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Survival Skills to Teach Your Kids

>> Jun 30, 2017

Learning basic survival skills is a must for all people, especially the people who engage in outdoor activities. Being able to know the many survival tips and tricks can give you an advantage during the direst of situations. In fact, these skills are so useful in many situations that learning them at a young age is crucial. To get you started, here are important survival skills that you can already teach your kids.

1.    Making a Fire
Photo Courtesy: bmag.com.au
Despite being one of the more risky things to do at a young age, learning how to make a fire is one of the most important skills to learn when going outdoors. Learning how to make a fire takes a lot of time and patience to pull off. Teaching them to look for the right wood to light up, along with the process of finally lighting up a fire, is one lesson that is bound to get kids really excited to learn more survival skills.

2.    Basic First Aid
Photo Courtesy: lek.si
Another crucial survival skill, learning the basics and essentials of first aid would help your kids in the long run. Teaching them the basics, such as how to dress a wound, apply splints, know the right medicine to use, and to perform proper certified CPR. Learning first aid at a young age would help children be aware of various medical supplies, and to be aware and alert during emergency situations.
3.    Putting up a tent/How to make Shelter
Photo Courtesy: youtube.com/themightyeagleuk
When going to the outdoors, one of the things to make sure when stopping over is to be able to know how to make your own shelter, or how to pitch a tent. You can teach kids how to find the right materials to make shelter from, and make sure that it is sturdy enough. For putting up a tent, teach kids to know the proper instructions, where each part fits, and the right ground to set it all up. Teaching your kids these shelter making skills would also help them learn the value of team work as they establish their own shelter.

4.    Outdoor Cooking
Photo Courtesy: press.basspro.com
Once the kids know how to make their own fires, it is also time to teach them how to prepare and cook meals. One of the most important things to learn here is how to clean up and skin the food properly for it to be fit to be eaten. Seasoning the food is optional but it enhances the flavor. The next step is learning how to set up their food over the fire, learning the right positions would help get your food cooked properly and lowers the risk of contracting diseases from the food.
5.    Navigation Skills
Photo Courtesy: expertbeacon.com
One of the common problems of people travelling outdoors is that they can get lost if they do not know proper navigation skills. Teaching your kids how to use the map, GPS, and the compass would make sure that they know they’re travelling the right path. Bonus tip: You can also teach them how to look for the right stars at night. That way, they can find their way through the wilderness better.

Key Takeaway

Basic survival skills are a must for people to learn, as they know how to survive even in the direst conditions possible. Having your kids learn these skills early on would help them be aware of their surroundings and become more independent. Who knows when the will be the time that your kids would be put into a survival situation.

About the Author:
Esther Diaz

A 22-year-old graduate of graphic design, DIY enthusiast, make-up lover and has a love-hate relationship with desserts. I dream to be soon one of the known bloggers.


Does Infidelity Matter in a New Jersey Divorce Case?

>> Jun 29, 2017

Infidelity is defined as the action or state of being unfaithful to a spouse. When married, this is referred to as adultery, which can be cited as a reason for divorce. There are many instances where adultery can swing the favor of a divorce case in one party’s favor, but there are certain states that have specific rulings regarding infidelity.

Rulings on Infidelity in New Jersey

Choosing to end a marriage will be difficult regardless of the reasons behind the choice. In New Jersey, those seeking a divorce can choose to pursue a “fault” or “no fault” divorce. In a fault divorce, the party filing for the divorce claims that the other spouse is responsible for the breakdown of the marriage. In a no fault divorce, no blame is placed on either party for the marriage not working out.

As of January 2007, New Jersey became a “no fault” state, wherein parties seeking divorce are able to file for it without having to cite one of the fault-based grounds, or have had to be separated for a minimum period of 18 months before filing. In New Jersey, people are now able to file for divorce citing “irreconcilable differences”.

Divorce Case Proceedings

Many people choose to file for a no fault divorce in order to avoid messy, expensive legal proceedings. Proving fault in a divorce can be traumatic for both parties seeking the dissolution of their marriage, and in cases of infidelity or adultery, it may sometimes require the naming of individuals with whom the other spouse has had an affair.

