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Ensuring a Safe Baby & Dog Bonding

>> Mar 30, 2015

Owning a dog is a big responsibility, but it will become even more demanding once you introduce your newborn baby to the house. However, if you establish clear rules and what is allowed and what is a no-no then it will be easy to establish a good baby and dog relationship that will be on the basis of trust. It will take some time and a great amount of patience to train your dog to be obedient and to accept the newcomer, but if handled well then you can look forward to a fun and enjoyable childhood of your child.
How a dog behaves
Although dogs are fun little creatures, they are in dire need of someone to lead them, and you, as their owner must learn how to behave like a pack leader. In order to be a good pet owner, it is important to understand just how dogs behave. When you manage to be in charge, and when you teach your dog to obey the house rules, only then can you really trust your little buddy to be safe toward your new baby, otherwise, there might be complications you will have to take care of.

Part of the family
Bringing a baby into the household means that the family is getting bigger, but you should make your dog understand that they are being part of the same family and that they need to look out for their new sibling. There should be no rivalry between your love, your dog and your baby are going to be equal members, and your pet needs to feel that they are not going to be neglected nor forgotten; ensure to make your dog feel part of the family.

Prepare your dog
As an owner you are responsible for your dog’s behavior, but it is also your duty to prepare your pet for the world; and in order to prepare a dog for a new baby, there are certain procedures you must take. First of all, teach your dog to respect space and to obey the one who is in charge, also, make sure to introduce the scent of your baby to your dog gradually so that they can get accustomed to someone new coming to the home. This way you will ensure that they will not consider the baby a threat.
Bad habits
Unfortunately though, dogs can develop bad habits which are hard to quit, but with enough patience and with enough time, it is possible to make them stop doing it. It is especially annoying and difficult if the stop dogs jumping on people, but it will be necessary, as your baby might be knocked over and could get injured. Your dog might not even know what is going on, which is why it is essential that you train your buddy in time so that you can avoid such situations in the future.

Dog safety
It is also essential that you keep your dog healthy and free of all kinds of parasites, which is why it is vital to have pills for flea removal at home at all times; you can never know when it might happen, and it is always better to be prepared. Furthermore, the good side of a dog and baby bond is that it will increase your baby’s immunity immensely, but only if the dog is healthy and controlled regularly. Make also sure that you clean your pet whenever they come back from the outside, as they might be dragging dirt and bacteria into the house.

The joys of owning a pet
There are many reasons for people to own pets, and one of the main reasons is that they are great until you get a child, but you should not get rid of your pet just because of a newcomer. Once you train your dog to behave nicely and to obey the rules, as well as to accept the baby as part of the family, you will have a great big family. Be careful to keep your pet healthy and to visit the vet regularly so that you can avoid any risky interaction between your dog and the baby that could cause problems.


The Hidden Dangers of the Bathroom - Making Your Bathrooms Childproof

>> Mar 28, 2015

Because we use it every day, we have become unaware of the dangers hiding behind the things that could lurk in the bathroom; which is not bad for grownups, but it is certainly something to look out for with children. As adults, we might understand that it is quite dangerous to play with razors and with other sharp tools, however, children do not know this yet; and they should not learn it the hard way either. It is important to make your bathroom safe for children, at least until they are old enough to understand what is around them.

Limit movement
It is impossible to make a child sit quietly for hours to come, and for that reason you need to do something in order to limit their movement around the house. To make sure that your home is safe for children, it is important that you childproof doors, not only for the bathroom, but on the other rooms as well. This way you can be sure that your child will not wander off to pick up something dangerous lying around the house.

Secure the toilet
Although it might seem like a stretch, but it is not so uncommon for children to lodge their heads in toilets, especially if they are still young and small there is a chance of them drowning. To avoid anything like that happening, it is best if you install a child toilet lock that will keep the lid down until a grownup comes and lifts it up. Furthermore, unless your child is old enough to go to the bathroom alone, you should always assist them; however, try to give them as much privacy as possible, but make sure that you are there, so that nothing could go wrong.

