Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

3 Tips for Buying Your Toddler’s Shoes

>> May 31, 2022

When your little one starts walking, it is best to let them remain barefoot around the house. When they are outside or in public, however, it is necessary for them to have a good pair of shoes on - and it can be difficult for parents to determine how to buy the right shoes for their toddler. While it can be tempting to buy the cutest shoes available at your local baby clothing retailer, shoes for toddlers should be all about fit and function. It is important for people of all ages to invest in a pair of shoes that fit correctly, to avoid issues like bunions that would need to be corrected by northwestsurgerycenter.com

Since it might be difficult for toddlers to communicate with you about the fit of a particular pair of shoes, here are some tips for picking out their first pair of new shoes. 


1. Buy in Person, Not Online

While you might be tempted to purchase shoes for your little one online, it is best to make such an important purchase in person where you can measure your child’s feet and allow them to walk around in the shoes before you buy. Have a professional at the store measure your child’s feet, and be sure that they try on shoes while standing up, to get an accurate measurement for the fit. 

2. Account for Socks 

Even if your toddler hates wearing socks (as many do), it is important that they wear a pair with their new shoes to avoid blisters or irritation on their bare feet. With that said, it is important to remember to ensure that your child is wearing socks to the store to try on their new shoes, so that you can make sure the shoes will not be too tight on their feet once they are wearing socks on the go. 

3. Invest in High-Quality Material

The shoes you get for your child should be made of high-quality materials such as canvas or leather. Any shoes for toddlers are made out of rubber or plastic, which will cause discomfort when walking for even a short period of time. Be sure to stay away from styles like wedges or shoes with pointy toes - although these are trendy, they are not realistic for little ones who are still learning to walk, and need to have the most comfortable shoes possible. 


The Best Ways to Protect Your Hardwood Floors in Mississauga

>> May 27, 2022

Summary: If you have hardwood flooring in your Mississauga-area home, it’s important to follow certain steps to protect it from damage and ensure it keeps looking as good as new. For this, you should clean regularly, avoid wet mops, be careful of sunlight, use area rugs and choose the right cleaning products. 

The Best Ways to Protect Your Hardwood Floors in Mississauga

Whether you’ve had hardwood floors in your Mississauga home for years or just installed them, maintaining and protecting them is important. 

Besides extending their life, the right maintenance will ensure that it stays looking beautiful for years. 

But this doesn’t need to be difficult, especially if you can establish a routine that can keep them looking their best, even after years of daily use. 

To help homeowners make the most of their hardwood flooring in Mississauga, our flooring experts have shared some tips to protect it. Use them to keep your floors looking good for years to come. 

Easy Maintenance Tips to Protect Your Hardwood Flooring in Mississauga

Preserve the beauty of your hardwood floors with these maintenance tips. 

  1. Clean Regularly

Just as you would with any flooring material, it’s necessary to clean hardwood regularly to make it last and look great. That means sweeping every day to get rid of dirt, dust and crumbs that may cause damage. You can also use a microfiber dust mop to get rid of smaller dust particles your broom may have missed. Alternatively, you can vacuum. 

  1. Avoid Wet Mops

While some homeowners prefer to mop their floors, this must be avoided at all costs when it comes to hardwood in Mississauga. Saturating a wooden floor with water can warp your floorboards. Instead, mildly dampen a dry rag but make sure you wipe the surface with a dry cloth to get rid of any moisture. 

  1. Be Wary of Sunlight

Another thing to keep an eye out for when it comes to hardwood flooring in Mississauga is exposure to sunlight. Direct UV rays can cause your flooring to lose its colour over time, resulting in a faded appearance. 

So, if you have hardwood floors in a room that receives a lot of sunlight, consider investing in high-quality window treatments that can block it out. But there’s no need to go overboard. Simple window treatments such as curtains and blinds can also protect them. 

  1. Use Area Rugs

Once you have moved furniture into your room, you can determine the areas where people will be walking most and use area rugs accordingly. They are specifically designed to protect sections of the floor that may be subject to a lot of movement. Area rugs are also available in a wide range of colours, patterns and designs, so you can find something suitable for your space. 

  1. Select the Right Products

When cleaning hardwood flooring in Mississauga, make sure you only use products recommended for hardwood. They will bring out the wood’s best and prevent damage to the surface. For instance, use a high-quality broom, mop and dust mop designed specifically for wooden floors. 

In terms of the dust mop, choose reusable microfiber pads that work well with the material. When it comes to cleaners, purchase ones that are safe for hardwood flooring, leave no residue, and are safe for both pets and children. 

Regular maintenance of your hardwood flooring in Toronto is vital to protect its beauty and ensure it lasts many years. Use this guide to protect them from normal wear and tear. Investing your time and a bit of attention into protecting your floors will keep your home looking stylish and your flooring as good as new for years to come. 












How to Glam Up Your Kitchen with Custom Blinds in Toronto

>> May 26, 2022

Summary: Thinking of revamping your kitchen with high-quality window coverings? Discover top tips on how to achieve this with custom-made blinds. 

