Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

A Morning Surprise

>> Jun 30, 2011

I received a package this morning. I read that it came from Netherland. Suddenly I can guess what’s inside. It must be a book! The book author, a kind man named Rudy E. Groenewald, sent me his book as I can’t get it here. The book is only avalaible in Netherlands.

Months ago, Rudy sent me an email and informed that he’d like to use some photos of mine in his fourth book. Of course I didn’t mind and I was glad that I can help. He needed some photos about Bogor city and luckily he found a few needed photos in my blogs.

Rudy spent his youth and boyhood in Bogor city. In mid of 1960’s, he migrated to Netherlands. After many years there, as Dutch, he went back on vacation to his native Indonesia; to his childhood place. The book title is Pulang ke Kampung Bogor (Go Back to Bogor Hometown). The book is written mostly in Netherlands language and a little bit of Indonesia and Sunda language.

I can’t tell much about his book here, as I don’t understand Netherlands language. I’ll need many times to understand the whole book, hehehe. I can only say that the book recorded his recollections on his origin. He took readers on his fascinating journey and shared his nostalgia.

Dear Rudy and wife, thanks for allowing me to have your book and thanks for mentioning my name under the photos. Wish you a success and good health!


Ponds at a Café

>> Jun 29, 2011

This ponds that located in the front of the café are very common ones; nothing special with it. But the café is a special one as it was our residence years ago. I’ve ever stayed there; when I was a baby. I remember nothing about the house and it’s a pity that we don’t have the photos of the house either. That's why I love listening my father's stories about the house.

Watery Wednesday


22, Ceremai Street, Bogor, Indonesia

>> Jun 27, 2011

I’ve ever stayed in this house; for about two years (1972-1974), but I have no any memory about it. I was still under three years old; too young to remember any detail of the house.

This house has been becoming a café right now. Don’t know how, as my father said, the house was an official house belonged to a government company.

Yesterday, we decided to visit the café for the first time. My father still remembers all details of the house. Entering the place, my father took us (me and hubby) wandering the café and explained any change. He told us some interesting stories about the house. We ate our lunch in a room that it was used to be my father’s bed room at that time.

It’s a pity I can’t share more inside-the-café pictures here. Though feels cozy, the café has horror theme. I didn’t see any blue inside! On the other side, you can see mummy, Dracula and Frankenstein on the wall! My hubby wore blue thin stripes t-shirt, I can share his photo here, hehehe. Have a great week ahead to all…


A Green Skimmer Dragonfly (Orthetrum Sabina)

>> Jun 25, 2011

I captured this dragonfly in a rice field inside a fishing place. I didn’t notice it before; since the rice plants around are also green. This kind of dragonfly is a very common one here. I wasn’t able to take a close up photo; the dragonfly was in the center of the field. I didn’t want to make my shoes dirty, hehehe.

Dragonflies are characterized by big multifaceted eyes, two pairs of sturdy transparent wings, and an elongated body. They have six legs, but most of them can’t walk well. Dragonflies are included into the fastest insects in the world. It’s interesting fact, right?


Couple’s Corner: My Husband as a Brother

>> Jun 24, 2011

Rofi, my husband, is the sixth of seven siblings. He has three sisters and three elder brothers. I can say that they are close each other. Only one of his brothers lives in their home town. The others live in Jakarta and Bogor. My husband and I stay in Bogor. His sisters and brothers, who live in Jakarta, have homes that aren’t far one another.

Besides one SIL who becomes a teacher; the others are joining in a family business and running it together. So, they aren’t only siblings; but also business partners. I’m so glad that until now they still keep their sibling bonding; though sometimes a big business argument happens between them. I can see that my husband knows how to behave properly; whether as an ‘employee’ or as a brother.

My husband is a caring and helpful brother. In fact, they all always help each other, even in finance matter. I admire their closeness!


Another Spot of a Lake

>> Jun 22, 2011

This Cibubur Lake (Jakarta, Indonesia) may look calm and lovely. Watching a wonderful lake can bring out serene and peaceful thoughts. But in fact, when I captured this spot; I must hide the floating rubbish on one side of the lake. I did it successfully, right?

Unfortunately, there are still lots of people here who like throwing rubbish onto the river or lake. It's a big problem that still unsolved until now.

Watery Wednesday


Sunday Afternoon

>> Jun 20, 2011

My brother and his family who live in another town (and island) visited Jakarta (the capital city of Indonesia) since last Friday night for a quick holiday trip. They had no time to come to our home in Bogor; so we decided to meet them at the hotel yesterday.

