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Teachergive Sale 2023

Shimla-Let’s Play with Ice!!

>> Jan 31, 2013


Shimla is the hottest tourist sport in north India, a large amount of tourist from all over the world came here to enjoy the natural beauty of Shimla. Shimla is known as the queen of hills, since it is a hills station it is situated in between the hills most of the time these hills are completely covered with the sheet of snow, there are dense forest of deodar and pine trees so we can say in Shimla we can get rich natural habitat. There are many things which can bind you in Shimla during the season of snowfall the beauty, grace and charm all these are at the top. it is the capital of the state situated in the north India Himachal Pradesh.  People came with their family to enjoy this, there are many other spots in Shimla some are:

The Market:

The mall is the major market of Shimla everything which we need is available here, most of the local people as well as tourist came here for shopping. In this mall there are many restaurants, bars, banks and many other things are situated which make sure that you can have everything at the same place. most of the people use this mall as there meeting place they meet here eat here do gossips and they came back to their home in this way they use to celebrate their social life.

The old Christ Church:

Shimla is one of the most famous destinations in North India one of the reason is the architecture, the wooden houses beautiful hotels and wonderful churches. There exists second oldest church in whole North India. Where thousands of pilgrims came every year, this place has its own effect people who came here just forget there all stress and tensions which they have to face in there day to day life. This church has very unique interior each thing symbolize hope, charity, patience, faith and humility.

The historic State Museum

Museum is the place where all the unique things which are first or last piece of their kind are placed. Shimla state Museum was opened in 1974 after independence, with the concept that knowledge of history is very much important for the bright future. This Museum is filled with cultural wealth and many unique articles related to art, archaeology.

Summer Hill and Annandale:

Summer hill is the place where Mahatma Gandhi lived at the time of independence when he visited here .it is 5Kms away from the town at the height of 6,500 ft. on the Shimla-Kalka railway line. This place is nowadays developed as a playground where people of all age groups use to play there is favorite sport is cricket. This ground is filled with people always; many of them came here just to spend some time in open air.

So Shimla is the complete mixture of art, snow, rich heritage as well as natural beauty so I suggest you should visit here at least ones you will definitely come here again , so just contact your tourism advisor get your ticket booked and enjoy your holidays here. It is very easy to reach here by any mode train, bus plane each facility is available here.


Tips on Boosting Safety in Your Neighbourhood

>> Jan 30, 2013

Whether you live in the middle of a bustling city or a quiet village, we all want and have the right to feel safe within our homes and, by extension, our neighbourhoods. Clearly, everyone should do everything they can to maximise the security of their own property, and one really effective way of boosting security in your community is to create a neighbourhood watch scheme.


As the saying goes, there is safety in numbers and, by establishing this kind of programme, you and your neighbours can help make the entire local community a better place to live. So, if you're looking to make your area safer, how do you go about it?

The first step is to obtain some evidence about the level of crime in your neighbourhood. After all, you don't know the exact nature of the problem - or problems - that you face, how can you expect to tackle it/them effectively? This can be achieved by doing something as simple as going door-to-door on your street and asking your neighbours what their views on crime are and what they feel should be done about it. Bear in mind, however, that some people's opinions may not be based on facts.

As such, it's also worth looking online or asking your local police force for crime statistics to back up your initial findings. Once you've gathered all the evidence that you need, you can start to tackle the specific problems you face.

If your neighbourhood is blighted by vandals, for example, it's worth setting up a group of 'window watchers' - namely those who will keep an eye out through their window for any unusual incidents or signs of trouble. By having this network in place, you can be sure that someone is keeping a watchful eye on the street, particularly during times when the majority of residents are at work or school.

Running self-defence classes, particularly for women and older people, can also help residents to feel more secure. With one important caveat - even if you enjoy practising martial arts in your spare time or fancy yourself as the next Batman, you should never actively seek physical confrontation with criminals. It is, of course, a job best left to the police.

Asking people in the area with DIY skills to help less able residents repair fencing and install outdoor lighting can also improve the overall safety of your neighbourhood, while your group could also seek financial assistance from nearby businesses to clean and improve public areas. When approaching such companies for help, you should not only point out the obvious benefits of having a safer and more secure community, but remind them that providing funds for such work will raise their profile in the local area.

Whatever steps you take, however, you should hold regular meetings to help people get to know each other - doing so can often eliminate any misconceptions neighbours have of one another - and to establish the success of any initiatives you are running.

