa practices. This is starting to change, and visa application processes are being simplified. Visas are not as complicated as they once were, and the chance of bribing your way to a visa is also being diminished. Long-term visas are easily obtainable for investors in business and real estate alike.

· Locations. Colombia is still a country torn from many years of internal conflict. Knowing where to go, and not where to go, is extremely important.

Buying real estate and the buying of hotel real estate is a pretty straight-forward process as long as you have your own independent support. The local economy is not waiting around for anyone, and you will see a large number of hotels and other accommodation already well into construction.

The Sheraton has invested in two towers in the beach town of Cartajena, when their original plan was to build one. The fact that you will have little in the way of language and international support without bringing your own shows how open the market is. If all that support was already there, that would mean you are too late.

/image: canstockphoto.com/


How to Build Stronger Family Relationships

>> Oct 14, 2011

Do you wish you had a stronger relationship with your family? Particularly when you do not live close by, or you lead very busy lives, keeping that close contact and support can be very difficult. Maybe you have never been very close with your family, maybe even estranged, but are hoping to re-establish a bond. Here are some ideas that will help you build and strengthen your family relationships.

1. Establish Regular Contact.Whether it is a weekly phone call every Sunday night at 7pm, or even better, a weekly or fortnightly dinner (face to face contact is of course preferable), having a routine makes it easier to keep in touch.

Make sure the responsibility to keep up regular contact is shared equally between all family members so that none of you fall out of the habit. Take turns hosting the dinners or initiating the phone calls so you know everyone is taking it just as seriously.

2. Try New Experiences.Particularly if you aren’t very close, or do not feel you have a lot in common with some of your family members, trying something new together can be a great way to bond and break the ice.

It means family outings will be less awkward as there will be something different that you can also focus on or be distracted by. If you are already a tight family, new experiences will serve to strengthen that bond further, and create great photo opportunities for the family album!

3. Be on Call for Help and Advice.Make it very clear to your siblings, your parents or other relatives that you are there to help in anyway you can.

Whether it’s cooking your parent’s dinner if they are particularly busy one week, offering your services as a babysitter so your brother and his wife can have a night off, or even offering business advice such as recommending a
debt collection agency if they are struggling to get money back from an employee.

Paying attention, offering advice and simply being helpful in anyway you feel able will mean you will hopefully soon be able to lean on them to do the same.

4. Show How Much You Care.Not just at Birthdays, Christmas or other such special occasions – but throughout the entire year.

Of course these occasions are important for a reason, but that doesn’t mean that they should be the only time you display affection or caring. Unexpected kind gestures go a long way and mean much more than you think.

It can be as simple as sending them a parcel with their favourite chocolate the next time you happen upon it in the supermarket. Think of how thrilled you feel when you receive something unexpected and pleasant in the mail – why not share that feeling around?

5. Don’t Force It.
If you try all these ideas and you still struggle to establish or strengthen the bond…remember it’s okay. After all, we do not choose our family. Turn to friends instead and spend that energy with those who truly care about you.

This doesn’t mean to give up if it is something that is really important to you, but it does pay to bear in mind that “family” doesn’t always have to mean blood relation.

Make sure to protect yourself: if your dad only ever seems to talk to you to borrow money, let him know you will look into
debt recovery services if you do not get the money back. Think carefully about whether they are a positive of negative influence in your life. You might find, in the end, you would be happier if you let them go.


How to Create Shade in Your Garden

>> Oct 12, 2011

Having a shaded garden will not only improve the look of your property but it will give you somewhere cool to be outside during the summer. It can also help shade your home, keeping it cooler too and reducing the need for you to use your air conditioning. Create a shaded entertainment area by having a veranda or retractable awning over outdoor pavers and your barbecue and this will give you the equivalent of an extra room on your house.

Planting trees that will produce a lot of shade is the most obvious way to create shade within your garden. Before you go to the nursery make sure you have all the information gathered regarding what your property is like. Things like soil type, whether certain areas get more sun or if your soil is well drained or prone to being wet are all things you should tell the sales assistant at the nursery so they can help you get the right plants for your property. They will also consider the climate of your location. You will find there will be a wide variety of trees to suit your property and from there you only need to decide on which ones you like the best.

