Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

How to Buy Sliding Shower Screen for Bathroom?

>> Feb 27, 2019

If you are considering buying a sliding shower screen for your bathroom before you even think of walking into a store or placing an order online, there are certain things you should consider. After installing sliding shower screen you will be able to create a separate space in your bathroom where you can take bath easily without worrying about slipping on your bathroom floor. Water will not come out in bathroom area and will remain in shower area only. You can customize your bathroom easily with the help of sliding shower door. You can upgrade your dull and boring bathroom into luxurious and aesthetic one.
Here are a few things that you should take note of before you shop your sliding shower screen. These tips will save your lot of time and stress. The decision-making process will also become easier.

1.   Decide the placing of your faucets: Take a look at your bathroom space and find out where your door or screen will be placed. Should see if you have a narrow stall shower or wider. Find out if your shower door will cover a bathtub or not.  Consider the things before-hand to save trouble.
2.   Take proper measurement: Size of the door is an important factor and one mistake in this factor can waste all your money. You have to measure both height and width of the door. Try to measure from tile to tile so that you can get accurate measurements. Get the measurement of the top of the shower area as well as the bottom area. Be extra careful in taking measurements of the shower door to ensure your shower doors fits well in the given space and opens and closes comfortably.
3.   Choosing your sliding shower screen glass: You should decide on the style of glass you prefer or you need in your bathroom. If privacy is most important choose a glass with a pattern or texture as they give adequate privacy. If you want natural light from bathroom window picks up a clear glass.
4.   Finishing items: Decide if you what kind of your shower door’s hardware you want. Try to find out the finishes you want and match them with the surroundings of your bathroom depending on your budget.
5.   See it yourself before the delivery: Don’t just sit at home and think that looking at just the pictures you can get the right product.  Go to the market check yourself what your shower door will look like. Figure out different styles and designs of the doors. Compare the looks and price.
6.   Shape: Shape of sliding screen door is complicated as well as important matter. It will decide the overall look of the bathroom. You have the choice of buying   Bi-fold, Sliding, Pivot shapes o the doors. Before selecting the door you should look at the size of the bathroom and the space available for the door. In most of the cases sliding door is the best option available in the market.
7.   The thickness of the glass: The thickness of the glass of sliding screen door varies and depends on the quality of the door. It can range from 4mm to 10mm. More the thickness the better the quality of glass is considered. The door is made with toughened safety glass you should ensure this.  Most of the doors come with minimum 6mm safety toughened glass. This glass is designed to shatter into small pieces that help in prevention from any harm if by any chance the glass break. If the glass is not treated it will break into sharp pieces that can harm anyone.
8.   Easy to clean and maintain: Look for the glass that is easy to maintain and clean. If it has too many grooves it will be difficult to clean therefore choosing a pain glass is always a good idea.
9.   Guarantee and warranty: Before buying the glass the period of warranty and guarantee and also ask about the post-purchase services and customer care.

When you will follow these simple steps you will be able to buy a perfect sliding shower screen that will enhance the look of your bathroom. It will also showcase your personality to your guests.


There Are Numerous Varieties of Traditional Rugs

Adorned for its majestic elegance, traditional rugs are not just used as decorative inside grandiose palaces but also in regular abodes. But apart from its exquisiteness, these carpets also impart a piece of culture and history that any person should know even before purchasing one.

Rugs of the World

> Persian carpet
In Persia, carpet weaving is highly distinguished as a great manifestation of the country's art and culture. It is divided into three groups: Farsh (sized more than 6x4 ft), licheh (which means rug, sized 6x4 ft and smaller), and Gelim (which means, rough carpet).

> Tibetan rug
Made from Tibetan highland sheep's wool, this rug is commonly used as a seating carpet or what is more locally known as "khaden". The art of making the rug is an existent symbol of Tibet's ancient and traditional craft. It is recognized as the most finest carpet made by hand.

> Turkish carpet
These carpets are unique in orientation, material, design orientation, and weaving technique because they originated from various regions of Turkey. Some of the famous carpets per region include Bergama carpet, Ushak carpet, Milas carpet, Hereke carpet, and Konya carpets and rugs.

Now that you're familiar with some of the well-admired carpets in the market, it's time to know how to take care of these precious carpets.

1) Vacuuming
Exposing carpets to too much chemical found in cleaning agents can be very harmful that's why regular vacuuming is a must.

2) Spot cleaning
This can help your carpet to be completely free from stubborn dirt and stains. However, you should keep in mind that not all solutions are suitable for your carpets so before using any product, read the instruction.

