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How We Celebrate Being Together

>> Mar 31, 2011

This post is still the continuing of my previous story. After my father gave his blessing, Rofi can come again to visit me at home. My father still didn’t talk much to Rofi but he has already shown a friendly face.

I remember that we celebrated this happy moment by eating out at a lovely restaurant. While holding hands, we’re talking about our future. We’re so happy! That night, we started to make a wedding plan. We discussed many things that related with our wedding day; though I haven’t yet met Rofi’s father. Yep, after months of uncertainty situation, talking about our future togetherness in a marriage bond was becoming our most interest!

Until now, eating out, watching movies or just hanging out to have a hot drink at a café are always becoming our favorite thing to do when we celebrate any moment or when we have spare times (especially in the weekend).


A Small River

>> Mar 30, 2011

I saw this small river faraway from the terrace of a restaurant (Gumati Batu Tulis, Bogor, Indonesia). I don’t know the name of the river; my husband said that it’s Cisadane Small River. My entry for Watery Wednesday


Our Weekend Getaway

>> Mar 28, 2011

I’m still sleepy right now; we arrived home last night from our weekend getaway. Last week Friday night, we leaved home to my grand father’s house (Ciamis, West Java, Indonesia)to fetch my father. He was already there for a few days. My grand father and grand mother have passed away many years ago; but their house is still kept well. One of my aunts lives there and the other will visit the house one by one.

There’s a blue thing that attracted my attention on the way. From far away, I wasn’t sure what was the motor bike brought at the basket behind. Aww, it turned out that it’s a door to door rug laundry service!

We reached the house Saturday morning. After sleeping for a few hours, I accompanied my husband and a cousin- fishing around the big pound beside the grand’s father house. After a while, the rain fell hard. We moved into the gazebo and continued fishing. It was a successful fishing, since they got more than ten fish in only two hours. We went back home on Sunday, after having lunch with yummy fried fish. We have a nice weekend!


Broken Wing

>> Mar 27, 2011

It’s just a short post this time. Right now I’m at my grandfather’s house (Ciamis, West Java, Indonesia). It took six hours drive to reach the place. We went to grandfather’s house to fetch my father who has been there earlier.

It’s raining almost all day here; I still can’t take pictures. So, I’ll share another. A few days ago, I saw this poor butterfly in our front yard. One side of the wings is broken; but it still can fly.


CC: Back In Each Others Arms

>> Mar 24, 2011

In my previous post, I said that I protested my father by not talking to him. But I still communicated by leaving him a note. Every time I went out of home, I always wrote a note first.

My father knew that I refused talking to him and he also never started a communication. Perhaps he thought that it’s better for us; to cool down. I called my three brothers and told them the real situation. Since they assumed Rofi as a good person, they didn’t mind that I had a serious relationship with Rofi. They said that as long as Rofi loves me deeply, they will allow us.

I also invited Rofi to visit my eldest brother in another town. My brothers lived in different towns; I can’t take him to visit all of my brothers (at least he can meet one of them). I was so glad that my eldest brother was so welcoming to Rofi. At that time, I needed their supports. I wrote a long letter to my father that described all my feelings. On the letter, I said that I always love my father and his blessing was very important for me. My father read the letter; but he still didn’t show any response.

This condition was continuing until Eid ul-Fitr holidays and celebration in 2001; it’s about three months ahead. My two brothers and their families can come to celebrate together. There’s a tradition that during Eid ul-Fitr, people will forgive each other. We’ll also do the tradition here, at my father’s home.

My father sit on a chair, and we, his children and grandkids, will approach to kiss his hand and forgive each other. When it came to my turn, I said that I wanted him to forgive all my mistakes. Suddenly, my father cried. He said that he actually blessed our relationship; but he also wanted to test Rofi. My father said that Rofi passed the test as he still kept our relationship and didn’t leave me. My father admitted that he was angry as he felt shocked at that time. In his mind, Rofi wanted to take me from him and leave my father alone.

It’s my first time to see my father’s crying. We hugged each other. Many thanks I conveyed to my father for his blessing. I saw that all my SILs were also crying, like me. What a touched moment. I called Rofi to inform this good news (he was in his hometown). We were very thankful to God for giving us the best solution.


How to Create a Good Relationship – Ways to Build a Strong Foundation for Your Relationship

>> Mar 23, 2011

Creating an almost perfect relationship is also an almost impossible task to do. Especially if you’re still a newbie in the game called “Love”. This is just like any other game, with different levels (easy, normal, hard, and impossible). You’ll level up through experience. Not from monsters and quests, but from trials and errors.