A veranda is a great way to create shade in your garden. It also has the added benefit of creating a shaded place for an entertainment area, making a great spot for the kids to play when it is too hot or when it is raining. Having a veranda around your home will also help keep the interior of your home cooler as the sun can not come in through the windows of your home and it will also keep your bricks cool, which will reduce the temperature inside your house.

Retractable Awning
A retractable awning works a little bit like a veranda with the added bonus that you can fold it away when you want to. A retractable awning will create a shaded area for your garden alongside your home and can be used to cover a paved area. The awning can shade the windows of your home during summer and throughout winter you can keep the retractable awnings closed so that the sun can warm the side of your house and come in through your windows.

A pergola is a structure that is built within a garden. You can use it as an area where you can set up outdoor furniture if you wish and it is great to grow plants and vines over it to create a lovely leafy shaded area.

Umbrellas look fantastic set up on a timber decking and will give you a shaded area to sit and enjoy your breakfast or lunch. A large umbrella set up on your lawn makes a great shaded area for kids to play on a hot day.

Shade Cloth
Shade cloth can be set up draped between poles to cast shade over a decking or paved area, put up over plants that need more shelter from the sun, or be put over a sand pit or play equipment for the kids.


How to Furnish Your Home on a Budget

>> Oct 10, 2011

It is possible to furnish your home on a budget. If you have just moved away from your parents or if you are a young couple just starting out it can be difficult to buy furniture. Often you get a lot of hand me downs from friends and family, which is great, but often you do find that you need to go and buy furniture. As well as doing the rounds of the bigger furniture chain stores jump online and have a look around if you can get a better price. You may also find that if you pay cash for appliances, such as a Westinghouse fridge, that you might get a better deal. Whatever you do make sure that you have contents insurance. You would hate to get your home all fitted out and then lose the lot in a fire.

Look out for deals
Keep an eye on the junk mail that lands in your letter box, rather than just tossing it straight in the bin. There are a few furniture stores that have regular sales and deals where you can buy a few pieces of furniture to fit out a whole room at remarkable prices. You will also see advertisements on television for the same thing. It may not be the hand made quality of furniture that you are one day hoping to own, but it is a start and will see you through until you can afford the good stuff.

In store
There are a few bigger chain stores that sell furniture that offer great deals. Ikea is one place to visit, and if you can manage to find your way out of there, you should go home with quite a few pieces to make a start on filling your home. With this sort of furniture, however, make sure you don't lose the instructions on how to assemble it. You might also find that you might be able to get a better deal if you buy several items at once. For example often when you buy white goods you can get a decent discount if you buy your fridge, dishwasher and washing machine at the same time.

Shopping online is becoming more and more common and you can buy furniture and appliances this way. You can also get some great deals so do your research. It is also an easy way to compare prices without having to trudge all over the city going from shop to shop. You might also choose to get some bargains by bidding for furniture on places like eBay.

Pay cash
Some stores will also do better deals if you offer to pay cash. This tends to happen a lot when it comes to buying appliances.

Opportunity shops and antique stores
Rather than buying new furniture you can find some great things that are pre-loved at opportunity shops and antique stores. Antiques may be a little dearer, but not always. Whether you choose antique furniture will usually depend on your style of home, but sometimes having an interesting piece of furniture makes for a good conversation piece. If you are really on a budget buying furniture from an opportunity shop means you can furnish your home so it is comfortable, then later on you can gradually replace it for items you really want.



Inside a Train Station

Jakarta Kota station is located in the old city center of Jakarta (capital city of Indonesia). In 1993, this station was selected as a historical and cultural landmark.Built around 1870, renovated in 1926 and re-opened on August 19, 1926. The Dutch Governor General, A.C.D de Graeff launched formally on October 8, 1929. We use to call it BEOS station (an abbreviation from the Bataviasche Ooster Spoorweg Maatschapij or the Batavian Eastern Railway Company). The station design is a combination of Western Art Deco and local architecture styles. (data source:Wikipedia).

