Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

Sleeping Like a Baby

>> May 30, 2015

I've shared pics of Koneng several times here, so this post is Koneng's cousin turn. 
After her mother named Juno died, we called her the same name –Juno. Now she often sleeps in our bedroom and once in a while, she sleeps on my lap. 

Camera Critters  and Saturday's Critters


10 Simple Tips to Create a Modern Kitchen

>> May 25, 2015

A kitchen is the most important area in every home. You come here when you want to eat cold pizza or you want to drink a glass of chocolate milk. Your kitchen is your homework station, a cozy area where you spend nice moments with your family.

Since so much happens in this area of your home, it certainly deserves to look perfect and beautiful. To give your old kitchen a new life you need to opt for kitchen renovation services. Though there are many companies that can offer you such services but if you believe in settling with nothing less than the best, then you should opt for Kitchen Capital. Let us now discover 10 tips that will help you convert your kitchen into a beautiful modern place.
1. Give enough attention to your countertop
Your countertops are the most important part of your kitchen. They will be noticed first when someone come to see your kitchen, from a functional point of view, it is an area where maximum work is performed. So, while getting your kitchen renovated, you should opt for countertop materials that can last long.

2. Clean your Decks
A modern kitchen must remain clean, so while getting it renovated, make sure you give more importance to the design than to your appliances. Keep away your small appliances so that your countertop looks clean and nice, remember you have just paid good price for it. Get rid of all the clutter you have than you can start organizing things. If your kitchen looks very clean, then you will not like to put things here and there to spoil its beautiful appearance.

3. Maintain a recycling centre
Most of you prefer putting dirty aluminium can straight into regular garbage, because who would put in extra efforts and clean it. But, it would rather be wise if you include a recycling centre in your modern kitchen design. Your kitchen will look much better if you get rid of all the bins and bags lying here and there on the floor.

4. Consider a better sink
Do not underestimate the power of a good sink. Even though it will not bring huge difference but it will make lots of things easier. Gooseneck faucets can make many kitchen tasks easier. Some faucets turn off when you touch anywhere on the handle or spout, and some come with handy soap dispensers. Kitchen Capital Kitchen renovations perth is one such brand that understands you needs and thus offers everything that is needed to transform your kitchen into the most modern and effective one. So, make sure you talk to them about the kind of faucet you need

5. Update your range
When you renovate your kitchen, you must get rid from your old stove and replace it with something trendy. Induction cooktops are becoming popular, so you can opt for it. Steam and convection ovens are two options if you are interested in saving energy, they can also cook faster.

6. Add Modern Electronics
You should consider all modern electronics to make your kitchen look high tech. Do you know there is a refrigerator that comes with a monitor built on its door? It will be a great idea to include something like this in your kitchen. You can ask Kitchen Capital to suggest you best electronics you can add to your kitchen space.

7. Update your Fridge
Best kitchen should have a modern refrigerator. If your fridge does not allow too big or wide objects, it's time you should consider replacing it. A French door fridge is best you can opt for. It has enough space for your crudités platter and cookie sheets. If you like to save energy, it is time for you to consider a change.

8. Go doorless or opt for glass front cabinets
Remove your old-style cabinets that hide things and does not let light in. Glass front and doorless cabinets are very popular, so make sure you include them in your modern kitchen space.

9. Make it an Enjoyable Area
Your modern kitchen should be a place where you can enjoy conversations, live entertainment and good space. If you manage to have all of these, then you will never mind spending hours in your kitchen.

10. Make your kitchen more interesting by installing a skylight
Even if you have a nice window in your kitchen, you can invite more natural light by installing a skylight. It will make cooking more interesting and you will see all ingredients you use while cooking. Moreover, you will get a beautiful glimpse of nature. Just view the beautiful blue sky, the fluffy clouds and enjoy the natural light it brings in.


The Amazing 6 Boating Activities for the Entire Family to Enjoy

>> May 24, 2015

Family activities are the best way to get your family together and create some amazing memories. And even though we are all so busy and rarely have the time to even organize a quick get together with friends, when family outings are in question, things need to be prioritized.

Holidays, vacations, picnics, with or without occasion celebrations… all these are a wonderful way for the family to get together, relax and reconnect.
However, with so many activities out there, a person can get distracted not knowing where to start. The best way to organize your family activity is to see what it is that all the members have in common. That way no one will feel left out and you are guaranteed to give them a good time!

In this blog, we are going to address one activity in particular which is fun, interesting, exciting and definitely memorable!

Family boating, for instance, is my family’s favorite outdoor activity and we always try to get our schedules around and make the timing work for us all.
I’ll lay out a few reasons why boating should be your favorite outdoor activity too!

It’s exciting!

Unlike any outdoor activity taking place on the land, being on a boat brings about a certain element of excitement, mystery and thrill. When you are on a boat it’s inevitable to have fun – as you are strolling around the lake or river you’ll see the amazing water world, fish jumping in and out of water, river birds and above all – feel the peace of nature with the little waves splashing against sides of your boat.

It brings you calm

Boating is one of those activities that brings about the sense of calm and relaxation. Chatting with your family members or friends you brought along, snacking on your favorite foods and letting your senses soak in the wonders of the nature around is a true blessing and an experience that will bring peace and harmony in your life. Sit back and enjoy the peace that you can experience while floating on the water.

You enjoy fishing, don’t you?
And while there are people that will call fishing boring and dull, truth is this sport (if we may call it that) takes a lot of wit, calm, patience and good planning.

While the older members of the family will be thrilled to have caught a fish they’ll later make a feast out of, the young ones will probably light up each time they catch a big one!
When you all get together for barbequing the fish by the river, you have yet another family activity to enjoy!

Swimming is the best thing

Being on a boat makes it easy to dock at the sand bar or out in the middle of the lake/river if you are in for a quick dip. Both you and your family members will have so much fun jumping off the side of the boat, or just swimming to freshen up a bit and keep your physique toned. The kids seem to enjoy this more than anything else you can do on the boat, so there are no wrongs here.


Water Skiing and kneeboarding

Get out your skis and hit the water! This is an amazing activity for the whole family. If none of you is experienced in this sport, you can always talk to the professionals and ask for a little bit of help. Once all the interested members of your family learn how to water ski, the fun can begin! Plus, once you invest in water skiing lessons, it’s done – you’ve learned it forever!

This goes for kneeboarding too. Kids in particular love this sport as it is extremely fun, adventurous and exhilarating!

Boats can be rented

If you don’t own a boat and you feel strongly about going on a boat experience, you don’t actually have a problem. These days, you can rent a boat just as easily as you would rent a bike! You may even get some help from the people working there, take several lessons on how to manage a boat. If you are a true boat enthusiast, and you feel like little boating outings are going to be something your family will enjoy in the long run, then consider building a boat! Why not!


Playing with Plastic Bags

>> May 23, 2015

Our young male cat, Koneng, loves to play with bags, especially those made from paper or plastic. I captured a playing moment one night on our bed.
Cute Koneng say hi!


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