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CC: Have I Told You Lately that, I Love You?

>> Jan 29, 2010

This week’s Couple’s Corner related to my last post, Romance in a Marriage. In my opinion, saying “I love you” sincerely is also a good way to express affection and appreciation to your partner. As I wrote before, husbands and wives should realize that each couple has basic need to be loved and to get attention. Only material needs aren’t enough. 

My hubby is an expressive person, he always says “I love you so much” or “I mad about you” or “Do you know that I adore you so much” several times every day. Silly me, sometimes I’m too lazy to answer it back, “I love you, too” or likewise. I just make a sound,”Hmmm, thank you” or just nodding my head. Have I done a mistake here? Being compared with my hubby’s habit, I more seldom to convey my affection with words “I love you”. I most like hugging him.

Since this CC is about saying “I Love You” with deep feelings, well, I can say here precisely that it just happened at Jan 26th, a few days ago. How come? Because it was my birthday, hehehe. I didn’t cry; but I was so touched and I felt so appreciated. Dear hubby, thanks for your love, wish our love get stronger every day… 

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Romance in a Marriage Life

>> Jan 25, 2010

How’s your relationship with your husband/wife? Is romantic things expressed by kisses, touches and hugs still there?

Romantic love usually only happened at the time of couple are interested each other. Both feeling cannot live without its couple and always wish to be together. This kind of love will end after a few moments. Entering marriage life, romantic love usually will fade. The fading romantic love can result the value friction, your couple become part that is felt no longer need special attention.

This value friction usually happens since 5-10 years of marriage. Even wife position at home can shift into the part of household appliances that must be there at home to arrange daily life.

Actually married couple needn't maintain this romantic love, but you must avoid the loss of meaning of wife/husband attendance as individual that requiring love and attention truly happen. It can be source of physically illness; because the wife and husband can feel depressed, lonely, and sadness.

Why wives are more often become victims of less romance in their marriage lifes? Women usually spend more time at home, while husbands have association and career outside, so that they don’t irritate much with separate relationship with wives. Husbands also sometimes unconscious with this problem, because they feel that they have already worked to make a living for family. They feel their responsibilities as husbands have fulfilled with giving enough material things to their family.

I myself don’t want this situation really happens to me. I don’t want my husband neglects and only assumes me as a complement of household appliances. Like wise, you shouldn’t assume your husband only as a money searcher machine.

In order to avoid these situation happen, romance in certain rate has to be maintained in building harmony of a marriage. Romance here is interpreted as an effort to maintain caring and sensitivity to individual aspect of each couple.

Husband and wife should realize that each couple has basic human need to be loved and to get attention. Only material needs aren’t enough. The complete human need the attendance beside his/her couple is affected and appreciated; she/he isn’t only a wage earner, a house keeper or a house complement.

Brighten your marriage with warm and full of affection relationship. Fill your marriage life daily with smiles, laughs, eyes sights, kisses, touches, hugs and attention. Have a happy marriage life, everyone…

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picture source:allposters.com


Camera Critters: a Fly's Face

>> Jan 23, 2010

For this week’s Camera Critters, I share a photo that I received from a friend of my hubby. I hope you can enjoy its face, hehehe…. If you’re an animal lover, find more animal photos by clicking the badge above. Happy week end!


Couple’s Corner : How Well do We Know Each Other?

>> Jan 21, 2010

Being together for more than seven years, make me knows my hubby well enough. I can’t say that I’ve known him very well; because sometimes I’m still questioning what he desires. Getting married with someone also means you have been ready to have a new life. Your life isn’t the same anymore…

Married couple should think as a team, should think as ‘we’. In workplace, a team can work well, if members of the team recognize each other. Likewise in a marriage life, you should try to know your spouse more. If you have no intention at all to recognize your spouse, you must ask yourself what’s the purpose of your

Until now, I still try to know my hubby more and more. I’ll write a little bit here about him.
He likes to have breakfast in bed; and a cup of coffee is a must. He prefers breads for breakfast. He actually likes his coffee sweet, but I try to decrease his sugar intake. He likes hot chili spicy food. He likes his chicken noodle without gravy and ketchup on it. He likes his french fries with chili sauce and pepper.