There are blue things inside the train station, but I’m not sure what it is.

My husband and I will travel again to Surabaya (East Java, Indonesia) next Wednesday, visiting my father there. It’s already low season, I can get low fare airflight tickets.


Wooden and Real Owls

>> Oct 8, 2011

This bird has amazing big eyes!


How to Secure Your Home While Away on Holidays

It is important when you are away on holidays that you put some steps into place to keep your home safe and secure. You need to be organised and sort out a few things before you go away. Installing security doors will keep your home secure as well as having screens on your windows. Don't forget to stop all the services during the time you are away, such as having the mail stopped and letting the commercial cleaning company that you won't be needing your home cleaned for a period of time.

Security doors and screens

A security door will not only make it harder for people to break into your home it will give you the flexibility of being able to keep your front door open but the security screen locked, which is great in summer because you can leave the doors open to let any cool breeze through. Intruders are also just as likely to break in through your windows so have security screens fitted on your windows. You will still be able to open your windows and see out of them.

Stop your mail

To save asking the neighbours to collect your mail while you are away have your mail stopped at the post office. All your mail will be sitting waiting for you at your local post office when you get home and it won't make it obvious that nobody is home. This service is known as the USPS  mail hold

Security alarm

Security alarms are designed to go off if they sense any movement in your house. It will alert the neighbours and the noise will disrupt the intruder, hopefully stopping them from taking any of your belongings and giving them no time to do any damage to your home. The security company knows when your alarm goes off and once they are alerted they will send round the police to investigate.


Your neighbours can collect your mail for you, mow your lawn to keep the grass looking tidy if you are going to be away for a while and can park one of their cars in your driveway so it looks like somebody is home.

Timers for your lights

Have timers set on your lights so that they turn on at a certain time in the evening and switch off around ten o'clock, or whatever you usual bed time is. This will make it look like someone is home.

Keep your yard tidy

If you are going away for a long while, such as on an overseas trip, then the front of your home can get really untidy, a dead give away that nobody is home. It might pay to hire a gardening service to come in and mow the lawn for you while you are away and do a bit of weeding. Either get the neighbours to clear the junk mail out of your letterbox or put a 'No Junk Mail' sticker on it so that it doesn't get cluttered with rubbish.


Family Friendly Cars for Moms

The mother is often the unsung hero of a family. Transporting kids to school, sports practices and other extracurricular activities is a job all its own that requires excellent time management skills and expert driving techniques. Fortunately, the job of being a mom can be made much easier by way of an automobile that is designed to increase the ease by which they haul their precious cargo through a busy and sometimes dangerous city. Here are three automobiles that can make a mom's day-to-day life not only easier, but thoroughly enjoyable. 2011 Kia Sorrento
The era has arrived where crossover vehicles are designed to be large and roomy, and a handful of models are being built exclusively for road driving. The Kia Sorrento is the best of that bunch, offering a large third row seat that compliments an already roomy cabin. Child seats can easily be snapped and buckled in, taking the stress out of an often tedious process. Bluetooth connectivity allows for hands-free correspondence, something that is essential to moms that are getting information while on the go.

2010 Chrysler Town & Country
Any list of automobiles that are best for moms should include a minivan, and the Chrysler Town & Country is a worthy entry on this list. With a sleek and regal look that features a horizontal front grill, moms will bring a touch of class to any environment. The Town & Country is capable of handling steep climbs with the ease of a powerful SUV while creating an atmosphere that is reminiscent of a comfortable family room. Two bucket seats placed in the middle row pivot to face the back row, and a tabletop can easily be placed on a bar that is attached tot he floor, creating a large and flat surface around which several kids can do puzzles, play games or have a meal.

