Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

3 Kid Friendly Kitchen Tools You Need For Your Household

>> Dec 31, 2022


A kid in the kitchen

Teaching your children to assist you in the kitchen can help teach them about food, encourage a potential hobby, and make the task of cooking for your family a little more enjoyable. While spending time with your children in the kitchen can be a great bonding opportunity, there is no denying that it can also be a bit stressful. From keeping your child away from harmful kitchen tools like sharp knives and appliances to supervising them so they don’t make a big mess, cooking with your little ones can be an exhausting task. 

Want to encourage your child to spend some time with you in the kitchen while alleviating your own stress about them doing so? Here is a list of a few kid-friendly kitchen tools to add to your capitol kitchen & bath kitchen that are sure to help. 

Step Stool 

Let your child easily see what you are doing and make it easier for them to assist by placing a small step stool in your kitchen. This will help them reach cabinets easier and without adult assistance while allowing them to clearly see what they are doing while helping in the kitchen so they don’t make a mess. Many step stools are collapsible or can be folded in half, making them easy to store in your kitchen when not in use.

Salad Spinner 

One of the best kitchen duties for your child to help with is tossing and spinning salads. This is a task that requires no sharp objects or potentially dangerous appliances, and can be done without making a mess in many cases - plus, salad spinners look and operate like a toy, so your children will have a blast helping out with this task. Plus, having a hands-on role in the creation of a healthy salad is likely to encourage your child to eat it! Plastic salad spinners can be purchased for cheap at most grocery stores or even on sites like Amazon, making them a must-have for any kitchen. 

Kid Sized Utensils 

Allow your child to easily help you whisk, mix, or brush the food they are helping you prepare by investing in some kid-sized utensils. These will be easier for children to grip and use as they are designed for smaller hands; plus, many kid-sized utensils come in safe, soft materials like silicone, eliminating the risk of injury or harm as there are no sharp edges or dangerous materials. 


3 Hobbies To Try This Winter

With winter in full swing, it’s likely that many people are putting their favorite hobbies on hold due to inclement weather. From playing outdoor sports to enjoying a ride on a motorcycle decked out with aftermarket parts from Get Lowered Cycles, many people’s favorite daily activities are not ideal in cold, snowy, icy, or otherwise unpleasant weather conditions. If you are finding yourself in this predicament, you might be searching for a new hobby to occupy your spare time. Here are 3 hobbies you could try this winter that will keep you busy and entertained, even when the conditions outside are less than ideal. 

A woman uses a sewing machine


Sewing is an enjoyable hobby that will keep your mind occupied and your hands busy during a chilly winter night at home. Whether you want to be able to alter your own clothing or knit yourself a sweater, learning to sew is a practical hobby that is perfect to take up time during the winter season. This can also be a great way to hand make holiday gifts for your friends, family, and loved ones.


From writing in a daily journal to creative writing projects like writing your own fictional story, writing is one of the best ways to express your creativity and keep your mind occupied. No matter what you are writing, doing so for a few hours each day can help you process emotions and feelings and have positive benefits for your mental health. Writing is a great hobby to enjoy while trapped inside your home for long periods of time during the winter in particular, as it requires little to no additional supplies and is a great way to spend time alone with your thoughts. 


While cleaning up clutter around your home might not sound like the most fun hobby, the truth is that doing so can allow you the opportunity to take account of all of your belongings while making your space more visually pleasing. Cleaning is also shown to have positive effects on your mental and emotional health, and can act as a natural stress reliever and mood booster. This winter, combat the negative effects of seasonal depression while giving your home a makeover and prioritize decluttering your space in your down time. 


4 Tips for Moving to a New Home with Young Children

>> Dec 20, 2022

Moving to a new home is stressful, especially when you have young children. Not only do you have to find ways to keep your children entertained and out of trouble, but you also have to organize your home to pack and make sure everything is ready for your relocation. 

While you’re probably already working with a moving company like Black Tie Moving to make your move easier, we’ve put together a list of the four best tips parents need when moving to a new home with young children for an even smoother transition.

