Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

Rosegal Product Reviews

>> Dec 31, 2013

Last month friendly Kate from Rosegal made a contact with me. She allowed me to choose products with the total price below $20 and then share my opinion about the products here. This fashion store offers a variety of vintage style items that will be shipped to any address worldwide without added cost.


There are many beautiful items to choose at Rosegal.com but finally I selected two products based on my needs.  The package reached my address in almost three weeks; I got the stuffs in my hands at Dec 22, 2013. Previously I planned to make outdoor shots but unfortunately we have continuously rainy days and I got bad flu for almost a week. Hope these indoor photos still can show the products nicely.


Rosegal sent two kinds of different products: a pair of watch band for couple and women’s jacket. In fact, I received three items. Good choices, right?


WoMaGe Quartz Watch with Strips Indicate Steel Watch Band for Couple-Black

My husband also loves this WoMaGe wristwatch like I do; moreover he needs a new one to replace his broken watch.  Every watch –male and female watch- has simple but classic surface design that you’ll love. I most love its round and smooth bezel. Besides the glass surface, other outer parts of this watch such as strap/band, case, bezel, buckle, crown and lugs are made from stainless steel material.

It’s a quartz watch; you don’t need placing battery to make it functions. I have worn my watch for several days; I can say that the watch is comfortable to wear on my wrist for hours.  I don’t get itchy or irritated skin. My husband has the similar opinion; he can wear the watch for a long time without any hassle occurs. There are no ‘sharp’ edges on any outer part of the watch that may hurt your skin.  


I have nothing to complain. Buying WoMaGe watch band for couple at $7.53 surely means a good value of money. They look good on your wrist and moreover, it’s fun to wear similar stuff with your loved one!

Stunning Scoop Neck Long Sleeves Floral Print Shrug Style Chiffon Women's Jacket


This chiffon jacket is a thin one. You wear this sort of jacket not to get warmth but just to beautify your look. Its scoop collar-line, floral print and shrug style will enhance your casual style. You can combine this jacket with casual tops and bottoms or complete any dress.

It’s a pity that my body seems a bit larger to wear this jacket properly. Anyway, I still can put on the jacket -unzipped.  To keep in good shape longer, follow the cleaning tips that mentioned at the product description. 


A Lakeside Eating Place

>> Dec 30, 2013

After having flu for a week and being not able to go along with a big family trip, it’s nice to accept a good’s friend invitation. She invited us to spend days until the coming New Year at her home. So, since Sunday night my husband and I are already at her wonderful home :)

For Blue Monday, I’d like to share a lakeside eating place –located at my husband’s hometown- that we visited months ago.

The eating place (the Betutu Eating Place belongs to Mrs. Um) has blue touches. Betutu is the name of a kind of fish that lives in the lake. The food is traditional and tasty! 

The view is awesome!

Location: the Petuguran Lake Bumiayu (Central Java, Indonesia)

Happy Monday and New Year 2014 to everyone!


I’m Better Today!

>> Dec 28, 2013

I’ve got bad flu for almost a week. My dizzy head made me lazy to do anything including updating this blog. My husband experiences the same symptoms, so we just taking care each other. Gratefully, we’re better today. My BILs, SILs and nephews are on vacation now but we can’t go along as we’re sick.  

It’s just a short update from me. Hope you all enjoy your holidays.

For Camera Critters and Saturday's Critters, I share here –again- deer that live in the front yard of the Bogor Presidential Palace (West Java, Indonesia). There are so many of them, I think the amount of deer is more than three hundreds.


How to Have a Safe Pet Christmas

>> Dec 23, 2013

Christmas, as we know, is “the most wonderful time of the year”… But what should be “the happiest season of all” can soon degenerate into something quite different, if we ignore the dangers our festive celebrations can pose to our animals. For instance, while Christmas dinner may look very tempting to your Labrador or Golden Retriever (and who are you to deny him on Christmas Day??), for them there is far more at stake than simply their waistline.

Among the many unexpected hazards on your Christmas menu are the onions in your gravy and stuffing. Onions contain a substance known as thiosulphate, which is toxic to dogs and cats, causing oxidative damage to red blood cells. Early signs of onion poisoning include diarrhoea, vomiting and lethargy.

Turkey bones – from your plate, kitchen counter, or rubbish bin – are hollow, and splinter easily, causing obstruction and sometimes perforation of the intestinal tract.
You also need to be cautious once pudding has arrived….. Christmas cake, Christmas pudding and mince pies are rich in alcohol and raisins, which, like onions, are toxic to dogs and cats. Grapes and raisins are especially hazardous.

Nuts (macadamias, in particular) are likewise dangerous to pets. Signs of macadamia poisoning include weakness and ataxia (difficulty walking, due to lack of coordination).

Once you have removed the onions, bones, raisins and nuts from your pet’s Christmas dinner, you can treat them to some fat trimmings and roast potatoes but be aware fatty meals can result in loose stools or potentially a trip to the vets.

Sadly, not only our Christmas dinner but also our Christmas decorations, can be dangerous to pets. Christmas trees (pine), holly, mistletoe and poinsettia are all mildly toxic, causing diarrhoea and vomiting if ingested. Furthermore, though we may know chocolate is toxic to pets, it is easy to overlook the chocolate coins dangling enticingly from branches, or wrapped beneath the tree.

Non-chocolate tree decorations can also be tempting to our pets. As well as presenting a choking hazard, baubles tend to shatter, causing lacerations to the mouth and/or intestines. Tinsel can be eaten like spaghetti. Unlike spaghetti, however, tinsel bunches and twists within the intestines, requiring immediate surgery.

We all know the festive season can be stressful, but, by following these tips, and ensuring your pets are safe this Christmas, you can at least avoid the expense of an unscheduled visit to your vets. Now, go have yourselves a merry little Christmas… Santa Paws is coming to town.


Source: lintbells.com


A Nephew's School

Last Friday I went to my nephew’s school to get her academic report card. My SIL and nephew were out of town for a few days and her father wasn’t able to cancel an important meeting in his office that morning. 

Flags in the front of her school. Though it's already fading, some flags are in blue.
Her class located at the 2ndfloor. I saw some stalls offered food and kid stuffs in the schoolyard.

My nephew is a new student there –a 4th grade student at a public elementary school. It seems that she can adapt with new friends and school but she faces difficulty in learning local language lesson. Though she isn’t including in the best ten in her class, it’s no problem at all since the whole lessons –except the local language- got good scores.

Happy Monday and happy holidays!

Blue Monday


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