2011 Dodge Durango
The Dodge Durango has long been a Dodge bestseller, most likely as a result of the fact that it blends raw American power with the comforts of modern innovation. Although a Durango might not typically be considered a mom car, the truth is that it has plenty of room for youngsters of all ages, and has a very impressive track record in North America. The Durango is surprisingly easy to maneuver given its large size and substantial weight, making it the perfect full-sized automobile for a mom.

Bio: Matt is an expert when it comes to cars, as he has been working with them since his childhood. He currently operates a cash for cars service in San Diego, assisting people in receiving money for junk cars.



Beautify Your Home with Natural Stone Countertops

My dream kitchen should have granite kitchen countertops. If you’re also interested to redecorate your home, you should visit Marble.com to find out their amazing collection of premium natural stone countertops. When it comes to natural stone invention, you can rely on Marble.com products.

They offer finest quality counter top surfaces at best prices. You have a very wide option, as their stock provides 1200 stone colors. Isn’t it great? If I have adequate budget, I’ll place granite, marble, and limestone to beautify my kitchen, bathroom, some parts of floor and wall. Now I’m imagining how beautiful my home will be!


Getting Help from Philadelphia Medical Malpractice Attorneys

There’s no certainty in life. Bad things can happen to you and then change your life permanently. One of the possible nightmares is being a victim of a medical malpractice. If it really happens, how should you handle it?

For your information, medical malpractice occurs if medical professionals fail to give sufficient treatment to patients that cause a personal injury or significant income loss. No one expects it; but if you are the patient who experienced medical mistakes or medical negligence or misdiagnosis by a doctor in Philadelphia, it’s the right time for you to get help of philadelphia medical malpractice attorney.

As mentioned before, medical malpractice is a doctor’s failure in following medical standards. Within comparable situations, the other doctor of the same medical expertise will perform higher care and skill degree. You need lawyers who recognize medical problems and medical laws. They will assist you in claiming the case to the courts.

Based on existing hospital system and related medical law system, medical malpractice lawyers philadelphia pa will allow you to know what your rights and legal options are. The best Philadelphia malpractice lawyers like Slade McLaughin and Paul Lauricella will struggle for your legal rights! With more than 60 years experience, you can trust their expertise that has reached lots of victories in personal injuries and medical negligence cases.

Since your medical malpractice claim is extremely important; make sure that you’ve chosen a medical malpractice attorney who has broad experience discussing large medical malpractice settlement with insurance companies. The experienced lawyers who work in medical negligence field will evaluate your case, whether it’s worth or not to pursue the claim for getting adequate compensation.

When you face any medical malpractice incident, don’t hesitate to contact these Philadelphia medical malpractice lawyers. The experienced attorneys will offer you the bigger opportunity to succeed!


When You Need to Remove Your Tattoo in Texas

>> Oct 7, 2011

To place permanent tattoos on their skin, every one has their own reasons. Have you known that there’s estimation conveyed that more than 10 million people in USA have at least one tattoo on their body? No wonder that tattooing is a big business in America.

But on the contrary, there’s also a fact that more than 50% of people who have a tattoo, later they don’t want the tattoo anymore and want to get rid of it. So, tattoo removal places are also increasing in America.

Many years before, tattoo removal is a painful process and the operation left a terrible scar on skin. Thanks to the latest advances in medical technology, nowadays, tattoo removals have used laser technology therapy. For people in Texas who want to remove unwanted tattoos, it’s recommended to search a clinic that focuses in tattoo removal such as tattoo removal dallas tx. A special tattoo removal clinic will apply the correct laser technology for removing tattoos and give you satisfied results.

Having tattoo removal at ordinary dermatology clinics that only treat tattoo removal once in a while, may lead you to bad results. There are things to consider first before you decide to remove your tattoo. You can be the best candidate if you have fair skin and your tattoo was placed on arms, chest, buttocks or legs. As mention before, you should select a clinic that specializes in tattoo removal field.

Houston people can choose laser tattoo removal houston clinic. At the clinic, you can consult with the laser specialist to get proper treatment and application. The result may vary; it depends on your tattoo’s characters such as its size, position, age and color; your skin type, health condition and healing ability. If your tattoo is a new one, the removal will be harder.