A girl playing with boxes

Involve Your Children in the Process

Involving your children in the moving process is a great way to make the transition to your new home less stressful for them. Allowing them to help pack up their toys and belongings can give them a sense of control and make them feel more at ease about the move. 

You can even make it a fun activity by letting them choose which items they want to bring with them and which ones they want to donate or sell. Not only will this help them feel more involved in the process, but it will also give you an opportunity to teach them about the value of letting go of things they no longer need or use. 

Start Packing Early

Starting to pack early is a crucial step in making the moving process less overwhelming for you and your family. It gives you time to declutter and get rid of items you no longer need or use, which can save you time and money when it comes to packing and transporting your belongings. 

Additionally, packing early can help reduce the stress of packing everything up at the last minute, which can be incredibly overwhelming for parents with young children. So, take the time to start packing a little bit each day, and you'll be surprised at how much smoother the moving process can be. 

Just be sure to label your boxes clearly and keep a list of what's in each one to make unpacking easier.

Pack Kiddie Bags

Packing a bag for each child with their favorite toys, books, and clothes can be a lifesaver on moving day. It gives them something familiar to hold onto and can help ease any anxiety or stress they may be feeling about the move. 

Plus, it's always good to have a few of their favorite things on hand to help keep them entertained during the move. You can even let your children help pack their bags, so they feel like they have some control over the process. And, as a bonus, having a bag of their essentials will make it easier for you to find what they need while you're still in the process of unpacking. 

Set Up the Kids’ Bedrooms First

Setting up your children's new bedroom as soon as possible can help give them a sense of stability and help them feel more at home in their new environment. It's important to try to recreate a familiar space for them so they have a place to retreat to when they're feeling overwhelmed or anxious. 

Getting their bedroom set up early can also help you get a head start on unpacking and can make the moving process feel a little less chaotic. 

You can even involve your children in the process by letting them help decorate their new room and choose where they want their things to go. This will give them a sense of ownership and make them feel more at home in their new space.


3 Workout Tips for Busy Parents

Becoming a parent often means sacraficing a considerable amount of time that now needs to be dedicated to your children. Unfortunately for many parents, one of the first things to go when sacrificing personal hobbies, responsibilities, and priorities is working out. Making time to exercise is important in order to stay healthy and avoid medical complications that could result in a trip to Northwest Surgery Center and to keep your mental and emotional health in check, so finding the time to workout even as a busy parent is extremely important. 

Family cycling

If you are finding yourself struggling to make time to workout amidst the stress and business of parenting, here are a few tips. 

Wake Up Earlier 

While every moment of sleep that you can get as a busy parent is important, the truth is that waking up earlier in order to squeeze a workout in can help you get it over with, and ensure that you are able to exercise without making other sacrifices to your schedule or missing time with your children. Plus, working out in the morning is shown to be a natural mood booster and energizer, and can help you have a better day. 

Include Your Children 

Working out doesn’t always need to mean hitting the gym. A great way to sneak some exercise into your daily routine is to play with your children. From running around outside to playing sports together as a family, playing with your kids is a great way to get a good workout in while enjoying family bonding time and not having to make any changes to your schedule - after all, your kids are likely going to play anyway, so why not join them?

Workout At Home 

Don’t have time to make it to the gym or do an intense workout session outside of the house? Try doing an at home workout instead! Whether you have a full home gym or own little to no exercise equipment, there are countless tutorials and workout routines that you can follow on YouTube or even Instagram in order to get in a fully effective, full body workout from the comfort of your own home. This will save you time in transporting yourself to and from the gym and will make it easier for you to do a quick workout while being home and available to your kids.