Locking the cabinets
It is only common sense to keep sharp objects away from children, but it is also very important to keep it under a lock, a one that even the cleverest of kids could not undo. Make sure to have all your cabinets locked and childproofed as it will drastically reduce the chances of your kid playing with something sharp; and it also reduces the chances of something falling out of the cabinet right onto your child. But always remember to make spare keys if you lock your cabinets, but always keep them out of the reach of children.

Slippery when wet
There is a good chance that your child, and even you if you are not careful, could slip on the slippery bathroom floor. It is always a good idea to set up non-slippery mats as it will help not only when out of the bathtub, but also when in it. However, make sure that you put them around the bathroom strategically, especially around the area of the tub or the shower as it will be the slipperiest after a bath, and it will hard to not slip without a mat.

Plumbing done right
For a couple of years it will be perhaps best if you make sure that your temperatures on the  heater are not set higher than a set desired degree; in order to avoid scalding and in order to reduce any chances of getting hurt. Moreover, it is also a good idea to install an anti-scalding device on your faucets, but it is perhaps best to call on some of the professional plumbers Sydney has to offer, they will know exactly what to do without messing up your bathroom, or damaging something in the process.

Although it will take time, and it will be necessary to make sure that your bathroom is safe, it will be worth it because your child will be able to have a carefree childhood. On the other hand, as years go by, you can decrease the safety measures installed and gradually teach your child to be more careful when in the bathroom. However, whether you will need more, or less security measures depends on your bathroom, and on the behavior of your child; if they are more lively, it will be better to look for other means of protecting them, because they might hurt themselves while playing. 




How to Choose Kids Friendly Furniture

>> Mar 26, 2015

To choose kids furniture you have to make a list of the number of items you are going to buy. The size of the room, space available, the space that has to be left in the centre of the room for the kid to run around, all needs to be taken into account.

Plan the look you would like to give to the room before deciding on the furniture. Children like vibrant colours, a cheerful atmosphere, and user friendly furniture. Buying something very expensive and not allowing the child to use it would make no sense. So a practical approach would be meaningful.

Firstly look for hardy surfaces as this can take abuse like spills and scratches. While choosing a sofa you can opt for leather finish as this is spill resistant and does not rip very easily. Sensuede is a man-made fabric made from recycled fibres. So this is easy to clean, and comfortable. While selecting the flooring a wooden floor will not be practical, as this can be easily spoiled by running of toy - cars, cycle, car tyres, falling of toys etc. A wall to wall carpet would be appropriate as this will also save the children from getting injured when they fall down.

Care should be taken while selecting a cot for the child. It is always preferable to get a new cot, but if borrowing or buying second hand cot first ensure that no nuts, bolts or screws are protruding as this will hurt the child. Also care should be taken that the cot is sturdy, the support and brackets are fitted securely. In case the child is less than 12 months of age then the distance between two bars should be less than 45-64mm so the baby cannot fit their head through. The cot’s mattress should be firm and fit snugly. The cots sides should be fitted with bars so that the child does not fall off at the same time ample space has to be maintained between two bars, as air circulation should not be cut off. One can think out of the box and design the cot like a car or train.

If you are using the common dining table for the child then a chair with higher height has to be bought to enable the child to reach the plate on the table. The chair should have a lock so that the child does not fall off the chair.

In case of a school going child a table and chair with a cupboard in pleasing colour is needed. The table should be snugly fitted near the wall. Cupboards can be used for keeping the books and school bags, and can be fitted lowly on the wall to save the child from getting hurt. In addition there can be another cupboard near the cot for the clothes. Even these can be designed like Donald Duck or some other animal/bird.

The chair can be either in a vibrant colour or colourful blocks can be used. Furniture preferably should be placed near the wall. This gives moving space in the room and protects the children from getting hurt while running or playing. Fewer accidents are likely if the furniture has round edges. You can buy beautiful furniture pieces from any of the nearby store. For ideas you can visit online stores like Cosh Outdoor Furniture, where you can find unique furniture designs.

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