How many treatments required depends on your tattoo’s complexity. The simple tattoo can be removed in 2-4 treatments. The larger and colorful tattoo may require more than 10 treatments for total clearing. Always imagine how much money you must spend to erase the tattoo; before you decide to place a new tattoo on your skin!


For Vintage Jewelry Lovers

When it comes to jewelry; I think it’s always becoming one of women’s favorites. Women love jewelry as wearing proper jewelry can make them look stunning. There are many kinds of jewelry, but my aunt only prefers vintage estate jewelry. I’ve ever seen some of her collection; it has intricate designs but shows history, elegance and grace. No wonder why she loves vintage jewelry; it’s really wonderful treasure!

A few days ago, my aunt called me as she wanted me to accompany her-searching for jewelry at several retail stores. Since she’s never tried to find jewelry online, I recommend her to search any vintage jewelry in the internet as it can be an excellent resource.

I’ve ever read that the label vintage doesn’t have specific connotation except to point out that it appears like older pieces. Vintage rings could be antique rings (over 50 years old), estate rings, or recently crafted replicas.

A reliable vintage jewelry retail site such as The Three Graces will offer you enjoyable and secure shopping experience. First, ensure to check the online store through the Better Business Bureau. The trusted online vintage jewelry store will provide clear photo, credited certification, details and price of each jewelry item.

Since vintage jewelry includes many decades which have different designs; you should choose the site that offers comprehensive collection from Georgian Jewelry, Victorian, Art Nouveau, Edwardian, Art Deco, to Retro Jewelry. Some people confuse Retro Jewelry with estate jewelry. For your information, estate jewelry means that the jewelry is previously owned.

You can find that vintage jewelry available in various forms, such as rings, engagement rings, earrings, lockets, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, brooches, fobs, and charms. I love to wear bracelets, so, every time I visit a jewelry site, I’ll browse their bracelet collection first. But my aunt; she loves to observe rings more!

Vintage jewelry can appear so matchless and stunning. It’s a wonderful piece of artwork that has sentimental and high value. Are you interested to have your own vintage jewelry?


Looking for Vitamin Supplements?

Human body needs vitamins and minerals for normal growth and development; but the body can’t make these micronutrients by itself. Without essential micronutrients, your body can’t survive! That’s why it’s important to ensure that your vitamins and minerals intake is already suitable for your body’s needs.

Let me share here a brief about vitamin first. The name of vitamin comes from the phrase vital amine. You can obtain all kinds of vitamins, fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E and K) and water-soluble vitamins (B, C, folic acid), from your daily food. The question is, have your body already got vitamins and minerals as required since it’s only from your food consumption?

Related source: Quercetin, is it new hype for Covid? 

If you assume that it will be hard for you to fulfill your micronutrient requirements, why don’t you taking vitamin supplements? It can be your wise decision as long as it suits your needs. Based on your body condition, make sure that you know exactly what kind of supplements that can help you to live in better health and life.

At present time, looking for quality vitamin supplements such as NorLOX won’t be a hassle anymore since you can purchase this kind of vitamin supplement at one vitamin retail in the internet. It’s fast and easy to shop there.

When it comes to healthy life, having adequate sleep every day is very essential. How’s your sleep habit lately? If you can’t sleep well every night, perhaps taking TheaNAQ supplement can solve your problem as TheaNAQ is usually applied to recover the ability to get to sleep and stay asleep. Don’t let your sleep trouble unsolved; it can lead to more serious health problems!

To avoid any negative side effect; it will be better to have a consultation first with your doctor. The doctor will choose the right vitamin supplements for you. Don’t forget to still maintain your healthy diet, though you have taken daily vitamin supplements.


How to Keep Your Kids Entertained on a Rainy Day

>> Oct 6, 2011

If you have a patio this is great for kids on a rainy day because it means they can go outside to play and not be trapped inside. A patio will also provide shade during summer so you don't have to worry about them getting sunburnt. Kit homes also look fantastic with a patio area.