3 Ways to Upgrade Your Skincare Routine in 2023

In 2022, more people than ever began taking care of their skin as various skincare products went viral on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram, leading to both men and women around the world building in depth skincare regiments to combat the effects of dryness, acne, aging, and more. If you’re looking to improve your own skincare routine in the new year, it can feel overwhelming to see so many products available online and in beauty retailers and can be difficult to determine where to start. Whether you’re completely new to skincare or just looking to upgrade your existing routine, here are a few additions you can make to your skincare regimen that can make repairing your skin as easy as foundation repair with the help of the experts at  Brickworks

Woman doing skincare

Include a Serum 

It’s no secret that the most basic of skincare routines should include some type of cleanser as well as a toner and moisturizer. If you’re looking to add additional moisture or vitamins to your skin, it can be beneficial to include a serum. Serums serve a multitiude of purposes, including hydrating, firming, clearing acne and imperfections, and reversing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles that have formed as a result of aging. Incorporating a serum into your regimen to use after cleansing and before moisturizing can help take your skin to the next level. 

Stop Using Wipes

One of the most common mistakes that many people make when it comes to skincare is the use of single-use wipes to remove makeup instead of a cleanser. While these wipes are convenient and can help to ensure that makeup comes entirely off of the face, these wipes are packed with ingredients that can actually have negative effects on the skin and speed up the aging process. Instead of using makeup remover wipes, try using a cleansing balm or oil and a damp washcloth. 

Wear SPF 

If you only wear SPF sunscreen in the summer or when spending a prolonged period of time in the sun, you are likely unknowingly allowing your skin to suffer from being exposed to the harmful effects of the sun’s UV rays. Wearing SPF every day can protect your skin and is the number one thing that can slow and drastically reduce the effects of aging, such as wrinkles, fine lines, and dark spots.



3 Reasons to Install a Koi Pond

Looking to upgrade your outdoor living space? It might be time to build a koi pond! Koi ponds are one of the most beautiful, relaxing additions that you can add to your backyard. Keep reading to learn a few of the benefits that a koi pond installed by Hiner Outdoor Living can have for your yard. 


Stress Relieving Oasis

One of the biggest reasons to make renovations to your outdoor living space is to provide a peaceful, relaxing environment that can provide you and your loved ones an escape from the stress of everyday life; and what’s more relaxing than spending time by a large body of water? Spending time outdoors, admiring the flowing water inside of a pond or interacting with animals such as koi fish is shown to be a natural stress reliever and mood booster. Take a step away from the stress of everyday life and take some time to relax and enjoy nature by installing a koi pond in your outdoor space. 

Increase Your Home Value

Having any type of pond in your backyard automatically raises the resale value of your home, and this is especially true for ponds that are equipped to be suitable for koi pond. Koi ponds are a unique and endearing amenity that will set your home apart from others on the market should you ever decide to sell it, and can help your home sell faster in addition to allowing it to sell for a much higher price than it would otherwise. If you are wondering about the commitment of building a koi pond because you aren’t sure how much longer you will be living in your home, the increased value that a koi pond can provide might convince you. 

Low Maintenance Pets 

While many people might not think of koi fish as pets, they require just the same amount of care and affection as many tradition pets that can be found in one’s home. Once koi have adjusted to your pond, they are likely to spend more time near the water’s surface, attempting to interact with (and be fed by) you and your loved ones. Plus, young children love to spend time near koi ponds and are sure to find the feeding of large fish such as koi to be an extremely enjoyable activity, making the installation of a koi pond the perfect bonding opportunity for you and the little ones in your family. 


3 Major Benefits of Going to Therapy

Winter is here, and for many people, so are the negative effects of mental illnesses such as seasonal depression. As the days get shorter and the air gets colder, many people find themselves in a rut, especially once the excitement of the holiday season has passed. Whether you’re a top earning executive at a company using trainings from HSI or a stay at home mom, it is easy to be susceptible to feelings of depression and loneliness during the long winter months. One of the most helpful solutions to this issue is seeking therapy. While making the decision to go to therapy can be tough for some people, especially those with limited experience in seeking treatment for mental health disorders, there are numerous benefits to seeing a therapist. 