3) Machine cleaning
It's not always necessary to clean your carpet with a machine especially if the material is delicate. For example, the carpet wool is not recommended for steam Persian Rug Cleaning machine since wool can't stand too much heat.

However, you can resort to shampooing and dry cleaning depending on the grime you need to remove.

4) Hiring carpet cleaners
But if you're too lazy or tired to clean your traditional rugs, you can phone a carpet cleaning service and let them do the dirty job.

Homes Brought Back to Life With a Touch of Colour

After years of monotonous neutral colour schemes dominating and draining the life out of minimalist interiors and living spaces in the UK we are finally seeing an injection of colour.

It seems like forever that homes have been adorned with pale pastel walls, laminate or hardwood flooring and dull or neutral suites, curtains and blinds. While many of these remain a constant in the British home a new trend has brought life back into peoples living areas. Fresh, vibrant and often bold colours are being introduced to walls, suites, curtains and rugs; a delightful contrast to the clinical backdrop of the the waning era of the 'neutral home'.

While the modern home was described as a minimalist space with neutral tones and clean edges for the past decade, this now looks dated. A focal point such as an abstract rug can modernise a room while bringing it warmth and comfort that has been lacking for so many years.

One benefit of the legacy of plain walls and light furniture is that zany, abstract patterns can be introduced without clashing with heavily patterned designs. Statement rugs are the in-thing at the moment with surreal patterns and bright, bold colours. These rugs are perfectly suited to bringing to life a room otherwise lacking in personality.

People are fed up with the lack of individuality, the show-home lifestyle became extinct with the crash of the property market. Home-owners now realise that their house is their home, a place to be enjoyed, a place to relax and be themselves. Little touches like a well positioned rug can make all the difference.

Fresh 'in-season' colours include sea-blues and turquoise greens with plums and purples becoming ever-more popular. While you will never go wrong with a neutral colour scheme they are lacking in individuality, your home should have your own personal touch, a flair of your personality and an indication of your lifestyle. A well placed rug can transform a room bringing life to your interior.


What Are the Different Fabrics for T Shirt Printing?

>> Feb 26, 2019

There is a long list of textiles that you can use in t shirt printing Singapore. However, only a few of them make sense when you think about the cost and wear ability. The benefits of T-shirt printing depend on the kind of materials that you use. However, we still have several other materials that you can use to print your T-shirts. Some of them include;
Combed Cotton

Combed cotton is an excellent t-shirt printing alternative for screen printing. It is a favorite t-shirt printing material because it is firm and soft. The fibers in the combed cotton garment are carded thoroughly and combed so that they lie in the same direction. This combing process removes impurities, dirt, and shorter fibers and hence very few extraneous fibers protrude the thread. Therefore, these t-shirts are soft on human skin and less likely to rip or fray. It’s easy to print t-shirts on this material because its smooth fibers readily accept the screen printing ink. However, it is a more expensive textile to print because of the extra processing of spinning the combed cotton thread. For maintenance, you will wash and dry these T-shirts usually even though it can bleed at high heat.

Semi-Combed Cotton

These t-shirts have several qualifies of its superior brother, combed cotton, but they have a lower cost.  However, it is not as strong or as soft because it undergoes a shorter combing process. Therefore, it leaves behind short fibers that deliver a less durability and rougher feeling.

Ring-Spun Cotton

Most combed cotton that is in linen and t-shirt materials typically come from the ring-spun process. It leads to a highly wearable, smooth textile, elegant, and versatile in comfort T-shirt. ‘Ring-Spun’ is the process that sees the combed and carded cotton turned into thread using electric spinning frames. Some of the alternatives of ring-spun cotton that you will get on the market include the open end spun fibers that are mostly in terry cloth items such as bathrobes and towels and rarely in t-shirts. The texture of the open end spun fiber garment doesn’t lend itself to t-shirt quality or screen printing. The other varieties include Siro spun fibers, friction spun, compact ring spun, and air jet spun. It is good to stick it with the spun combed cotton for t-shirt printing Singapore.

Enzyme Washed

Enzymes have several uses when dealing with textiles such as texturing, finishing, and cleaning effects. You can wear enzyme washed t-shirts off the shelf with no worries. The enzyme wash is utilized in loosening the dye in the fabric and creating a faded look together with a softer feel with no compromise to the strength. Since enzymes come from living microorganisms, they are an economical alternative to the traditional textile treatments and are environmentally friendly.

Professionals apply enzymes on garments after manufacturing the t-shirt but before printing. It effectively breaks up the dye in small molecules that are later washed out. Therefore, instead of adding chemical substance to the fabric, it will pull the dye away and lead to more softness, a lower weird factory smell, and higher ink binding power for screen printing. 


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