Guidelines to a Good RelationshipThe good thing is just like other games, it also have some “Cheats”. We can obtain high level relationship with this cheats. These cheats are hidden through these tips:

Being selfish is forbidden.You must see your relationship as an opportunity to give rather than to receive. You should treat your partner as your Queen or King. Help them with all your heart. Don’t hesitate to lend your hands.

Changes are part of your relationship.You can’t take away the possibility that your partner will ask you to change something. Be open for changes, because these changes can improve your relationship. But be sure that these changes are meant for improvement and not for personal reasons only.

Listening is essential.This is one of the basic problems in the relationship. Its either one of you doesn’t want to listen or both of you don’t want to do it. You should listen to each and every thing that he/she wants to tell. And please, listen carefully. For these are the clues to know what he/she wants and doesn’t want.

Share Secrets.Be open to each other. Share your confidential secrets, and especially the secrets that are related to your relationship. Don’t be shy to let him/her know your secrets. Sharing secret to a person is a simple way of saying that you trust him/her. Tell him/her whenever you’re mad, scared, lonely, happy and in trouble. Just say everything to your partner, and you’re relationship won’t be wrong.

Keep your promises.
Promises are not meant to be broken. You should try your best to keep those promises. Don’t let him/her to be disappointed. If you can’t keep your promises, he/she won’t trust you anymore. You will lose your integrity.

Don’t ever cheat.Seeing someone else without his/her knowledge is an obvious crime of being unfaithful. You won’t gain anything with cheating. The only victim if you’ll ever cheat is yourself, because in the end, you will recognize your mistakes and it will be late for any reconciliation.

Be supportive.
Support every right decision that he/she will make. Don’t ever tell him/her what to do. Just give some advice.

Admit your mistakes.If you ever commit a mistake, have the courage to admit it. Don’t push that you’re always right. This is also one of the basics in a relationship. Admit mistakes and learn from those mistakes. Have a limitation for you to never commit the same mistake again and again.

And last, Sacrifice.This is the most important tip that I can give you. I you really love him/her you won’t think twice to sacrifice for her. Love is full of sacrifices and respect. You both won’t last if you’ll just gain, try to give more of yourself to him/her.

You can’t go wrong if you just do these things. These can guide you both for a good relationship that has the strong foundation to last for a lifetime. Every one like a perfect relationship but not all people can get it. Love your partner as if there’s no tomorrow. Good luck!

Author’s Bio:
Jay Dawber, is an ordinary guy who is a father of two and a good husband to his wife. But besides of being a good dad, he wants to prove his suspicions that his wife is cheating on him. He seen all the signs but can’t do anything to catch her in action. He tried everything but always ends up failing. And after some frustrations and dull moment, he discovered a very easy method to catch your cheating spouse
. And he wants to share it to every men, having this scenario in the present.


Ready to Plant

Soon the rice plant will grow on this muddy field. The ground has been ready. Water is really required to plant the rice.
The field is located around the fishing place in Kampung Katulampa (Bogor, West Java,Indonesia). I forgot to bring camera, I just used camera on mobile phone.

My entry for
Watery Wednesday


Fresh Fish to Your Door

>> Mar 21, 2011

I seldom buy fish and prawns in the market or store. I usually get it from this vendor. The quality isn’t bad at all. Unfortunately, as Sunday has become our fishing day, I must say to him several times that I already have enough fish for half week ahead.

Fish is a healthy food. Do you like eating fish? How do you get it? Is there a fish vendor like this in your place?


Begging Face

>> Mar 19, 2011

A cat was nearing us while we’re eating at a restaurant. A hungry cat, I guess. Then the cat ate what we ate. After a while, she/he left us. I think the cat was already full. This cat has beautiful eyes, right?


CC: I Cried a River

>> Mar 17, 2011

I share the continuing of my last week story: When I thought It was Over. After my father got very angry with us, I remembered that at night, I can’t sleep at all and cried a river for hours. My head and heart was full of negative emotions and minds. It was one sad night at September, 2001.

To answer Liz question, I can say here that we weren’t young couple; both of us were 29 years old. It’s not our age that made my father angry.

