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Credit Card vs Debit Card: Which is Right for You?

>> Nov 29, 2012

When it comes to deciding how you want to make a purchase, you have two main options: a credit card or a debit card. Each one is popular for different reasons, so which one should you choose? From airline miles to overdraft protection, American consumers are weighing their options. Here are the main differences between the two so you can decide which one is the best for you. 


Rediff writes that a debit card is the closest option to cash because the money actually gets withdrawn straight from your bank account. On the plus side, you get the convenience of being able to spend your “cash” online and other various places that do not accept cash. In order to use a debit card you do need to be on top of keeping track of your account balance. It is easy to overdraw with a debit card, which can lead to costly fees.

On the contrary, when you use a credit card you are not spending your actual money. Instead, you receive a bill every month that you must pay in full to avoid interest charges. If you can control your spending to stay within a manageable monthly amount, a credit card is definitely much more convenient. In addition to being a good steward with your credit, you can see your credit score actually rise if paying on time and not going over your limit. 


Fox Business points out that both cards carry a risk of identity theft. However, with a credit card your actual money is not at risk. If your credit card gets stolen, the company will investigate the charges and make the appropriate corrections before you actually owe them any money. With a debit card, it can take your bank several days or weeks to fix the charges. In the meantime, your money is M.I.A. Identity theft is a crucial threat that targets any consumer and with the rise of digital dependency and online purchasing, identity theft protection can only help to keep your accounts and personal information monitored and protected by a company like Lifelock. You can visit Lifelock's Twitter page to get great tips to help better protect yourself and your purchases. 


Everyone likes a perk, especially if it comes after doing something as simple as making purchases. ABC News states that credit cards definitely take the cake in this category. Many credit card companies offer you airline miles, points to use towards merchandise, or even cash back just for using your card. If you plan on solely using your credit card for all of your purchases, these rewards can add up very quickly and are definitely worth considering. When it comes down to it, the rewards basically act as free money. 


According to The Street, there is a third option: the charge card. This card is similar to a credit card because the money is not drawn from your bank account, but instead is due once a month. However, with a charge card you have to pay your balance in full every month. That being said, there are no preset spending limits, so in that respect it is more like a debit card. Many charge cards also offer the same rewards and fraud protection that you will get with a credit card. Consider this a hybrid card, pulling from the best of both options.

A guest post written by James Burrow.


The Importance of Hiring the Reputable Roofing Calgary Company

>> Nov 28, 2012

Are you in the middle of building your own dream house? Of course, you’ll pay attention more in planning a good roof for your home since house roofing is one of the most essential parts of a house. Whatever type of roof material that you’ll choose, the high-quality roof will improve the look of your home.
The fine roof will be able to guard people inside –your family members- from severe weather situation and to execute insulation purpose.  Choosing only good material for your home roof will lead to the strength of your property!

There are various kinds of roof materials offered in today’s market such as slate, shingles, tile, metals and wood. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages.  Between those roof types, fiberglass asphalt shingles is the most often seen in American and Canadian residences.  For your information, shingles are the roof that built with basically overlapping mixture of rectangular materials.

To get the optimum advantages from the good roof, people in Calgary like you must hire the reliable roofing calgary company.  A wrong decision will only give you further problems and irritation, such as leaks, ceiling blemishes and decayed roof decking.  

Calgary home owners can trust Aaron Roofing to install the roof of their homes as this roofing company has more than fifty years experience and an excellent BBB rating in Canada that indicates a reputable company. Highly trained professionals at Aaron Roofing provide you with Platinum Roofing Package; a roofing excellence that ensures every home owner to obtain satisfying result. 


Decrease Your Stress Levels and Learn the Benefits of Airport Parking

When it comes to travelling to faraway destinations; plane is the most popular and obvious choice. Booking a holiday or business trip is the first part of the process, there is the aspect of getting to and from the airport as well. There is the misconception that airport parking is quite expensive, but there are many cheaper options today that ensure you get to your destination quickly, efficiently, and experience a convenient service.

