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Four Tips in Getting Your Child Ready to Read

>> Feb 26, 2014

Four Tips in Getting Your Child Ready to Read  -Every child is going to be ready to read at a different age. There are some youngsters that are starting to read books at the early age of 3 while others struggle and have a hard time reading even simple words at age 6 or 7. No matter what your child's natural abilities when it comes to reading, you can speed up his readiness to a certain degree by following the recommendations below.

1.    Read to your child

image : commons.wikimedia.org

Take the time to read a book to your child and schedule it as a regular event. A lot of parents use bedtime as an opportunity to read to their children to wind down a long day of activity. Whether you are reading to your child in the evening or picking up a book at a regular time during the day, it will benefit your child immensely.

As you are reading along, use your fingers to follow the words. Your child will naturally follow along with your finger while absorbing the words and the letters. Sometimes, the child will want to move his fingers along with you as you read. This should be encouraged. It will help to teach your child that spaces between the words means something and will help him later when it's time for him to recognize letters.

2.    Letter games
What child can turn down the chance to play a game with his parents? There are many different letter and word games available on the market that your child will love. You'll get to love them too once you get started playing with your child. It's a fantastic opportunity to create some bonding time with your child while at the same time providing him with a love of learning.

Educational games that are fun can stimulate your child and teach him that learning doesn't have to be a chore. It's especially important to teach your child at an early age that learning for the sake of learning itself can be fun and stimulating. When you're playing games with your youngster though, you must keep it happy and exciting. You should never get upset with your child when he makes mistakes since it's all part of the learning process.

3.    Using mass to learn
Instead of getting your child to print a letter over and over (which can be repetitious and boring to say the least), get him to form letters out of clay or play-doh. You can make the letters and then ask him to duplicate them. Once he has formed letters on a regular basis, he'll be able to recognize them easily in printed form.

Keep your child stimulated and interested in letters and words at an early age and you can speed up his reading readiness. By committing only a small amount of time every day to your child and reading, he'll be able to progress faster and easier once he gets into school and then later when pursuing his university studies.


Gift List for the Newborn

>> Feb 24, 2014

1stHappyFamily.com -A new born is more than welcome to any home and is also a cause of celebration in the family. Most relatives, friends, neighbours love to see the new baby and shower it with love, affection and of course gifts that would be cherished by the baby when it grows up. There are plenty of newborn baby gifts available in the market, but choosing the right one can sometimes be a tough choice to make.

Newborn gifts that is sure to impress

  • Sleep suits are common with babies to sleep in. There are some good ones having in-built scratch mittens and snaps.
  • Gifting books on baby facts can help the parents to raise their baby properly and without much trouble, and at the same time also, enjoy their dinner parties. Babies tend to lose about 25% of the heat through their head, and when feeling cold, cannot sleep. There are baby hats found in all designs and patterns that are sure to keep the baby cozy and warm.
  • The baby wrap is another interesting item that is a necessity, which most new parents often ignore. They are quite easy to be used, deeply comforting and also colic-preventing.
  • The white noise machine could be quite an invaluable tool since it helps in providing comfort instantly, and also soothes, the newborns by providing the similar deafening static, which they have heard in the womb.
  • It would also be a better idea to be innovative and stand out from the others. The person can simply make a little box and put in the following like Calpol, Bonjela, Gripe water, Infacol, Organic almond oil, teething granules, Dentinox, Colief, nasal aspirator, nappy change cream, Derma H2O wipes, new born soother and much more. These items are sure to be well received by the parents of the new born baby and also would help them from stressful and sleepless nights. Moreover, this special gift is sure to be appreciated.
  • It is to be remembered that every new born child is to be breast fed so that it can be immune to several diseases and grow up strong and sharp. Therefore, gifting the mother nursing hoodies or something that would help her to breast feed the baby easily can be both soothing and comforting for both the baby and the mother.
  • Newborns are known to be much fascinated by white and black shapes. Hence, the bedroom can be decorated by white and black posters, which is likely to sing to the little brains. Also, one can search for letter prints and baby animal prints that can make a wonderful new born gift.
  • There are several organic baby newborn hampers available in the market that includes scent free massage oil exclusively for the baby, including the fabulous developmental message therapeutic techniques.
  •  Also, the five-in-one playmate can be a wonderful gift that is sure to be considered pleasing for the interior d├ęcor. A small home gym can help the new parents to get back into shape and also keep them fit.

Author’s Bio
The author is currently working with expressgiftservice.co.uk and helps the readers to select the right kind of gift that can be presented to new born babies.


Sellers in the Monas Park

I was interested in writing this post –for Blue Monday- after watching television news about the raid of illegal sellers in the Monas Park (Jakarta, Indonesia) conducted last Sunday. The raid was performed by a joint team: Satpol PP from governor government, the military and police. The aim is to create Monas –a famous Jakarta icon- as a beautiful, comfortable and safe public space. Actually, the raids have been done many times but lots of sellers still dare to come again to sell there. I saw in the news, some traders fighted against and yelled at the officers, even few screaming hysterically. Hmm, who's breaking the rules here? Although their reasons are to make a living, the city rules must be obeyed.


No selling sign. image:news.detik.com

The inner part of the Monas Park should be clean from illegal sellers; the allowed selling spot is around its parking area. Since the parking area is already full of previous traders, new traders who found no place then chose to sell illegally in forbidden area –with the risk of being expelled by officers.

The Monas Park management was previously held by the gubernatorial government. Officers have been placed at various entrances, but they still missed. The head of Monas Park said once that many sellers posing as visitors, then others throw merchandise from outside the fence. Perhaps caused by overwhelmed in discipining illegal vendors, since January 2014, its management given to outsourcing party.

Hopefully there will be the best way for all related parties, as the organized, safe and comfortable Monas Park is the dream of most residents. The photos were taken during last visit to the park in November, 2013. I saw lots of vendors selling different stuffs such as toys, handicrafts, shirts, foods, beverages.


A Bug with Long Antennae

>> Feb 23, 2014

I saw this elegant green ”grasshopper” a few days ago at the top of our car. The body is very small but it has such shockingly long antennae. Is it a grasshopper?

I found an almost similar image that led me to the insect mentioned Katydid. I’m still not sure as my shot was rather blurry (sorry for this). Anyway, if I make no mistake, based on whatsthatbug.com, Katydids belong to the Long-Horned Orthoptera. Their long antennae differentiate such insects from Grasshoppers.

It’s a pity I have no chance to take another shot. Let me still share it here :)


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