He likes action movies, especially Steven Seagal and Jet Lee. He is a vespa fan. He likes to drive. He likes bargaining in a flea market. He likes to sleep (on his holidays). He doesn’t like if I don’t answer his question quickly. He doesn’t like if I don’t stare at him every time he talks. He can do every kind of household tasks, except ironing clothes (he hates it).

He’s a
sentimental person with a soft heart; he can cry when watching sad things. He’s too lazy to read newspapers every morning; he prefers to watch TV news programs. He often talks when he’s sleeping, and he can have several dreams in just one night. He’s so funny; he can impersonate other person like a comedian. He’s a caring and full of affection person; but don’t you dare to break his trust.

Well, it’s just a brief of things about my
hubby. If you want to know more stories, click the CC badge above.


My Horta Grass Doll

>> Jan 18, 2010

This post isn’t a paid one. I write this because I appreciate the ideas. The creators are the college students of Bogor Agriculture Institute (the same college with me). Horta grass doll is actually a plant media that packaged in various doll forms.

There are several horta doll forms such as horta head cup, panda bear, turtle, cow, frog, pig, cat and monkey. If you’re spraying water (just a little) to the doll every day, the grass -which seeds have planted on one part of doll’s body surface- will grow. The growth speed of the grass is so fast; and it’s so fun to watch the addition of grass length every day. Only in two days, grass length can increase until three times.

Horta dolls can become new alternatives of educative, creative and imaginative dolls for
children. Your child can play and also learn. Like I do, your child will love watching the growing grass. You can ask your child to measure the grass length several times per day. You can also teach your child a responsibility. By giving her/ him a task to spray water on its horta doll body every day, you have already given a good lesson to care something. If the grass has grown too long, your child can cut and form the grass according to your child’s desire and style.

Despite its positive aims, I noticed that there aren’t yet standard shapes in all products. I still see doll cat head shapes are different one another. I don’t know how the doll is built; hope they can fix it; because the standardization is related to quality maintenance. One more thing, I also think that they should increase doll’s appearance to look more attractive. Applying more colors with waterproof paint might be able to brighten the doll’s looks.

You can also place these dolls to decorate your home. I place my horta doll on my computer table. While I’m using the computer, I can see its cute face and touch the grass…


For Couples: How to Manage Your Finance in Harmony

>> Jan 16, 2010

Every married couple realizes that finance problem, whether involves small or big amount of money, can become the cause of quarrelling in your relationship. Finance problem itself usually happens if there is lack of communication and cooperation between couples.

In this post, I’ll mention several tips how to manage your finance in harmony. Here they are:

Organize your finance things.You have to create a finance management system which can work for both. All documents that related to finance transaction such as chequebooks, receipts and others should be compiled in one place. All things that related to ‘to be paid’ file (payments of credit cards, car, insurances, monthly mortgage, etc) should be also placed in the same place. You can use a help of finance consultant if you need their advice to manage your expenses.

Write down your finance information in detail.
It will ease you both if you have detailed finance information.

Arrange a schedule of regular finance meetings.
Take your
time to sit down together with your spouse and then discussing your financial condition. Do it regularly.

What can you discuss in every finance meeting with your spouse?

  • Manage all finance information’s which have term limit payments. Organize them based on its amount and due date in an easy-to-read format.

  • Analyze your expenses together. Compare your monthly income with your monthly expenses.
  • Find solutions on every problem or find ways to increase your earnings. The point is, face and solve your problem together.

  • The truly aim of this finance meeting is to make you both as a good and strong team.
  • Rewrite source: kesehatankeuangan.blogspot.com
    Picture source : newsroom.Ids.org


    Couple’s Corner : He Made Me Really Angry

    >> Jan 13, 2010

    I’m afraid I can’t share much story here, so, this post is a short one. During our more than seven years marriage life, we have experienced lots of misunderstandings, but he has never made me really angry.

