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Teachergive Sale 2023

Private Health Options to Meet the Needs of Today's Patients

>> Oct 31, 2012

There are many reasons as to why more people are using private medical services, instead of relying on the overburdened National Health Service. This article will discuss some of these reasons and also outline the different options that are available privately to meet the needs of patients.

NHS versus Private Care:

With the NHS becoming more over used and many jobs being lost across the sector, it seems that private health services are more viable than ever before. Like the National Health Service, private care is available for any type of condition, if not more, as private health care can provide cosmetic services usually unavailable on the NHS. There are also few waiting lists in private care and unlike the NHS, patients are usually able to choose the date for non-urgent procedures, rather than being told when it will be done.

Many people now choose private healthcare to receive a second opinion, as they are not happy with the outcomes given by the NHS or some patients prefer to choose their own consultant, a choice that is unavailable in the NHS. Depending on how care is paid for, patients may also be able to choose which private clinic or hospital they wish to have their procedure carried out at.

Obviously for many patients, the main consideration about private health is whether they can afford it. A considerable number of employers now offer discounted health care packages for their employees or some individuals choose to pay into their own private health care plans. This means that private care is no longer just for those who are perceived as being 'rich'.

For those who require operations, they may want to consider what facilities are available in a private hospital or clinic, just in case there are any complications during the procedure. It is also important to find out what aftercare may be required and whether this will also need to remain with a private provider. Local NHS services may not be obliged to deal with additional treatments or care required after private procedures. Private patients should also consider whether they can meet the costs of additional private aftercare or costs that may arise if they need to stay in hospital for longer than expected after a procedure.

Walk-In Private Services:

Walk-in medical centres are now available, offering pay-as-you go services such as health screening and treatment for minor injuries. These usually offer the option for referral to either an NHS or private hospital for further treatment if required.

There are many other services available through a clinic such as Pall Mall Medical. These include providing medicals that may be required for travel and visas, or medicals that are essential for certain occupations, such as driving.

Corporate Private Care:

Private care is also able to offer corporate healthcare that offers regular screening for a workforce. Because these are individual packages, it ensures that care services are designed to meet the specific needs of each individual company.

Ilena Sanchez writes regularly on medical services for a number of websites and blogs. Ilena enjoys climbing and cycling in her spare time and now prefers to use a private clinic rather than NHS services to deal with her regular climbing injuries.


The Ciwidey White Crater

>> Oct 29, 2012

How’s your weekend? We had a great one. A close friend invited us (my husband and I) to join her family’s short trip to Bandung (West Java, Indonesia). We started from her house on Friday afternoon.  Since our main destination is the Ciwidey White Crater, we spent the first night at a hotel nearby.
On Saturday early morning, we’ve have prepared to visit the crater. But it’s a foggy morning, a hotel staff advised us to wait for a little longer; the crater won’t be open for public if the fog is too thick. We waited for a few hours. From the hotel, it took only about 20 minutes to reach the destination. The road is smooth enough, but the small and winding road forces you to drive carefully. If you leave from Bandung –the capital city of West Java Province, it may take more than two hours, especially during holiday season and weekend; bad traffic jam can slow you down. 

 The Ciwidey White Crater is a very popular mount tourist destination in the south of Bandung area -located in Patuha mount hillside (about 2194 meter above sea water level). The craters were formed by two huge eruptions that occurred at about X and XII centuries ago. It has been stable and inactive since 1600.

Don’t forget to wear your jacket, especially during coldest days in July-August. It’s my first time to visit this place and I love the beauties that I saw. The White Patuha Crater looks like a smoky lake surrounded by the stone cliff and on the other side, you can see a slope slightly like a beach. I heard that the water could be change depends on the mineral there -sometimes it is white, green or blue. I saw the water was blue last Saturday.

Though the place is very unique and beautiful, you aren’t suggested to spend hours there. The sulfur smell can make you feel dizzy and thirsty.

 Blue Monday


Out of Town!

>> Oct 28, 2012

I’m out of town since yesterday Friday. First, I want to say Happy Eid-ul-Adha for everyone who celebrates the Feast Day. Yesterday we visited the White Crater Ciwidey (Bandung, West Java, Indonesia) –I’ll share more photos here. 
Left to right : Mbak Nana, Kevin, I, my husband
 We’ll be back home this afternoon. Sorry, I still can’t reply your visit now. See you all soon :)


How are Math Bingo Games a Blessing in Disguise for Your Kids?

>> Oct 27, 2012

In case you have been of the opinion that your kid has been spending and wasting way too much time playing bingo on the Internet and with friends, you might want to rethink about your stand. It has been seen that the math bingo game is one of the most helpful and academically benefitting kids’ games that is available in the market. Thus, in case your kids have been spending hours with the same, they are doing nothing but improving their mathematical skills.

In case you are still unconvinced about the various benefits that the math bingo games on various new online bingo sites can bring to you, here is an overview of the same which will help you make your opinion about the math bingo game. Here are 3 of the academic benefits that the math bingo game has on your kids:

1.   Fundamentals Of Mathematics

One of the first and undoubtedly the most important thing that the kids learn is the fundamentals and the basic operations involving numbers. These shouldn’t be classified as mathematics alone as they improve your child’s basic instinct about numbers. This is why it is important that your kid is fluent with the fundamental operations of mathematics, which are addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

The fact that the math bingo games on various websites and other medium can impart your kid with this knowledge regarding the fundamentals of mathematics makes it an extremely important inclusion in your kid’s academic syllabus.