The court may also require information regarding the length of the committed infidelity, where it was committed, and so on. Finally, the individual with whom the spouse has had an affair with will most likely have to make a court appearance. In order to obtain the information the court needs in order to proceed, it may become necessary to hire a private investigator in New Jersey.

All of the above translates into a lot of work, and possibly much unnecessary heartache. In a state like New Jersey, citing adultery plays no significant role in helping the court determine the amount of support a spouse might be entitled to receive, nor in the division of the couple’s properties.

However, a court might rule differently if it is proven that the infidelity has had an adverse or negative affect on the couple’s finances. For example, if a spouse has spent a significant amount of money on the individual with whom he or she is or was having an affair with, or has hidden assets or cash with that individual, the courts may choose to factor in that spouse’s dishonesty into the division of the couple’s property.

Other Effects of Adultery in Divorce Cases

In terms of property division, the court will not factor in infidelity when deciding who gets what. There have been cases, however, where this could indirectly affect the decision. As mentioned earlier, if one party spends an excessive amount of the marital funds on an adulterous relationship, the court may rule in favor on the cheated spouse to receive a greater amount in the property division to make up for the misused assets.

The case is also the same for child custody, where infidelity does not necessarily affect the court’s decision. However, special circumstances come into play when the unfaithful spouse can put the children at risk by exposing them to someone who might adversely affect them during them time with the adulterous parent. For instance, if this parent lives with an alcoholic or sex offender, this can affect the court’s decision for custody or visitation rights.


Why People Send Their Kids to International School? And Why You Should Too

>> Jun 28, 2017

As the years go by, more and more students across the world choose to study in an international school.Some of the reasons behind this is that more students want a more diverse way of studying, an education they can use in countries around the world, and a student body that is multicultural and diverse. In the Philippines,international schools are known as some of the best and most well-equipped schools in the country. 

With world class facilities and curriculums modeled after the best schools in the world, sending your child in an international school certainly is a great experience for your child. For parents who still need more convincing, here is a more elaborate list of reasons to send your child to an international school.

Diversity and Language

One of the main selling points of international schools is that they have a diverse student body, which is rarely seen in regular schools. Being in an international school, your child would be able to interact with students from different cultural backgrounds.  They would be exposed to different cultural practices and celebrations, and they have the opportunity to learn new languages from both their classmates, and from the teachers of the school itself. Having diversity in a school would help your child become more appreciative and open to what the world has to offer. 
Good communication with the school

One of the most important things that parents are looking for in a school is their ability to communicate with them and their children. Being able to communicate to the students and parents despite the language barriers that are present gives them an advantage over regular schools. The best international schools are able to communicate all the needed information and concerns to the parents properly, which makes them very reputable and reliable. 

The ability to study in different countries

One of the best benefits of having a diploma from an international school is that you are able to study in some of the most prestigious colleges and universities across the world. Some of the best international school students get the opportunity to study in countries like the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and so much more. By going to an international school, you are ensuring that your child is well-equipped with the knowledge and skill to study in a foreign college or university.

Better careers

Studying in an international school grants you the ability to study in the best schools around the world, which will also be very beneficial to your child. Having a degree from a top-notch university will give you the best job opportunities available. Studying in an international school helps you learn new languages and diverse cultures, which is beneficial for your career as most companies today are looking for people who are knowledgeable and are skilled with interacting with foreign cultures.

Key Takeaway

International schools can be considered to be melting pots of different languages and cultures. With the diversity, the quality education, and the potential university and career options present, sending your child in an international school is one of the best options you can give to your child.

About the Author:
Laurel Santos may be a 24 year old adult but at her core she is just a little girl full of wonder. She lives in the city and works as a freelance photographer in the Philippines. She manages a small pet shop inside her village. She has a big heart for animals, especially stray dogs. She is an avid traveler because she believes that life is not lived within the borders of your own home.  Despite her busy schedule she always finds time to do one thing that she is very passionate about and that is writing.


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