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Does Alcohol and Breastfeeding Mix?

>> Aug 30, 2015

One of the concern of new mommies is whether they can have a drink or two, and still be able to breastfeed their child. Although, there is no direct correlation between drinking alcohol or not, it is best to avoid heavy drinking. Though, having one once in a while is a possibility, just make sure that you do it when your baby is not hungry, and you know you do not have to breastfeed in the near future.
Can I drink while breastfeeding? by thebottle-o.com.au

Alcohol will not promote milk making
There is a general belief that drinking beer will help in producing milk, but, you should not believe such things without proof. And, because there is none, it is safe to say that you will not end up with more milk than usual. On the other and though, you should be careful, as alcohol tends to dry out your body, and you should be careful how much you drink. Moreover, it will interfere with the hormones involved in producing milk, which could lead problems if it gets out of hand.

Keep drinking to nights
When you notice that your baby can sleep through the night, you can have a glass or two, it will help you relax, and you will not have to worry about not having enough to feed your baby. Though, keep in mind that you should not go overboard, as your baby might still wake hungry. Rest assured that even if you have a drink at night, and still need to feed your baby, the alcohol will not have such a big impact.

Make a break before breastfeeding
Can I drink while breastfeeding? by thebottle-o.com.au
Plan ahead when you want to breastfeed your baby, as you should have a break of at least two hours beforehand. Although alcohol will not take a lot of time to be digested in your body, it is best if you can leave some room for it, so that you can feed your baby milk that is rich in nutrients, and not at tall influenced by alcohol in any way. Though, make sure that you also drink plenty of water afterwards, so that your body does not dehydrate as quickly.

Have a longer period of non-alcohol drinks
Even if you would drink a glass of something once in a while, it is best to have a couple of days completely free from alcohol. This way, you can build up a level of tolerance, and you can also flush toxins out of your body, which could have a bad effect on your baby. It will be great for both you and your baby.
Can I drink while breastfeeding? by thebottle-o.com.au

Choose from a finer selection
Sometimes, when you want a drink, it could be already late into night, and you are without a bottle of wine at home. However, if you find the nearest bottle shop open late in your area, you will be able to have a drink before the baby wakes up. Not only that, but, you will be able to relax a bit, and to kick back and relax after a hard day of work.

Keep drinking to a minimum
It is important that you do not drink too much and too often, otherwise, you will be able to produce normal amounts of milk, and you will not have to worry about affecting your baby in any bad way. Though, you should not go overboard, and you should make sure to have breaks, so that you can give your body enough time to recuperate. On the other hand, try to find patterns to drink, when you will not have to feed your baby anytime soon.


Tips for Planning Your Green Wedding

>> Aug 28, 2015

If you're committed to living a sustainable lifestyle, the details that go into your wedding should reflect that commitment, as well as your commitment to each other. Luckily, there are a number of ways you can incorporate eco-friendly elements into every aspect of your big day. Follow these tips for planning your green wedding to get started.

The Venue

Mohonk Mountain House
image credits:mohonk.com
There are a number of approaches you can take when it comes to choosing an environmentally-friendly reception venue. These days, there are some venues like Mohonk Mountain House that cater to green weddings. Such establishments offer local, organic menu items, along with such touches as flowers from their own greenhouse and even green features throughout the facility. You can also take details into consideration like having your wedding at a location that is convenient for the majority of your guests or deciding to combine the ceremony and reception at the same location. Both of these options will cut down on guest transportation. You could also choose an outdoor venue that will need less decorating and in which you can incorporate nature as ornamentation. Another idea is to find an organization you would like to contribute to such as an art gallery or botanical garden that allows private events.

The Rings

Diamond rings hold a great deal of controversy for those wishing to protect the environment and its people, Rather than choosing what could possibly be a "blood diamond" associated with mining in war zone or the funding of various conflicts, go with a lab-created diamond or choose a company known to use only conflict-free diamonds. A better plan may be to purchase vintage rings as a means of reusing existing materials. These items may be antiques and often have unique character not seen in modern jewelry. You could also demonstrate your own personal style by choosing a colored gemstone for your engagement ring.