2.   Practical Concept Building

Mathematics is not just about mugging a host of numbers and, then learning to apply them with the basic fundamental operations of mathematics. It also requires you to think practically and understand how to use various operations in various practical situations, failing to understand which will render your knowledge of mathematics redundant.

This is why it is recommended that you have your kids go through the math bingo games, as various aspects of this game will ensure that your kid is undergoing extensive concept building. For example, there is an activity, where kids need to match the results of their operations with that on their card and this helps in their mental development. Concept building is extremely important when it comes to the aspect of basic mathematical and other advanced operations and this whole process will just ensure that your kid has a better academic and mathematical future.

3.   Takes Care Of Fear

The fear of the subject of mathematics is one of the most commonly reported problems in kids’ academic progression. This is why it is important that your kid is able to learn the nuances of mathematics without needing to be intimidated by the same. The math bingo game does the exact same thing in a playful and fearless manner.

These 3 advantages that the math bingo games have on offer are extremely effective and you can rest assured that your kid is indulging himself in the right form of games. 


Focus! Focus! Focus! - 5 Tips for Better Productivity

If you want to be productive, you must be able to focus on your work, no matter what your distractions might be. But though some people can manage to get the work done despite the distractions, there are many others, who cannot.

These distractions, in the form of your colleagues, family, children, Internet, social networking sites and many others, while welcome, prevent you from focusing on the work. So, when you are working, shut down your distractions and just work. Given below are 5 tips to help you block out the distractions and focus on your work.

1.          Switch Off Internet – Switching off the Internet depends on how much of your work is online. If you can do without the Internet, it is best to switch it off. The best thing to do is to disconnect completely so that you don’t receive any notifications or are tempted to go to the social networking sites and maybe gaming sites as well. For me, it works best when I just block my access to www.cookinggames.net, Mario games sites and other gaming sites to which I’m otherwise hooked. They make me lose track of time and waste endless amount of time. The solution may sound extreme but you will agree that if you do not go to the Internet time and again, you will be able to get more work done and waste less time.
2.             Turn Off Notifications – Well, if you have disconnected Internet, then this tip is not for you. But if you need the Internet to work, then you have to turn off any notifications –email, messenger or social networking site. Because, if you continue to get notifications, then you won’t achieve anything. In fact, you can make use of the ‘Push Mail’ in your phone to retrieve batches of mail after a preset time of maybe 15 minutes or half an hour.
3.       Make Use Of Utilities – No, these are not your home utilities but those available to let you use the Internet only for a specific time or block any messages. Make use of “Time to go”, a utility that lets you surf only for a preset time. This is very useful if you do not have any self control. You can also make use of Kiwi Cloak or Invisibility Cloak to block certain sites on which you waste time.
4.           Headphones – One of the best ways, which seems to work for a majority of the people, is the use of headphones. Switch on some music that helps you to focus on your work and block out the outside world and its distractions. Music works for most people and for some people it can be some talk.
5.            Work On Minimal Programs – Programs like Google Docs, WriteRoom, Writer and others compel you to focus on your word. You cannot format on them immediately but then, formatting can always be done later. Meanwhile, the thing is to get the work done and out of the way. Make sure that you are working on full screen so that you are completely focused on your work.

These are a few tips that can help you focus. You can also try to clear your workspace of all clutter and have a break time to deal with distractions. It can be 10 minutes of half an hour but when you get back to work, make sure that your productivity is not affected.


A Look into the Best Pregnancy Weight Loss Guides

So you are up to sneaking some time out of your busy schedule as a new mom and fleeting through pages of your pregnancy guide book to check out how to lose the extra weight you have gained and get into all those pre-pregnancy favorite attires of yours. Just like gaining weight during and post pregnancy is a result of nine months of caring for yourself and your baby inside, shedding it off should also be undertaken gradually, instead of being impulsive and rushing into a fad diet. Take a peek into these tips from some of the best pregnancy weightloss guides as you embark on the weight losing regime.

Equip yourself with enough tidbits- As you breastfeed your baby, you lose as much as 500 calories a day and to suffice for the lost energy, you require keeping some snacks handy to munch and treat your stomach with every time you feel hungry. For one thing, going too hungry will lure you towards sugary foodstuffs which will lead to weight gain instead of losing it. Moreover, when you deprive your tummy from its required fuel, your body uses up the stored fat to survive. Keep things like nuts and popcorn or simply make some healthy snacks with boiled sweet corn spruced with a pinch of salt and pepper to satiate your hunger.

Resort to smaller, frequent dishes - You might think this to be weird but the fact remains that a dish of smaller size will make you eat less. Of course this does not mean you should go hungry by having a few morsels. Eating small quantities in frequent intervals is a great way to keep your stomach full while checking on your weight.

Accompany breastfeeding with diet and exercise- Studies show that new mothers who indulge in absolute breastfeeding are likely to lose weight faster than those who combine it with formula feeding. In order for your body to prepare the necessary milk supply for absolute breastfeeding it requires about 330 calories more daily. And many a time, it utilizes up the stored fat to make up for the excess energy requirement. This results in weight loss which is more of a permanent nature.

Finally, ask a friend to accompany you to the gym. The very thought of getting dressed and taking out your car to visit the gym might make you feel lethargic, especially when you are already too fatigued running behind your baby the whole day. Therefore, instead of procrastinating your work out sessions, ask a friend to join along with you or simply accompany you to the gymnasium. This way, even if she is not working out, she can look after your baby while you do your job.


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