Make a whole town and have your kids get out all their little toy cars, truck then draw some roads for them on paper or cardboard where they can drive around. Old boxes or cartons will make great cities which they can decorate as buildings and if you have enough you can make a whole town.

Play dough

You can buy play dough or it is quite easily made with plain flour, salt, oil, Cream of Tartar and food colouring. Make up a batch and separate before you put the colour in so you can have a few different colours, then keep it in a sealed container in the fridge so it doesn't dry out. Children love play dough, it is great for rainy day play, and you can give them some cookie cutters, shapes and other kitchen utensils to help their play.

Pressed flowers

Even though the weather is starting to warm up it often rains a lot in Spring. One good thing to do in spring on one of those rainy days is have your children pick some flowers from the garden and then press them between the pages of some heavy books. Pressing flowers is an old fashioned idea but you can also buy flower pressing kits. Once they have dried out they can use them for making cards and pictures.

Bring some comfortable cushions or chairs out on the patio area and give your children some books to read. On a rainy day it is a great thing to do for a while to have some quiet time and if you have run out of books then make a trip to the library.

Tea parties
A tea party can be fun for both boys and girls. Most children have a small set of chairs and a table where they can play, draw or eat. Set this up with a table cloth and their toy tea set, or if they don't have one let them use plastic cups and plates or even a camping set. They can have water for 'tea' or use milk. Give them real food, a few biscuits should do it, to make it more fun.

Chalk pictures
Let your children be creative with some coloured chalk and then they can draw on whatever surface they like, such as the paving, the deck or even the bricks. Chalk is great because it will easily wash off or if they draw on the footpath in between rain showers they can watch the colours run when the next shower comes.

Finger painting

Buy some large pieces of paper, butchers paper is best, and then give your children some water based pain that is non toxic. Children love finger painting because they love getting messy. They will need old clothes and plenty of room, so lay the paper out on the ground.


Best Home Communities in Arizona

If you’ve already had a plan to move to Arizona and you crave to live at a comfortable and elegant home that has family-friendly environment, why don’t you join into one of Arizona gated communities by Cachet Homes? Since 1990, Cachet Homes, the leading Arizona home builder, has continually developed master planned communities in Arizona. Each community is improved by various luxury facilities such as golf resort, shopping and dining places, and business center; but still maintaining the family-friendly atmosphere.

Cachet Homes have built seven Cachet communities around Arizona- in Buckeye, Chandler, Flagstaff, Gilbert, Peoria and Scottsdale. Let’s say that you want to buy a single home; they will lead you to one luxury single family home in Bel Canto community, Scottsdale. If you’re really interested, you must be hurried as it’s just ONE home left! To search for your dream Cachet home, go to ‘Find a Home’ section at CachetHomes.net, the official website. Based on the home type, location and price range that you’ve selected, you’ll be guided straightly to the right home and community that are still available.

Wherever community that you choose to live in, you’ll obtain sophisticated and elegant life style and enjoy the most comprehensive of the best amenities ever. Each community is created to offer the highest level of comfortableness and friendly neighborhood. That’s what I call a truly dream residence. Catch it while you still can!


Free Online Currency Converter for You

Some people who often deal with several currencies definitely realize the importance of fast and reliable converting currencies. Since each country has different currency; there are lots of diverse currencies in the world. If you travel abroad, you won’t be able to use your own currency in the country that you visit. To change your money into the local currency easily, you need help from a Currency converter site.

For your information, different currencies can be exchanged one another at the rate called a foreign-exchange rate. You may assume this foreign-exchange rate as the value of one country’s currency in terms of another currency. As mentioned before, currency converter sites like FreeCurrencyRates.com can ease you in exchanging money procedure as it offers a specific tool that facilitates you to find out the equal value of two or more currencies in a trouble-free way.

If the fast and reliable result is your most concern, you’ll love Online Currency converter app that provided by FreeCurrencyRates.com. This online application is free and very easy to use; it allows you converting any currency to one another. Moreover, you can create and modify your own personal currency converter. Isn’t it great? Current borderless world makes online currency converter application is much more required. Lots of people such as international travelers, business people, and foreign-exchange traders, apply this tool to ease their finance activities.