Mental health therapy
Image :https://pixabay.com/vectors/mental-health-anxiety-depressed-7323725/

Benefits of going to therapy can include:

Better Coping Skills

One of the best parts of going to therapy is learning helpful coping skills that can be applied to your daily life in the face of negative events or challenges. While there is not much a therapist can do to prevent you from overcoming obstacles in your everyday life, gaining a new set of tools and skills for dealing with such obstacles can change your outlook on life, and make everyday a little easier. 

Improved Communication

Talking to someone one on one can help you get practice in becoming more vulnerable with those around you and in asking for help when you need it, or simply opening up about challenges you might be facing. Additionally, therapists can work with you to develop better communication skills with those around you, so that you can solve problems, avoid conflicts, and simply convey your emotions in a healthier manner. If you struggle with communication, seeking treatment from a therapist can help. 

Ease Feelings of Loneliness

No matter how good you are at communicating, there is no denying that sometimes people in your life are not able to listen to you or be there for you in the way that you need, especially when you are going through a tough time. If this is the case or if you are in a period of your life where you are feeling especially lonely or isolated, speaking with a professional and having the opportunity to open up about your life and your emotions at least once per week can help to make you feel less alone. 


Personal Finance Tips for Newlyweds

>> Dec 16, 2022


Being freshly married comes with many new adventures, but it is crucial to consider the more serious, less fun, issues too like finances. While this isn’t the most exciting thing to discuss with your partner, having these conversations early on can set the pace for a happy, stress-free marriage. Let’s look into some of the various facets of finances couples should cover after getting married.

Combine Finances

This may be something you’ve already discussed with your partner, but whether you completely combine everything or you just create a shared savings account, it is smart to take care of this as soon as possible. There are several benefits to combining your finances including things like streamlining bill payments and creating a sense of equity within your marriage. However, it’s ultimately your decision on whether or not this is the right choice for your new partnership. 

Married couple in their home

Adjust your Insurance Plans

Insurance may not be a top priority for you, but it is just as important to at least discuss it early on. Many newlyweds will combine their insurance plans to save money. Paying for insurance separately can get costly, so it’s important to take a look at what your different options are. Most of the time one spouse's employer may have a better offering than the other, so now’s the time to look into these options and make adjustments accordingly.

Keep in mind that open enrollment for insurance typically runs from November to January at most companies, and is the period in which you can make adjustments to your enrolled benefits each year. Since marriage qualifies as a major life event, you’ll have time to make adjustments to your plan instead of rushing to meet the general open enrollment period. So be sure to make this a top priority following your wedding!

Prioritize Paying Off Debts

Paying off debts is another topic that isn’t super fun to discuss with your partner, but it’s crucial. Now that you are married your debt doesn’t just belong to you, it’s your partner’s responsibility too. A great way to tackle debt is to consolidate it and make a plan to get it paid off as soon as possible. Consolidating your debt just means you are essentially refinancing and combining it all into one at a lower interest rate. So not only will this save you money, but it also makes it much easier to pay it off sooner by making one payment toward the entire amount monthly rather than paying each lender separately.

Invest in Your Home

Real estate is something you and your spouse might consider investing in after tying the knot. This is a great way for you to not only have a place you can call home, but it is an investment where you will begin growing equity together. Be careful that you don’t jump into home ownership too quickly; you’ll want to be sure you have the money for this type of purchase and are prepared to handle all maintenance costs that come along with it. If you are not at a point where you are ready to make an investment in real estate, start by renting a place together, outlining a savings plan, and setting a timeline for when you will be ready to buy a home.

Create an Emergency Fund

Lastly, an emergency fund is a very smart thing to create as a new couple. Even if you opt-out of combining your finances completely, having a shared savings account for emergencies will allow you to be prepared in the event of, well, an emergency. Things like medical bills or home maintenance issues can occur without warning and you won’t want these to put you in a tricky situation or create more debt. Even if you’re only able to contribute a small amount, something is better than nothing and it will add up over time!

With all of that being said, you don’t need to dive into all of these things at the same time. Start by having conversations with your partner about each of these items and make decisions that are best for your marriage. Then you can begin creating a plan and attacking the items one at a time to accomplish the goals you’ve aligned for yourselves.


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