Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023


>> Nov 29, 2014

I’m so busy lately –helping my husband’s work. So today I just share my shots. Last Monday we visited a friend’s workshop. There’s a green field near the workshop where I saw these three cows.
 Two cows were enjoying the shade while a cow standing still under the sun.


Family Friendly Destinations in Turkey

>> Nov 25, 2014

Turkey is an incredible spot to go in the mid-year. The occasion ends have all that you requirement for an incredible get-away. The climate is quite often immaculate with sun the entire day. The shorelines are extraordinary and the gatherings are going on throughout the night. At last the Turkey’s kitchen is great.
Alanya Is Turkey's Best Seaside Resort
On the off chance that you are the unwinding sort, you can use the entire day at one of the numerous extraordinary shorelines. Here you can play shoreline volleyball or attempt one of the numerous water exercises like: parasailing, plane skiing or the banana watercraft.

You can likewise have a dynamic occasion with trekking in the mountains. Gorge climbing and mountain climbing are likewise getting exceptionally mainstream. In the event that you like the water more, you can have a go at rafting or ocean kayaking. Jumping is likewise a plausibility.

Alanya is without uncertainty the most prominent occasion objective in Turkey, with 10 % of all Turkey vacationers staying here. The city does additionally have decent shorelines and some fascinating sights. The most prominent is the 250 meter (820 feet) manor slope, which separates the two shorelines. From the top you can see Alanya and the encompassing nation.

The Water Planet Aqua Park is one of Turkeys biggest water parks; and an incredible spot for children. Here they can take a stab at everything from water slides and rafting to bungee bouncing and insane golf. After some marked merchandise shopping (both true and fake) in Alanya, you can complete your day in the numerous discos and bars.

Antalya is not like the other occasion objectives, which has created from a little fisher town to an occasion end. With its 500,000 occupants you will see a bigger number of local people than visitors. So a visit to Antalya will provide for you a finer take a gander at the true Turkey.

In light of the measure of Antalya you discover a great deal of shopping plazas, shopping roads and bazaars. Anyway the city does likewise have numerous intriguing sight; particularly from the Roman Empire. A large portion of them are in the old town Kaleici, where you likewise can see old ladies setting up the supper while their men are playing dominoes.

Belek is the most obvious golf end in Turkey. In the range around the city there are eight greens; and a lot of people more are consistently assembled. It has been so prevalent to play golf in Belek that it can be important to book months ahead in the high season.

Belek is likewise an incredible goal despite the fact that you not play golf. The nature is incredible and hush is unfathomable contrasted with the vivacious ends like Side and Alanya. On the off chance that you love feathered creature, Belek will likewise would appear that a heaven to you. Furthermore you can in any case discover both shopping and water parks.

Kemer may have the loveliest area in Turkey. Encompassed by the Mediterranean and the Taurus Mountains is this uncommon spot. The city has an exceptional blend of the genuine Turkey and a present day occasion town. The city has an exquisite marina, wonderful shoreline promenades and vivacious person on foot roads.

For some touring you can visit the vestiges of Phaselis; the winter area for Alexander the Great. An alternate incredible spot (particularly for the children) is the 55,000 m2 Moonlight Park amidst Kemer. Here you discover a play area, restaurants, bars, discos; and even a dolphinarium.

In the same way as other occasion ends of the line Kusadasi was initially a little fisher town. Today you discover extraordinary Turkey nourishment and a quieter nightlife with just a little bar road.

There is a worldwide feeling in the city in view of the numerous journey ships; the greater part of them come to see the well-known sight Efesos (likewise called Efesus) close Kusadasi. So on the off chance that you like brilliant bistros and universal garments brands, Kusadasi is the city for you.

On the off chance that you are searching for a sentimental occasion end of the line, Side may be the answer. In the old town you can see numerous Roman building. Do additionally walk somewhat far from the fundamental road and take walk around the generally safeguarded wood and stone houses in the quieter avenues. Complete the day in the city theatre, where shows and theatre has supplanted the fighter battles.

Side does additionally have a wild nightlife. You can even consolidate society with joy in a standout amongst the most well-known bars in the city; put among the vestiges of two second century sanctuaries. For sun showering Side has two shorelines; the quit east shoreline and the livelier (and child benevolent) west shoreline.