I was feeling so sad and hopeless. I missed my mother so much; as she had passed away two years before (in 1999). I knew that my late mother blessed our relationship since she met Rofi in his dream and she gave her blessing to us. After my mother died, there were only two of us at home, me and my father. I promised to myself to always accompany my father. I thought Rofi was the right man for me as he was willing to live with me and my father at the same house.

That’s why I felt so disappointed with my father. Not only disappointed, but also shocked. I didn’t want to confront with my father straightly but I still wanted to state my disagreement with him. I still did the home chores and served food for my father as usual; but I avoid communicating with him. It happened for about three months. Can you imagine how quiet the house was? There were only two of us at home, but we didn’t talk each other. I was in my protest!

For those three months, I still met Rofi once in a while; but we always met outside. He always convinced me that we had a strong love. All we had to do was more patient. I’ll continue this story next week; you’ll know how my father can finally accept our relationship.


Water Features at Atta’awun Mosque

>> Mar 16, 2011

Atta’awun is a famous mosque in Puncak area (Cisarua, West Java, Indonesia). The mosque is famous for its unique architecture and beautiful natural view. Around the mosque, there are water features that I share here. At the entrance there is a pool of water as a symbol of self cleaning before entering the mosque. Interior of the mosque seems so majestic. Right next to the mosque there is a river that flows from the springs of Gunung Mas tea plantation. This river water was very cool.

Its courtyard and parking lot have become favorite rest area, since from the spot, you can enjoy the cool air and views of tea gardens. At the mosque parking area, lots of food stalls offer roasted corn snacks, hot ‘sekoteng’ drink, and meatballs. Those are kinds of food and drink that suit in cold weather.

My entry for
Watery Wednesday


Homemaking Jobs

>> Mar 14, 2011

This time I want to share a comic by Lynn Johnston; about Liz and John family. I realize that until now, there are still a few husbands out there that can't see homemaking jobs as valuable works since it has no economical value. Wives do it with love, free of charge, without being paid.

Homemaking is a mainly American term for the management of a home, otherwise known as housework, housekeeping or household management.

This domestic consumption work creates goods and services within a household, such as meals, childcare, household repairs, or the manufacture of clothes and gifts. Common tasks include cleaning, cooking, and looking after children. A person in charge of the homemaking, who isn't employed outside the home, is in the U.S. and Canada often called a homemaker, a gender-neutral term for a housewife or a househusband.


Housekeeping by the homemaker is the care and control of property, ensuring its maintenance and proper use and appearance. Housework is work done by the act of housekeeping. Some housekeeping is housecleaning and some housekeeping is home chores. Home chores are housework that needs to be done at regular intervals.

Housekeeping includes the budget and control of expenditures, preparing meals and buying food, paying the heat bill, and cleaning the house. Outdoor housecleaning chores include removing leaves from rain gutters, washing windows, sweeping doormats, cleaning the pool, putting away lawn furniture, and taking out the trash.

Home and Lawn Maintenance

Home maintenance involves the diagnosis and resolution of problems in a home, and is related to home maintenance to avoid such problems. Many types of maintenance are "Do It Yourself" (DIY) projects. Maintenance is not necessarily the same as home improvement, although many improvements can result from repairs or maintenance.

Homemakers that have a lawn responsibility adhere to seasonal lawn care practices, which vary to some extent depending on the climate zone and type of grass that is grown (whether cool season or warm season varieties).

Household Management

Household management by the homemaker is the act of control the organizational, financial, and day-to-day operations of a house. It differs from housekeeping, which consists of the physical maintenance and cleaning of a house.
Household Purchasing

Household purchasing refers to homemaker's effort to get goods or services to finish the goals of the household. Though there are several households that attempt to set standards in the purchasing process, processes can vary greatly between households. Home makers decide the market goods that the household will buy, such as the groceries which have been bough at a grocer's.

So, husbands, please don’t underestimate homemaking jobs, especially if your wife –the homemaker- is a housewife or stay at home wife. Don’t say something like “I’m tired; I’ve worked all day!” It will hurt your wife’s heart!

For your information, some feminists as well as certain non-feminist economists mention that the monetary contribution of housewives' work to society is still ignored in standard formulations of economic output, such as GDP or employment figures.

I’m a housewife. Thanks to the internet, now I can participate in adding fund to our household income.