    I hope it won’t happen, but things that can make me really angry is if he’s cheating on me, he’s lying to me or seeing other woman behind my back. My hubby has already realized this well, because I’ve ever told him about any matter that can make me really mad.

    I often feel irritated with his bad habits, but, thank God, he has never done anything that made me furious. I hope we can keep this happy marriage in many years to come…

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    Camera Critters: a Colorful Caterpillar

    This is my first time joining Camera Critters. This meme is all about photos of animals/critters. I found this caterpillar on my front yard. Actually I'm afraid of caterpillar, but seeing its beautiful colors, I push myself to take the picture.

    I think I've seldom seen a caterpillar with beautiful colors like this...If you want to see other photos, click the badge above.


    Funny Sleeping Behaviors

    >> Jan 9, 2010

    We all know that baby and younger children (under 5 years old) need qualified sleep for their maximal brain growing. The amount of sleeping child hours is adapted by its age level. Newborn baby usually sleeps 16-20 hours per day, 2-12 months aged baby needs to sleep 9-12 hours in the night with 1-4 times having a nap. While 12 months-3 years aged child usually sleeps 12-13 hours per day with only once having a nap. If the child has been above 4 years old, she/he doesn’t need to take a nap again.
    Well, are their qualified sleeping needs becoming the answers of these funny sleeping behaviors?

    Sources: www.thosefunnypictures.com & cool-and-funny-pictures.blogspot.com


    Ezy Roller : Your Active Child will Love it!

    I found this site and I love to share it with you. This cool site offers unique and personalized gifts for your whole family. I think everyone always loves being given a unique and personalized gift; because it shows your affection and special attention.

    This site actually offers lots of things; but I’ll share here my three favorites. Have you ever heard about Ezy Roller before? If your child is an active child who likes outdoor activities, I am so sure that he/she will love this Ezy Roller!

    You might ask, what is Ezy Roller? Ezy Roller is a chart without pedals, a chain or batteries, and it has three wheels. Ezy Roller glides forward by moving your feet. If your child’s age is between 3-14 years old, Ezy Roller could be a perfect toy for her/him. It’s different with rollerblades; Ezy Roller has a handbrake built in and the top speed is about 12 mph. You should not be worried about the product safety; Ezy Roller is a product with high quality design. There is also Ezy Roller Junior, which is suitable for younger children (aged 2-4). It glides forward by moving left and right hands. This fun chart will help your child to develop his/her strong hands and feet, right?
    Well, let me move to my other two favorites: personalized pillowcases and nap mats. You will amaze with their collection; so cute, qualified and colorful! All these bright and fun pillows are available in 100% chenille fabrics. One more thing that I most like is, you can personalize your pillows (and also your nap mat) with large bright embroidery. It sounds good, does it? I am pretty sure that you will have a nice sleep with these pillows…

    Their nap mats are perfect for your younger child and toddlers. It has several product excellences. The nap mat is attached with a soft fleece blanket and it also has a removable foam pillow. Your child will feel comfortable using this. Moreover, it’s easy for you to clean it; you can just wash it with your washing machine.

    In this post I’ve shared my three favorite products, now I invite you to visit Posylane to check all of them by yourselves…


    Couple’s Corner: Most Irritating/Annoying Habits for Both

    >> Jan 8, 2010

    In my opinion, this week’s topic of Couple’s Corner is a funny one. If you have chosen one man as your partner in a marriage bond, you should be able to accept all his annoying habits. The funny part is, no matter how angry you are because of it, you still love your husband…

    As a
    couple, we aren’t perfect. Well, no body’s perfect, right? I’m not perfect, neither does my hubby. Each of us has annoying habits; but I don’t want to mention my bad habits here, hehehe. In this post, I’ll mention some of his habits that irritate me much, but as I said before, it won’t decrease my love to my hubby
    • I really hate his smoking habit! You might ask why I got married with a smoker then. What I can say, love isn’t a logical thing, right? Until now, he still can’t stop this habit, but while he’s smoking, I don’t want nearing him.
    • Having taken a bath, he always put his wet towel on the bed.
    • Having cooked in a kitchen, he always left a kitchen in a mess and let me do the cleaning by myself.
    • He annoys me often with his silly acts. When I’m in a bath room, he likes to put off the light. When we’re watching a scary movie, he likes to make me surprise with dropping something to floor. When I’m writing an article for my blogs, he likes to annoy me with asking many silly questions, etc.
    He actually has other annoying habits, but I’m afraid this post will be too long, hehehe. If you want to read other’s funny annoying habits, visit the site by clicking the CC badge above.