Once you check out the website, you’ll discover that the tool is very helpful and user friendly. Just simply submit the currency you have and then exchange it into the other currency that you want. This online application supplies a wide variety of currencies worldwide; you’ll surely find any currency that you need!

Since the currency exchange rates are always updated; you can rely on the accuracy of the converted result. There’s no doubt, in this modern world, currency converter is a useful tool that should be thankful by many people.


Some Water Spray Paterns of a Dancing Fountain

>> Oct 5, 2011

I said before that the water sprays of the dancing fountain in my previous post have various patterns. Here are some of them. Enjoy the spray!

Watery Wednesday


8 Things to Do Before a Party

>> Oct 4, 2011

If you are planning a party there are a few important things you should do beforehand so you are fully prepared. Make sure you have a big enough Westinghouse fridge to store all the food that you prepare and if you are planning on having a lot of guests perhaps check that your contents insurance is up to date in case anything gets broken.

Guest list
The first thing you need to do is work out your guest list. Decide what type of party it is going to be. It might be to celebrate a specific occasions, such as a birthday, an anniversary or it could be for New Year's Eve or a Christmas party. The reason you are having the party will usually determine exactly who gets invited. Sometimes a party is just for close friends and family and other times you might throw a more open house event. Work out your guest list as soon as you can so you can get invitations out early.

People's social calendars book up quickly, particularly around the end of the year when there are work Christmas functions and friends catching up to celebrate the silly season. Giving people enough notice by sending out invitations as early as possible will ensure that you have as many of your friends and family there as possible.

Where is it going to be?
As you are working out the guest list you will need to decide where you will be holding the party. If the guest list is exceptionally long you might have to think about holding the party at a reception centre or public hall. You might even choose to have it outside. If you are going to have it at home you will then need to arrange your space at home to accommodate all your guests.


Working out your menu is something that you should organise fairly quickly, just in case you want to order in something exotic to eat or drink. You may have to order in seafood, for example, or order a turkey for a Christmas lunch. Consider whether any of your guests have special diets, such as they may be lactose intolerant or vegetarians.

Give yourself the day before and the morning of the party to prepare the food. Work out what you can prepare the day before and try to only have a few last minute things to do the day of the party. You may even be able to cook certain dishes a week or few days in advance and freeze it in readiness for the party.

Let the neighbours know
If you are having the party at home do the right thing buy your neighbours and let them know that you are having a party. If it is a fairly open house event you might want to invite them.

If you are having a theme to your party you should decorate your home according to the theme. For example you might choose to have a tropical night with lots of colourful cocktails and have everyone in bright Hawaiian shirts. Decorate your garden with tiki lights, make garlands of flowers and dot candles around your garden.

So you don't get stuck in the kitchen all night make sure you work out how you can both host the party and be a part of it at the same time. You don't want to spend all night being run off your feet. You want to be able to relax and enjoy a drink with your friends too.


For Your Printing Needs

Are you still confused between buying original ink cartridges and just using recycled ones? When it comes to printing documents, whether on office printer or your home printer, you’ll get good quality result only if you have already ensured that the printer can work at its best function.

A friend who has worked in Information Technology field for years advised me to always use ink cartridges that are 100% well-suited with the printer. It will allow the printer to work without any hassle.

Actually, using genuine ink cartridges means that you can save much money. You won’t have to spend repair cost often as your printer will be taken care of well and last for years. You can reduce the risk of printing problems and the risk of printer damage. Your printer is your asset that you should keep properly, right? Applying the right and most compatible ink cartridges is one of the best ways to maintain your printer.

To attain more advantages by saving much more, my friend recommended me to find the originals at InkTechnologies as it provides a wide variety of genuine printer ink and toner cartridges; all in best prices. The online store is my friend’s favorite since he can find any ink and toner from different printer brands there. I guess it will be your favorite as well once you check out the website!


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