Data source:wikipedia


Embden Goose

>> Mar 12, 2011

While I took their pictures on a muddy field, the geese were coming out from the field and walking toward me. Awww, straightly I thought they were annoyed and wanted to chase me! But since they were walking slowly, I still had a chance taking pictures while walking backward (just in case if I must run!). Soon I found out that they weren’t chasing me, they just want to move onto another part of the field. What a relief :)

The Embden Goose is a breed of domestic goose. The origins of this breed are thought to be from region North Sea, in Holland and Germany. These geese are pure white with a short, light orange bill, and orange feet and shanks.

The legs are rather short. The head is oval-shaped and they have a long and graceful neck. The eyes are an ocean blue. The body is bulky and well rounded, having a long back and a short tail. The wings are very strong and of a good length. The feathers are close and very hard. The breed’s habits are to search for tidbits in the grass and water. The adult bird will commence laying eggs fairly early in the year, in February as a rule, laying 30 to 40 eggs.



Why Should You and Shouldn’t Spy On Your Children – Pros and Cons of Spying Your Siblings

>> Mar 11, 2011

From the beginning of their life, children now a day are being exposed to earthly sins. Parents can’t do anything but to be strict on their siblings, because they think that this is the only way to protect their kids from the harsh environments and even from themselves. They’re pushed to set some limitation that may attack their own children’s private lives.

Beyond those caring and monitoring stuffs, I’m just thinking. Do the parents also know that they have their own set of limitations too? Did they think about the possible consequences of their action? I’m not saying that monitoring them is wrong, but it must have concrete reasoning on why to do such an action.

Reasons on why should parents spy on their children.It’s a parent’s responsibility to love, support, care, and protect their children. And the main reason why parents are forced to spy on their children is the responsibility to protect them. Checking their phones, monitoring the internet sites that they’re visiting, tracking them via GPS device, and even monitoring their daily school activities, these are some of the hundred methods that parents might be using on protecting their kids. We can’t blame them for doing those actions that can be considered as spying, because children are on a ruthless world of crimes and addictions. They are just being protective to their siblings. And they have reasons to do so, such as.

Low – grades from school 

This is the first possible evidence that you’re children are doing something fishy beyond the school bushes. Their low – grades doesn’t always mean that they have a low IQ. There’s the possibility of distraction. There are the illegal gambling, drug addiction, immature drinking, and other bad influences that can push your teens to cut classes and to absent without your consent. This is one of the primary reasons why parents are drive to spy on their kids.

Secretly Behavior
Knowing that teens are good pretenders, parents are having a hard time to observe if there’s something wrong with their kids or their hiding something from them. But once you talk to them seriously, as if you know something, they will show some signs that there’s something going on. Be attentive to their actions. Teens that are hiding something tend to be more stressed and stiff, another reason why parents are insisting to talk to them and investigate.

Mood Change
Adolescents are more accurate that adults in case of mood. They are more stable and satisfy. But if you notice some extreme changes with their usual moods, be suspicious, try to talk to them even though you know that it is almost impossible for them to tell it to you. Adolescents are more open to their friends rather than to their family.

Excessive hunger for money 

They may ask you for money more frequent than usual but you’re not aware on how they spend that amount. This is another sign that your children are being amused to something. If it’s for dresses, gaming console, and other “teen must have” items, it’s fine. But if you can’t see any receipt from a department store or even a super market, now there’s a reason for you to be aware. There’s always a possibility of buying an illegal product. I’m not talking about pirated DVDs and Blue Ray CDs, I’m talking about drugs.

Reasons on why you shouldn’t be spying of them
Yes, we all know about the fact that parents have the privilege to monitor their children. They don’t want their children to get hurt, to commit mistakes, to suffer from those mistakes, and even to get low – grades. Those are parts of parenting. But there’s the downside of those part. Some parents don’t notice that they’re now breaking through the boundary of caring and intrusion. These are some of the downfalls of spying your siblings:

Looks like you don’t trust them 

Spying your children without their knowledge is a massive attack to their ego. They will think that you don’t trust them. Trust is the most important spice of a relationship except for love. And with your children knowing that you don’t trust may serve as the spark of a rebellion for them that can cause a much bigger problem.

It will seems that you’re pushing them to be perfect 

Protecting your children from committing mistakes will not entirely benefit you children. If you are so aware in avoiding them to commit mistakes, it will just build a concept in their minds that you’re pushing them too hard to be perfect. We all know that nobody is perfect. And mistakes are part of growing up.