We reached the hotel at almost lunch time. My nephews wanted to visit museums in the old city Jakarta; but unfortunately, the museums there are close in Sundays. As an alternative, we planned to visit Pekan Raya Jakarta (Jakarta Fair). It’s a pity that it wasn’t an enjoyable visit. The weather was too hot and the place was too crowded. It’s not easy to enter the place, park the car and come out of the place. The place is too huge but the map isn’t informative enough. I can’t share lots of pics from Jakarta Fair here; there are only a few blue things that I saw there.

We weren’t interested anymore to wander around the whole place. My brother and family preferred to have a rest at the airport and wait for their flight that night. After dropped them all at the airport, we came back home.


An Owl

>> Jun 18, 2011

His name is Erik. He belongs to my husband’s friend. The owl is captured when my husband visited a friend a few days ago. I thought before that all owls will sleepy during the day; but Erik doesn’t look sleepy at all.

Based on some resource sites, I’ll share a little about owl here. Well, different with most birds, owls are nocturnal with a big head and forward facing large eyes. Their eyes are fixed in their sockets, and some are able to turn around their head up to 270 degrees. This bird has amazing eyes!

With outstanding vision, sensitive hearing, and the ability to fly without a sound, they are a stealthy and successful hunter. Nocturnal creatures are symbolic of inner-knowing, psychic talent, and sixth sense. Birds are considered by many cultures to be messengers between earthly creatures and spirit.

Today, the owl is often used as a symbol for education, and used as a graduation mascot. Many cultures have connected the following characteristics to the owl:
intelligence, brilliance, wisdom, power, knowledge

intuition, messages, mysticism, mystery, unconscious, silent observation

independence, protection, bravery, transition, longevity, reincarnation

Wow, an owl can be a symbol of many things!


Couple’s Corner: My Husband as an Uncle

>> Jun 17, 2011

He isn’t yet a father, so, this time I share my opinion about him as an uncle. I can say that he’s a good uncle. To teenager nephews and nieces, he acts as a friend and sometimes he acts like their fathers. Some of teenager nephews prefer to obey my husband more; that’s why my BIL/SIL often asks my husband’s help to communicate heart-by-heart with their sons.

To younger nephews and nieces, he’s more known as a funny and humorous uncle who can make them laugh.

Well, I’m proud of him. He’s a good uncle. I believe he will become a good father one day.


Fishing, Children and Benefit

>> Jun 15, 2011

It was once assumed by the experts that fishing wasn’t really important for kids. But recently, the experts have already mentioned the significance of fishing for kids. It can be a great activity for them.

Many kids love organized sports, such as basketball. It’s a great one, since it gives a good basis for a child's way of thinking and physical attributes. On the other hand, fishing offers an exceptional balance for a child's growth as well. Fishing, and other outdoor activities, assists children learn while in a relaxing and calm environment.

Fishing decreases stress, improves child’s imagination and sharpens their senses. With fishing, you also teach your children to appreciate and respect what the environment of the great outdoors provides for humankind.

For Watery Wednesday, I share here some pictures that I captured at Kampung Katulampa,a fishing and outbound place in Bogor, West Java, Indonesia.

Data source:google


My Nephew’s Circumcision Celebration

>> Jun 13, 2011

It’s not a birthday cake. My nephew, M. Ali Fatih Matarizki (six years old), get circumcised on Sunday morning. Here, a circumcision is an important process for every boy. It’s not only a removing or cutting away the foreskin of the pexxx, but it’s already becoming a part of entering ‘adulthood’. The boy who has been circumcised will be expected to be a better and more religious person; having improvement in attitudes and manners. He’s entering the new stage in his life.

Fatih’s parents invited us to celebrate the successful circumcision and we prayed for his becoming better person, happiness, health and prosperity in many years to come. All aunts and uncles gave him gifts. My husband and I gave him a little cash.

Fatih’s mother prepared tumpeng rice (ceremonial dish of yellow rice served in a cone shape) for our lunch. I don’t share the food here, I’ll share in another post.

The boy looked happy though he felt rather painful on his pexxx. Don’t worry Fatih, it will recover totally in two weeks!


Wandering Cows

>> Jun 11, 2011

Wandering cats are so common. How about wandering cows? Riding toward the housing where my BIL lives; my husband captured these moments. The owner doesn’t place the cows in a cage. He lets the cows looking for food by themselves.

The cows are free to go anywhere around and they can go back home by themselves too. They eat wild grass here and there and walk calmly along the roads. Local people around have used to see these views. The most important is, there’s no one dares stealing the cows. There a belief: anyone who steals the cow in that area, he will get severe ill. Sorry for less quality pics!


Couple’s Corner: My Husband as A Son

>> Jun 9, 2011

This week’s topic is still about hubbies. This time I’m sharing about my hubby as a son. My hubby, Rofi, is the sixth of seven siblings. He has three sisters and three elder brothers.