The Invitation

There are so many options when it comes to eco-friendly invitations. You can make a great impression with gorgeous stationery and still be kind to the earth. Look for recycled, hand-made or tree-free papers. Other materials for paper production include bamboo, organic cotton or banana stalks, among others. You can even look for paper that is processed without chlorine and printers that use soy or vegetable-based inks. There's no rule stating that you have to go the traditional route and send of a multi-piece invitation that includes multiple envelopes and reply cards. Go with a a pretty postcard instead. For the very modern bride and groom, online or email invitations are an options. Setting up a wedding blog will allow you to communicate all the pre-wedding event details like bachelor or bachelorette parties and the bridal shower without sending paper invitations.

These are just three areas in which you can consider alternatives to traditional wedding details as a means of going green. Using some creativity and taking your lifestyle into consideration, and you'll surely be able to add to the list.


A Birthday Celebration

>> Aug 24, 2015

Happy Monday to all. How’s your weekend, anyway? Last Saturday, we went to a BIL’s home to celebrate a nephew’s 5th birthday. The birthday boy looked disappointed at first as no one told him about the birthday cake and gifts.

Birthday cake - lots of blue :)
Happy birthday, Azman

The plan to surprise him was running well. After dinner with the whole family, the birthday cake taken out from the cupboard. He’s given lots of gifts that night.  The boy looked so happy. My husband created a framed mosaic of his pics, started since he’s still a baby. It became our birthday gift to him.    

Blue Monday


Essential Camping Trips and Tricks

>> Aug 17, 2015

Camping can be fun and relaxing if you are well prepared and if you know how to set up a camping site. Otherwise, you might be in for an adventure that will forever ruin camping for you. Though you have to keep in mind that without proper preparation and planning, it will be extremely hard to set up camp and to enjoy nature in its full glory.


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Always make sure you have shelter
Even if you are going to a camping site, it is very important that you find or prepare shelter. This will be especially imperative if you are not going with a camp house and if you want to camp with a tent and a bedroll. Finding shelter before dark will be essential as you will have not only a hard time setting up everything in the dark, but you will have to deal with any passing wildlife as well. Besides it is always better to have your fire burning by the time night falls, so that you are safe from anything happening during the night.

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You need to be clear with one thing immediately, a bigger tent is not going to be better at all times. And, in most cases it is best to carry a smaller tent so that you do not lug around a lot of your things. Though, make sure that you always check beforehand where you will go so that you can pack your gear to best suit your needs. Furthermore, always make sure that you choose the right tent because it will be beneficial if you can set up your tent quick and without any hassle.

Pitching your tent

Pack enough food that will last
Remember to pack light and easy to carry food with you, so that you do not have to bring a lot of perishable ingredients. It will go bad quickly without refrigeration, and it might attract uninvited wildlife. Moreover, learn how to prepare simple meals from canned and dried ingredients, it will be easier to cook it and to clean up afterwards as well.

Building a campfire without setting the forest on fire
A campfire is necessary to build, but it can quickly become a hazard if you do not pay attention. Before you set out on a camping adventure, you need to be sure that you can build a fire pit and that it will not endanger its surrounding, even if you forget to put it out. Always carry a simple set of flint and steel, so that you can light your fires without any trouble.

Be wary of your water supply
Unless you can be sure that you can refill your water supplies, it is best if you carry enough to last you your camping trip. Besides bringing enough jugs and water bottles, make sure to learn how to filtrate water on your own. Finding springs will be a great find, but often it is best to first purify water so that you avoid drinking any toxins. Remember that the easier solution to treat your water is to boil it.

Make room for any extra supplies
If you are going on a camping trip with a car, you need to make sure that you have enough fuel with you, and that you can use it. Make sure to install additional diesel tanks so that you can carry surplus fuel. In the long run it might become necessary not only to have enough so that you can drive in rough terrain, but also to feed your fire when it becomes absolutely necessary. Though bear in mind that you should not bring along too much, or it will only slow you down.

Check before you pack for camping
Make a list of essentials you must bring along the trip, so that you can double check it and make sure that you have everything. Moreover, practice setting up a campsite before dark falls, so that you have enough time to secure the perimeter and to get a fire started. Always plan ahead so that you can bring sufficient food and water and other supplies as well. In the end, your camping experience should be enjoyable and memorable.