    Should Parents Compromise with Their Chidren? (2)

    >> Jan 5, 2010

    Dear you all, recently I’ve got technical problem. My computer is still malfunction, and now still being serviced. It may take several days to settle the problem. To my visitors, I’m so sorry if I haven’t yet visited you again…

    Now back to this post. It’s the last post of compromise topic. What’s the difference between compromise and surrender? Compromise is very different from surrender. Compromise doesn't mean any old concession on your child's part will do.

    It is your responsibility as parents to set up proper parameters of compromise and to hold your child to those parameters. If after offering the above compromise your child throws a tantrum, and you then agree to do your shopping in the afternoon but in return your child has to clean his/her room, you have surrendered.

    When you first try to reach a compromise with your child, you must very clearly from the start identify those areas which are nonnegotiable. If there is room for compromise on an issue; it usually develops when both your child's separate and common interests and yours are discussed.

    If you don't ask why your child want something to happen differently, or explain to her/him why you think something should happen in a particular way, it will be difficult to achieve a win–win compromise.

    How to say a proper compromise to your child? The language you use is important, here is the guidance:
    • You shouldn't say, "if you do this I will do that". This is manipulative and will probably come back to bite you one day as you are teaching your child the tactics of manipulation.
    • However, if you say something like "if we do it this way, we can both get what we want". This teaches your child that there may be a solution in the middle that everyone can live with.
    How about the limit? Yes, there is a limit. Too much compromise can also teach your child to manipulate. Your arguments need to be relevant. If you try to justify your demands with layers of argument, you are just teaching her/him to try reason after reason.

    While it is important for your child to learn to reason and present a good case for what he/she wants, it is also important for your child to understand when no means no. It remains your responsibility to teach her/him how to cope successfully with the disappointment of not getting her/his own way and understanding that she/he will not always be able to control all of the events in her/his lives.

    Rewrite source: brainy-child.com and google


    Couple’s Corner : Can You Read My Mind?

    >> Jan 2, 2010

    Do couples have the ability to read each other mind? I don’t know for sure about this before. Because of my curiosity, I browsed to find more information.

    Daniel Siegel, a psychiatrist from UCLA, assumed that a mind reading ability as an ability to make a perception of other’s mind by interpreting the given clues (consciously or not). He named it mindsight, or an ability of brain to make a map of other’s mental condition. William Ickes from University of Texas gave the other concept; he mentioned it as Empathic Accuracy, an ability to feel precisely what other feels.

    Every one actually has this ability, include children. It isn’t easy to read other’s mind. The accuracy rate of mind reading between best friends or couples is about only 35%, but they said that the ability can be trained more.

    How is the process of mind reading? There are two approaches that complement each other: the help of our five senses and human ability to catch the emotional frequency of a person nearby.

    Though the studies said that the accuracy rate of mind reading between couples is only about 35 %, I realize that I truly experienced it. As a couple, of course, we have a close relationship and a strong emotional bond. Having known well my hubby’s characters, personalities and preferences, when we face any situation, I sometimes can guess correctly what his reaction will be, what he’s thinking about and what he’s going to say. It happens vice versa.
    But still he can’t read my mind and I also can’t read his completely. That’s why misunderstandings still happen in our relationship. That’s why we apply open communication. If we can read mind one another accurately, we can seldom talk, hehehe…

    But I believe that the same frequency of our emotion (or whatever else) connects us. This situation happens to us often: He’s outside (at his workplace or other place), and suddenly I’m thinking about him. Commonly, a few minute later, he calls me and says, “Hay, what’s up? I suddenly remember you…”

    This is my story, if you want to know other’s story about this interesting topic, you can click the badge above.


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