Unfortunately, my hubby had unhappy childhood. It could be said that he was lack of her mother’s care. For years (about five years), she had to take care of her sister (my hubby’s aunt) who had seriously ill in another town.

When my hubby’s age is between eight until thirteen years old, he was often left by his mother. In a month, she’s only at home for three or four days. Not long after my hubby’s aunt passed away, her mother also got sick. She died when my hubby is fifteen years old. Although my hubby didn’t get enough affection from her mom, he always says that he admires and loves her mother.

My hubby told me that his father applied strict parenting style. He’s always got punishment every time he made a mistake. Though as a child, he’s rather scare to his father; their relationship is close enough, until now. My father in-law is a type of father who likes to give lots of advice to his children, included to my hubby.

As a son, I think my hubby can get along well with his father. My FIL lives alone in his own home in another town; but he often visits his children here. Every time my FIL meets my hubby, he always requests my hubby to massage him. When FIL acts like a little child -sometimes- my hubby wants to handle him with patient.


Why You and Your Family Require a Vacation?

>> Jun 8, 2011

There are some reasons:
After working hard for a period of time; you need a break. A holiday will be ideal for you to ease your work stress. Have you ever experienced the signs of work stress like sleepless nights and blackened eye? Taking time-off would make you calm, innovative and productive once you get back to work.

Any vacation will be very enjoyable. If you want to make your family happy, take them on a vacation. Besides, you’ll allow spending some value time with your family. It would be a great way to strengthen bonds and keep strong the relationship.

If you’re looking to getaway from the routine activities, a vacation would be a great solution.

You and the entire family might be bored of staying at home during holidays, well, you and family need to go on vacation.

Choose a vacation that suits your budget.

For Watery Wednesday, I share here a villa above the fish pond that you can rent Rp 500.000,- (about $60++) per night. Inside, you can see 1 bedroom, large living room with lots of mattresses available, kitchen and bathroom. Every time my BILs and SILs families come from Jakarta and visit Kampung Katulampa (one fishing and outbound place in Bogor, West Java, Indonesia), they always rent this villa for only hours. It could be an example for having a short and affordable vacation.


A Family Gathering

>> Jun 6, 2011

Last Sunday we became the host of a family gathering. It’s a gathering of families under the same great grand-father; but the settled participants are about 25 families from different grand fathers. Other families are come and go.

The event was held in a comfy restaurant inside a fishing place and it’s going well. After a few months since the last gathering, we can meet again. It’s really a great way to bond one big family.


Garra Rufa Fish

>> Jun 4, 2011

They eat the dead skin on my feet. Since it’s my first time, I was surprised and tickled. I love the ‘sensation’; it seems like being electrified; but in very soft way. Later, I can really enjoy it! I don’t know why; but I feel so relaxed during the ‘treatment’. I’ll visit them again in a few days! Sorry, I failed to share a clear close up of them here. Have you ever tried a fish spa?


Couple’s Corner: My Husband

>> Jun 3, 2011

This week is a busy one for me. Next Sunday we will become the host of a family gathering. There are still some things left that needed to prepare. I’m also busy with finishing online tasks that pouring me in the last few days.

This week we’re talking about our husbands. What can I say about Rofi as a husband? Well, he’s not only my hubby but he’s also my best friend. We’re a good team here.

Of course he’s not a perfect one. He failed again in keeping his promise to quit smoking. He has other bad habits that really annoy me. He’s also very jealous, until now. Sometimes, he talks too much and it gives me headache!

We always take care of each other. He often makes me a hot chocolate, green tea or black coffee in the night. I love his attention and caring. I love the way he loves me!


The Story Behind the Bridge

>> Jun 1, 2011

The bridge isn’t for vehicles; it’s a bridge for trains. Some brave people use the bridge to across the river. Located in my husband’s home town (Bumiayu, Central Java, Indonesia), the bridge is very famous. Local people are used to call it Saka Limalas (Fifteen Bridge); as there are 15 big poles support the bridge.

Two poles had ever broken (one pole totally collapsed) for the severe flood; about thirty years ago. A farmer became a hero that day. The very hard rain didn’t stop him. He ran and stood at the edge of the bridge while waving his burned shirt (using a tree branch) to stop the coming train. His brave act saved many lives!

The Indonesia President at that time invited the farmer to meet the President at the Presidential Palace in Jakarta. As appreciation for his noble deed, the President asked what kind of gift the farmer’s want. He asked nothing for himself; but he requested the President to build an elementary school in his village. The school still exists until now. A statue (a man who’s waving a clothed branch) was also built in the front of the school; to appreciate the real hero’s service.

The hero is still alive and now he’s already an old man. He owns a small but very successful eating place near the river. I’ve ever met him several times. This bridge and river was captured from his eating place.

Watery Wednesday


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