Your kitchen is likely one of the most used rooms in your Toronto-area home, and beautiful window treatments can make it more appealing.

But to choose appropriate window coverings for this space, you need to consider both their functionality and their visual appeal. 

Most homeowners prefer custom blinds over the pre-fabricated ones in Toronto. Unlike readymade ones, custom blinds offer a wide array of fabrics, colours, and designs that perfectly fit your windows. They are also quite functional. 

Here are a few ways how they help to beautify your kitchen space. 

Revamp Your Kitchen with Custom Blinds in Toronto

When it comes to custom coverings, there are multiple options available in terms of textures, designs, and types. This means there is something ideal for your kitchen. Let’s find out how to redecorate this space with these coverings. 

Choose Roman Blinds for a Sophisticated Look 

The fine patterns and stripes of Roman blinds create a highly personalized kitchen. Their gentle draping adds sophistication, grace, and a contemporary appearance. These blinds are stacked in horizontal folds that have stunning visual impact. They are available in natural and synthetic fabrics that are water-resistant. 

Buy Vertical Blinds that Can be Repaired Quickly

These window coverings offer optimum privacy, look beautiful, and are highly resistant to both fire and moisture. Plus, they are available in diverse textures and colours. Vertical blinds are widely used in the kitchen because they can be repaired quickly and easily. 

Pick Faux Wood Blinds for a Clean and Fresh Look 

Faux wood blinds are one of the most popular options for Toronto-area homeowners. This is because they are highly waterproof, resistant to warping, and can be cleaned quickly. 

They are easily tailored in a variety of finishes, slat widths, and colours, thereby making them perfect additions to your kitchen. Do you want to increase your window treatments’ flair? Then choose these wood blinds along with matching tapes. 

Use Roller Blinds to Make Your Kitchen More Colourful 

Roller blinds can be customized to suit any type of kitchen decor and add more colour to it. They are easy to operate, highly functional, flame retardant, water resistant and perfect for keeping near the kitchen sink. Roller blinds are also easily cleanedRoller blinds are also easily cleaned

Choose Wooden Venetian Blinds for Optimum Light Control 

These window blinds can be rotated 180 degrees to offer optimum control of sunlight entering your kitchen. Their rotating slats can be angled so you experience maximum privacy while enjoying the view outside. 

Whether you have a traditional kitchen or a modern one, these custom blinds fit well with any kitchen style. This is possible because the wood’s natural grain can match flawlessly. When properly maintained and cleaned, these coverings last for a very long time. 

Buy Aluminum Venetian Blinds for an Uncluttered Look 

These stylish and functional blinds come with exclusive metallic finishes and solid colours. They are resistant to moisture, so you can place them on the kitchen sink without damaging them. 

Custom aluminum Venetian coverings give your kitchen an uncluttered appearance. They also offer light control and privacy depending on the window slat setting you choose. 

Make use of these custom blinds ideas to improve the ambience of your kitchen. Whether you have a traditional or modern one, custom blinds help to beautify your kitchen in Toronto and enhance its functionality. For more information, contact a trusted window blinds company









Self Care Tips for New Moms

>> May 3, 2022

After having a baby, everything changes. Whether you are a first time parent or just gave birth to your fourth child, welcoming a new baby is one of the most challenging (although rewarding) experiences one can have. For new moms, it can be hard to prioritize self care in the midst of caring for your new child and adapting to the changes in your home and family life. Without taking the time for self care, however, new moms are at risk for more serious symptoms of postpartum depression, and are more likely to  experience burnout which could lead to further mental health related problems. 


Despite what you might think, self care does not need to be expensive or time consuming. If you  are a new mom, here are 3 simple ideas for self care that can be done in the midst of even the  most hectic schedule. 

Take a Hot Bath

The best way to gett a little bit of “me time” even in the midst of a hectic schedule is by taking a hot bath. Use a bath bomb, scented bubbl bath, or muscle relaxing epsom salts for a little extra pampering. Light some candles, play your favorite music, and boom - your bathroom is turned into a relaxing spa. 

Focus on Fitness

While you shouldn’t feel pressure to look a certain way after giving birth, working out and creating a physical wellness routine can help alleviate some negative postpartum feelings and boost confidence. Whether you seek treatment from a clinic like ThriveMD or work with a trainer to establish a workout routine at your local gym, focusing on physical wellness after giving birth is a great way to put yourself first.

Get Support from Friends 

When caring for a new baby, you might not find yourself with much spare time to spend with friends or loved ones. Spending quality time with friends can help to alleviate stress and can help you get into a routine of doing things that you enjoyed pre-baby. If you are struggling to find time to socialize, pick one or two nights per week when your partner or another loved one can watch the baby while you go out for coffee or grab dinner with some friends. 

The best self care requires nothing more than taking time to do something for yourself that you really enjoy, even if it’s small. These 3 simple ideas can provide much needed rest and relaxation for new moms. 



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