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Problem Solving Tips: Critters on Your Roof

>> Jan 30, 2016

You always hear about various homeowners complaining about unwanted animals, critters, or pests in their attic. They suddenly find these animals making homes out of their attics and it is indeed a nuisance. But have you ever considered that the primary means by which these critters enter your home is via your roofing?

If you have seen squirrels, raccoons or even mice scurrying across your roof or eaves, you better wish they had found a way inside your home. Protect your home from these home invaders and make sure that your roof is intact to discourage these critters from sharing your home. It is ideal to do a regular check of your roof. In some cases, this may be difficult as well as dangerous but there are various ways you can make sure that your roof is intact without it being a life-threatening stunt.

The first thing you should do is check for holes in your roof. These can become entry points for critters to invade your home. It can also be causes of mold growth due to water and moisture entering your roofing systems. Here are just a few things you can do to ensure that your home is safe from critters on your roof.

     Check the attic
Go up to the attic and check for holes in your roof. This is the safest way to check if your roof is still intact. It is best to do this on a sunny day when glimpses of light peeking through your roof will indicate that there is indeed a hole in your roof. If you do find these holes, then you are sure that in several weeks, you will be harboring critters in your home. Call a professional immediately so that you can remedy the problem as soon as possible.

     Check the shingles
If you haven’t found any holes on the roof while you were at the attic, this does not mean that you’re off the hook. Go outside and check the shingles of your roof. If there are any shingles that are out of place, it can indicate a hole on your roof as well. Other than that, it can also be indicative of the compromised integrity of your roof.

     Call a professional
In any case, it is best to let a professional assess and propose a solution to your problem. They are also well equipped and experienced enough to see even the smallest problems. If you don’t, these small problems may find a way to weasel into your home and you may have a bigger problem in your hands.

If you want to avoid the hassle that millions of other homeowners experience every year, be vigilant. Do regular visual inspections of your roof to prevent unwanted critters on your roof from invading your home.

Written by True Son Exteriors, the best contractors for roofing Columbia, MO has to offer.


How HVAC Systems Work

HVAC systems help maintain a high quality of air. That is one basic function. Some systems are more effective than others, and therefore you have a variety to choose from in order to get desired results. These systems work differently in accordance to your climate. Check out the content below to see how different HVAC systems work.

rooftop HVAC unit -image:en.wikipedia.org

A lot of people think that the furnace is an old piece of technology from the 20th century. However, this is not the case, as furnaces play a major role in your comfort ability throughout the year. The blower from the furnace helps the air conditioning system in circulating cool air during the warmer seasons. Inside the burner, heat is produced after the combustion of natural gases. Afterwards, the gas produced passes through a heat exchanger. Air from your home’s return air duct is blown over the heat exchanger and then it warms the air. Air is circulated in your house after the furnace’s blower blows the warm air into the duck work. Furnaces usually benefit from air that has been filtered and afforded when the air drawn out of rooms is pulled through an air filter. This is a part of a forced air –split system.


If you want to heat and cool your home, you should opt for a heat pump and an air handler. Once they are merged together, they are the best alternative for you. A heat pump transports heat, extracts warm air from your house when its summer season and it reverses this operation during the summer season in order to bring warmth to your home. It might be quite difficult to believe that there is adequate warmth outside to bring warm air during winter to heat up your house. But the truth of the matter is that there is enough heat of about 32 degrees to keep you warm indoors. In addition to that, a supplementary source of heat may be required during the colder climates.


This is a split system meaning it has components that are located in the interior and exterior of your house. This one unlike the traditional split does not depend on air ducts to supply air in your entire home. A mini-split or ductless system is designed to heat and cool a single room that cannot accommodate or does not have a ductwork. It is powered by electricity and contains a small exterior condensing unit and an indoor that is compacted. And has an evaporator unit, which hangs on the wall. Its function is to direct and control airflow. Mini refers to the interior unit’s diminutive size and inconspicuous appearance. The interior and exterior components are connected using electrical wires and copper refrigerant tubes requiring an opening three inches or lesser in two radiuses. They are the best option for attics and garages that have been turned into living rooms or for additions in houses that would need an extension in their existing ductwork.


A thermostat varies from a very basic and functional system to a sophisticated and rich feature for your house HVAC system. In general, a thermostat controls the operations of the whole HVAC system and it ensures that the temperature is regulated. There are new digital programmable thermostats that are comfortable, efficient and enhance functionality. We can use an example of a programmable thermostat that can be set up to optimally regulate the temperature in your house according to your schedule and your routine in a daily basis. Most of them provide for humidity regulation, ability to change the temperature in various zones in your house and advanced monitoring capabilities. You can also use a remote to control your HVAC system using a wireless device that is a programmable thermostat.


This system is known as split because its components are located in the indoor and outdoor of your home. Others refer to it as ‘central air’. In the outdoor, you will find it been comprised of a condenser and compressor, while the indoor unit comprises of a fan and an evaporator coil. This is how it works: warm air is removed from your home and is cycled back as cool air through a system of supply and return ducts. It is also powered by electricity. This way, the compressor pumps refrigerant via the system to collect heat and moisture that is in your house. Afterwards, that heat and moisture is removed from the house when warmer air collected from inside is blown over the cooled interior coil, which cools the air. There is heat that is transferred from this process into the coil and is pumped outside, while the cool air is recycled back inside. Split air condition is more effective during the warmer climates. It keeps your house cool and minimizes the levels of humidity.


The merits of using collagen

>> Jan 29, 2016

Ageing is inevitable. And with ageing, come fine lines, wrinkles and lots of other skin problems. Hence, people go for anti-ageing remedies, so that the skin can be saved from the ravages of time. Although, the market is full of products that claim to show results, not all are as effective as they promise to be. Thus, making the right choice of anti-ageing products is important. First, check the price. Generally, people shop in a way that suits their budget. So, if your budget is low, there is no point thinking of purchasing those expensive creams found in fancy cosmetic shops.

collagen - image:commons.wikimedia.org
Instead, you can go for natural anti-ageing cures that can easily be adopted if you have access to all the necessary ingredients. However, if your budget is decent enough, you can go for many feasible cosmetic options. Various vitamins and supplements are available for purchase, these days. Many even show good results. But if your skin is not suitable for a particular product, you are not going to get satisfactory results even if you have spent a fat sum of money on it.

And that is why, experts say, one should always buy an anti-ageing product keeping in mind their skin type. If you know what your skin type is, you can do some research online to find out which product would suit your skin the best. However, if you do not have any idea about the type of skin you have, it is advisable that you visit some dermatologist or beautician to get it assessed. Once the skin type is known to you, you can choose your anti-ageing treatment accordingly.

Some people even go for surgeries. If surgery doesn’t interest you, you can consider taking collagen. Generally, collagen is not as harsh as other products. And therefore, if you are looking for something mild for your skin, opting for collagen supplements would be the best bet.

Now, the question that pops up is, “What does collagen do for your body?” Well, collagen does a lot of things for you. The most important thing that it does is reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Once these get removed, you feel much younger. There are many other things that collagen does to your skin and body.

Also, if you have acne marks or depressions on the skin then you probably know that getting them removed could be one of the most difficult things in the world. But using collagen can help you get rid of these undesirable skin problems.

If you have dark circles, you can rest assured that regularly applying collagen around the eyes will lighten the under eye area to a considerable extent. Many people use collagen to strengthen bones and cartilage present inside the body. Collagen helps relieve pains and aches that develop in the body due to worn out bones and cartilages.

Collagen can also bring a kind of glow on a dull looking skin. And therefore, people from all over the world have taken to this product with great enthusiasm.


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