They won’t know the word “Responsibility” 

By spying on them and over protecting them, you’re just teaching them to be dependent and irresponsible. Without giving them enough privacy, they won’t build responsibility and sense of independence within them. Privacy is very essential to their growing process. Spying them will melt their own privacy. And eventually melt their future too.

Spy Gadgets are one of the best tools to monitor and guard your children’s security. But there are also the most dangerous tools to invade their private lives too. As parents, know your limitations. Don’t cross the line. If there’s no problem with them, give them the privacy that they deserve as a symbol of their good work.

Jay Dawber is a writer and a single parent for his three siblings. He is a full time office worker and a part time blog writer about parenting. But besides of his busy schedule, he is searching for a way to supervise his children’s daily activity. And for years of failing, he found a very easy method, and that is to
spy on their phone. And he likes to share it to all parents out there.


CC: When I thought It was Over

>> Mar 10, 2011

When we’re still boy friend and girl friend, I’ve ever had this feeling. I thought that this relationship would be over. I forget the exact day, but it’s the time when we (I and Rofi) talked to my father that we’re serious with our relationship and we wanted to unite in a marriage bond.

Do you know what happened later after my father heard his statement? My father became so angry! Very angry. Lots of words with high tones must we accepted that night. I’ve never guessed before that my father would react like that.

I felt so hopeless. I’m a kind of daughter that doesn’t dare to disagree with my father’s wish. After that moment, I asked Rofi what we should do. He calmed me by saying that his feeling for me wouldn’t change. He told me that we must be more patient and waited for better condition. He said that he won’t come to my house for a while. I agreed with him. I didn’t want to make my father more upset. I remembered that I cried like a river that night.

Well, I’ve shared this sad moment. What about your story?


A Pond in Japanese Garden

>> Mar 9, 2011

Entering the Japanese Garden at Nusantara Flower Park (Cipanas, West Java, Indonesia), you’ll see this green pond and the bridge above it. The water is so green. Though the water isn’t clear, you still can enjoy the beautiful reflection.

My entry for
Watery Wednesday


It’s About One Thing for Two

>> Mar 7, 2011

This Sunday is a busy one for me and my husband. On Saturday, I have dinner with my husband, his youngest sister and nieces. On Sunday, we have two family events that we should attend. First, a family gathering (from my father’s side) that held every two months. Second, suddenly in the morning, my BIL called my husband to inform that the big family (about 14 people) wanted to come and try fishing at the fishing place that we used to visit.

Since they still don’t know the way to reach the place, my BIL asked my husband to take them and guide the way. At the same time, we must attend the family gathering. So, we decide to take my husband’s big family first and dropped them at the fishing place. Then we went hurriedly to the family gathering place. The traffic jam made us more late arriving there.

As we’re so starving, straightly we had our late lunch. Surprisingly, I was offered to attain the ‘arisan’ money this turn. For your information, ‘arisan’ is a regular social gathering whose members contribute to and take turns at winning an aggregate sum of money. It’s a nice surprise, really. Next family fathering will be held in our home! It’s a pity that I share no pictures here, all my captures are blurry. After two hours at the relative’s house, we went back to the fishing place to accompany them. We left the place at dusk time, before the night fell.

Another thing about ‘one thing for two’ is one seat for two. My husband captured these girls; riding a bike in unusual way. It’s really one seat for two. It’s very interesting to see, right? The girl behind can keep her balance well.


CC: Quarrels

>> Mar 4, 2011

It’s my late Couple’s Corner post. I’ve got headache since this morning. It makes me lazy to write. So, this time I just write a little here.

Quarrels in a marriage life? I guess it’s a normal thing since we are two different people with different characters, culture and background. These entire differences make we can’t avoid from disagreement and conflicts. I can say that disagreements often happen between us, but it never lead to a bigger quarrel.

Sometimes, both of us can be so sensitive and stubborn. After talking each other with high tones, we can stop talking for hours. Thank God, we have promised at first to always forgive each other at the end of the day. If we have a quarrel that day, we used to reconcile at night, before we’re going to sleep.

I think it is okay for a couple to feel that quarreling is an acceptable part of marriage. Disagreement in opinion is a normal thing, as long as the couple can discuss the problem later, after the angry feeling has gone.


A Pond inside the Green House

>> Mar 2, 2011

Entering the Green House at Nusantara Flower Park (Cipanas, West Java, Indonesia), there aren’t only beautiful flowers welcoming you; but also this peaceful pond.

My entry for
Watery Wednesday


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