To get a
visa in turkey all you need to do is to go online or to the nearest Turkish embassy and fill the application forms available to get your visa.


Deer Photo Session

>> Nov 22, 2014

 A few deer in the front yard of Bogor Palace like to pose. I can capture them in different angles.
They are good models :)


How to Remove Fake Domain?

>> Nov 21, 2014

I’ve got bad news this morning. My finished review article wouldn’t be paid as the SR support said the content shouldn’t be posted in different urls. They informed the post also occurred in this domain: 


I was stunned. The domain is NOT MINE!

I’ve visited the domain and it really looks like my own blog http://www.1sthappyfamily.com

The look and the content are totally similar.

I must remove the post. For the mistake that I didn’t do, my account is suspended temporarily. Sigh.

My first step is to report the bad domain/fake blog to Google DMCA.
Is there other thing that I should do? I need your advice.

Update: Yesterday I also contacted the support of playsmallgame.com. 
This morning, I've tried to visit the domain again. I love the result : SITE NOT FOUND!
I'm so grateful for this quick result. Thanks for good advices.


How to Pack for a Family Winter Road Trip In 15 Minutes

>> Nov 18, 2014

Packing for a road trip can be a daunting task. There are those few lucky people capable of throwing a few items in a bag and head down the road with the appearance of having everything they need. On closer inspection, these people usually wind up shopping and spending money on necessities that could have been packed at home. Of course, the season makes a difference when packing for a trip. Summers necessities are different than those needed in the winter.

In the wintertime you'll need to pack some specifics for the snow. You may also want to consider taking your older car, depending on the road conditions. If you have a car that you are close to paying off the car loan on, then maybe take that one before you drive your new Lexus on icy roads.

It is possible to pack for a winter road trip in 15 minutes. Preparation ahead of time is the key.

Pre-pack Emergency Supplies

Driving in winter has hazards like ice, snow and freezing temperatures. Pack a box with items such as snow chains, emergency Mylar blankets and sleeping bag, camping food, water, flares and other supplies. Load this first into the truck or back of your vehicle. If something happens, you are ready. Include a couple of wool blankets or a water resistant sleeping bag. A small camping stove such as butane with a few extra bottles and lightweight cookware can be a lifesaver.

Pack a Wardrobe Ahead of Time

Take a few minutes to think about what you typically wear during a road trip or on vacation, like your favorite hat or Oakley sunglasses. Gather a few tops and bottoms such as pants and lay them out. By mixing and matching, you should be able to create several different looks with a few clothing items. Carefully fold these clothes and place them in vacuum bags and seal. Do the same with underclothing and pack a pair of day and evening shoes in drawstring bags.

Pack the vacuum bags in a designated suitcase and label it for winter road trips. Choosing items with classic lines means you will never be out of style by grabbing this bag, no matter how long it stays in the closet.

Make a Toiletries Bag Ahead of Time

Buy a small toiletries bag and fill it with items such as travel-sized versions of your favorite shampoo, conditioner, skin lotion, razors and so on. Keep this with your clothing grab bag for easy access. Once a year, change out the items for fresh ones. By keeping a list of items inside the bag, you will never have to replace anything on the road because you forgot it.

Ladies can pack makeup items in this bag as well; rotate them out every six months. This will ensure always having up to date and fresh items to use.

Create a Snack and Drink Bag

Hotels with honor bars charge an arm and a leg for small drinks or snacks. Keep a small bag in your closet next to the first two filled with travel-sized drinks, cans of soda and snacks to munch on your road trip. Rotate food items out once a quarter and the drinks twice a year. You will never go hungry or have to shop at late-night convenience stores for something to eat.

When Road Trip Time Comes

Begin by grabbing the emergency road box and put it in the back. Next, pack the clothing, toiletries and snack bags. Lastly, pack any medications in a last suitcase along with extra clothing you might need for your trip. This could include swim suits for hot tubs, ski gear, suits, dresses or other specialty items for going out to dinner, the theater or having outdoor fun. And remember to drive safely and try to conserve fuel, you never know what conditions will be like during the winter in colder states.

The last suitcase should take no more than five to ten minutes to pack. Once that bag is loaded, turn off the lights and appliances, water the plants and you are on your way.


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