70th Independence Day

Every 17th August Indonesian people celebrate the Independence Day; today is the 70th ! Since a week ago, people start hoisting flags on their homes along with red-and-white decoration that can be seen throughout the city.

Indonesia is the place where I was born. The national spirit always runs in my blood. Indonesia is a wonderful country that should be proud of. Although there are still many complicated problems that seems blocking the way to prosperity and glory; we must keep struggling and moving forward.

We fought hard
we fought long
now you'll hear our freedom song
we're not bragging
we're not mean
sorry to say
its our time to gleam
freedom we wanted
freedom we got
everyones hardships will not soon be forgot
we help you
you help us
time has made us all strong
with a light heart and happy soul
when its needed
will tear thee apart

Source: Monica-poems-and-quotes.com

The day usually filled with ceremonies, festives and celebrations. Many communities and neighborhoods held fun activities and contests. Among many fun contests, panjat pinang is a very attractive to see game. Several men try to climb oily poles, to reach attached prizes above.

Of course I love my country. Wish for the continuous freedom and peace as well as better prosperity for the whole residents.  Happy Independence Day!


Teaching Your Kids to Care About the Environment

>> Aug 15, 2015

To really protect your environment, it is especially important that you take your time to teach your kids how to go about the environment, and, how they can become a better and greener person. However, it will not be easy to interest children in becoming more eco-friendly, and it will take some time until they understand what they need to do.
Teaching your kids to care about the environment by royalwolf.co.nz

Try to reduce everything you use in your home
Kids learn best by example, and unless you give them a model to look up to, your children will not know where to start. You should firstly start to reduce the water you use around you home. In a lot of the households, water is not being closely monitored, and in most cases, water can be squandered away without even noticing it. Make sure to show your kids why you are doing this as well.

Reuse and refurbish
If you are going to preach about recycling and its many benefits, you should practice it yourself and make sure that you reuse your old things lying around your home. On the other hand, make sure that your kids understand the fundamentals of recycling and how it works. Moreover, you might even help in repurposing some of the old toys and helping out neighborhood kids.

Do not make it into a chore
Teaching your kids to care about the environment by royalwolf.co.nz
Children will immediately dislike something if they feel it is a chore, and it will be even harder when it comes to doing something useful and practical in order to save the environment. Try to come up with fun and educative ways to teach your kids about being green, and how it will benefit them. Although, make sure that through fun and games, they learn the essentials.

Introduce to them to self-sufficiency
Br sure that your kids are familiarized with how they can actually harness nature and its resources without polluting anything. Moreover, if you work on using renewable resources together, it could turn out to be a fun project, and, making solar energy containers as step one of your solar collector powered house is a great way to get started.

Wearing clothes made out of environmentally friendly ingredients
It is not just about what you do, but, it is also about what you wear. Buying clothes which are eco-friendly, and which will not harm nature in any way will be a good way to emphasize on just how important it is to protect the environment. Furthermore, by using organic clothing, you can reduce your expenses on clothing, and they will last a longer time as well.

Passing on the knowledge
At the end of the day, your kids will learn something new, and they will be able to preserve nature as well, making them greener. Though, keep in mind that every small step you take towards reducing your carbon footprint will help the environment immeasurably. Nevertheless, keep on working together to become better at protecting your local environment, so that you can have a greener and cleaner tomorrow to enjoy.


Streamline Tasks with an Online Family Planner

>> Aug 14, 2015

Organizing a busy family schedule can be overwhelming for anyone. Soccer practices, dance recitals, piano lessons, and more can leave parents exhausted and stretched to their limits. Are you including such parents who face full of activity agenda each day?
online family planner

If you’re feeling worn down from the daily grind of balancing the hectic schedules of your family, there’s hope! Stridepost was created with your needs in mind, and will help you and yours keep track of daily tasks while simultaneously helping kids develop key organizational skills.

If you’ve ever been curious about the benefits that you’d receive from an online family planner like Stridepost, there’s no time like the present to see for yourself. Stridepost will streamline time consuming organizational tasks, giving you more free time to enjoy with your loved ones. The to-do tracker, family calendar, and custom rewards planner are the three pillars to Stridepost’s success, and each offers its own unique organizational benefits. Stridepost is your family, at your pace.


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