At your regular neighbourhood watch meetings, consider distributing promotional products such as personalised cups and mugs. Although these items may not initially sound like they can do much to improve security in your area, they could help generate a sense of community and togetherness among neighbours. Make sure your slogan and contact details of the neighbourhood watch scheme are printed on these products - that way, people will know exactly who to get in touch with should they have any concerns about safety or wish to report an incident.

Are you looking to improve safety in your neighbourhood? Please leave a comment below and tell us the steps you're taking to achieve this.


Tips to Ensure Your Air Conditioner Provides More Cooling

As the mercury soars during the summers, you may find yourself more and prone to fatigue and bodily discomfort. Not only is there the excruciating heat that saps all your energy, and will to work, but to make matters worse, the moisture content of the weather can make even the sturdiest of people lose their cool. Thankfully, an AC, a Wilson Bryant Air Conditioning device, to be precise, can make your life easy.

As long as you have an AC in your home, you will keep the hot outdoor air at bay. Yet, for some people, their AC does not provide them with optimal cooling. Such home Air conditioners do not cool the air, as much as it is intended to. If your AC has been such a symptom, of late, then the following pointers may rectify it.

1. Ensure the Electrical Circuits Are Functioning Smoothly
Sometimes, if an AC is not working optimally, it might be owing to an insufficient power supply to the device. If your AC is connected to a weak electrical outlet, there is a case of broken wires, or there is a case of a poor fuse or circuit breaker, then the AC will not get enough electricity to run optimally.

Thus, you should repair such problems, as soon as possible, to restore the optimal cooling power of the AC. In fact, problems in the electrical circuit of the AC can even lead to more dangerous explosions, if you do not rectify them. Therefore, you are doubly recommended to get rid of such problems.

2. Readjust Existing Temperature Settings of the AC
An AC is programmed to cool a room, in response to the ambient temperature. This means that if your thermostat is switched to a point that is warmer than the outdoor temperature, then your AC will not work properly.

To avert this problem, you should make sure that your thermostat setting is ‘Auto’ enabled. In this way, your AC will automatically gauge the outside temperature, and set itself to a point that is cooler than the external degree of temperature.

3. Move the Furniture Around
If the furniture of your room is placed in a manner that blocks the air that is produced by your AC, then you will not enjoy its optimum cooling services. Thus, you should remove items from the natural passage of the AC air.

4. Clean the AC Filter
Over time, your AC filter may gather dust and grime that foils the device’s ability to cool a room, adequately. Therefore, you must remove the filter, and clean it of such deterrents, with water and special soap. Once the filter is dried, you may place it back inside the body of the AC.

In case, your AC comes with throwaway filter, then changing such filters is necessary, in accordance to the time prescribed by the manufacturers. If your AC does not work properly, even after making the above changes, then getting in touch with a certified hvac repairs company is essential.


Simple Tips When It Comes to Buying the Right Bedroom Sets

Elegant bedroom sets are some of the best home furnishings that can be used to enhance the tone of the bedroom. This is important because the said room is the place where one’s quality time is spent as such, it is important to choose the right amenities to enhance the ambiance of the said room.

There are wide arrays of furniture that can be purchased to enhance the overall appearance of the bedroom. Beds, dressing tables, and closets are some of the most notable furnishings that are used in bedrooms. It is essential to choose the right ones since it directly appeals to the ambiance of the said room.

Such task has become easier nowadays because of the availability of customized furniture sets. Despite this, it is still important to take time to compare them so as to get a hold of the right furnishings that exhibit elegance and style. Below are some essential tips that are helpful in this regard.

·         Beds
Beds are some of the important furniture in the bedroom. In general, theyare available in a variety of styles, designs, colours, and sizes. There are different frames out on the market; some of them include the classic, platform, canopy, and sleigh.

The said furnishings can be purchased in different sizes like single, double, queen size, and king size. In addition, they are also made of different components like lacquer, satin, and leather.

·         Dressing tables
Dressing tables come in different types and wood types. Also, there are dressers that come with mirrors that can be quite handy when trying out new clothes or when preparing which ones to wear. The said tables can also be used to keep make up accessories, toiletries, jewelleries and other small items.

·         Closets
Closets are very essential especially when it comes to storing clothes, belts, handbags, gym bags, shoes, and other accessories. Before making a purchase, the dimensions of the room should be carefully analysed so as to purchase the right one that will perfectly complement it.

Many people choose bedroom sets according to the theme of their room so that they will achieve the level of uniqueness and distinctiveness that they want. However, it would also be best to consider their dimensions and other important factors. By doing so the right bedroom furnishings will be obtained in no time and huge savings can be accumulated in the process. 


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