The amount airport parking costs is going to depend on the car park you choose and when you book. Booking using a car park that is off-site is just as convenient today as there are options in getting you too and from the carp park quickly so you can make the airport easily and just as conveniently. There are options available for long-term and short-term parking that are based on the amount of time your car is there; these are usually the more expensive options. Booking your slot in advance and specifying how long you will be leaving your vehicle there for is the cheapest option over pay-as-you-go.

There are many options for car parking at gatwick airport today and there are more companies looking to accommodate travellers along the way. The more companies there are, the more you can benefit as they will all be in competition with each other to win your custom. This means that today there is a greater chance of you being able to find an affordable option easily and without fuss. The secure options can be found easily and the best way to find the best deals is by using the World Wide Web.

The web has many great uses today and finding the best deals for parking at Gatwick airport is one of them. You can use comparison sites to find what you are looking for and to get an idea of what you are likely to pay. You can simply use search engines as well to provide you with the most popular results on the web and those sites with the highest rankings. There is a lot of money to be saved, which makes airport parking really cheap and a convenient option for travellers to keep their vehicles safe whilst they are away on that trip or holiday.

Planning your parking in advance is usually the cheaper option. The prices don’t tend to change much online so you can usually get a great deal at any time, but planning a head reduces the risk of being faced with only expensive options should the parking become pretty full around the time that you are travelling. Booking ahead gives you the advantage of getting the best deals from the best parking providers before they are booked up!

Car parking at the airport is a simple and yet great solution today. They tend to be manned for convenience and support and they are secure twenty four hours a day. You can jet off on your trip or your holiday and rest assured that your car will be safe and secure until you return. And, when you do return, you can simply jump in your car and drive off home.

Author Bio
Gene is a freelance writer based in North Wales. Gene has researched the options for car parking at Gatwick airport online. In her spare time; Gene enjoys spending time with her family and swimming at the local pool.


How to Spend Quality Time Outdoors with Children’s Outdoor Play Equipment

>> Nov 27, 2012

If you are a parent like me, you would know the importance of spending quality time with your children. This is why no matter how busy I might be I still make it a point to interact with them through playtimes, story times, and mealtimes. When I was a child myself, I would remember my parents freeing their weekends just for all of us; this is why up to now we have a very strong bond with each other.

image credit
When I finally had kids of my own, I knew enough to do the same thing for them because when they’re older, I want them to realise that no matter how tight our schedules might be, they are and will always be our topmost priority.

So just recently, my husband and I decided to purchase some children’s outdoor play equipment because we were in search of a different and more adventurous environment for our kids. Since this equipment is installed in the backyard, we knew it would be a good and safe idea.

Here are some reasons why we thought it was necessary to buy this kind of outdoor equipment. 

Great venue for bonding
I grew up with a tree house myself and I remember how excited I was all the time to go there and just read books. I know that my kids, as adventurous and fun-loving as they might be, would also love the same thing. Every time we go inside their tree house and read books to them, it’s like we are in an entirely different world. What’s more, it saves up from having to go on actual holidays all the time.

A week into using their children’s outdoor play equipment, my eldest daughter, who happens to be really good in the arts, came up to me and asked if it would be okay for them to design their tree house. I told them that it was okay as long as it won’t destroy the wood finishing. I didn’t watch them while they were doing this design overhaul. I waited patiently until it was done and I was surprised to see that their creativity was all poured into creating another “playroom and bedroom” out of this tree house.

Great place for timeout
Of course, as a parent, you would know that there are times when your patience is put to the test. Sometimes, when my children do not want to do their homework or are fighting with their other siblings, I would usually ask them to go to the tree house for a timeout. They like the idea, of course, because this place serves as a peaceful and effective hideout for them. My youngest son once told me that the childrens outdoor play equipment that they have is perfect for contemplating on the bad things he’s done to his older sisters.

I am really happy with our new tree house and I suggest that since it is priced very reasonably, you might as well get one for your kids, too!


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